tagLoving WivesTaken By Another Man

Taken By Another Man


My husband and I are getting ready to go out. We've talked about this particular fantasy many times but now we are ready to follow through with it. He watches me get dressed in my flowy summer dress with only my skimpy g string on underneath.

I can tell he's a little apprehensive but as we are just about ready to leave our house I ask him again,

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes, I'm a little nervous but I'll be there to stop things if they get too intense." He answers.

We kiss passionately before getting in the car heading to the local upscale bar just minutes from our home, where most of the 'Cougars' go to find their younger prey.

The club is packed full of gorgeous men and women as we make our way to the bar and take a seat to get our drinks. We are only there for a few minutes when we make eye contact.

I felt weak in the knees as I take you in. You are tall, dark haired, young, sooo handsome and have a very strong muscular build. You stare at me for a few minutes as I try to look away and focus back on my husband but I can't. I keep making eye contact with you as you make your way over to me and ask me to dance. I accept quickly as you take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We dance to a fast thumping song as we tease each other with touches.

As a slow song comes on we stay out on the floor and embrace like long lost lovers. You ask me about the man I was with and I tell you it's my husband. You look shocked but I explain to you that we have this fantasy of me being taken by another man as my husband watches.

You smile provocatively and state,

"Looks like my lucky day, perhaps we should give him a show?"

As you say this your hands immediately go to my ass and start caressing.

I bury my head in your chest as your move my ass and grind me into your hardening cock. I lift my head and we immediately start to kiss. Slow at first then hard and passionate. This goes on until the end of the song and you tell me its time to go.

We walk over to my husband who was watching all of this and I tell him to meet us back at home. As we get into your car-my husband following-we start to kiss again and your hands make their way to my breasts. You caress and fondle as my nipples become rock hard.

As you begin to drive your hand will not leave my tits as you have my dress pulled down exposing me to you and pinching my nipples.

You demand, "Pull your dress down and keep it there. I want your tits out for me the whole way to your house."

I am a little taken aback but aroused so I do as I'm told.

As we get to our house we enter and I immediately lead you to my bedroom. My husband follows a few minutes later and sits in the chair in the far corner of the room. We embrace again and resume our passionate kiss. As we are getting hotter you push me to my knees and tell me to suck your cock. I hungrily oblige as I pull your hard cock out of your pants and begin.

It is beautiful. Not too long but thick and well kept with a perfect mushroom head. As I am sucking you I look over at my husband as he gives me a little smile and nod stating his approval.

I feel you cock stiffen more and you start moaning as you tell me you want me to swallow your cum. All I can do is moan as you unload your delicious load into my mouth.

As you stand me up you ask me what I want.

I state, "Just use me however you want!".

"NO, Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you!"

I say again, "Whatever you want".

You immediately spin me around facing my husband and bend me over the bed-smacking me square on the ass as you ask again-


Pleading I answer you, "Please, just fuck me. Fuck me HARD."

You smile as your get the reaction you want and I am a little surprised to be dominated this way but it makes me even hotter.

You pull my dress up over my ass exposing me to you as you state to my husband,

"Your wife has a gorgeous ass-now I'm going to take it!"

You tear my panties off and spread my legs as I am leaning over my marital bed. Your hand goes straight for my soaking wet pussy as I am in total heat now.

"Do you want my cock in your pussy?"

I utter a faint "Yes" so you smack my ass again.

"What did you say?"

I yell, "YES, put your cock in me!"

This does not fully satisfy you and you can tell you are bringing out the submissive side of me-you smack my ass harder and say


At this time I am so hot that I beg you, "Please, Please fuck me, I want you to fuck me, please."

You step back a little and lean down to spread my cheeks apart and take a look at my little trimmed pussy and ass.

You immediately start to lick my pussy from behind as I reach behind me and pull your face further into me. As you are getting me hotter (if that's possible) your tongue finds my little asshole as I start to moan louder. I love this and you can tell. You rim me for a bit and cup my pussy as I perk my ass up for your taking. I am ready to be fucked now and you know it.

You line up your cock at my pussy and ask me again,

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

At this point I am near tears of ecstasy as I look over at my husband who is now rubbing his cock, and scream....


You immediately start to pound into me from behind as your gorgeous thick cock is stretching my pussy.

We are in perfect unison as I am pushing back into you as you are furiously fucking me doggie style. We fuck like this for a few more minutes but you pull out as I whimper and turn my head to you.

You immediately line your cock up with my ass and put some gentle pressure on my rosebud. You don't ask this time-you just take me. You push that cock slowly into me as I squeal my approval. As you start fucking me in the ass it becomes clear that I am your whore now.

'YES FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT' and this only eggs you on more.

You start to shout back,

"Take my cock you slut-take it in your ass."

This excites me even more as I can feel my pussy exploding in orgasm as you are filling my ass with your cum. As you pull out you just grab your clothes and leave. Leaving me full of your cum and wanting more..........

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