tagErotic CouplingsTaking Care of Business Ch. 05

Taking Care of Business Ch. 05


Ryan woke up several hours later. Reb was still asleep on his chest. He gently rocked Reb, "wake up Reb, we should get up and go home."

Reb stirred, "mmmmm...I think I'd rather spend the rest of the day repeating what we've done." Reb looked at the clock and saw it was 10 minutes before noon. "But you're right, we need to get up. I need to shower first...care to join me?"

Ryan smiled, "love to. Never showered with anyone who was tall enough to fuck."

"Today is your lucky day then," replied Reb.

Ryan followed Reb to the bathroom. He gathered towels for both of them while Reb started the shower. Ryan stepped into the shower behind Reb and watched as the water flowed down her body, tracing her womanly curves. Reb handed Ryan the soap, "lather me up would ya?" Ryan rubbed the soap between his hands and then began lathering Reb's body. He started by washing her shoulders, down her arms and back up to her underarms. Reb moaned feeling his hands on her body. She was getting aroused again.

Ryan's hands moved down her sides to her hips, over her stomach and back up to wash her ample breasts. He moved his soapy hands over Reb's hard nipples. Her mouth dropped open with a loud moan. Ryan circled the tender nipples with the palm of his hands, drawing moans from Reb. Her moans were making his cock harden.

Ryan pulled the shower head down and rinsed the soap from his hands and her body. He replaced the shower head and kissed Reb hard. Their tongues intertwined as Ryan turned Reb and pushed her against the wall. Ryan moved his hands to Reb's ass, lifted her off her feet and pinned her to the wall. Reb wrapped her legs around Ryan's hips as she reached between them and slipped his cock back into her pussy.

Their moans were muffled by their passionate kissing as Ryan began to piston in and out of Reb. His strokes were deep and fast as he pounded her against the wall. Reb had her hands on his shoulders, digging her nails into his skin. They kissed wildly until Reb broke the kiss groaning, "yes baby faster, faster...yeah, that's it, fuck me baby...yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeesssss!" Ryan moved his lips to Reb's neck, kissing and sucking as he felt her cum.

Ryan was grunting as Reb's pussy squeezed his cock. He buried his cock deep with one last thrust and shot his load. They stayed intertwined for a few minutes before Reb untangled her legs. Ryan lifted her up, pulled out and gently lowered her to the floor. "So much for getting clean," smiled Reb, "guess we'll have to try that again."

Reb took the soap in hand and began washing. Ryan watched Reb run the soap down over her breasts, stomach and to her legs. She moaned when the soap grazed her sensitive labia. Reb continued down her long legs. Ryan's cock started to rise again at the sexy scene before him. When Reb stood, she saw Ryan's cock was coming back to life for her. "Again," she asked.

"Told you that you are a very sexy woman," Ryan answered.

Reb wrapped her soapy hand around Ryan's rising member and began to stroke it. She moved her lips to his and they kissed deeply while her free hand moved to his chest. Reb stroked one of his nipples. Ryan's cock jumped in her hand with every flick. His cock was once again rock hard in her hand in no time. She moved away to let the water rinse the soap away.

Reb turned around, placed her hands on the wall and spread her feet to the sides of the tub. Ryan moved behind her and slipped his hard cock slowly inside Reb. He slid easily inside her now familiar love tunnel. They both moaned as Ryan slowly slid in and out. He went slow to savior the feeling of her wet pussy and the sight of her body. The water flowed down her back and traced her womanly curves.

Reb began to push back against his slow, deep thrusts. Ryan put his hands on her hips and guided her back n forth on his cock. Their moans and the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed around the shower. "Oh Ryan," Reb moaned, "I love the way you fuck me!" Reb began to roll her hips with every deep penetration of Ryan's cock. She reveled in the feel of his cock: the head and shaft as it slid deep inside her, how it filled her neglected pussy, how he made her feel alive again.

Reb's breathing was quickening, her moans were getting louder with each deep thrust. Ryan could tell she was close to another orgasm. He continued his steady pace as he felt the smooth, velvety walls of Reb's pussy contract. Ryan resisted the urge to wildly fuck her till they both came, but he wanted to savor this feeling of being inside her. "Oh Ryan," Reb moaned, practically screaming, "oh Ryan hunnie, yes...OH GOD!!!" Reb stopped pushing back against Ryan as she came. Ryan continued to slowly fuck Reb until he felt her legs start to shake.

Ryan managed to get his arms around Reb's abdomen just as her legs gave out. "I got you," Ryan said as he stood there, his cock buried deep inside her with his arms around her. Reb was still groaning and moaning, her head hanging down and her body limp. She felt her legs giving out but was lost in a blissful haze from the pleasure emanating from her pussy.

Ryan was scared that something was wrong and the panicky sound in his voice as he repeated her name pushed the haze away. "Yeah hun," Reb finally responded, "I'm alright. Thanks for catching me." The strength was returning to her legs and the feel of Ryan's cock filling her was driving her crazy. "Don't stop fucking me Ryan!!" He held on to her as he began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her.

The strength in Reb's legs returned quickly and she was able to stand without Ryan's help. As he started to fall into the rhythm he previously set he knew he wouldn't last much longer. Reb's pussy was now squeezing his cock tightly as he plunged deep and pulled out. Reb began to push back against his invading cock so Ryan let go and slid a hand down her soft skin. His hand passed over the wet fur that was matted to her skin and found her engorged clit.

Reb moaned louder as Ryan ran his fingers in circles around her wet nub. It was soft and slippery and sensitive. He continued to rub as he began to fuck her pussy faster. "MMMM, God baby yes, fuck me hard Ryan," Reb moaned, "fuck me hard and fill me again!"

Ryan was doing just that as he began to pound her wet pussy over and over. "Oh Reb...Reb!" He kept repeating her name as he fucked her wildly. He was trying to hold on long enough so they could come at the same time.

"OH FUCK RYAN," screamed Reb, "I'M CUMMING BABY!!"

"YES REB," Ryan screamed back, "ME TOO!!" They both grunted as Ryan slammed his cock deep inside Reb one last time. They both froze as Ryan squirted the last of his cum deep. Reb's pussy contracted around Ryan's cock and milked the last drops as they wallowed in the pleasure of each other's body.

Even after their orgasms subsided they stood motionless till they could both find the strength to move. Both where totally spent from their day of sexual release. Neither bothered trying to stand long enough to wash again. They both let the water run down the bodies as they embraced for one last deep, passionate kiss.

Reb turned off the shower and they both stepped out of the tub. Ryan handed her a towel and they both dried off and dressed quickly. Reb yawned, "I'm going to need a nap when I get home, stud. You wore me OUT!"

Reb smiled at Ryan and Ryan smiled back. "I'm going to need one too!"

Once dressed, Reb went to the bedroom, changed the sheets quick and made the bed. She didn't want her friend to return to cum stained sheets. Of course, she'd tell her friend what happened. Reb knew her friend would keep the secret. Her friend told Reb before she left that if Reb could find someone to give her a good fuck and needed a place, Reb was supposed to bring him here and fuck his brains out.

After everything was cleaned up, Reb and Ryan quickly left the apartment and returned to Reb's SUV. On the way back to work, Reb told Ryan she was very satisfied but she was a little sore from their shower fuck. "Sorry," Ryan said.

Reb laughed, "Please don't be. It's nice for an old lady like me to be wanted, desired and fucked like that." Reb pulled up to Ryan's truck. She grabbed him before he could get out and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. "As much as I loved this, we can't do it again. And we have to be cool here at work, can't say anything about it."

"I know," said Ryan, "my lips are sealed." Ryan got out of her SUV, into his truck and they headed to their separate homes. Damn, Ryan thought to himself as he drove home, I'm beginning to really like working overtime!!

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