tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 09

Taking the Risk Ch. 09


This is a slow, romantic build to eventual hot sex in later chapters, between two lovers who find each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please feedback as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


The week had gone by in such a blur, each night Misha had come round, either taking her and Jace out for supper, or coming over to eat, with her cooking. Every night he would play with Jace as she either got the meal or herself ready, before settling down to eat or leave for the burger restaurant.

Each night after Jace had gone to bed they would cuddle up on the couch, kissing and touching each other, but never going further than she would allow him to go.

In reality she wanted to go further, she wanted to make love with him, but she was so shy about him seeing her naked and disappointing him. He was so gorgeous and she would stand in front of the mirror in her bedroom and look at herself with a critical eye.

Her full breasts, having breast fed her son as a baby were no longer firm, her tummy no longer flat, but with a small round softness, small stretch marks on her belly, breasts and thighs. The handful of pounds she had put on with the pregnancy had not completely been lost, and standing sideways in front of the mirror she looked at herself, seeing herself as she thought Misha would see her, like her ex husband had seen her, and found herself lacking.

She so enjoyed Misha's company, and loved how he made her laugh, his dry sense of humour matching hers. They had sat, her on his lap, between kisses, each night talking about themselves, finding out more about each other, finding out their views on life, sometimes agreeing, sometimes not.

He made her feel relaxed and safe, never critical, even when she burnt the potatoes one night, telling her that he loved very crispy, crunchy roast potatoes, and laughing told her that he needed a visit to the dentist anyway.

Last night he had told her more about his past, how he had gone a little crazy after he and Suzanne had broken up, getting drunk too often, going out clubbing with abandon, and being careless until his friends had taken him away for a week to a rented house in Windermere overlooking the lake, and told him a few home truths. Realising he was being self pitying he had come back to London and thrown himself into work and his business, enjoying himself, but now in moderation.

Froo had told him about how she had lost herself in her marriage, never feeling as if she had grown as a person, always feeling slightly self conscious when with other people. How she wished she had followed her dream of teaching, but didn't regret having her son, just wished she could have done both.

On Saturday night she had been invited to some friends for supper, and she had shyly asked if he would like to come with to meet her friends, expecting him to say no. But he had told her he was looking forward to the evening and that on Sunday they could pick up Jace and join his friends for another Sunday lunch, this time at a Chinese restaurant in China Town.

Her life seemed so much more joyful and rounded now, no longer sitting at home alone, each day she looked forward to the evening and her time with Misha, his deep and passionate kisses, his hard body pressing down against hers on the couch, his hands stroking her skin, his hot mouth at her breasts. Every day she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused, walking around all day, a part of her feeling unfulfilled, needing him inside her, but scared of disappointing him.

Tonight they were dropping off Jace at Gary's and then going out to a local bar with some of Misha's friends where a local Blues Group where playing. Life had definitely become more interesting since two weeks ago and the night of the blind date.


Laughing at the comment Misha had just made about the lead singer in the band they had listened to at the bar, Froo unlocked her door, slightly giggly from the wine she had drunk. His hands on her shoulders, he stood close behind her, tall and sheltering.

Moving into the hallway through the door, she asked, "Want a coffee before you go home?" only to turn around and stare up at him, the look of undisguised passion in his face, as he stood there still and waiting.



The kiss when it happened was so beautiful it promised so much, lips nibbled and slid as tongues swirled, hands grabbed at each other, his in her hair, and around her back, hers holding on to his shoulders, bodies straining and rubbing against each other, needing so much more.

"Where's your bedroom?" his voice deep and rough with need, his eyes bored into hers as the kiss finished, mouths parting, lips wet and shining.

"Down here." and taking his hand she led him to her bedroom, her heart beating hard in her chest, scared of what was to come, but needing to have him inside her, to feel him surround her, to feel loved and complete.

If just this once.

Misha followed, his eyes never leaving Froo, the tightness in his jeans where his cock throbbed with his need growing, his body tight with anticipation.

Standing facing each other in the moon lit room, the hallway light falling across the double bed behind them, the silence broken only by their deep breathing, Misha slipped her jacket from her shoulders, letting the dark grey woollen covering fall un-noticed to the floor, before shrugging off his leather jacket.

"I'm so scared I'll disappoint you.................."

"You could never disappoint me Froo, let me love you. Let me show you how good you really are." he started to unbutton the black cardigan she wore, button by button, until it opened to reveal the plain black bra encasing her plump soft breasts. Smoothing his hands under the sides of the cardigan he slid the soft fluffy top off her body to join the jackets in a pool of material on the floor at their feet.

Taking hold of the bottom of his light blue cashmere sweater, he pulled it up and over his head, revealing to the woman standing quietly, scared but fascinated, his well defined chest and long muscled torso. The skin so warm and inviting, swirls of dark black hair travelled down, narrowing as it ran from chest to navel, and then beyond, the rest of the trail hidden by the waistband of his jeans.

Tentatively raising a hand up she lightly touched his chest, her hand stroking across the inviting flesh and wiry hair, eliciting a groan from him, his eyes closing as he absorbed her touch upon his hot body. Opening them again he bent down, kissing her sweetly, and then sat down on the end of the bed to remove his boots.

Froo stood there watching him, unsure what to do next, only to see him lift up his open hand to her, after he had removed both boots and socks, in a silent gesture for her to join and stand in front of him.

"Froo, I want to show you something. I told you I have scars, and that I'm not ashamed of them. They're part of me, just as my hair, eyes, or mouth is. Just as your body and what life has given you, is part of you."

Slowly he turned his back towards her, sliding sideways on the edge of the bed, as she looked down at the long tapered length of his back. Nestled between his shoulder blades an L shaped silver scar marred the smooth skin and further down to the right of his back another silver scar ran, two or three inches long, pointing from the right towards the indent of his spine.

Turning back to her he looked up at her face, smiling gently, "Those are the pretty ones." and moving his fingers to the fastening of his jeans he undid them, then lifting up his hips, slid off the faded blue denim from his legs to join the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

Froo gasped as she saw the livid scar running up his right leg from ankle to mid thigh, jagged and in places slightly dark and puckered it marred his otherwise perfect limb, the dark hair sprinkled on his leg not hiding the results of his youthful accident.

"See baby, I'm not perfect. No one is. Let me love you."

Never taking her eyes from his, her hands shaking she undid the fastening of her own jeans, wriggling them down her hips, revealing her rounded hips and thighs, black lace knickers covering her light brown pubic hair and womanhood. Using her feet to push off the black pumps from her feet, she shucked the material and kicked it behind her, to stand timid and unsure, naked apart from her underwear, as Misha's eyes swept over her body, his eyes taking in every part of her that was revealed to him, a small smile on his lips.

"Oh Froo.......your so lush and sexy"

Bending forward, his arms snaking around her waist he pulled her towards him, to nestle between his spread out thighs, and bowing down he burrowed his head in her soft flesh, kissing the small stretch marks that ran down her belly, before his tongue plunged into her navel, swirling around it before he gently bit down on her skin.

Warmth spread down between her thighs to pool in her groin, as small butterflies started to flutter inside her behind the area where his clever mouth kissed and nibbled on her body. Her hands threaded into his hair, holding him to her, her head slightly back, her eyes closed; she revelled in the feel of his wet mouth as he worshipped at her, forgetting at that moment she had ever felt embarrassed at her body's appearance.

Feeling his hands at the clasp of her bra behind her back she raised her hands to hide herself demurely from his gaze, as the black lace cups slipped down, only to find his gaze now on her breasts, his hands gently moving hers away as the bra continued to slide down to her wrists, exposing her to his view.

"Don't hide yourself baby." he took the black lace and tossed it aside, taking hold of her wrists again and moving her arms out away from her body as he gazed at her full round breasts, the dark hard nipples surrounded by slightly crinkled large light pink circles.

"Perfect. Perfect and very, very inviting." He whispered just before he took one into his mouth, sucking it deep into the warmth where his tongue lathered it, making Froo go weak at the knees.

Holding onto his wide strong shoulders, she stood as he suckled, bit and licked at each nipple in turn, the blood rushing down to her sex, engorging it, moistness lubricating her, preparing her for what was next to come.

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