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All stories by the author have a basis in real life experience and/ or those of close couple friends who have relayed their own experiences; and, of course, unrealized fantasies. The story is fictional and the names of people, organizations, businesses, etc. have been disguised and changed. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. This story is long and the most explicit actions occur during the last half.

November 19, 2005 – Saturday Night – Jay and Kelli's Home

"You know guys, Ian and I are the couple who should be together. We like to sightsee, shop, hang out at cool clubs, party all night and hit the beach. You two like to do gardening, stay home at home most of the time and go to bed early," said Kelli. The other three looked at each other around the table and smiled at one another knowingly.

It was one of their semi-monthly 'wine and dine' dinners that they had at each other's homes or at a local restaurant. Invariably, after a couple of bottles of wine, this topic always popped up. Kelli was always intimating that both couples were mismatches as far as personalities and interests. As they sat around the small kitchen table after dinner, the 39 year old Kelli went on and on about opposites attracting. She also intertwined her comments about couple mismatches and wanting to take a trip to Paris, just as Ian and his wife Sherri had done two months before.

"Maybe Ian can take me next time and we can stay up all night getting into trouble together," she said leaning into Ian's chest. Ian gave her a slight squeeze around her shoulders. She went through this routine every time, not meaning to be taken seriously at all; but just wanting to tease her quiet and low key husband, especially when their friends sat around the table.

Unfortunately, her 45 year old husband Jay didn't like to travel overseas and really didn't have an interest in nightlife, culture, fine dining or the like. He liked to stay at home and was content to play in his local rock band twice a month in San Diego at local clubs. That was his excitement. Although a rocker at heart, Jay and his band burnt out on the concert circuit as an opening act for the headliners in his twenties and thirties. He worked for a high tech company during the day in their manufacturing and arrived home quite tired most nights.

Now, he just wanted to be at home with his beautiful, high energy and good tempered wife. He said over and over that his party days were long over, although no one really believed him. Jay did not look the part of a typical homebody...everyone felt he 'protest too much'. All four had become friends through the two wives. The two women worked together at a local financial services company in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego about 15 miles north of downtown. As soon as they met, an immediate friendship was sparked when Sherri arrived at the company four years ago. Over that time the two couples had spent many evenings together out at clubs watching Jay's rock and blues band play or just having dinner at home or in restaurants in the area. It had gotten to the point in their friendship where almost no topic was taboo, nobody's feelings got hurt and nine times out of ten the conversation always veered into the sexual arena by the end of the night. Kelli was usually the one that steered the conversation in this direction.

All four people were aware of an atmosphere of sexual tension that had been growing over time as both couples joked, touched and sometimes made eye contact with one another. One sign of this growing comfort and familiarity was both women dressing sexier over time. When they first started meeting for dinner, the women dressed somewhat conservative given their professional relationship. With familiarity and growing friendship, the nighttime outfits became tighter, shorter and more revealing.

After a silent pause, Kelli worked up enough nerve to tell the other three at the table her secret desire which she had been unable to share up to this point with the other couple.

She looked at them and said, "Have you ever been to a swinger's club? Before you answer, don't take it the wrong way; I am not suggesting anything by asking the question. I would just like to know if you have ever gone to one in the past."

Sherri and Ian looked at each other silently and in an instant decided to play dumb for the time being. Ian, sensing Sherri's discomfort in delicately answering this question to their seemingly 'straight' friends, jumped in and said characteristically, "We have never been to a club here in San Diego, but we have fantasized a lot about going."

This was technically correct but far, far from the real truth. Sherri and Ian had some wild adventures in Europe over a ten year period but decided to keep their sexual past a secret to their 'vanilla' friends when they returned home to San Diego. Discussing group sex and swapping partners was still too taboo in the United States, even in somewhat decadent Southern California. To discuss activities of this lifestyle with relatives, friends and co-workers was to invite scorn and puritanical judgment. Ian and Sherri had discussions about this one special kinky activity in their lives many times. They had decided some time ago that these types of sexual adventures should be enjoyed when they were out of the Southern California on holiday. They agreed that it was more socially acceptable to be gay then to be known as a married swinger in the United States in 2006.

Sensing a little discomfort in the room, Kelli said in a low voice, "Well, Jay and I really have never talked about swapping partners per se...okay... maybe sometimes we do when we are making love...fantasy type of stuff, you know? Lately, we have talked about going to a swinger's club on a weekend night, watching others and maybe even getting naked in front of a bunch of people. Maybe, just maybe, we would have sex together as a couple with other people watching!"

Maybe it was the wine working its magic on everyone's libido and lessening their inhibitions but everyone felt the blood rushing to their faces as they imagined the scene that Kelli had vividly pictured for them. Both Sherri and Ian had many sexual fantasies involving the other couple. However, since the two women worked together in the same office, Sherri and Ian always kept their sexual activities private.

Jay, looking a bit perplexed and upset, said to his wife sitting next to him, "Kelli, you promised me over and over that you wouldn't tell anyone else about our sexual fantasies. Ian and Sherri must be thinking that we are two perverts now."

"Oh, Honey, don't worry. Ian and Sherri are our close friends and please remember that I said we wouldn't swap partners but only watch other couples at a sex club. I know most people think that going to a sex club is kinky but not Ian and Sherri. Come on, you 'old rocker'; you told me that group sex was something that happened all the time when you were on the road with your old band. Just loosen up a little bit, please Baby, we are with our good friends!" said Kelli with her hand on Jay's shoulder.

Jay was obviously feeling very uncomfortable with their intimate sexual fantasies out in the wide open. He didn't know what Kelli would be blurting out next to the couple. He quickly thought through some of their favorite sexual fantasies such as: sex in public places, S&M: swinger resorts and the many other sexual scenarios involving the other couple at the table. He knew the last type of fantasy involving Ian and Sherri was Kelli's favorite one so he was nervous that she would also blurt that one out in front of them.

Ian, sensing the awkwardness of the situation between the husband and wife, said with a quick look to Sherri, "We have fantasized about doing the same thing many times over the past few years. We just have not felt comfortable going by ourselves to a club in Southern California and running into people that we may know."

Sherri added, "I would hate to run into someone I know in our industry or our company, Kelli. After all, San Diego is not that large a city and the financial services community is quite small."

Kelli's eyes lit up at these comments and sensed an opportunity. She replied to Sherri's comment after taking another long sip of wine, "Let's all go together to a swingers club next Saturday night. I have read on the Internet about 'Club Noir' which is located in Temecula."

Before her red faced husband could chastise her once again in front of their friends, she looked at him and then to the other couple and said, "Honey, I was only looking up the swinger clubs in the area just in case we ever wanted to go one night and live out our fantasies." She added, "And Temecula is a good place because it is over an hour plus away and we wouldn't know anyone there. The owners are very upscale and choosy about who is invited to attend their parties."

Well, now 'the cat was out of the bag' at last. Jay was looking flustered and embarrassed and both Sherri and Ian were feeling his discomfort. She gave a wink to Ian without the other couple seeing and said, "Sounds like a great idea to us to go next Saturday. The club sounds like a place to act real sexy and wild. It would be interesting to see what this club in Temecula is like anyway. We like upscale and classy. Don't you think so, Ian?"

"Well, if Jay feels comfortable, I'll go. Anyway, since it is our fantasy also, it makes sense for all four of us to go together. At least we will know one another and it will feel more comfortable for all of us," Ian said and then leaned across and gave his wife a long kiss on her lips.

Kelli stared at the couple as they kissed and imagined making love with Jay on the same bed with Sherri and Ian at Club Noir. Maybe there might be some touching between the couples as each made love to their spouse while watching the other couple doing the same. The possibilities were endless once the four were in a sexual environment and seductive situation. Maybe some of their fantasies may become realities. She felt that familiar ping in her lower stomach and moistness between her legs while pondering the possibilities.

Jay looked suddenly relieved and you could see that a huge weight had been lifted off his chest. As he looked at the other couple kissing and smiling at each other, he thought back to his conversations with Kelli about Sherri and Ian. There was over a twenty year difference between the couple and he knew that they were somewhat sexually open but to what extent he did not know.

In prior discussions, they were very candid in their discussions about going naked in their backyard by the pool and going to nude beaches with other friends. He imagined many times what the blond, thirty two year old Sherri looked like nude...especially her large natural breasts. She reminded him of Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, the great Italian movie from 1960.

About a year ago, Kelli went clothes shopping together with Sherri and both were in a small dressing room of a bikini shop trying on bikinis. When Kelli got home that night she told Jay about Sherri's beautiful body. She told him that she had beautiful D cup natural breasts that did not sag at all and that she was completely shaved in her pubic area. Too much information, Jay said to himself at the time, too much information.

He now had that mental picture of Sherri nude in his mind every time they met. In addition she was so damn sexy and she knew how to tease him with a touch or look.

"Jay, oh Jay, where are you?" asked Kelli, as Jay was in the midst of day dreaming about Sherri nude and feeling those large and firm breasts only inches away from him at the table.

"I'm glad you are back with us now. It must have been interesting what you were thinking about, huh?" purred Kelli as she poked her daydreaming husband in the side and then slowly slipped her hand down his thigh underneath the table.

Sherri had noticed Jay looking at her cleavage with a vague stare for the past minute as had the other two people at the table. But, that was something he was always doing when the four of them were together. She remembered the time when he came over to the house to fix the dishwasher when Ian was out of town. She purposelessly wore a very thin and tight top with no bra and very small shorts. She purposely walked around in front of him with her boobs bouncing and shaking. He was totally at loose ends, nervous and jerky and couldn't wait to get out of the house after finishing the repair.

"There is only one problem about going to Club Noir," Kelli said as she faced the other couple." She continued after a slight pause, "At the Club, you have to switch partners with another couple. You cannot have sex with only your partner."

She explained that on the web site there were stated rules: "You must wear a condom at all times even when you are having sex with your spouse on the premises; 'no means no' when a woman is approached to have sex; and exclusive sex all night with your own spouse is frowned upon. They did not want couples, married or otherwise, coming to the club acting like they are swingers but only wanting to watch other couples having sex, peepers in other words. If you come to Club Noir, you had to hook up with someone other than your own spouse. Since they only allowed about 20 couples a night to the club, it becomes very obvious when a couple only stays by themselves. No posers were allowed hence the mandatory swapping rule."

After another sip of wine, she continued, " 'Club Noir' is held on Saturday nights at a large mansion in the Temecula wine growing area and sat high up on a hill. The admission fee is $125 per couple assuming the owners invite you after a telephone interview and e-mailing photos to them. It has a large hot tub; heated pool; an outside play room; and numerous bedrooms. The Club Noir hosts are the owners of the estate and the wife was formerly a French-Canadian soft porn actress/Playboy Playmate in the mid 1980's. She looks spectacular...at least she did in the pictures I saw on the web site."

Jay brightened upon hearing all of this information and said, "Well, I guess we can't go now. I don't want to have sex with other women; especially a former porn actress and I don't think that you would want to have sex with other men."

The group fell silent. Sherri and Ian didn't say anything at first and Kelli looked like she was really disappointed as she took another sip of wine. She didn't want to see Jay get more upset if she tried to explain her feelings about exploring their sexuality to the other couple; it would put a damper on what had been a 'breakthrough night' as far as she was concerned. She loved being open and honest, especially with a couple that she felt much affection towards.

After a few more seconds, Sherri smiled and said: "I have an idea. Why don't I pretend that I am Jay's wife and you pretend you are Ian's? And, Kelli you always talk about how you and Ian should be together! Here is your chance for a few hours to live out the fantasy. We'll arrive at the club in separate cars, we'll 'introduce ourselves to one another' and then swap partners for the night. I'll be with Ian and you'll be with Jay. No one will know the difference and we can act as swingers for the night. Switch, Swap and Swing; it will be so much fun!"

Kelli jumped up out of her chair to the opposite side of the table and started hugging Sherri who was still sitting. She said, "You are so smart. That is exactly what we'll do. I'll be Ian's wife for the night and you can be Jay's."

"Okay, we have to make this very real. Each of the men will meet his 'new wife' for the night at her house at seven o'clock for a drink together. We'll then drive and arrive separately at the Club and then we'll be able to pull off the swap without anyone being suspicious," said Sherri standing up to leave, as her good friend Kelli continued to hug and kiss her on her cheeks.

"We are going to have a wild and crazy night, people, next Saturday night," screamed Kelli as she jumped up and down, her braless firm breasts bouncing wildly underneath her tank top.

"What happens in Temecula stays in Temecula!" Sherri replied echoing the Las Vegas mantra while looking into the eyes of her friend, Kelli.

The men looked at each other and smiled. Neither of them knew at that moment that the other man had been fantasizing about screwing the other's wife for the last couple of years.

November 26, 2005 – Saturday Evening – Kelli and Jay's Home

"Holy Shit! You are not going out dressed liked that, are you honey?" exclaimed Jay as he walked into the bathroom and saw his wife's outfit for the first time.

Kelli had a small black miniskirt that barely covered her ass cheeks as she was bending over applying eye shadow. She was already sipping her second glass of chardonnay. As he looked in the mirror, he noticed she was wearing a low cut sleeveless glittering white blouse that stopped 7" above the top of her low skirt. There wasn't much to it and she wasn't wearing a bra and he could see the outline of her areolas through the tight top. Her smooth tanned stomach and back were very luminous and on display as well as her shoulder length frosted-blond hair. Her legs, tanned and smooth as glass, seemed to go for ever above the high-heeled silver sandals she was wearing. The enticing package was topped off with sparkling jewelry, including her gold hip chain which hung sexily above her skirt on her bare hips and stomach.

"Wow, you are almost naked, Baby. Everyone will want to fuck you tonight, even Ian when he sees you in a couple of minutes," Jay said as he leaned against the wall wearing a pair of black slacks, sport coat and an open collar striped shirt from Sak's with the tails hanging over his waist. His black hair was slicked back but still curled around his shirt collar. Most women considered him handsome with his Italian good looks and one day stubble of a beard. He looked the part of a very trendy, tall and lean musician. In her heels Kelli was 6 feet tall, but Jay stood even taller by three inches.

Kelli didn't answer his comments directly but purred as she looked at him through the mirror, "You are the only one getting into my pussy tonight, and so why worry about the effect I will have on others. Tonight I will be teasing all the swingers so I have to look my sexy best." As she finished the sentence, she leaned over the sink a bit more, revealing even more derriere and slowly started grinding her pussy up and down against the edge of the sink basin in a teasing manner.

Although 39 years old, Kelli still had the body of a woman in her mid-twenties. She was never satisfied that she was as good as she wanted to be. She had been working out for years, walked miles each day and never had children. She had a penchant for tight designer jeans that displayed one of the sweetest looking asses in San Diego. Tonight she indulged her fantasy of wearing the shortest skirt possible in public since she would be at a swinger's club.

"Okay honey, I am leaving to go over to Sherri's house," said Jay he moved behind her, pressed his cock against her grinding hips. He kissed her on the cheek carefully as not to smear her makeup. He continued talking and looking at her in the mirror, his face next to hers, "If Sherri looks anything like you right now, I don't know if I am going to be able to control myself."

Kelli smiled and reached behind her and squeezed his cock with her left hand as she finished applying the mascara with her right hand. She said, "I'm sure Sherri would like to feel what I have in my hand right now. So hurry over there, now Mr. Swinger, so I can tease Ian a little bit when he gets here to get him 'up' for the night."

She felt his cock getting erect with her teasing and she was feeling the familiar ping in her lower stomach that started her aching for Jay's cock in her pussy. She quickly dismissed the temptation by removing her hand from his pants and telling him, "I want you to fuck me 'hard' in front of everyone tonight at the Club, lover boy! Now, hurry, please go over to Sherri's or we will end up having a three way when Ian arrives."

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