tagErotic HorrorTaken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 05

Taken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 05


Thank you so much for all the comments on my story, I really hope you will keep on reading for it gets even better from here. I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback.



Nightmare turned into reality

I knew I was unconscious for a while, too many emotions try to break free and it was too much for my body. The last thing I remember was arguing with the little voices in my head and then Ethan appeared.

Oh god...


The rose...


For the first time I had the most amazing dream. The fresh morning sun rays penetrating my skin, the crisp ocean smell and the warm sand between my toes. This was definitely not a nightmare, this was my dream and mine only; that stupid demon wasn't going to spoil this one too. Slowly the dream was fading and darkness came over me again. I realized that I must be waking up and listened to my surroundings to hear the familiar chirping of the birds.



Nothing... there wasn't even one familiar sound. Where are all the birds? Even though its' almost winter there should be at least one little bird reminding her that it's time to start another day. I decided wake up and not argue with myself so early in the morning.

When I opened my eyes, everything was dark, I couldn't see a thing. Maybe that's the reason why the birds aren't awake yet, it not even morning. I blinked my eyes a few times, trying to focus on my room when I realized something was wrong. This wasn't my room!! It looked like a dungeon, with stone walls and only one window where the moonlight lit up the room a little bit. Where the fuck am I??? I closed my eyes in horror realizing that wasn't the important question. The most important question was 'who brought me here??' People get killed every day and the thought of me becoming another statistic had me panicking. I noticed that I was lying on a bed with the exact underwear I had on in my dreams. This can't be happening. How is this possible? Is this another nightmare again or is this a game of some sick pervert? Even if this was someone, how could they have known what I dreamt about? I pushed that thought aside realizing I have to escape before someone finds me.

Quietly I tried to get up off the bed and ran for the door. Yes!! It's open! My adrenaline kicked in and I ran thru every door in search of a way out, but with no luck. After searching around one more time I decided my best option would be to hide. I ran into a room and locked the door, hoping that whatever brought me here couldn't find me. If only I listened to that little voice in my head, I could be with Ethan now and he would protect me.

Wait a minute... Ethan? Why would I be thinking about him now?? Could he really have kept me safe?? Why did a part of me want to run away from him then? Fuck, why is he always on my mind? I think I'm going crazy.

"What the fuck is happening?" Lilly said to herself and suddenly heard a demonic laugh echoing through her mind. She knew that demonic voice...it was the demon from her dreams...and now...

'He's here and I'm dead!! Oh no!!!'

Slowly she turned around to face her fate and surrender to this demonic creature. She knew that if she did what he said she maybe had a chance of surviving, but nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

"I see you like to play games my Angel? Did you really think I was going to let you win?"

Lilly almost fainted again, but fear kept her from it.


As soon as his name came through her lips she felt that same magnetic pull he had in her dreams. He looked even more beautiful now, but those ice-blue eyes were that same blood red that made her whimper in fear.

She shook her head from side to side, "This can't be real there is no way that this is possible!! It's only a dream," She tried to convince herself, but it wasn't enough.

Ethan laughed again and threw her onto another bed in that room. Snapping his fingers, chains tied her arms and legs apart, leaving her helpless to his intentions. She was so confused and everything was happening so fast. Everything that humans feared and joked about was true. The ultimate evil was standing before her and tied her up with his powers. Tonight will be the night that she joined her parents in their grave.

"Do you still think this is a dream my Angel? This is real and the things I'm going to do to your body will make you scream!"

She was so confused. Ethan was the demon that appeared in her dreams every night, but why her? Out of everyone on this planet why does it have to be her?

Ethan read her thoughts, "Well my Angel, let me explain to you. I'm an ancient demon and I have been waiting for you since the day you were born. That's how I know so much about you. This was not my decision, you are my mate and no matter what you do, you will never get rid of me. I want you to be mine and I will bind you to me so that you'll be with me forever. I can't wait to taste that beautiful body of yours."

Tears ran down her face, "No please Ethan, I beg you don't do this."

Ethan couldn't wait any longer. He needed to feel her naked flesh in his hands. He wanted to feast on the soft skin of her breasts and to watch her gorgeous eyes literally flare with ecstasy as he pleasured her. Suddenly he ripped her corset to pieces and threw it across the floor leaving her only in a lace thong.

"Mmm... I love it when you beg Angel. Let's see if you will beg some more."

Pleading and begging didn't help; it looked like he got turned on by it. Ethan crawled in top of her and started to kiss her hungrily. He pressed his lips against hers demanding entrance into her warm mouth. He tasted her; the saltiness of her tears and the sweetness of her flesh. He started to lick and suck her neck and made his way down to her breasts. His mouth traced her collarbone to her breastbone to rest between those soft mounds, delighting in the feel of her satiny skin against the sensitive flesh of his lips. He cupped one of her full breasts lovingly even as his mouth descended upon the other sucking at the taut nipple. He pulled and licked and bit her breast while his other hand played with the rest of her body. She hated this. It was like he knew just how much pain she could take to turn it into pleasure. She hated Ethan, he was a filthy demon, but the things he was doing to her was driving her insane.

She was as beautiful as he'd imagined; her raven hair framing her face, her skin flushed with humiliation and passion. He turned his attention to her other breast, waiting for him to suckle into his mouth. He latched onto it, hungrily suckling the tiny nub into his mouth.

"Please stop Ethan you can't do this! Oh god!" Lilly gasped as he pleasured her body.

He gave her a wicked smile, "Not even God can help you anymore my Angel. Your mine now!"

She tried to move away from him, but the friction only caused her clit to rub more against his leg. Ethan decided it was time to move down to her most vulnerable part of her body; the part that he would claim as his. Slowly he kissed her down her body until he reached that beautiful shaven mound. He hungrily inhaled her musk even as he visually assessed her dampness, growling in satisfaction that he'd been the one to make her body betray her. He parted her folds and feasted on her, growling again into her softness at the sweet taste of her arousal. Just before she cried out in frustration he'd suckle or nip her again sending her beautiful head thrashing on the pillows. Even as he licked and supped upon her sensitive flesh, he pushed a finger inside her. She was wet, even when she hated it. He inserted another finger and moved them within her slowly and gently at first, and then with more force and fervor. Her pelvis moved in tandem with his thrusts, her body coated his fingers with its juices and her hands balled in the sheets with sweet humiliation.

"Looks like my Angel is enjoying herself. Do you see how your body responds to my touch? You are so wet and ready."

Lilly's fear took over again and made her whimper to him, "P-please not that, I'm s-still a virgin."

"I know you are my Angel, you have been saving yourself for my ravishment. I will enjoy all the pleasures your body has to offer me."

Keeping his eyes on her face, he inserted another finger into her and moved more forcefully within her this time.

"Oh," She cried out as she realized she's near an orgasm. "Ethan stop I'm going to commmmeeee!!!"

"That's it my Angel, come for me, come all over my finger!"

There was an edge of possessiveness in his voice, but somehow Lilly didn't seem to care anymore. She needed to feel him inside of her, no matter what he was. He kissed her with the same intensity, slipping his fingers back into her folds, stroking her sex, rubbing her clit, making her even hungrier for another release. In moments she was writhing beneath him again with need, both hands clinging to his shoulders as he assaulted her with his tongue and his questing fingers. When she was mindless with need he took his impressive length in his hand and pushed it against her opening, slowly, trying to keep his animal side under control.

'This is so amazing! No wait he is a demon Lilly, but the things he does to me, oh!' She thought to herself as she felt him press his tip between her folds.

Lilly felt a shock of pleasure running thru her body every time he pushed into her and she liked it. She knew her fate was sealed and a part of her mind was telling her that this was meant to happen, so she decided to give in, "Ethan fuck me harder, please fuck me!!"

He squeezed he nipples and watched them harden under his touch.

"Who am I Lilith?" Ethan asked her.

"You are Ethan, my master oh!"

Ethan smiled and asked, "Who do you belong to Lilith?"

"I belong to you ah!"

"Do you relinquish you body, mind and soul to me?"

"Yes Ethan I do!!"

She couldn't hold it in much longer; it felt like she was going to explode, "Oh Ethan harder! I'm coming!"

"Ahh Lilith my Angel come for me, come all over me!!"

With a few more hard thrusts Lilly came all over Ethan's dickand he came inside her. She could feel his hot semen shooting up in her womb and somehow she felt whole, like all her problems in her life just vanished and he was the only thing that matters. Now she knew why part of her wanted to be with him in her dreams, he told her she was his mate. The only problem was that she didn't know if she could trust this demon, was he telling the truth or was he lying? Never in her life would she have thought that she would ever fell for a demon, but now she was already thinking about it in the back of her mind.

Ethan finally untied her, "You were good my Angel, you should get some rest."

He slid out of her and gathered her limp body in his arms to hold close. He growled possessively again and nuzzled into her slightly damp hair as she drifted off to sleep. Finally she was in his arms, for now... but this was only the beginning.

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