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Like It or Not!


She was obsessed, well at least she thought this is what obsession felt like. Thoughts of him consumed her every waking moment and continued on into her dreams. He was perfect. Tall, broad shoulders, strong and powerful. He was her ideal man and she had to have him. She decided after one particularly bad day at work that they only way to end her obsession was to have him.

Now Alexandra was not your typical secretary. She wasn't blond or thin but she exuded sex appeal. Her auburn hair and her sparkling green eyes drew people to her. She stood only 5 ft tall but when she walked into the room on her 3" heels, you would think she was 6ft tall. Her 36DD breasts were full and the perfect teardrop shape. Her raspberry colored nipples were pert and ready for pinching. And she had curves, curves so dangerous that she should have to wear a sign warning men of their dangers. Dressed in her blazer and knee length skirt her co-workers would scarcely believe the clothes she had in her closet, much less the lingerie she wore beneath her conservative attire.

Men never noticed Alex, at least not a first. She was always the "friend", but on those rare occasions that she let someone into her life, they rarely returned without bearing her mark.

Once Alex had made her mind to have him she set about making it happen. She asked around and found out that he was married. Oh well, that was no concern to her. She had to have him, besides that would be his problem, not hers. She memorized his schedule, paid attention to every word he spoke, hoping to catch a clue as to what kind of girl he liked. She even followed the guys from the office into the strip club one Friday night. To her surprise and delight, he seemed to favor shorter girls with curves. Perfect she thought, this will be easy.

She was wrong. He was an elusive prey and every attempt she made to get close to him was crushed. Enough of this she thought, if I can't make him come to me willingly, I will just take him. Alex visited a dear friend who specialized in herbal remedies and picked up a special tea that would relax a person and make them very suggestible. He stood 6' 2" and would be hard to man handle so she needed him to come willingly...well kind of. She was sure once she got him to bed, he wouldn't want to leave.

She picked a Wednesday afternoon to put her plan in motion. She wore a tight black mini skirt with no panties and a pink sweater that showed off her ample cleavage. She knew that he went to the break room for coffee every day at 3pm. She waited for him there for what seemed like hours, the anticipation was making her so hot she could feel her pussy juices flowing already. He came in right on time and looked at the empty coffee pot.

"Damn" he said, "out of coffee again."

Alex smiled and offered him a cup of her tea. She inhaled deeply as he came over to take her outstretched hand, damn he smelled good. She waited in the break room for her tea to take effect. She made sure to show off her assets by bending down to pick up a paperclip from the break room floor. She knew that he enjoyed the view and smiled to herself as she knew that soon he would be enjoying much more than the view.

Soon his eyes glazed over and he sat down. Alex moved closer to him and asked him if he was okay.

"I don't know, I don't feel very well." he said.

"Let me take you to the clinic" Alex offered. "There has been a bug going around." In his highly suggestible state he agreed and followed her to her car. She drove quickly to the motel as she knew the effects of the tea were short lived. She arrived at the motel and told him to come in and sit down while she changed. The bed was equipped with shackles and soon after he sat on the bed he passed out just as she had planned. She removed all of his clothing, shackled him to the bed, lit one candle and left the room. It was difficult because after she saw his amazing cock she could hardly keep from swallowing it whole right then.

When he awoke he was confused and scared. Where was he? How did he get here and why didn't he remember? The room was dark except for a lone candle in the far corner. He was on a bed but he couldn't move, he was tied down and naked. Panic began to set in, had he been kidnapped?

Alex watched him struggle and call out for help. The panic and fear in his voice only served to excite her more. She opened the door and entered the room from behind him.

"Who's there?" he cried, "Please help me."

She smiled, "Oh I will help you." She came around into his view and smiled.

"Alex? What is going on? Are you okay? Did they kidnap you too?"

"Shhh," she said and pressed her finger to his lips. He quieted but then took a good look at Alex. She was wearing a leather corest with garter belts and thigh high stockings. Some sky-high heels and a riding crop completed her outfit.

"What is this?" he demanded.

Alex flipped on the red light in the room and simply said, "You are mine now. You were so distracting to me at work that I had to have you and since my attempts to tempt you did not work, I forced you to come here, no be a good boy and shut your mouth."

He was shocked and began to protest. Alex's crop came down hard on his inner thigh. He gasped.

"I told you to shut up. Next time my leather will find your cock instead of your thigh!"

He quieted, realizing that she was in total control. "Now then, you are going to be here as long as I want you so you should get used to it." She moved slowly to him and crawled up the bed to where her lips were poised at the nape of his neck and whispered, "You don't have to fight you know, this could be enjoyable for you too."

She felt him relax a little and he turned to her. "What do you intend to do to me?" he asked with some hesitation.

Alex smiled her wicked grin, "Oh I am going to fuck you and you are going to love it."

"But I am married" he said.

Alex slapped him and spat out " I don't give a damn. I wanted you and I will have you. Your wife is your problem, besides once I am done with you, you may not want to go back!"

Alex moved away from him now and used her riding crop to touch him. Slowly from his head to his toes she caressed his body with the soft leather of the riding crop. She was torturing herself as well as him. The goose bumps and his massive erection were involuntary but Alex did not care. She caressed his thick cock with the leather until all of the veins were straining at the skin.

"My, my," she said, "from the look of this you like being tied down." He said nothing but his eyes were pleading with her already. "Tell me, what can we do with this massive cock? HMMM should I slap it, suck it or fuck it?"

"Please" he whispered.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Please" he said louder this time. Please what she asked again. "Please, I can't stand it, do something please" he pleaded.

Alex grinned at him and brought her riding crop down hard on his pulsating cock. She knew that the pain would be intense but he surprised her by exploding as the leather bit him a second time. Ropes of sticky cum flew out in all directions. He screamed but she couldn't tell whether it was from the pleasure or the pain. His eyes were wild and starred at her.

"Oh my you made a big mess," she said.

He couldn't speak; couldn't believe what had just happened. The pain had been intense but the orgasm was unlike anything he had every experienced. He wanted more. This little woman had him over a barrel and he loved every minute of it.

Alex watched the transformation with delight. She knew he was hers now. "I need to clean you up big boy," she breathed against his skin. He tightened as she climbed on the bed and moved towards his cock. Alex began licking up the sticky sweet cum....mmmm so sweet. She took her time and made sure not to miss a drop. She could feel his cock coming back to life against her leg and she took every opportunity to grind her soaking wet pussy against him. She moved up and stared into his eyes. "Tell me," she said, "tell me how much you want me, how much you want to bury that massive cock deep in my pussy. TELL ME."

He could barely speak but nodded and managed to eek out a weak please.

Satisfied, Alex laid back and began to rub her finger over her soaking wet sex. Damn she was wet. She brought her finger to his lips and he sucked them like a starving man. Alex wanted to feel his tongue on her clit before she fucked him silly, so she stood on the bed over his head and lowered her dripping snatch to his mouth.

"Fuck me with your tongue now!!" She demanded, and boy did he ever!! She could not remember the last time she had been tongued so good. She rocked back and forth as he nibbled and sucked on her clit. She could feel the orgasm coming and told him not to stop. He bit down on her clit and caused her to let go and drown him in a flood of sweet pussy juice. She had always been a gusher but this flood was large by even her standards. She laughed when she heard him choking on her cum. He was drowning, but what a way to die he thought.

She was amazing and he wanted her. As she climbed off of the bed, he shouted, "Please Alex, please fuck me, I have to have you now."

She smiled, finally he was begging for it. "You want me?" she asked.

"Yes I need you, I need to fill your hot pussy with cock before I burst," he cried.

Alex went to the table next to the bed and grabbed the keys to the shackles. She unlocked his feet first and moved to his wrists. She had barely uncuffed one hand when he grabbed her. He pulled her down to him and kissed her with such force and passion it took her breath away. With one hand still shackled, he easily moved her under him and with one motion, and impaled her on his massive member.

She screamed and immediately came around his cock. He was like a man possessed. He fucked her so hard and so deep should could feel the head of his prick ripping through her cervix and hitting the walls of her womb.

"Oh god!" she cried as he pulled her head to one side and sank his teeth into her neck. Another orgasm flooded her. He was better than she had dreamed.

He kissed her, bit her, pulled and twisted her nipples as he hammered her over and over again. She was in a constant state of orgasm at this point. His cock began to swell; she could feel every vein pulsing inside of her. She put her arms around him and wrapped her legs tight and fucked back against him shouting at him to cum for her. Her words pushed him over the edge and he shot jet after jet of steaming hot cum deep into her. He came with such force she could feel the streams hitting the walls of her womb.

He cried out her name and collapsed.

Alex realized he had passed out so she moved him off of her and undid the last shackle. She left the room to arrange his release. He awoke some time later, freed from the shackles. He looked for her; 'was it all a dream?' he wondered. The sticky mess on the sheets below him answered that question, but where was she? He stood up and walked around the room. Alex had left him a note.

'Your car is in the parking lot. My address is 32741 Eagle Cove Road. You are free if you want to be.


He smiled. One hour later there was a knock on Alex's door.

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