T and Tammy Visit The Lady's Room


We started kissing like we were trying to crawl down each other's throats. Our tits and pussys were grinding against each other as our orgasms both ran on. Our hands were a blur over each other's bodies and our bodies, wet with our sweat, were in a frenzy pressed as hard as we could get against each other. It was so incredible that a nuclear explosion could have occurred and we wouldn't have noticed and our last orgasms hadn't fully ended before we both went over the edge again.

Our bodies both froze as our brains tried to process the incredible sensations exploding into each of us. The sounds coming from us would have sounded like wild animals to a passerby. It was something that not even my husband can match, simultaneous orgasms within what seemed like seconds of each other. He can make me cum numerous times but I only get one blast of hot cum from him and then he needs a rest period. Did I mention I LOVE to cum!!

We lay there locked together as we both drifted back toward reality. Finally I rolled off and flopped beside her. We lay there is a blissful haze staring up into the moonlit sky. There was a warm glow emanating from my pussy and for at least the moment, I was a very satisfied girl.

Tammy rolled over toward me and said, "WOW BABY, you sure know how to put on a show!" I smiled back at her and said, "it depends on the audience lover, the hotter they are, the hotter I get." We started to gently kiss again and for the 100th time, I thanked her for teaching me how to cum. For the 100th time she replied it was her great pleasure.

Most men I've fucked, including my husband, seem to drain of energy when they cum, most women seem to be just the opposite. As my husband will confirm, after a big orgasm or love making session, I usually have lots of energy and that's the way it was that night. Although it was now late, I felt like the evening had just started.

Tammy had a bottle of cheap wine in her car and she ran off to the car to get it. We lay there under the covers sharing the wine and looking up at the beautiful moon and stars. It was such a glorious night and we snuggled under the covers and talked and laughed about the night's events.

As we talked, sex and our relationship soon entered the conversation. That was the thing about Tammy, as friends, we had crossed a line that we couldn't jump back across and I would never be able to think about my "friend" without sex being part of the equation. For the entire time we were together, no matter who we were with or what we were doing, lust and sex were never far away.

I still felt "normal" sex should be with a guy and laughed as I said it was too bad that Tammy didn't have a cock to go with her pussy and tits. I sighed and said, "baby, that would be the best of all worlds, your tits to suck on, your pussy to get juice from, your mouth to suck my tits, your tongue to lick my pussy, and a big cock to fuck me with." She smiled and kissed me as she said, "maybe I can fill that order for you baby."

I was clueless and asked her what she meant. She said, "wait a minute and I'll show you" and went running back to her car. She was back in just a little bit and carrying her purse. She said, " I was thinking about you when I bought this" and pulled something from her purse. It was too dark to see completely and I asked her what it was.

She said, "It's my new hairbrush for pussy's baby." I was really confused now; I had no idea what she was talking about and was wondering how brushing my pussy hair was going to make me cum. Twenty years ago as a college age girl, I had a vague idea about what a dildo was but obviously had never seen one or felt one in action and certainly didn't connect that with a hairbrush.

A light bulb went off in my head as I watched her in the moonlight sensuously start licking and then deep-throat the thicker than normal handle of the hairbrush. Of course being a hairbrush, the handle was tapered at one end but the handle was much thicker than a typical hairbrush.

She leaned over to kiss me and slowly rubbed the now wet handle down between my tits and up and over each nipple. I moaned as the plastic handle touched each nipple and they hardened in the night air. She whispered, "I think I can give you all the cock you want now baby."

Every girl reading this, even the most butch lesbian, knows the glorious feeling of having your pussy stuffed full with either a big cock or some other devise from your lover. There's really nothing quite like it unless it's having your clit gently sucked at the same time. Fingers are great including all five up to the wrist but there's just something different about a cock or something shaped like a cock.

Tammy moved down to suck my tits and as she did she licked the hairbrush handle again and started slowly rubbing it further down over my belly toward my pussy. It was cooler now in the early morning hours and the moon had almost gone down. She was kneeling over me but still under the blanket so I couldn't see her and could only feel and anticipate what she was going to do to me.

She gradually pivoted her body toward my pussy, swinging her ass toward my face as she slowly licked down my belly following the same path as the brush. I was moaning louder of course, pulling and pinching my tits and with my knees bent, spreading my legs for whatever she wanted to do to me. I was subconsciously lifting my ass off the sleeping bag to meet the expected thrust of the brush deep into my pussy.

She finally reached my pussy with the brush and I gasped as she slowly rubbed it over my clit and down over my pussy lips. As her mouth neared the same area, she ran her tongue straight through my pussy hair to my clit. As she gently licked my clit, she swung her leg over me and was in a 69 position over my body.

I reached up to pull her ass down so I could lick her pussy but she said, "uh uh baby, you're about to get fucked so forget that pussy and think only of this big cock." I could feel it lightly rubbing up and down my lips as she kept gently swirling her tongue around my clit.

She must have felt my ass lifting up and down under her because she chuckled and said, "my baby misses cock doesn't she." She was right, as much as I loved her tongue and fingers and how she could make me cum with them, I still missed feeling my pussy filled with a cock. A man's cock had never made me cum but somehow I didn't think that was going to be a problem with Tammy's cock.

By now my pussy was so wet that she didn't need to lick the brush, my juice was all the lubrication needed. She reversed the brush and holding the brush end, took the handle and slowly started sliding it up between my swollen lips toward my clit just like a guy might do with his cock prior to penetration. She would almost reach my clit and then she would reverse and slide it's length back down my slit and then with the tip just short of my pussy, would stop and slide it back up.

I was beside myself by now, pinching my nipples as hard as I could stand and thrusting my ass toward the brush to try to get it in my pussy. I was incoherent, moaning, begging and mumbling at the same time. Tammy loved it; her tongue was following the tip of the brush up and down my slit and somewhere back in a corner of my tortured brain, it registered that my pussy was so wet; the juice was running down over my asshole.

She always loved seeing how far she could send me or how hard she could make me cum. I think that's one of the reasons sex with my husband is so good because he shares so many of Tammy's traits when it comes to sex. Helping me cum and seeing how many or how big the orgasms are is just as important to him as his own orgasm.

Every time I would get close, she would slow the brush and her tongue down. This went on until I couldn't stand it anymore and I screamed, "FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT" and smacked her bare ass hard as I could with my hand. She moaned and twitched from the slap but laughed and said, "such language young lady, what would the nuns think?" As she said that, she rammed the handle of the brush deep into my hot wet pussy.

The sudden feeling of having my pussy filled was too much and I exploded. She must have continued to pound the handle into me but I honestly don't remember. My body clinched and a huge light seemed to explode into my brain behind my closed eyes. The feelings pulsing from my pussy, through my belly and into the very tips of my hands and feet were indescribable.

I never wanted it to end. As my mind gradually returned to the present, I heard myself screaming over and over, "fuck me baby, FUCK ME." This truly was a multiple orgasm. Every time the orgasm would start to abate, she would start pounding me faster and of course, her mouth and tongue never left my clit.

Finally, my senses reached sensory overload and I couldn't cum anymore. My clit felt like her tongue was shocking it each time she touched it and I begged her to stop. She understood immediately and lifted her head. As she did, she purred, "Those are words I never thought I'd hear from you baby."

My body felt like a wet noodle and I couldn't move if I'd wanted to. She started to gently kiss and lick the inside of my thighs. After a few minutes my brain started to process that a pussy and gorgeous ass were hovering over my face. I wrapped my arms around and over her back and squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands as I pulled her pussy down toward my face. She whispered, "I thought you had forgotten me baby" as she lowered her pussy down onto my waiting mouth.

I took one long slow lick from her clit up to her little asshole, dipping my tongue briefly into her pussy. A shiver ran through her body as my tongue teased her asshole. I whispered, "Hand me your little helper lover". She continued to gently lick and kiss my still swollen lips and pussy as she handed back the brush.

First, I licked off what little remained of my juice from the handle, the greedy slut had licked it mostly clean. Then I shoved about an inch of the handle into her pussy and started fucking her with that inch. As I did, I played with her ass with my other hand and kept slowly taking long licks up and down her slit.

Oh how she wanted to be fucked! She was moving back and forth over me trying her best to bury the handle into her pussy and I had to concentrate to only let her have the inch. She was moaning and panting from her efforts and her pussy juice was slowly running down both of my cheeks.

She started begging which of course was the whole point, "Please give me more baby, I need my pussy fucked." I laughed and said, "I'm doing my best lover, my cock's just not that big." I squealed as she paid me back by pinching lightly on my clit with her lips. She growled, "Fuck me bitch or I'm going to bite your cute little clit until you scream for mercy."

My poor clit was still too tender to the touch to try her patience further so I slowly slid the entire brush handle into her. It was a normal hairbrush handle and about 5-6 inches long but was thicker than most and a loud moan was reward for my efforts. She shoved her ass and pussy back to meet it as she moaned, "Oh yeah baby, now fuck me, fuck me good."

At first I took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy. Pulling almost all the way out and then plunging slowly back in. Her pussy was almost dripping by this point and her moans were interwoven with "yeah, oh yeah" "fuck it baby, fuck my pussy". I gradually slowed down the speed of my thrusts and just held the brush in place as her ass continued to move back and forth against it as she fucked herself faster and faster.

It was so hot, my tongue lapping up her juice and swirling around her clit and back down. I could hear how wet she was as the brush slid in and out of her pussy. By now she was in a zone as her body fired back and forth over me as she fucked her pussy harder and faster. Suddenly her moans were replaced by a scream as she rose up above me and shoved her ass back down on the brush as she pulled and squeezed her big tits.

As the handle buried in her wet pussy her body froze above me and I could feel the brush moving in my hand as her pussy convulsed around it as she orgasmed. I released the brush and reached to support her as her hips bucked over my face and I licked whatever my tongue could reach.

Her scream had trailed into a long "Yesssssss" and her pussy gradually squeezed the brush out as it kept convulsing. As the brush slid out against my wet check, I quickly buried my tongue as deep into her as I could reach. She screamed again as she pushed her pussy down onto my face. My tongue was fucking her as fast as I could move it and her juice was running down my cheeks into my hair.

She continued to rock her hips over my face as she fucked my tongue and moaned. I could feel her arms moving, as she pulled hard on those big tits of hers. Just when I felt my tongue was going to fall off, she relaxed her body and rolled off me. She quickly lay back down beside me and pulled the blanket back over us.

We lay there licking juice off each other's faces between kisses and playing with each other's tits. Eventually we both calmed down and just lay there looking up at the night sky. We noticed at the same time that the sky was turning pink in the east and we drank the rest of her wine as we watched the early morning sun come up in the east.

The wine made us both realize how full our bladders were. Tammy moved off the sleeping bag and lay on her back in the wet grass. She motioned for me to straddle her belly.

I lowered my pussy down onto her warm belly and couldn't resist the natural urge to start rubbing against her. She smiled up at me and whispered, "piss on me baby." I was stunned and did't fully comprehend what she meant.

She whispered again, "piss on me baby" as she squeezed her tits together for me. My brain finally registered what she wanted and we both moaned as I released a hot stream of piss over her belly and down my inner thighs.

Forget what I said earlier in the story, THIS was the most erotic thing anyone had ever done with me. I reached back behind me and started fingering her pussy as I continued to piss. God it felt soooo GOOD!! Her eyes flew between my face and the piss flowing over her belly as I frantically fingered her wet pussy and she squeezed and pinched her big tits.

She moaned loudly as my fingers felt a hot wetness and I looked back over my shoulder and saw that hot piss was streaming from her pussy onto my fingers. I gently squeezed her clit and watched her stream jump as her pussy contracted.

It was so damn hot as part of my mind processed the wild feelings and sensations and another part processed how "dirty and forbidden" this was. Just as my stream was trickling to an end, she let out a big scream and came one last time.

As her pussy convulsed, her stream jumped over my hand and fingers and then stopped. I slowly stopped fingering her as she calmed down.

I quickly spun around and buried my face into her piss soaked pussy as I lowered mine onto her tongue. Now she had me wanting to taste her piss, what a slut she had turned me into!!

We licked and sucked the piss off each other's pussys and of course she wouldn't stop until I had cum one more time. What's a poor horny slut supposed to do? We cleaned the rest off with her blanket.

What a night!! Although we hadn't slept at all, we were both still charged with energy. Who needed recreational drugs when you could cum! We quickly got dressed and drove to a local Waffle House for an early morning breakfast.

Every woman reading this knows what it feels like to be well fucked and satisfied and we both certainly fell into that category.

My pussy still had a warm glow and my clit and nipples all had a wonderful tenderness. We both probably smelled like piss but we didn't care, the smell was like perfume to us.

We finished breakfast and Tammy drove me back to the bar to get my small pickup. We had one more session of kissing and playing with each other in the empty parking lot before we each headed home. Tammy's parting words sent a shiver through me as she drove off, "we need to go camping again baby, just the two of us."

We did go camping soon after that night and Tammy surprised me by bringing along another camper but that's for another story assuming you liked this one. Let me know with your votes, my husband let's me know with his cock!!

Love T

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