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Sweetest Revenge

byMo chailin rua©

(Author's note- thank you to my friend Redbeerd, who gave some valuable assistance that helped this story get finished.)

She had been told that she wasn't desirable, that no man would want her. He'd told her that, the man she had vowed to spend the rest of her life with, the one she had promised to be faithful to. And since he said it and he didn't want her, it must be true.

But it wasn't. She met him at a party. There's the old cliché about spotting each other across a crowded room, but in this instance, it was real. She was inexplicably drawn to him, found herself making her way toward him. They didn't share a word but when he left the room, she followed.

Her eyes traced his form as he walked ahead of her. Tall, broad at the shoulder, lean at the waist, his every movement spoke of power held gracefully in check. Her body tingled in response. He led her through a door, into a bedroom that she assumed was off limits to party guests. After stepping over the threshold, she heard two quiet clicks as the door closed and the lock slipped home.

He stood over her, gazing into her blue eyes. "You want to be taken, don't you?" His voice was deep and soft, his breath warm on her cheek. "You want me to take you." She nodded.

That was their beginning...He made her tell him her secret fantasies, her darkest desires, some she didn't even know she had. Little did she know what her confessions would inspire.

The early morning light was shining through the blinds as a noise woke her. Slipping out from under the sheets, she smiled as she glanced over at her lover. Since her husband was out of town, they had spent a heavenly night in her bed, rutting like animals. Her body ached but she reveled in it. As she walked down the hall, she tightened the belt of her robe and a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Her husband was home!

She ran back into the bedroom, only to find her lover awake, standing in full naked glory, next to the bed, holding two of her cashmere scarves in his hand. "He's home early," she hissed, hoping he would at least get dressed, but he stayed his ground with an unreadable, enigmatic smile on his face. She started to panic, but he pulled her to him, wrapping an arm around her waist and claiming her lips in an erotic kiss. She lost herself, as she always did, when his mouth covered hers, marking her with swollen lips.

Just as they parted, a breath away from each other, her husband walked in. "What the fuck?" he shouted, seeing his wife, his frigid spouse, wrapped up in another's arms. Her lips stung by kisses, her skin glowing with the flush he knew she wore after love making.

But before he could say more, her lover had tossed her on the bed and grabbed her husband. The scarves he held, that she thought were for her, he used to bind her husband to her vanity chair; he couldn't move.

Her lover turned and pulled her up, back into his arms. After a heated kiss that her husband, bound and gagged, was made witness to, her lover led her to stand in front of her husband. He placed her hands on her husband's knees, bending her at the waist, and lifted the short robe, baring her smooth ass. "Theresa, up on your toes please," his voice asked quietly. She knew instantly what he wanted. Rising up on her toes, lifting her ass in the air, she felt his cock rest right at her entrance. A small sigh escaped her when she felt the heat sear her through her juices. His hand caressed the round globes of her butt as he ordered, "Do not take your eyes from his face. Now, Theresa."

A cry rose up from inside her as she slowly lowered her heels to the floor and felt him slide into her wet box. The only contact with her lover was their joined sex as the muscles in her legs powered her body up and down on his shaft. Using only her tight pussy muscles, calves and thighs, she masturbated his cock into her, as she gazed at her gagged husband, emotions glowing in his eyes.

"Tell him, Theresa," the voice behind and above her ordered. "Tell him how good it feels to be impaled on my cock."

Her inhale was harsh as she lowered herself back down to her heels again, her wet pussy being filled by her lover's staff. With her blue eyes locked onto her husband's dark ones, she smiled as she stood up on tip toe again. Her voice was little more than a moan as she said, "It feels fucking fantastic, David, to have his cock up my wet pussy." She kept up the motion of raising and lowering herself onto the hard shaft. "You never made me feel like this," she added. "And you never will."

Her lover withdrew from her steamy pussy and pulled her onto the bed, arranging her on her back with her ass on the edge. Dragging the chair her husband was bound to closer, he smiled slowly. "Want to make sure you can see, David." He spread her legs wide, opening her, so that both men could see her swollen lips, glistening with her juices. Keeping his eyes on her husband, her lover trailed a finger through the dampness, eliciting a soft moan from her as her hips arched up, seeking more contact. "She's so responsive," he said quietly, as if to himself, but knowing that David heard.

Two fingers sunk into the hot cavern and he started to finger fuck her slowly, watching David's face. His eyes were fixed on what was happening in front of him and he knew that David could hear his wife's moans of pleasure, lost in the ecstasy her body was feeling. Withdrawing his fingers, he held then under David's nose. "Smell her, David," he ordered. "This is what your wife smells like when she's in heat."

Turning to the writhing body on the bed, he held out a hand to lift her up. She protested, wanting more than what he'd given her. "Not yet, my little slut, but soon," he said with a smile. After pushing her into a kneeling position, he untied one of David's hands. "If you try anything," her lover said menacingly, "you will pay...with pain." A knife came out of his pocket and the blade bared. David's hand was freed but lay limp.

"Pick up his hand, my lovely." She did as she was told, as they had talked about a while ago, sharing fantasies. Looking at David's face, wanting to see his reaction, she manipulated his fingers to form an 'okay' sign and slipped the circle of his thumb and forefinger around the hard shaft that bobbed in front of her face. David's eyes shone with disgust and anger. She smiled.

"Now David," her lover growled, "you are going to put me into her mouth." A giggle erupted from her at David's face, his eyes shooting to her lover's face in disbelief. "Yes, David. You are going to feed my big cock into your wife's lovely mouth." He looked down at her, "And you, my darling slut, are going to show him just what an amazing cock sucker you are."

Her lips wrapped around the head of her lover's cock and sunk down quickly to rest against her husband's fingers. Both men watched as her cheeks hollowed, sucking on the shaft. The red head began to bob up and down, soft moans emanating from her as she fucked her mouth up and down, taking him deeper into her throat, her husband's fingers along with it. She moaned softly around the thick tool, then took time to lap at the tip, opening the tiny slit and dipping in with the end of her tongue. Then she was back to taking her lover deep into her and sucking hard now, wanting her prize. She felt him swell within her and knew her husband felt it too. He didn't disappoint, flooding the warm cavern of her mouth with hot cum which she eagerly gulped down.

His voice was low but still very commanding, "Make me hard again, my beautiful slut. Don't come up 'til you do." Gazing up at him with adoring eyes, she didn't let her tongue and lips rest, lapping and kissing, sucking and nibbling on his softened shaft until it was rock hard yet again.

"All fours, baby," her lover commanded and she hurried to kneel on the bed, then fell forward onto her hands. Her lovely ass was just about eye level with her bound husband. "Watch, David," he murmured, "watch how lovely she is when she's being fucked." David struggled against his restraints, having had his hand retied again. They could hear him trying to talk but it was so garbled and muffled by the gag.

Theresa looked over her shoulder as her lover dragged his weapon through her soaked pussy lips, catching her husband's eye and then moaning as her lover did it again, smearing the viscous fluid up onto her little pucker. She knew what was coming and twitched the curves of her tush, wanting it badly.

Slowly, her lover pushed into her small hole, stretching her as she cried out with the exquisite pain of it. Arching, a keening wail escaped her as the huge cock slid past the tight muscle. But that wail turned into a moan as her lover seated himself firmly in her ass. "Tell him," was the command.

Her voice was breathy and low, "Oh David, you cannot imagine how good this feels. God he fills my ass up. I'm so glad I never let you fuck me like this David." Her words were lost in moans of pain and pleasure as her lover stared thrusting into her, his hands gripping her hips hard as her ass gripped his cock.

"Poor David," he said. "You'll never know how tight her ass is or how good it feels around a cock. Only I will get that privilege." He kept up His rhythm until she was to the edge. "Ready baby?" Her response was a moan.

"OH MY GOD!" she cried out as his cock was suddenly jack hammering into her pussy, while two fingers slid into her open pucker. He was relentless, driving into her wet heat and she collapsed forward, opening more to him. "Oh yessss..." she hissed, "fuck me love, pound me."

And he did, until she was a writhing mass of nerves, all concentrated on the sensation of his cock inside her. "Oh please Sir!" she begged, "please may I cum for you?" He growled out a yes. With that, she exploded, screaming his name as she arched up and back impaling herself onto his cock. "FUCK YES!"

As she shuddered, her lover buried himself deep inside her, with a loud moan, feeling Her pussy milk him of his seed. "Oh baby, I'm cumming...cumming inside you." His eyes found David's. "I'm flooding her pussy like you never did, asshole. You'll never touch her again. She's mine."

Collapsing together on the bed, they ignored their captive and spent some time nuzzling and kissing softly. David could only sit and either watch them or close his eyes. He opted to close his eyes although he could still hear them. Eventually, and he didn't know how long it was because it seems he drifted off to sleep, the room was quiet. He tested his restraints and found them removed. On the bed in front of him was a piece of paper with two words written in the center. "I'm his." David sunk to the floor.

In a penthouse apartment across town. Theresa lay with her wrists cuffed to a huge four poster bed. Her ankles were tied, suspending her legs in mid air, effectively lifting her pussy and opening it to the gaze of her lover, who knelt on the mattress smiling at her through the vee of her spread legs. He hefted up a bottle of champagne. "A toast?" Theresa nodded. "To the spineless bastard that was your husband, who didn't know what he had."

Theresa smiled softly then gasped at the cold feeling of bubbly being poured right into her heat. Her lover smiled once more then uttered one word, "Mine," before diving his head to selfishly slurp the champagne from her.

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