tagBDSMTahlia's Journey Ch. 01

Tahlia's Journey Ch. 01


This is the story of one woman's journey into submission and self-understanding. Though based on real life experiences, this series is a work of fiction.

It could have been any typical lunch time conversation, but this one wasn’t. The two women who sat at the corner table were oblivious to their surroundings while they talked. No one in the busy cafe noticed or paid attention to the dark-haired beauty or her more mature, though no less attractive, companion.

“There‘s nothing wrong with you, Tal,” Wendy said, reaching over and laying her hand on Tahlia’s. “I feel the same way.”

“What?! For you too?” Tahlia watched as Wendy nodded. “I thought I was the only one. I mean, I’ve felt this way ever since I can remember.”

“It’s called being submissive, Tal. Many of us feel that way, and not just women. Some men do too. It can be a very rewarding lifestyle once you learn to accept it.”

Tahlia sat overwhelmed in shock and dismay. Not only of confiding to Wendy her secret desires of being controlled and dominated, but that Wendy understood and felt the same way. Tahlia had never told anyone before. It had been her secret. Her dating interests had always revolved around dominant men, but in all her experiences, she had never found that piece of the puzzle that would complete her.

“Tal,” Wendy’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “there is this club, the Underground Tavern. It’s a private club but I’m sure I could get you in if you’re interested. Would you like to come with me tonight?”

“Really? What happens there? I mean, I’m not sure, Wendy. Would I have to do anything?”

“No, Tal. You’ll be fine. It’s just a place where people can meet and mingle. Get to know others who enjoy the same interests. I’ll tell you though, you will see many things there, but we are accepting of all. It’s a fantasy world of sorts. A safe home. Just come tonight. You’ll see.”

And with that, Tahlia accepted Wendy’s offer for the evening. The rest of her day seemed long, her mind incapable of concentrating on her work, but rather, what the Underground Tavern would hold. Wendy had told her she needed only to dress nicely. No outrageous costume required, but many would be in varying stages of undress, depending on who they were or their particular fetish. Wendy had also explained the Tavern had been in operation for years in the city, but its whereabouts and clientele had remained strictly private and unavailable to the masses.

At home, Tahlia prepared for the evening. She pulled her rich brown hair into a knot and fastened it with a gold comb. Wendy would arrive soon and she wanted to be ready. The decision was made on a simple black cocktail dress. Her legs left bare. Black stilettos adorned her small feet. She finished her glass of wine as Wendy pulled into the drive.

The lights inside the Tavern were dim. Tahlia noted the vastness of the single room, the dark tapestries draping all four walls. The room was sectioned off into different areas by the arrangement of oversized chairs and couches. One end featured an open bar where many already gathered. As she sat on one of the couches, Tahlia noticed the two red-bricked fireplaces, separated by a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She took in the small area nooks set into the walls, their discreet placement to afford a little privacy and quietness from the general hum of the room.

Tahlia sat quietly with Wendy. Her mind attempted to take in everything around her. The women fascinated her in their various forms of undress. Some were completely naked, sporting only a collar and leash around their necks. Where many would see this sight and think of bizarreness, Tahlia saw these women as positively beautiful. A warm feeling stirred between her legs while she watched the club’s inhabitants. The men were as bizarre as the women. Some naked or in women’s undergarments, and others, in a variety of leather attire.

Tahlia knew instinctively she had found a home at the Tavern. Throughout the next few months, she would became a regular visitor. She’d had many talks since with Wendy about the nature of her feelings and had found new friends at the club with the same preferences. The first step had been taken in her quest to find internal fulfillment. For the first time in her life, Tahlia had a name for her desires. Submission.

Tahlia sat quietly on one of the couches and listened to the women around her. Normally, she was an active participant in their chatter, but tonight, her attention focused on the door. She tuned out the voices around her and allowed her mind to drift back to the weekend before. The night she met Master Falcon. From the moment of their introduction, Tahlia had been completely mesmerized by him. Not only by his dark good looks, which appealed to her, but by his very presence. The way in which he spoke to her, his words, his confidence, and most of all, by the way he had looked directly into her eyes. At times, it had been so intense, she’d had to advert her gaze. He looked directly into her very soul. Their conversation had been pleasant and he requested that she meet him here tonight to continue it.

Tahlia fidgeted and pulled at the hem of her dress. She had chosen the backless navy colored dress in the hopes he would approve. It fluttered when she walked and rested mid-thigh when she sat. Her hands made their way to her dark tresses. Delicate fingers ran through its length. She had left her long hair down to fall in a silken sheet across her bare back. The excitement and anticipation she felt made it difficult to sit still. She mumbled about her silliness as she watched the door.

A few minutes later, when Master Falcon walked in, Tahlia knew she was in deep. Just the sight of him made her heart beat faster. His presence was commanding. Many stopped to take in the image at the door. Short, dark hair, deep chiseled features and eyes darker than coal. His muscular build showcased in the leather vest he wore. Fitted leather pants and black polished boots finished off his look. It was not the clothes but the aura around him, that sense of power, that was the aphrodisiac.

Tahlia felt the headiness from where she sat. All her senses were alive. Get a hold of yourself, Tal. You’re out of control and he hasn’t even noticed you yet. She watched him intently. He walked to the bar and retrieved a drink before he settled on one of the oversized chairs by the fireplace. His eyes found her at once. Tahlia was convinced it was the sound of her pounding heart that gave her location away. She tried to swallow but her mouth was too dry. A shy smile played on her lips as she watched him. It was only when he mouthed the word “come” did Tahlia realize she had been holding her breath.

Tahlia rose on shaky legs and made her way to where he sat. She gracefully knelt at his feet. With her head bowed before him, she desperately fought to gain control over her body’s reactions.

“Look at me, girl.” His voice low and definite.

Tahlia raised her face. Never had she seen eyes so dark or intense. They cut into her. A blush covered her cheeks in reaction.

He smiled at her and reached to gently stroke the side of her face. Tahlia instinctively pressed into the warmth of his touch. She had the odd understanding of what a pet might feel like. And like a faithful pet, her only desire was to please her master and feel his gentle touch against her skin.

Master Falcon relaxed back into his chair. “Why did you come here tonight?”

Not understanding his question, Tahlia’s eyes filled with tears , so sure he had requested her presence tonight.

He spoke immediately, “Yes, I asked you to. But why did you come?”

Eyes that were filled with emotion gazed up at him. “I wanted to see you, sir,” then more softly, “I needed to.”

“Good. I am pleased that you did.”

They fell into easy conversation, building rapport and trust, while learning about each other. The intensity and atmosphere around them palpable that the others in the room left them to their privacy. What Tahlia had realized earlier was true. This was her need. Even before she understood it. She shared with Master Falcon her feelings of submission and desire to please. He explained that it was a journey she must go on. To find her true self and the meaning behind all she felt. It would not always be easy, but it would be a rewarding one. Tahlia knew that the journey he described was hers to make, but she wanted to make it with another. With him. She kept her thoughts to herself, although she was certain that her need and desire were apparent to all.

“Tahlia, would you bring me another drink?” Master Falcon’s request interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, sir.” Tahlia rose to do his bidding. She felt honored that he had requested her presence tonight and was determined to please him. It amazed her that she felt so strongly. No one had had this effect on her body before. Every nerve stood at attention. She returned with his drink and knelt, before presenting it to him.

He took the glass with a nod. His bluntness caught her off guard. “I’m interested in you. Do you have any feelings as to what could be between us?”

Blushing with shyness, Tahlia could not immediately answer.

“What says you, girl?” His voice was firm.

“I want to please you, sir. I would be honored if you considered me for anything more.” Tahlia’s heart pounded loud in her ears that she was not certain she’d said the words aloud.

The thought panicked her when Master Falcon rose from his chair. She was reassured when he motioned her to follow. He led her to one of the alcoves before standing in front of her. His body closed in and he whispered in her ear. “If you are not comfortable, you may leave right now. But, if you stay, I expect you to do as you are told.”

In a soft voice, Tahlia answered immediately. “I want to stay, sir.”

“Good,” he replied, squeezing her soft shoulders. He stepped back and looked at her. “Take off your dress.”

Feeling slightly embarrassed, but wanting to please him, Tahlia reached to the thin straps on her shoulders and slid them down. The dress fell gracefully to the floor. She was left before him in black silk panties, sheer stockings and her heels. His eyes roamed her body. “Take both your hands and hold your hair up.”

He stepped towards her. It took all of Tahlia’s will to resist the urge to step back. Strong hands held the sides of her face before they slipped to encircle her neck. He squeezed slightly, then ran his hands to her shoulders and across her chest. In each large palm, he cupped a breast. Tahlia’s breath quickened at his touch. Reveling in the sensation, she closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes. Keep them open,” Master Falcon ordered. He squeezed her round ample breasts. His touch was rough, making Tahlia moan while he kneaded her flesh. Piercing eyes looked directly into hers. His fingers manipulated and pulled on her erect nipples, stretching them from her body.

“Ooohhh, sir.”

“Quiet, girl. Not a word.” His eyes stayed focused on hers. He continued to twist her elongated nipples. Tahlia’s eyes filled with tears but she remained silent. Pleased, he released her aching buds and slid his hands down her body. They ran over the flat of her stomach to her shapely hips. Down her long, smooth legs until they reached her ankles. He motioned for her to spread her legs. Without hesitation, she responded.

His hands ran back up her sheer stockings. One hand lingered at the junction between her legs. He rubbed her panty covered pussy gently. Tahlia blushed furiously, knowing he would feel how wet she had become. Her embarrassment peaked when he whispered, “You’re so wet, girl.” Tahlia had to fight the urge to hide her face in her hands.

He stood at her side, and keeping one hand on her throbbing pussy, squeezed the fleshy cheeks of her ass with the other. “Bend.” Tahlia’s mind swam but she did as told. Her body reacted strongly to the pressure of his hand between her legs. She had never been more aware of her own wetness or the pulsing of her clit.

Her attention, which had drifted to her own pleasure, was diverted by the force of the blow Master Falcon delivered to her ass. She had not expected it and it had taken all her strength and determination to maintain her silence. He spanked her until the heat of her flesh radiated through the thin silk panties.

Master Falcon stopped and pulled Tahlia against him. He stroked her tender ass cheeks and whispered in her ear. “Get dressed and rejoin me at my chair.” Tahlia stood lost in emotion and desire as he left the small alcove.

She dressed quickly and walked back to his chair. Once again, she took the place at his feet. Their conversation resumed as if the whole experience had never happened. But it had, and Tahlia was left with an intense lust for more while she listened to him.

By the end of the night, they had made plans to meet during the week. Tahlia left the Tavern elated and with a burning need coursing through her. Her mind was already consumed with thoughts of seeing Master Falcon again.

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