tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 06

Taking the Risk Ch. 06


This is a slow, romantic build to eventual hot sex in later chapters, between two lovers who find each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and give feedback as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Standing at the top of Box Hill, the cold night surrounding them, stars glinting in the dark sky, Misha held Froo into the crook of his body, his legs splayed out as he leaned against the stone wall of the little outlook platform at the top of the hill.

Spread out in front of them the lights from the town of Dorking glittered as well as the small little villages disappearing into the distance.

Puffs of mist escaped their mouths as they breathed, and Froo lent her head back against Misha's chest, looking up at the clear night sky.

"Tell me about Los Angeles, what was it like to grow up there?"

"It was fun, my family is enormous and most of my cousins lived down the road, or not far away, so I had lots of fun. We all liked to swim and surf and pretty much grew up as a pack, along with my best friends Robin and John."

Settling his cheek against her head, he carried on,

"We lived outside of the main centre of LA in Glendale, middle class in a mixed neighbourhood, went to school locally, until I went to UCLA and shared with Robin and John a tiny place in Westwood, where we pretty much drunk and partied for most our college years. Dad worked hard all his life as an accountant, and mum taught music. My uncles and my dad were into sport and family dinners at weekends were at each others homes, where we had big major baseball games in the backyard that always ended with lots of laughs and tears, and whenever I was in a swim meet half the audience was made up of my family."

"Sounds fun."

"Yeah it was, but also sometimes constricting and claustrophobic. Everyone knew everything about everyone, and everyone had an opinion. When I had my accident and woke up in the hospital my Uncle Sasha was telling the Doctor what to do with my legs, and my Aunt was trying to set a nurse up on a date with my eldest cousin Andrei."

Froo giggled, "Not with you then?"

"No, not with me, they couldn't have found me under all the bandages. What about you? What was your child hood like?"

"Very middle class, but not like yours. I have an older sister and a younger brother, we lived in Epsom, and I loved horses. I worked down the local stables mucking out in exchange for rides, I did OK at school, but not great, and went on to college to do my 'A' levels so I could go to Uni to learn to teach, but then I met Gary and ended up working at the department store. My parents were lovely, and we had a great childhood, with holidays down in Devon and Cornwall, or in Bournemouth. It always seemed to be raining, and I learnt how to swim by my dad in the indoor swimming pool of a hotel down there. It's also where I learnt to dance in the little night club that the hotel had."

"You like to dance?"

"Yes, do you?" and twisted her head back to look up at Misha.

"Well now it depends if what you describe me as doing on a dance floor as dancing. Actually I look like a reject from a string puppet show. My arms and legs are everywhere, very inelegant and slightly embarrassing for whomever I'm dancing with."

"Really, you mean to tell me you're not perfect!"

"No Froo I'm not perfect." Kissing the top of her head, he told her, "actually you talk about your body and what you imagine is wrong with it, I have some bad scars on mine, and the one thing I've learnt is they're part of me and my life, and to get over them."

Froo turned around in his arms, a serious look on her face. "From your accident?"

"Yeah, from the accident."

"I thought you were joking when you said you were like the man in the cartoon, bandaged from head to foot."

"Nope, I really was like that. In traction, both legs broken, one ripped open ankle to thigh, broken arm, ribs. Cuts over my body from broken glass, and my face looked like a football that had been kicked."

Giving him a big hug, Froo murmured, "I'm so sorry, it must have been horrible."

"Well I've had better times in my life than the accident, but as I said, it ended up a blessing in disguise, apart from the scars, which are part of me now."

Bending down, mouth slightly apart, he placed his lips against hers, sliding his arms tighter around her body as it leaned up against his, nestled between his thighs, the quiet night at the top of the hill surrounding them.

The kiss deepened and Froo felt his hand move up to hold her head steady, his fingers threading through her hair, a small noise escaped her throat as his tongue danced with hers.

Slowly their lips broke apart, and Misha kissed the end of her nose.

"Can I see you tomorrow? Maybe we could go to the movies?"

"Yes, I'd like that." and she lifted her face up for another kiss.


Sitting astride the weight bench in his spare bedroom, his feet hooked behind the bars, pushing up against the weight, Misha worked his legs. Looking down at his right leg and the scar that ran along its length, he watched as the muscles in his thigh moved, gliding under the marked skin.

Remembering the phone conversation this morning when Robin had asked him how everything was going with the new romance, and when was he going to bring her over for everyone to meet.

"We're going to see that Tom Cruise film tonight, and I'm going to approach the idea of her coming to the crowd gathering on Sunday for lunch. But don't hold out much hope, she really is a little skittish, and it might take a little while to get her to meet up with you idiots. You can be a little overwhelming."

"You always did have a soft spot for rescuing injured animals."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you are a sucker for a damsel in distress Misha, always wanting to be the one on the white horse to the rescue."

"That's crap Rob."

"Is it? What about Suzanne? What about that other one, what's her name, you know the one that was the out of work actress that was between jobs, home and brains?"

"You mean Clare, she was really fun, a little crazy, but great fun. I never knew which of her many character roles I was coming home to for the couple of months she camped out at my place."

"Yeah, but remember the mess she made to your place as well, it's just as well she got a job at that repertory theatre up north or she would still be living at your place, piles of open boxes in every corner."

"I have very fond memories of Clare, she was into Yoga, and watching her do it gave me some very imaginative and interesting ideas for in the bedroom, thank you very much. Expanded my repertoire no end!"

"And this single mum, she expanding your repertoire Misha?"

In a hard voice that brooked no argument or discussion, "Rob, any talk about her like that is out of bounds, even with you."

"Oh it is serious then? Well let me know if I need to book two more places for tomorrow at the restaurant, and I promise if she comes, to go gentle on her."


Froo sat next to Misha, the action on the screen tense, Tom Cruise trying to look like a German, his patch giving him a slightly sinister appearance. Her hand clasped in Misha's, she glanced towards him as he watched the film, a grin on his face, dimples pronounced in his cheeks as he sat totally engrossed in the plot unfolding before him.

Her attention was brought back to the action happening up in front of her, as she watched an actor yell and run, total anarchy erupting up on the screen, then she let her mind wander again to the real life man sitting beside her.

She felt so comfortable with him now, his gentleness and kindness towards her had allowed her to trust him and start to really relax in his company, and his passionate kisses had ignited something inside of her that had been missing for so long.

For so long her life had been lived on the edge, never sure of Gary's moods and how he would treat her. Scared of him, but unsure what to do, she had put up with the abuse, both physical and verbal until she saw how it was going to effect her son, and then she took action, but even now she had to deal with her ex husband alone, his wicked tongue stripping away her hard won composure.

But yesterday, for the first time, with Misha next to her she felt stronger, easier to deal with the hand over, protected without it being obvious.

Maybe this was the turning point she had dreamed of. A new life, with a new strength, and with someone who seemed to care.

Turning her head slightly to her left, she watched Misha as he focused on the story playing out up on the screen, with its horror of retribution.

She also knew that he wanted to make love to her, and she was so worried about it, of disappointing him, being found wanting

Ashamed of her body, she looked down at herself. Full breasts that had breast fed her child and no longer were as firm and as high as they used to be. Her belly was a little round with silver stretch marks marring her skin, and she didn't think she had the ability to satisfy him, hating to see the disappointment in his face, like she would see in Gary's. Unable to reach orgasm when he made love to her, her ex husband would ridicule her, telling her she was not a complete woman, and in the last year of their marriage had hardly touched her, preferring other women.

Looking back up at the screen and the movie, she watched with unseeing eyes as the movie finished, wishing she could be the woman she thought Misha would want, and not the scared little mouse she really felt inside.

During the drive back home, Misha asked her opinion of the movie, and truthfully she said, "I think he is a very good actor, very intense and focused and I always like Brian Singers direction. But something didn't quiet gel with me, and I'm not quite sure what."

"Yeah I agree, maybe it's because you always can see its Tom Cruise, even with an eye patch, and maybe it's because you know the outcome so it doesn't come as a complete shock. What's your favourite modern film?"

"If you mean modern as in last ten to fifteen years I love 'Usual Suspects' another Brian Singer film, and 'Phone Booth' both modern film Noirs."

During the rest of the ride they discussed the merits of various movies, until they arrived at her place, Misha turned around to face her, "Froo, I really enjoyed myself tonight, watching the film with you and talking in the car, Would it be OK if I come up for a coffee and a kiss to round off the night.?"

Her face serious, Froo answered, "Only if you behave."

"But of course, would I do anything else?"

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