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The Stable

Okay, since you have horses, here's something to get you started.

I like my show horses clean, so I think I would start first by cross-tying you in the wash rack and bathing you. I'd make certain it was at the busiest time of day at the barn so everyone could watch.

You wouldn't know if anyone was watching you or touching you unless they spoke, because you would be hooded. I generously lather soap over your wet, nude body. I stroke you mercilessly with a soapy hand until you're rock hard but then retreat. You thrust your hips, seeking contact, but rather than finding it, you receive a hard lash of the crop on your flanks. You instinctively jump away from the offending sting and receive another sharp lash across your hind. I continue until you've set your feet apart to stand perfectly still, open, and completely submissive to me.

Pleased that you've done what I've trained you to do, I go back to lathering soap along your beautiful skin. I avoid your groin area at first, concentrating more on your chest, your stomach, your back. My fingers trace the red stripes along your ass and then slide easily between your butt cheeks.

You tense a bit as my soapy finger teases your anal opening. You know damn well that I'll take you there if it pleases me and I won't care who is watching. I can almost hear what you're thinking as your cock swells, begging to be touched.

A second set of hands are now on you and you know for certain what you already suspected: There are others around. And they're getting turned on by your display.

Fingers gingerly trace the length of your cock as I slip my finger into your anal opening. You let go a breathy moan. You are in desperate need of release.

On any other day I might just give in if you begged me sweetly enough. But not this day. I've taken notice that you're harder than I've ever seen, and I suspect it's because of the attention you're receiving from the other ladies. Part of me is jealous, and the other part of me is irritated because I am so damned aroused by the sight of you like that.

My finger retreats and I brush away the other roaming hands so I can rinse the soap off your body. It's a beautiful, warm, sunny day outside, so I decide I'd rather dry you in the sunshine than towel you off. I lead you outside. A gentle breeze tickles your bare skin, reminding you of your vulnerable state.

Curious ladies, faceless hands to you, follow us out to the grassy paddock. I've cuffed your hands behind your back to prevent you from getting into any real trouble and to encourage others to approach. My hand lovingly strokes your shoulders, biceps and back. I'm so proud of you.

Soon other are joining in. Hands, some aggressive while others tentative, explore your frame. They are all sizing you up. A petite woman seems oddly fascinated with your bum and takes to spanking it a bit to see how you'll react. A taller, older woman is massaging your muscular arms and thighs. They are all pleased with my prize steed and I am beaming with pride. The petite woman begins to talk out loud to me about you. Others do the same. It seems that they are all very taken with you.

One woman reaches down and begins stroking you. I warn you not to come for her. You nod weakly. All the attention has brought you to the edge. Your jaw is tight as you strain to keep from coming.

I sense that the task is becoming extremely difficult as the woman's strokes are becoming more intense.

My crop lands across your backside and this startles the woman into releasing you. I've had as much as I can take. The throbbing between my thighs is driving me mad. I lean close to your ear and speak in a low growl.
"I'll allow you to come, my pet, but it will cost you."

You release a whining noise and nod your head. You are desperate to come.

I walk you to my saddle rack. On it is my brand new, custom, black leather dressage saddle. I tell you where you are and order you to mount my new saddle on the rack. You groan as you lower yourself onto the cool, smooth leather. It feels so good against your hot scrotum. Your feet are still firmly planted on the ground so your weight isn't fully resting on the saddle.

"If you want to get off, you're going to have to fuck my saddle."

You shake your head violently. You know how much the saddle means to me.

Even though I know you're only protesting out of respect for me, I whip you anyway. Three swift, hard lashes across your bare bottom.
"How dare you argue with me. I'm giving you this gift. Take it."

You stand perfectly still for a moment, hesitant to comply but not fully committed to refusal, either. You tilt your pelvis slowly forward. Your blood engorged dick is now lying beautifully along the shiny, oiled leather.

"That's it. Good boy."

Your hips rock forward at the sound of my approving voice, sliding your lovely hard cock over the slick leather surface. I bite my lip so as not to betray my own arousal over watching you.

It doesn't take long for you to release. With a lingering moan, followed by a loud grunt, you thrust your hips forward until white ribbons of cum spew over the pommel of my saddle.

Your chest is heaving as you strain to catch your breath. You feel my fingers on the back of your hood and the release as I remove it. You quickly glance around but no one is in view. We appear to be alone.

"Now, you have a bit of a mess to clean up."

You look down and spot the dots of cum that have landed along the edge of the pommel.

"Lucky for you, most of it shot beyond the saddle. Because I'm not releasing your hands to help you. You're going to do this with your tongue. And if you do a good job, I'll let you use your tongue on me next. It's the least you can do for getting so aroused you had to come on my new saddle."

My Weekend

We'd worked it out in advance. It was my weekend to have you do whatever pleased me. I'd been thinking about it all week, all the things I wanted to do to you and have you do to me. My mind was running through an endless array of possibilities for the two of us, and all of them promised to be memorable.

I instructed you to meet me at my house after work. You would arrive before me, so I told you to let yourself in, and upon entry, remove all of your clothing. The only other directives I left you was to use the facilities, and not, under any circumstance, get yourself off.

About 30 minutes after you arrive, my front door opens. You're expecting it to be me, but your smile soon wanes when you are standing face-to-face with a strange man.

He reaches out his hand to you, "Hello, I'm Robert. Dee sent me here to get you ready for the party."

All sorts of questions are swirling in your mind.

Robert nods but offers no further explanation. He sets his duffel bag down on the sofa and begins a visual examination of the ceiling beams, glancing at you occasionally, as if he's sizing you up.

You're not sure what he's thinking. You search your memory to try and recall if we'd ever discussed inviting a man into our play. You can't remember it coming up in conversation. We'd never set boundaries in that area, and you wonder just what I've cooked up for you. Furthermore, you start to imagine what might happen next and how it might excite you.

It becomes apparent each time he glances at you that his gaze lingers on your manhood. Beyond your control, you respond to his attentive glances by growing stiffer. Your rising cock is noticed by Robert, spreading a slow smile across his face.

It's not your usual cup of tea. You've always worked with men and played with women, as you liked to put it. But Robert was an exceptional man; pretty, like a woman, with straight white teeth, sparkling hazel eyes, and soft curly hair. The only thing manly about him was the defined muscular lines under his shirt, and the now bulging mass in his jeans.

"How much do you weigh?"

His deep voice snaps you out of the momentary trance and you stammer your reply, not even sure how accurate the number is.

Robert nods, takes one long look at your beautiful, hard cock and licks his lips before turning his attention to the door beam over the hall entrance.

"I think this one will do."

You shake your head, not sure what he's talking about and still finding it difficult to think rationally.

Robert rummages through his duffel, placing lengths of rope in neat piles on the sofa cushions. He pulls out three spring-loaded clamps and secures them in place along the beam. Then he walks to the sofa and chooses one of the piles of neatly tied rope and begins to unravel a length of it.

"Come here and stand in front of me with your feet shoulder width apart."

You obey without question, knowing that he is there on your Mistress's behalf.

Without a word, he begins to wrap the soft rope around your torso in an elaborate design, securing you completely in a tight web. His hands move swiftly and expertly over your body. It is evident by his demeanor that he is highly skilled at this artform, and this settles your nerves.

He finishes with one rope and starts on another, moving to your wrists next. Each one is tightly wrapped; long cuffs extending to your forearm. Robert drops to his knees to wrap your thighs in a similar fashion and you try not to think about how close he is to your raging hard-on, and how you can practically feel his hot breath on your balls as he leans in to run rope between your legs.

Robert looks up at you and smiles appreciatively at your response and your cock twitches involuntarily at him. The anticipation of what is going to happen to you next is delicious.

Your are directed to stand in the doorway beneath the secured clamps so Robert can run suspension ties from your wrapped body up to the clamps.

As he moves around you, working the rope through the devices, his tee shirt and jeans often incidentally brush past your sensitive organ. You let go a breathy gasp.

Robert stops what he's doing and chuckles, "You better get used to that. This is the only way to the restroom and there'll be no way to get past without touching you."

Your eyes widen as you recall him using the term party earlier.
"What kind of party is this?"

Robert shrugs and smiles, but doesn't answer. He glances at his watch and takes a deep breath.
"Okay. You're going to feel some tightness in areas until I get all the points working together. That's normal. I'll let you know just before you lose your feet."

He tightens each one in order and, as promised, warns you just before you're going to be fully suspended. He checks the clamps, test the restraints and lifts; then repeats the process over and again methodically until you are swinging freely in the doorway.

Robert steps back, chuckles, and shakes his head.
"Man, that's a tight fit. How does it feel?"

You're amazed by how comfortable it actually is. No area is pinching or taking the brunt of your suspended weight. Your wrists are secured high over your head and your thighs are strapped to the clamps farthest apart, spreading them wide to the living room and kitchen.

You barely manage to choke out that you're okay through bated breath.

"You're going to get to see everyone as they arrive, just so you have a mental picture. Then, I believe your Mistress plans to hood you."

You nod weakly, "Are you staying?"

"Yeah. You know, I think you want me to stay, and not just to make sure your restraints are okay."

Your eyes clamp shut. Your cock is rock hard. You already need a release and the party hasn't even started. You hardly care at this point how you get it.

"It doesn't matter. I have strict orders not to touch you, no matter how much you beg. Mistress Dee wants you fresh for her arrival."

You groan and try to look away through your neck supports. You want to ask how much longer that will be, but you know he won't answer.

Robert gathers his things and tucks his near-empty duffel into a corner of the room. He lazily walks to the refrigerator and pulls a fresh ale from it. Only then you notice that it appears to be loaded with refreshments.

Another fifteen minutes or more passes. Robert is on his second drink when you hear vehicles approaching and boisterous voices on the front step. You recognize one as mine and this causes your heart rate to accelerate.

My face is the first through the door but I don't acknowledge you immediately. You notice that no one is acknowledging your presence. It's as if you don't exist.

The party is already in full-swing it would seem, and you ascertain from bits and pieces of conversation that it actually started at someone else's house. It's a progressive party, but you have no way of knowing if this is the last stop or just another stop on the way.

Finally, I approach you. You perk up as the soft satin material of my tight corset skims your bare bottom.

"How are you holding up, Love? No pun intended."

You nod, "Good, Mistress."

"Did Robert do a good job for you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

My fingers start to trace circles over your exposed scrotum and anus. "I really like you like this."

I notice that my approving words and gentle caresses are making you uncomfortably aroused.

"You're being ever so good and cooperative. I'm so proud of you."

I only have to bend slightly forward to kiss the tip of your beautiful cock. Precum has gathered at the opening and I lap it up greedily. The saltiness on my tongue, along with your musky scent sends me into this aggressive state of arousal.

You notice immediately that my pupils have dilated and I'm shaking with adrenaline. I'm holding my helpless submissive before me, completely aware that I am his keeper. This power grips me and binds me to you just as surely as if I were hanging in those restraints with you.

You begin to tremble as you feel it, too.
"Please, Mistress..."

I know what you want, what you need. I smile and look deep into your pleading eyes. It's a connection felt nowhere else. I know what it feels like to want something so desperately, it feels like need. I understand you, as well as you understand that I may or may not grant you what you ask.

But in the end, I can never deny you for long. And on this occasion, I want to be the first, so I know I must go through with it. I must allow you to climax for me.

My fingers wrap around your hot shaft and lift. I want to take you into my mouth and suck you off but think better of it. It would be far more fitting to pump you until your cum spurts over your chest, providing a lovely decoration for my party guests.

It only takes a few strokes until you're proudly wearing your cum.

"My, oh my, weren't we wound up! That's going to make a lovely snack for some passer-by. You won't know who, or even if it's a man or a woman. And don't even try to look shocked. Robert already whispered in my ear how much he wants you. And how much he thinks you want him. You are a naughty sub. Anyway, I'm hooding you so you're off the hook. I was going to put earplugs in, but I think I'll leave them out. That way, if my guests want to say something to you, they can."

I signal Robert to bring me a hood and we make short work of fitting it on you. You look so adorable swinging there in the doorway, a faceless body; a play toy for my guest's amusement.

It isn't long before ladies need to use the facilities. As I suspected, rather than standing in a line outside the door, they gather around you, waiting for their turn.

They all start a bit shyly at first. One woman uses your chest as a table to rest her drink on as she chats away about nothing important. Another is petting your thigh, while the third simply balances herself at your knee.

Each one takes turns glancing at your growing manhood. It's obvious that they want to touch you, but no one seems willing to be the first. You try to taunt them into it by twitching your cock, waving it in the air. This draws their attention more boldly to you, and one of them even makes a comment about it.

The suspense is killing me, as I can practically feel your anticipatory energy from where I'm standing. I wager in my mind on who will touch you first. I can tell it's going to happen soon, because it seems all their hands have drifted almost imperceptibly closer to your hard cock.

Finally, Jules, the one I had bet on in my mind, stretches her fingers ever so gingerly out to lightly touch your silky smooth skin. Your entire body twitches as though her touch delivered an electric shock to it. The women all break out in a nervous giggle. Emily goes next, caressing your length with only the very tips of her fingers. You respond by lifting your hips in a needy display.

Rachel joins in, and now I notice they are less concerned with taking turns as several fingers are on you at once. Jules cups your balls in her palm, while Emily wraps her fingers all the way around your shaft.

The loo door opens and Sarah approaches. Rachel groans because she is first in line and now must leave the fun that has just begun. Sarah watches with amusement as Emily and Jules are now working in unison. It is evident that you're approaching your next climax.

I'm finding it difficult to watch you like this. The throbbing in my own pussy is almost too difficult to tolerate.

Sarah pinches your nipples between her sharp fingernails and you come violently onto your stomach. The ladies whoop and holler at their success, and declare with delight that you are their new favorite party game.

I, on the other hand, need to remind you who you belong to, and begin plotting just how I'm going to do that.

The scent of my soaked panties firmly planted on his face should do the trick.

Routine Exam

You've arrived at the clinic on time for your appointment. It's not the type of exam one looks forward to, but due to a close call with a dear friend, you've decided it's time to have your prostate checked.

This is a new clinic for you; new doctor, environment, procedures, and protocol. Your Mistress suggested you try this doctor for this particular procedure. You sign several pages of release forms, present numerous forms of identification and proof of insurance, and eventually find yourself swallowing a tiny, round blue pill designed to relax you.

Your name is called just as you're beginning to relax from the drug they've given you. You seemingly float to the examination room and have no qualms about disrobing, even before the petite attendant has slipped out the door. Now wearing only a thin hospital gown, you slide onto the table, and allow your head to melt into the foam cushion pillow provided.

Moments later, a doctor introduces himself. He is accompanied by an assistant who busies herself arranging tools, gel, paper cloth wipes, and gloves while the doctor walks through the procedure. You barely notice the doctor speaking. Your mind is not clear, and you find it difficult to take your eyes off the assistant's amazing ass which is barely covered by her short, white skirt.

As if she is completely aware of your stare on her backside, she bends over at the waist to retrieve the pen she dropped. Your heart skips as her perfectly smooth labial lips come into view. She's not wearing panties, and she's clean shaven.

You blink hard because you can't trust your eyes. By the time you regain focus, she's standing upright again; opportunity lost.

The assistant turns toward you and begins working to prep you for the doctor. Her white blouse hugs her rib cage, forcing her ample breasts together until they threaten to spill out the open 'V' at the top. In your half-dazed state, you stare unashamed at them. You feel gentle tugging at your wrists, but you're more interested in the way her curves jiggle with every movement.

She glides around the table and works quickly. When at last she is standing still beside the doctor, you realize what she has done. She has restrained you to the table. Your wrists are fastened tightly at your sides. Your knees bent, and ankles fastened beside your wrists, your anus is in perfect position for the doctor to examine you.

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