tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 06

Tables Turned Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - The Plan

Jack spent the next few days finalising the user details of all system operatives. It was an arduous task, but a necessary one. After all, with his system admin privileges he could easily keep an eye on the goings on with the staff members accounts. The account which was of particular interest was Miss Sharps. Jack noticed that Miss Sharp regularly used a fetish forum, almost like clockwork – every lunchtime & every evening. It didn't take him long to work out the pattern. Jack logged in as 'guest user' and monitored the conversations in the main lobby. It was the type of forum where there was a central lobby for universal chat, various topic rooms & specially 'user' created rooms for private chat.

Jack noticed that Miss Sharp mostly tended to hang around in the rooms labelled 'Lost Souls' & 'Unforgiven'. This gave him an excellent opportunity to watch... And learn...

It had been two weeks since the new IT systems had become active. Jack was called into Miss Sharps office for a test review, which was to be a presentation / conference to the main board.

'Now Peters, we will shortly be making the final presentation to the board in the conference suite. Are you up to speed with all the checks & findings?' Miss Sharp nervously asked Jack

'Yes Miss. The test results have all been listed & I have put together a training pack to release, along with a user manual. Everything's set.' Jack replied

'Good boy. What would I do without you?' she smiled back at him, almost with an exalting glimmer in her eye.

The meeting kicked off & Miss Sharp explained the initial investigation, financial workings out & the test package that Jack had organised to link in with the other main offices around the world. All systems were looking good.

Jack continued by demonstrating a conference set up, various methods of inter-department communication, e-mail set up & usage & file saving archive system. Each senior manager was given a personalised training pack with their own user details & user manual – relevant to their own departmental requirements.

Mr Frederickson, the chairman of the board, stood & made his customary speech.

'Well Miss Sharp, it all seems to be coming along very well. You have done a fabulous job with this new system & more importantly, managed to accomplish everything on schedule & under budget. And you young man, well done to you.' He finished off, looking directly at Jack.

'Thank you sir' Jack replied. 'It was all about teamwork really.'

'Yes, I do believe you are right. Well, carry on & well done once again.' Mr Frederickson said, beckoning the other senior managers up & out of the suite.

Jack & Miss Sharp were left to pack away their things, both with beaming smiles & a sense of huge satisfaction!

'Mr Frederickson was right Peters. It was teamwork, & I don't think we are quite finished. With the amount of bonus we earned with this little venture I can see a very bright future for us.' Miss Sharp exclaimed

'I think you are right Miss' Jack replied, with a wry little smirk creeping across his face 'I think you are very right!'

Later that evening, Jack sat at his PC in his flat. He had been watching a conversation develop between Miss Sharp and a couple of other users in the chat room. Jack decided that now would be a good time to 'enter the fray'. He registered a new account & created the user-name 'Sir_Vitude'. He completed the profile, entering all the details about himself conveniently matching the wants & desires of Miss Sharp.

Jack logged into the main lobby and waited. The customary 'greetings (user-name)' appeared, swiftly followed with a 'welcome' or 'hi' from the other users in the lobby. Jack latched onto a conversation that was happening about loyalty & co-operation. He noticed that Miss Sharp (username 'missyh-sharp') was agreeing with another user that loyalty was one of the most important things in the modern world & that it was seldom found these days.

Jack chipped in, echoing missyh's initial sentiments – and adding that without loyalty there could be no foundation of trust & the building of intimacy in relationships that allowed the resulting fantasies to build into extreme boundary exploration. Control over these boundaries allowed people to release themselves into the other partners will, allowing themselves to be given up. To be pushed to the edge. To be freed from any & all inhibitions.

'Wow – that is 100%. Exactly the way it should be & all us desperately searching souls desire it to be!' was all that came back from user missyh-sharp. 'Gotcha' Jack thought.

With that, an invite to a personal chat popped up. It was Miss Sharp. Jack had obviously caught her attention.

'Hi' it said.

'Hello' Jack replied.

'nice train of thought. Is that what you really think?'

'Yes. Without trust & loyalty, there is nothing.' Jack typed back to her.

'Oh my god. Where have you been all my life!' Miss sharp responded.

Jack paused for a moment, trying to think of the right words to reply: 'Never mind that. What's important is that we have found each other now. But I must warn you. This is not a game for me. This is my life. This is my world. These are my rules & these are my terms.'

'I understand' came the reply, then immediately after she typed 'I agree'

Jack was overwhelmed with the feeling of elation & excitement. Right at this moment in time he imagined Miss sharp sat sprawled out on her leather couch, probably still dressed in her office wear. He visualised everything about her, her hair, her immaculate make up, her clothes & most importantly, her boots. The fun he is going to have with her boots. It was almost too much. Jack had to come up with something special.

'Do you understand what you are entering into missyh-sharp? Are you completely aware of the world you are signing up for?'

'Yes Sir, I am. I want this. I need this. I have yearned for this for so long now. I am yours' came her reply.

Game on.

Jack woke the next morning & the first thought that popped into his head was the conversation he had with his 'boss' last night. The conversation developed into the basic level of control, finding out desires, exchanging e-mail addresses, exploring finer details (location, age, basic description). Miss Sharp had described herself as an executive that worked long hours & had a successful career. She looked after herself & dressed smartly, but added in her particular fixation for fine underwear & leather. Jack of course knew all of this as he had been well aware of Miss Sharp's background and wanted to gauge her own description of herself.

Jack had given a basic description of himself stating that he was in his mid 20's, fair height, worked out when he could, had an office job in the city & was fairly comfortable. This was even truer since the bonus had cleared his account the day before. He hadn't had that much in his account before so to him, he was comfortable!

Setting off for the office that morning, as the bus wound it's way through the slow journey, Jack thought of a way to set things rolling. He pulled out his phone & started typing out an e-mail to Miss Sharp:

'Good Morning MissyH,

I hope our conversation last night was a gratifying for you as it was for me. It would appear that we share some common interests. You told me last night that you are now mine. I would like you to demonstrate that to me. You are to send me an instant message on your phone at 10:30am this morning, to which you will receive further instructions.'

Jack didn't even sign the end of the mail. He was keen to see how Miss Sharp would react to the short, curt demands that he had outlined. Now he would wait.

Striding into the office, Jack felt a mysterious feeling when he reached his office door. Did Miss Sharp know? Was he about to be found out? That could well spell the end of his career before it even got started. All of a sudden he felt nervous. Settling himself down at his desk, he opened his e-mails & checked through the day's schedule. Trying to concentrate on organising the next week's planner & fitting in all Miss Sharps appointments became an impossible task. Jack found himself wondering, waiting for that tell tale 'click-clack' of stiletto heel. And then it came.

'Morning Peters. How are you this morning? Lots to do today. Lots to organise. I am most likely going to be in the office all day & have quite a bit of scheduling to arrange so I do not want any disturbances. Coffee please.' And with that, she whisked herself into her office.

Jack was amazed. She seemed excited. Almost agitated into a state of pure ecstasy. He logged on to the remote server & highlighted the conference camera in her office. He could see that she had settled herself down at her desk & was reading something on her PC.

'Knock, knock. Coffee Miss' Jack said as he entered her office.

Almost startled, Miss Sharp seemed to notice Jack's entrance until he was almost at her desk. 'Oh, yes, Peters. Thank you. I was er, just checking my e-mails. Leave it on the side. Here, I have some files for you to take down to archiving.' And with that she got up from behind her desk & walked over to the filing cabinet. Jack peered around and saw his e-mail on her screen. A broad grin came over his face. He watched as Miss Sharp almost glided across the room, her 5 inch stiletto's click clacking on the tiles, the creases in her black leather boots glistening with every tiny crease & fold. Her seamed black stocking gliding up her legs, disappearing beneath a tight black suede skirt. Her white blouse, bursting at the cleavage point, with signs of a black lacy bra peeking out almost as if to tease. As always, her hair & make up was immaculate. Dark eyes, sensual & on fire. Her scarlet coloured lips matching as always those perfectly manicured nails. He glanced across to the round table in the centre of the room & noticed her long leather overcoat draped across one of the chairs with her black leather gloves teasingly poking out of one pocket. Jack realised that he was gawping with his mouth wide open. What seemed like an eternity while he ogled & mentally undressed her happened in an instant. She slammed shut the drawer to the cabinet, files in hand and spun around. Jack suspected he had been rumbled, but a wry grin appeared at the edge of her lips.

'Here you are Peters. Straight to archiving. And remember, no disturbances. I have a lot to organise.'

'Yes Miss.' Jack replied and turned to leave. He paused, glanced back around to see that she was already back behind her desk & continuing to read 'his' e-mail.

Jack had made the delivery to archiving & Emily the clerk was happily arranging for Jack to fill in the sign-in list. Emily was a recent addition to the company. 17 years old, probably straight from school. Very innocent looking, casual but smartly dressed, her blonde hair shining in the sun.

'You're new here aren't you?' Jack asked

'Yes, it's only my first week' Emily replied

'I remember my first week. It's a bit intimidating isn't it. If you need anything, give me a shout. I'll be happy to help. My extension is 3535.' Jack almost felt a little sorry for her. New in the big bad world, but she was cute.

'Thanks! I might take you up on that' she said & smiled.

Jack made his way back up to his office, checking his watch on the way. 10:20. He settled himself in & waited.

At exactly 10:30, a message popped up on his phone.

'Good Morning Sir. After last nights conversation, I feel so uplifted. A weight has been taken off of me & that has made me feel revitalised. Please let me demonstrate that to you.

Yours, always, MissyH.'

Jack sat back in his chair & smiled. The thought of Miss Sharp only 10ft away from him typing these words made him almost want to scream with excitement. He thought for a moment, how to reply.

Sat inside her office, trembling with anxiety at what might await her Helena Sharp felt her subconsciously submitting to the whim of a man that she had never met. And it excited her.

To be continued.

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