tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 07

Tables Turned Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – Submission

Helena Sharp was 28 years old, a senior manager at one of London's top PR & Media Relations firms. It could be considered that she was a very powerful woman. Plenty of high profile contacts, plenty of drive & ambition that helped in her meteoric rise to the top of her profession. Her ability to be quick thinking, her powers of persuasion, & her charm were all essential tools of her trade that allowed her to become the woman with a big reputation for accomplishment.

Yet, despite all of this she felt a void in her life. Something was missing & she could not explain it. From an early age she knew she had ambition & on the outside she always took the lead & took charge, yet on the inside she yearned to be led. Yearned to be the one receiving the instructions rather than giving them out.

This led to a conflict within her that was always a constant battle. Throughout her teens she experimented with subtle mind games. She used her powers of persuasion to intimidate & control her friends into controlling her. She allowed their own subconscious to guide her, to teach her, to reveal their innermost desires & wishes & she did her utmost to fulfil them. This was enough for now, enough to keep the wolf at bay but she knew it could not last. Soon, she would need release. Soon, she would need to find a channel for all of these pent up emotions & feelings.

Jack Peters was 24 years old, Assistant Finance Manager and personal assistant to Miss Sharp. Fresh from uni, Jack was in his first 'proper' career job. He had just earnt his first company bonus, successfully overseeing the instillation of a new IT suite & software system. He had also discovered some interesting facts about his boss, coincidently these facts exploded into his world at the same time he was discovering his own feelings on the same subjects. The fascination started with Miss Sharp – her attitude, her persona & her dress sense. He was instantly drawn to the air of confidence & supremacy that she oozed. And of course, her clothes – more over, her boots.

Jack had always had a fascination with boots. Ever since that fateful day back at his aunts, staying in his cousins rooms, wearing her boots & sleeping in them. They felt so right. They completed him.

Miss Sharp sat at her desk, trembling with a mixture of fear & excitement. Awaiting the message from her new found companion, a message from someone who she could finally share her innermost thoughts & desires.

'Ping' as a message popped into her inbox.

Almost launching herself off her chair, she clicked 'read' and nervously read the words:

'MissyH, Describe to me in full detail what you are wearing, where you are & what you are thinking of right now...'

Lingering over the words, Miss Sharp immediately started her reply:

'Sir, Today I am wearing 5 inch stiletto heeled black leather boots with seamed black stockings held by a lacy black suspender belt & a black lacy thong. I am wearing a black suede skirt with a white blouse with a matching black lacy bra underneath. My make up highlights my dark eyes, & my scarlet coloured lips match my nails. On my way in to my office today I wore my long black leather overcoat & my long black leather gloves.

I am sat in my office at my desk. My office consists of a large space with a desk, circular meeting table in the centre & a couch with coffee table on the side. Outside my office is the foyer in which my assistant works in his office. Our offices are separated by a partition wall with blinds at the windows for privacy when required.

I am thinking of our conversation last night & how my feelings towards where this is going excites me. In my business I have to be forthright & strong, decision making & leadership are qualities that have helped me get where I am, but I long for someone to become MY leader. Someone to cast their power over ME & allow me to serve.

I hope what you read pleases you. It would be my honour to serve.


She clicked 'send' & sat back feeling worried but very excited at the same time.

Sat at his desk, Jack was tentatively watching the webcam broadcast on his PC screen. It was locked onto Miss Sharp who was sat in her office at her desk tapping away on her keyboard. He could see that she was beside herself with excitement but kept on pausing as if she were thinking nervously. When he saw her relax back in her chair he knew she had sent it.

Silently, his phone vibrated in his jacket pocket. Pulling his phone out, he read her words and smiled to himself.

'MissyH, On your mobile phone I want you down download the app 'insta chat'. This will enable me to give you 'live' instructions. Then, I want you to lie on your settee. Spread yourself out so you are comfortable. Put on one of your leather gloves & gently caress your body. Imagine I am there with you, touching you, holding you, tentatively brushing my fingers up and down your body, moving to your boots and your nylon covered legs, up to the point where the nylon ends and your smooth soft thigh begins. Stroke yourself with your leather covered hand, moving up to your breasts. Think of me being there, standing over you whilst you touch yourself for my pleasure. I will contact you with further instructions.'

Miss Sharp was on another level reading this message. Her mind wandered off to another plain as her head absorbed the words. She was that distracted, she did not hear the knock at her door. Or the second knock. Or the fact that jack entered, peering inside the door grinning. He approached her with a 'coffee refill' as the premise for interrupting her. Clearly, he could she that she was entranced by his message.

'Miss?' He spoke softly.

'Miss Sharp?' he said in slightly louder tone, which made her startle

'Jack! What? Oh, I'm sorry I was reading. What is it? I told you I was busy' she stammered out in an almost non coherent reply.

'I'm sorry Miss. I thought you might want a refill?' Jack replied as he leant in towards Miss Sharp carrying a tray with her fresh coffee. As he leant in towards her, her nostrils flared. She inhaled the scent of his after shave and her mind scrambled into a dizzy feign

'What? Oh, yes. Very, err, very thoughtful of you Jack. Very thoughtful indeed.' She stumbled as she almost drooled with a pang that turned her into a gibbering wreck.

'Now, please. Leave me. I have some, err, paperwork to complete. It will take most of the, err, morning. Intercept all calls & take messages. Do you understand?' she purred at him.

'Yes Miss. I understand' Jack replied as he turned and strolled out of her office with a grin on his face that could easily be compared to a Cheshire cat! As he reached his desk, he saw the blinds in Miss Sharp's office close.

Closing the blinds to her office, Miss Sharp almost bounced over to the meeting table where her coat & gloves lay. She took one of her gloves and leapt upon her sofa. Snuggling herself down, she pulled out her mobile phone. She quickly installed the app & opened it. Waiting.

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