tagBDSMTaken Ch. 02

Taken Ch. 02


"A gasp floated through the room as He opened His jeans and pulled out His manhood. My lips opened willingly and without any shame as He pushed His hard cock inside - all the way down my throat. The collar slipped around my neck, and as the soft click of the little lock was heard – almost like thunder in my ears - He came with a load moan...sending my own body into orgasmic shivers...I cried around His pulsing cock as He came...and I was His."

His cock slowly softened in my mouth, and I moaned quietly as it slipped out from between my lips. My eyes opened – and searched for His.

His gaze was soft, and He had a smile on His lips. I was still trembling, and He chuckled a bit as He read the question in my eyes, "Yes, pet – you may touch your collar."

My fingertips danced along the lovely braided collar, and my eyes never left His...collared – owned. I belonged to another human being. I was taken, just like a beast, and I had never been happier in my life, or more frightened.

He lifted from the chair and extended His large hand to me, and I smiled when I saw how small my hand looked in His. He urged me to my feet ~ and walked with me to the other side of the room, where a bench was placed. It was in dark red leather, and was shaped like a Y. My heart skipped several beats, and I looked at Him without saying a word...somehow knowing it was not the time to protest or speak at all.

He helped me up, and made me lay down on my back. His hands were gentle as they opened my legs widely and attached my ankles into restraints. I was blushing feverishly, because I was not at all used to being on display like this, but I did not hesitate or protest for one single moment.

His hand brushed between my petals, and a low laughter spilled from His lips, "My, my" He smiled, "it seems like someone is excited."

My eyes widened as His finger rubbed over my clit, and automatically my back arched into that sweet bow – showing Him that quiet plea for more.

His finger left my sex, and pushed against my mouth, and with a tender yelp I licked it clean and left small kisses on His rough skin. He had working hands, and I had always quite admired that in a man. One that could create things with His hands, not only due His work ~ but also through His magic, when with a submissive.

His hand brushed against my entire body. He tweaked my nipples, and He had His eyes to mine the entire time. My arms were stretched out and attached in the restraints, and I was spread eagle before Him – and everyone else that wished to watch the scene about to start.

My body was trembling, and now I needed His soothing voice desperately.

He saw the fear in my eyes, mixed with that gentle light of submission, and He leaned down to my ear so that only I could hear His words, "I am going to claim you, my joy" He murmured, "I will claim your hot little sex and your ass. You may scream and you may cry, but you will not speak until i give You permission to do so again. Do You understand, my joy?" He looked at me for an answer, and I just looked back at Him quietly.

He tossed His head back and laughed heartedly, "You are indeed obedient, darling pet, but this restriction has not yet started. You are free to ask questions and speak until I say now."

I was so lost. I wanted Him so badly I felt I could not wait another moment, but I had to ask things before it was too late.

My voice was so soft when it whispered to Him, "I have not yet been opened anally, Sir."

The blush on my face deepened, and His hand lay to rest on my cheek. "Angel baby," He whispered. "I will not promise you it will not be painful, but I shall mix that with bliss. You are indeed to be claimed fully today, and I have every intention to show you Who you belong to – from this moment on!"

A stern flickering flame was born in His eyes as He spoke, and surrendering tears filled mine. I trembled without any control now, but my exposed sex was giving me away, as it was positively dripping from the need inside me.

His finger returned to my clit, rubbing softly back and forth. My hips lived with His touches, and I was already breathing in short and shallow gasps.

My mind was racing, "Good God, what is this man doing to me...where is my shy side. Where are my limits...how can I trust Him so..."

He saw the light in my eyes changed, and it was as if He was reading my mind. His head lowered, and His lips locked around my nipple.

His fingers tweaked the other and I was sailing away slowly. "No holding back, joy" He whispered against my nipple, "cum when you want and how you want. Give me all of you."

He placed Himself between my legs, and His cock was already hard. The head was softly poking against my sex, and my petals licked it with the dripping nectar, making it ready for His use.

My eyes were huge pools of sapphire shimmers, and my fingers locked around the restraints. My body was flaming up and I knew I was seconds away from another release, and it shocked me more than anything else. Usually I could cum once if I was lucky, but twice? He saw the signs, seemingly reading me like an open book, and the moment I lifted into the bliss of yet another orgasm, He plowed into me, and took me hard and violently.

He fucked me hard through the entire release, and I heard a sore and loud cry – only to find out that it had emerged from my own throat.

A cry filled with bliss and despair, a cry from ancient times – a cry from a total woman, finally allowed to open up the her full submission.

He did not cum this time, but He stayed inside me. He was rocking in and out slowly, as my incredible orgasm faded. I was fighting for my breath and my lower lip quivered. Liquid pearls started to pool in my eyes, and I was so filled with emotions that I simply burst into tears.

He stepped back, and His cock left my hungry sex. I lifted my hips and whimpered, not wanting to lose the connection and He smiled, "Soon, my little tear. Soon."

He reached for a pair of absolutely stunning nipple clamps. They had a flower for each nipple, and were adjustable. Under the flowers the bite was hidden - and I got the feeling of beauty and beast when I saw the lovely flower on top with such a vicious bite under it.

Between the clamps was a lovely string of black pearls and they seemed to glow against my pale skin. I whimpered a bit as the clamps bit into my sensitive nipples, and a soft shock of pleasure washed through me. I drew my breath in short and shallow gasps of air, small stars of light exploded inside my head, and I found pleasure I had never been even close to in my entire life. And this from a total Stranger! A total stranger i had submitted to, and was now owned by...

He reached again, and this time for a crop. My heart skipped several beats, and I realized fully that I was indeed to be fully claimed. My skin had felt the crop before, but not given me anything but pain, so I was anxious now to see what a crop would turn into in His loving hands.

He lifted it, and I held my breath. "No, my joy," He whispered. "Breathe and relax. Work with me, not against me."

I smiled shyly, not even aware of my withheld breath, and I started to breathe slowly and deeply.

"Close your eyes, pet" He smiled again, and I took a long look at Him before I closed my eyes. The crop danced softly over my breasts. he gave me light, little bites of the leather. More to warm me up than to hurt, and rather quickly, I wanted more, and arched up for it. I could not see His face, but He was smiling as He saw my responses.

"Good," He said to Himself. "I was not mistaken – she is indeed a diamond in the rough. One I can bring out the luster in and make shine more and more."

The crop moved, and each little flick of His wrist, sent the leather over my clit. Hard and fast He cropped it, and it took only minutes before I arched so sharply, that only my head and my heels touched the bench.

I was sobbing and laughing, but I was so enjoying it. I was warm all over, and my sex was burning between my legs. In flames both from my own arousal, and from the cropping so elegantly ministered by His hand.

I gasped for air, and He watched me intensely. My lips opened and I took a deep and hungry breath of air, before the third release whipped over me, and wave of wave of pure bliss washed over my shores. Right during the highest bliss, He poured oil on His cock, and with a low growl He sank into my little ass. Inch by inch pushed inside me, and I could not believe the pain. For a few red seconds I was in agony, but then the pain faded, and all I felt was a deep and intense joy of being claimed. Totally and fully – I was now His.

He took me slowly. The crop was still flicking over my clit. It was so sensitive now I was unable to stop the violent shakes in my body, but I still lifted against it, wanting it more than anything. Simply because it was given to me by His hand.

He dropped the crop suddenly, and grabbed my hips. His cock rammed into my tight ass and He growled, "Look at me, tear. Look at me when I empty myself into your ass."

My eyes opened at once, gazing into His and I could not help it, but I smiled. A smile so bright it could stop wars and melt snow. His eyes darkened, and I felt His cock grow and twitch, and then the lava stream of His cum filled my ass. Squirt by hot squirt.

He closed His eyes for a moment and snapped His head back. He pushed HARD into me – as if to empty the last drops as deep as He possibly could, "MINE" He growled, "MINE."

For an endless moment it was only Him and me. We had our own world, and even though the entire room was watching, we did not see them or hear them. Most of them turned away, seeing the intensity in our eyes as we slowly calmed down – as if they did not want to steal the sanctity of our moment...

He whispered softly into my ear as He pulled out of me, "Your name from today is tears of joy. I will call you tears or joy for short. Your other name is no longer to be uttered. I am Your Master, and I am your Owner and your Creator. Today you will be allowed to choose by which name you wish to address Me."

I stared at Him for an endless moment, and it sank into me. I had no idea what His real name was! The shock must have been so visible in my eyes, because He laughed with amusement and leaned in closer, "My name is Matthew, tears."

"Matthew," I let the name roll over my lips, knowing it might be the one and only time I was allowed to use His first name.

He smiled as I spoke, "I do like the way you make my name sound, tears. Maybe I shall be Master Matthew to you?"

His hand brushed my hair away from my forehead. He touched my clit again, and grinned, "It seems to need a marking from Master, so that will be our next adventure, tears. The marking of you." He loosened the restraints, and scooped me into His arms and walked to the deep chairs. He sat down, still holding me in His lap – and reached for a quilt.

My body was cooling down now, so it felt good to have a quilt around us for a while. My eyes were shining like sapphires on snow, and I smiled to Him as I wiggled a bit to get comfy.

A soft whisper came from my lips, "Master Matthew. Creator Matthew. Owner Matthew." I tasted them all, and He smiled as I spoke the names so intensely and so lovingly. "Master Matthew," I said once again.

He nodded with a calm look on His face, "Master Matthew it is, my joy. Master Matthew it is."

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