After he left, Lena lay there too sore, to move and too exhausted to get up. She knew she was lying in a pool of his cum and her sweat and yes even her own vaginal fluids. She had no idea that a man could cum that much or that many times or that she could lower herself to beg such a man not to leave. He had even taken her anus and still now she could feel his spunk oozing out of her rectum. After taking her, 'back there' he had further humiliated her by demanding she clean his monster off with her mouth. The disgrace of him taking something from her ass and then putting it between her lips quickly turned to passion as she felt him harden in her mouth. Soon she was begging him to release his issue to her and without warning, he shot his cum down her throat so fast that it spilled out of her mouth and ran down her chin.

In the morning, she made herself get out of bed to take a shower. The reflection she saw in the mirror scared her almost as much as the man who took her last night. Her face and hair were spattered with dried semen and she could see bruises on her breasts from where he had squeezed them. Lena turned the water on as hot as she could stand and once in the shower she just leaned against the wall letting the spray wash over her. She saw that her pubic hair was matted with his spunk as well as her thighs. She knew she could wash this off but the shame of what he had done to her would never go away.

What had happened to her last night, where did he come from, these questions and more kept going through her mind as she let the shower pour over her? He must have broken into her house for she had been asleep and at first thought, he was just a nightmare. Yet all this pain and these bruises were proof that he had been real. She tried to tell herself that she had been raped and yet, had she not begged him not to stop and then not to leave. There were too many questions and she was just too tired and sore to think about answers right then. She called into work and then even too tired to change her filthy bed linens she took a pillow off the bed, curled up into the fetal position on the floor and soon was fast asleep.

She dreamt of him coming to her again, and that he told her he would not come back unless she begged him to return. When she awoke, she was crying, not out of fear but of remorse. Lena was confused over her feelings of sadness about losing the man who had defiled her body and then left her lying there alone, bruised and humiliated. It was dark and she realized she had slept all day, she had not eaten yet she wasn't hungry. She went into the bathroom to relieve herself and when she looked at her image in the mirror, she saw the two red sores on her throat. They almost looked like puncture wounds and she wondered if he wore a ring that had scratched her as he had his way with her.

The long sleep had revitalized her so she stripped her bed and put on clean sheets. She took the dirty linen to the washing machine and as it ran, she began to clean her house. When she next looked at her clock, she noticed it was almost two in the morning and yet she was not the least bit tired. Lena had never been a night person and it surprised her that she could be up so late.

Lena knew at once that he was there, she hadn't seen him put she could feel his presence. When she turned and saw him it almost took her breath away. She was almost paralyzed with the fear and yet at the same time she could feel the desire welling up deep inside her. He looked at her with a smile that only showed he enjoyed her uneasiness, and without saying a word, she knew what he wanted. The heat rising up in her loins became all that mattered and she fell to her knees before him. She begged just as he had commanded in her dream, "Please, please, I'm yours do with me as you wish, just don't leave." He lifted his tunic, exposing his penis and she automatically raised him to her lips. He grabbed her by the hair as he forced himself down her throat. She gagged again and again, as she tried in panic to breathe, then just before she blacked out she learned to take some air through her nose. She looked up into his eyes to see him watching her intently, then without warning, he climaxed filling her mouth and coating her tonsils with his salty issue. She tried to swallow it all but it came too fast and too much for her to handle it all and as she choked she felt it coming out her nose burning the tender membranes of her nostrils. It was only when he finally finished his abuse of her mouth that she realized she had climaxed at the same time as he.

He pulled himself from her lips, still hard and then with mighty arms he picked her up and threw her on her bed like a rag doll. She felt like a common street slut as she spread her legs in anticipation of his turgid manhood. He crawled up on the bed grabbing her legs and pushing them over her head then he impaled her gash with his mighty sword. She screamed as he buried himself inside her and yet she couldn't help herself as she rutted underneath him as a bitch in heat. He lay on top of her as she pushed against him and then she felt the pain in her throat as he sank his teeth into her neck. Once again she experienced the combined feelings of the pain of his bite and the pleasure of his penis as it filled her as no mere man had ever before. She wanted to cry out either from the pain or the pleasure, she wasn't sure, but her breathing was so fast she was hyperventilating and no sounds came out of her mouth. She felt him climax as his cum blasted the walls of her womb and this made her orgasm again as well. When he was done with her, he kissed her deeply and she could taste her own blood on his lips. When he raised his head, she finally saw the telltale fangs. She closed her eyes in disbelief and when she opened them again, he was gone.

As if in an epiphany all her questions were now answered, she now knew not only what her intruder was but also how much danger she was in and that she might lose her mortal soul. Lena knew all the legends and she knew that this was the night stalker's second visit to her bedroom. She might have been asleep during his first calling but she knew that he had been there and she remembered she had the punctures on her throat to prove it. If he took her again, she would no longer be a person but would become a creature of the night, the same as her visitor.

For the second night in a row, she lay in a pool of her sweat and his cum, yet tonight it did not repulse her. She let her fingers drift down her taught belly to slip inside the cleft between her legs. She could feel his issue trickle out from inside her and she let her fingers run through it. Tonight instead of disgusting her, his cum felt like a soothing balm as she rubbed it on her stretched and torn womb. Next, she rubbed a little where he had bitten her on the neck and soon the pain was gone. No longer concerned about the mess of his sperm she got up to go to the bathroom letting it run out of her slit and down her thighs. She looked into the mirror, was her image fading, or was it the light, she couldn't tell. She could defiantly see the new set of fang marks, red and sore and just below the old set.

Lena stared almost trance like at her new wounds, and she understood she was one bite away from being forever different. What could she do to stop this creature from taking her for all eternity? Then she realized she had her hand between her legs and was again playing in the seed from this demon. While her mind was desperately seeking escape, her body was yearning for his return. She wondered if maybe she was already too far-gone to come back to the living. After the giving of herself to him would she ever be able to be with a normal man again.

She lay in her bed wondering what she could do, finally falling into a deep sleep just before dawn. Once again, he came to her in her dreams where he told her the decision was hers and that he would only take her if she begged him to. In her dream she offered her throat to him but instead he sank his fangs into her breast and it made her think of a nursing mother as he drank from her teat. When he had quenched his need he took her up with him as they toured her old world. Her dream that had been in black and white was now in Technicolor and everything was now more beautiful than before. She saw that what once was a drab world was now bright and everything shined with an inter glow. In her dream, she was now so happy and she knew she had made the right choice. She now had no more pain, no more sorrow and the world was her oyster.

She awoke some time after dark to a world that was the same as it had always been. She understood the disappointment she felt that she was still human and unchanged. She could feel the anticipation growing inside her as she awaited his arrival. Was she longing for that final thrust of his fangs inside her or was it the longing for his sex, she didn't know. She went to take a shower and as she washed her body, she saw them, two large puncture wounds on her breast. He had taken his final pleasures with her in her sleep and now she understood there would never be a return to the life that had been her own. As she let the water cascade on her, she felt the hunger rising up inside her and somehow she understood there was only one thing that would assuage her appetite.

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