tagErotic HorrorTaken for her Pleasure

Taken for her Pleasure


If you met me on the street, you would never believe that in my heart I am just a wimp. You see I'm a big guy, I played football, well at least high school football, and I had a rep as a guy who kicked butt. My problem was with girls, I was such a bumbling idiot around them that most avoided me. If a young lady paid any attention to me, I in turn would do anything to try to make her happy. At this time of my life, I could only find two types of girls. The ones who were turned off by my desires to make them happy, as it seemed a real man would not act as I did or the ones who knew they could take advantage of me and would use me until they got bored of my attentiveness.

Being young and foolish, I always blamed myself for losing the new girlfriend and would then push myself to be even nicer, to do more for the next girl I met. Somehow, this all spiraled into a deep-seated need of humiliation for sexual release and now as a grown man my only search is for a dominant woman. However as much as I craved this submission I had no desire for my treatment to include pain and most of the doms I met liked to include some sort of pain with their sex acts.

We met in a chat room, now I wasn't on this site by accident so I knew what I was getting into, or at the time, I thought I did. Her user name was Mysterious Momma or MM and mine was Humiliated Harry or HH. It was just a cyber relationship and we both knew truth was not something you concerned yourself about when chatting back and forth. Somehow, MM could read me and her words reached into my soul across cyber-space as she told me how much she would humiliate me if she allowed me to worship her. I felt if we could only meet, my life would be complete and asked if this was possible. MM informed me I would have to earn the honor of such an event and like a fool; I replied I would do anything for that chance. Three days later, I received an instant message from MM stating she had an opening in her stable and I would be allowed to apply. It went on to tell me of a public place where I was to arrive at a directed time and at that time if I showed that I deserved it she would take me to her studio. The public place was a food court located in a mall downtown and as it was a Saturday the place was packed with the usual assortment of teenagers, mothers with kids and young couples. I was to go to a table in the center where she said she would be waiting for me. I was shocked at her girth and I guessed her weight at close to three hundred pounds. Even this was erotic to me, as I needed to prove my worth to a woman who probably had a tougher time getting dates in school than I did.

I approached her table then bowed and introduced myself. She looked at me for a long time then instructed me to kneel and kiss her boot. This was to be my first experience with public humiliation and I almost bolted, yet I could feel my cock harden with lust. Right there in a most public place with teen girls giggling, and mothers staring open mouthed, I got on my knees and kissed the toes of her boots. I must have passed my test and she stood and told me to come with her. She had me follow in my car as she drove to a loft that had enclosed and gated parking. We rode the elevator up to her flat in silence and once inside her first words were an order to strip.

She then ordered me to take her boots off and once that was done, she pushed me on the bed located in the center of the room. I lay there on my back with my erection sticking obscenely in the air watching her get on the bed. It creaked as she climbed on top of me, then she sat on my face placing me between her enormous thighs and under her dress. I was buried in her pussy, and no matter how hard I struggle I could not breathe. I put my hands up to her thighs to try to move her off me and she just put her knees on my arms trapping them as well. I began to panic but the more I fought the weaker I got until I thought I might black out, yet she seem to know just how long to leave me without air and would rise up to give me a breath. She got off me and began to tie my arm and legs to the bed but I was to weak to resist her. MM saw that I was now hers and came to sit next to me. She took off her clothes and as I viewed her naked body I saw big slabs of fat hanging down all around her. She picked up my currently soft cock and lazily stroked it back to erect. I couldn't even see her pussy but the more she rubbed me the harder I got.

"You are now my toy, I will use you until I get the satisfaction I deserve and only then will I let you go."

I swallowed hard, was she kidding, playing a part, or was she serious I couldn't tell. I was at her mercy, it scared me, and yet as she played with me I kept getting more aroused. Once again, she sat on my face only this time she turned around and my face was now between the cheeks of her huge ass. I was trapped with no air to breathe at all and I quickly realized I had better please this woman and do it fast or I might never get out of here. I put my nose in her rectum as deep as I could and then stretched my tongue to her pussy and lapped as a cat with a bowl of cream. Just as I started to get dizzy from lack of air, she would allow me to breathe. she seem to enjoy the tease of depriving me of air and as she began to respond to my oral caresses she rocked off me just enough to take a new breath. With fresh air in my lungs, I began anew my efforts and I knew if I could not coax an orgasm out of her she might never let me go. After how long I do not know, she began to rock faster, I could tell she was close and then she moaned loudly in climax as she flooded my face with her juices.

So, this was how it was to be under this behemoth of a woman covered in her cum. As I played this over in my mind, it kept exciting me more and I felt myself erupt, spraying cum all over my belly. She raised up off of me and rubbed my cheek,

"Any man who can cum while he pleases me deserves to be kept another day. I wonder if you can do it again tomorrow."

She got up and left the room leaving me in the dark with her cum drying on my face and my cum drying on my belly. Would she keep me here tomorrow or would my pleasing her grant me release? Would this be the rest of my life, trapped as this woman's plaything, used only for her orgasm? Did I not tell her I would do anything for her and wouldn't anything include being her slave? Ah, yes, what do they say 'stay tuned?'

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