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Tables Turned


She was tired of pretending. Tired of acting like she was only a Switch, and occasional submissive. Oh sure, she got off on being tied up and fucked, but there were still the dreams. Vivid pictures of dominating clear in her mind.

It had all started with her boyfriend. He was a real sweetie. She loved him to death, and he occasionally dominated her. At first, she'd thought it was something more extreme that she wanted; to feel more helpless. Lately, though, she felt certain that it was something different entirely that she craved for.

So tonight she was setting him up. The bedroom was perfect; a playground for her ultimate fantasies, and he'd be home in just a few short minutes. Feeling confident, she strode to the bathroom to check her reflection one last time.

Her brown hair cascaded in waves down to the small of her back, and her blue eyes shone beneath the makeup she wore. Her clothing consisted of nothing but a pleather corset, it's garter straps hooked to black fishnet thigh-highs, and four inch black heels. Yes, she intended to knock him dead, tonight.

She walked downstairs, casually toying with the handcuffs as she sat down upon the couch facing the front door. She checked the clock. Any minute now...

As if on cue the front door opened. She could see his look of surprise at the scene that surrounded him. Candles lit the room everywhere, and there she was, sitting on the couch, dressed to kill, with a look of fire in her eyes. Who knew what he was expecting?

She stood and swayed over to him, the cuffs concealed behind her back. She kissed him, long and passionate, biting at his lips, pressing her body against him. She could feel his already erect cock pressing against her thigh.

She reached behind him casually, and in two swift motions, locked the handcuffs on him.

"What...excuse me?!" He demanded, his Dominant voice flaring.

"Shhhh." She told him, smiling. "How many times have you hinted at me to dominate you, baby? You're getting it, so shut up." She gagged him, using the ball gag he had used so many times on her. His eyes were wide with shock and disbelief. Next came the blindfold, the leather collar, and the leash.

"On your knees." She told him. and stepped closer. He could probably smell her arousal; she knew she was already wet. This really was so sexy. She knew why he liked it. She pulled the ball gag from his mouth, and it hung below his chin. "Well don't just sit there drooling over it, please me!"

And he did, oh gods, he did! She wrapped her fingers in his hair and tugged as he ate her pussy, moaning with delight. Domination carried an incredible high that she had waited so long to discover. She could feel how fervently he wished to please her, and it made her so very hot.

After a few minutes of pleasure, she stopped him by pulling him away by his hair. She shoved the gag back into his mouth.

"Now come on, dear, we're not done playing just yet." She gave the leash a tug and he followed her on his knees, stumbling a little up the stairs. In the bedroom, she removed the leash and collar. She undressed him, a bit at a time, until he wore nothing but his pride. She got down and began to suck him.

His cock was so erect it seemed to be waiting for her. She licked the dot of salty precum from the tip and then took the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked feverishly, driven on by his moans of pleasure. She could feel his cock throbbing as his arousal built.

She stopped, giving him a devlish grin that he couldn't see.

"On the bed, on your hands and knees." She told him. He hesitated. He knew what this meant. This order, for her, had always meant for her to get up there so he could beat her. He knew what she had in mind. "Now." She snarled it. He struggled up onto the bed, his hands still cuffed. She unlocked them, and then re-locked them to the bedstrap. He remained there, shaking in anticipatin, his cock dripping precum.

She removed a leather flogger from the toy drawer. It was not a toy he had ever seen, because she had only recently purchased it. She ran it through her fingers, admiring the soft feel, and imagining how it would sting. She raised it above her head, bringing it down with a hard SMACK!

His cry was invigorating, filling her with a deeper lust. She hit him again, and again, enjoying the red marks that shone on his skin. She lost count of her strikes as she hit, but finally stopped, running her hand over the red enflamed skin.

"Now didn't that feel wonderful, baby?" She teased him. His response was a mere groan from beneath the gag. "Roll over." He did, his hands still cuffed to the bed.

She tied him down, his cock erect and taunting her as she played with him. She ran her fingers over his helpless body. Then, once he was tied, she removed the gag from his mouth, putting it away.

"My my, look at you." She exclaimed. "What would your mother say?" They both laughed, but his was nervous, as if wondering what was next. She climbed up on the bed, straddling his face, and pressing her pussy down on his lips. His tongue shot out instictively, and she reveled in the feeling. Aroused and driven by his desire, she leaned forward and lightly bit the head of his cock. He jumped and moaned, and his cock twitched. She took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked it again, fervently milking on it.

But she couldn't let him cum just let. She reveled in his tongue in her pussy. At last she pulled away, very reluctantly. She turned, and positioned herself above his cock. Reaching down, she rubbed it on her pussy. He shuddered eagerly.

"Do you want to feel your cock inside my pussy, slave?"

"Oh yes..." He whispered. She reached up and pinched one of his nippled.

"What was that?"

"Yes...Yes M'Lady!" He sputtered, squirming violently against her tight pinch. She released his nipple. Then, in another swift motion, she lowered herself down, pushing his cock into her pussy. They moaned in unison, and she fought the urge to cum already.

She rode him like a pony, fucking hard and fast, driven by his moans of lust and desire. She could feel him getting close, and she let it come, feeling him explode inside her as he came, and she came with him. Her pussy tightened around his cock and he winced, trying to pull out. She laughed.

"No no, baby, tonight you stay where I want you." She shivered as she leaned forward to kiss him.

At last, when she had untied him, and lay there next to him, he spoke.

"You realize I'll have to punish you for this." He told her. She could do nothing but laugh.

"Oh I don't know...I think tonight will open a new door in our relationship, and beyond that door....you won't be the one punishing."

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