tagLesbian SexTaking Carrie's Soul Ch. 02

Taking Carrie's Soul Ch. 02


It's been a couple of years now since I completed the ritual and claimed Carrie's soul. She has turned out to be a real asset to my now growing list of women that perform for me.

I could never replace her like I once thought I could, her being my first soul possession and by far my favorite. I guess she was the most pure and most challenging. I can still see those once innocent and trusting eyes, the way she lovingly gave herself to what she thought was a real true love affair.

I've used her body for groups of foreign dignitaries, collage frat parties and probably the most enduring memory of all was, the time I took her to Africa on a hunting trip with my friends and filmed her with a group of native tribesmen. They paid me a large amount of money to allow her to be impregnated and later, allow them to film the child birth. When the ten and a half pound African male passed through her once small petite body I knew she was no longer going to be good for what I wanted her for so, I had to think of new ways to use her for a different type of pleasure.

After her divorce she lost contact with her children and ex-husband. They were all allowed to see the video I made for them with Carrie having sex with so many men and performing sex acts they couldn't even imagine. They proclaimed they never wanted to see her again. This worked out great for me as I set my sights on my next soul possession.

Who better than Carrie's new daughter in-law Stephanie, a real cute little blond with a killer body that her son had just married. She was the closes thing to another young Carrie available. Stephanie was even more naive than Carrie was at that age. Soon after her marriage to Carrie's son he joined the Army, making her even more susceptible to my powers of soul possession.

I slowly began treating Stephanie as my only lover, she was so tight and firm, I couldn't wait to share her with my friends. She would cry for her husband and make me promise to never let him know what she had become. One night after sharing her with several of my friends she began to cry and tell me this sad ass story that her husband had told her. It started off about how his mother was once a great mom and that she got mixed up with some bad people and turned into a common whore. He told her all about the video he had to sit and watch with her being passed from one man to another. I knew the time was getting right to secretly introduce her to Carrie.

Carrie had no idea who Stephanie was and had never really gotten into homosexual relationships. She was far better with men but that was about to change.

Soon, Stephanie walked naked into the room where Carrie and I were laying. Carrie made the commit, "Oh my God, what a beautiful woman"; I would have given anything to have ever had a body like that. I looked her in the eyes and said, "well honey, you do now, she all yours"!

Carrie said, "That's not what I meant", little did she know, that's what I meant and was determined make sure her and Stephanie became lovers.

Stephanie had never been with another woman, so I asked her to just lie down and enjoy the loving caress of Carries kisses. Carrie looked at me and said, "Something about this just doesn't feel right, do I have to"?

Oh, I couldn't wait to watch as Carrie began to introduce Stephanie to a whole new world of sex that she would never forget. An act that once she found out the truth, about who it was she was making love to, would without a doubt be the final blow that would crush her soul.

Carrie slowly began kissing Stephanie and caressing her firm breast. As she began taking her large nipples into her mouth Stephanie would relax and cry in a soft voice, "Only my husband has ever made me feel this way". I thought I would shit when I heard that. If she only knew the relationship and that it was her mother-in-law that was bringing her this newfound pleasure.

Soon, Carries was nestled down between Stephanie's firm tan legs and began kissing and caressing her still young, tight vagina. Carrie stopped and looked at me once again with that innocent, heartbroken look as if to say, must I. With a nod I signaled to proceed, I couldn't wait any longer. If she didn't hurry up I would have to do it myself. I was getting turned on and as I thought of the day when I would revealed the truth to these two ladies I almost got off right then.

Once Carrie began, Stephanie broke into tears and then just let go. She started grabbing Carrie by the hair and shoved herself onto Carries probing tongue. She soon fell back onto the bed and just quivered all over. Carrie looked at me with Stephanie's cum all over her face and said, "Oh my God, I think I'm in love with a woman for the very first time"!

I couldn't stand it, I pushed Carrie aside and made her watch as I forced my hard penis into Stephanie's hot dripping pussy. Stephanie just spread her legs even farther apart and accepted the fucking I was giving her. I could tell her mind was still on Carrie's tongue and her first experience with another woman. Once I filled her with a huge load of cum, I told Carrie to clean her up. I grabbed the camera and filmed Carrie's probing tongue as she licked Stephanie dry. It was an amazing sight as the two of them crawled under the sheets and held each other tight the rest of the night.

After a couple of months, the two ladies were un-separable and began to truly fall in love. I would join them from time to time, not because they wanted me, but because I owned both their souls. Then one night, Carrie asked me what it would take to buy hers and Stephanie's souls. He said they were in love and that Stephanie was going to file for a divorce so they could be together forever.

I almost shit my pants, it was time to deliver the final blow to Carrie, the one that would crush her soul and break her strong will to live. I told her that Stephanie wouldn't have a problem getting a divorce, soon as her husband gets a copy of the videos of her making love to his mother!

Carrie called me a liar, shouting that not even I could be that cruel until I called Stephanie into the room and started demanding she tell Carrie all about her husband, his fathers name, where he grew up and finally his mother's name. The look on their faces when they looked at each other in surprise as Stephanie slowly muttered, Carrie!

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