tagBDSMTaking What I Want

Taking What I Want


The traffic moved slowly just before noon in the center of the small town. I gazed at the old buildings reflecting the age of this city. The people refused to let go of its origin. Not being in a hurry, I took the opportunity to see all of the sites, including the women who shuffled along the sidewalks both going to lunch and returning to work. I suddenly caught a glimpse of a very shapely ass and gorgeous legs of a woman with very short dark hair. She wore her skirt at a rather short length to show off the shape of her thighs. As I gained ground on her, I noticed her smooth yet confident stride. This show of confidence intrigued me. I slowed to her pace as I pulled along side the section of the sidewalk she occupied. Her head turned slowly to look at my Porsche 911. The hum of the 3.6 turbo seemed to hypnotize her. The mirror like shine of the black paint caused her to tilt her head to prevent the sun's reflection from blinding her. As her pace slowed, so did I. I pulled to the curve and leaned to the passenger side.

"Would you like a ride? I would be happy to take you to wherever you are going."

Hesitating, she looked around as if I were speaking to someone else. When she realized it was her, she said, "Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to get back to work faster." Little did she know she was taking a step to changing the rest of her life.

Once she slid slowly onto the soft leather seat, the beautiful stranger attempted to straighten her skirt. The feel of the seat engulfing her firm ass seemed to be a very good start as she slowly worked her way into a comfortable position. I watched her for a moment. She looked sheepishly my way. I turned to face the road and merged back into the streaming traffic.

"What's your name?"

"Uh, Gloria. This is a very nice car you have, Sir." The use of the word sir caught my ear. I smiled to myself as I slowly moved forward.

"Just for the fun of it, would you like to see what it can really do?"

"I really should be getting back to work."

"Are you sure they won't miss you for just a little while?" I said in a low tone.

"Well, I guess a little while wouldn't hurt."

I looked over to see her hands caressing the soft leather as if she were tending to a lovers touch. I took the first turn to get out of the slow moving vehicles and head to open highway. I shifted from second to third and pressed the accelerator enough to pin her to the back of the seat. I heard a soft coo escape her lips. The thrill of speed seemed to please her senses. I made my way to an old bypass around the southern part of town. I looked sown to see the needle of the speedometer pass 125. Looking straight ahead, I said, "Gloria, remove your bra and set it on my lap."


"You heard me, take it off and put it on my lap, and speak to me as you did before. Listen to every word I say and do so without question."

"I really need to get back to work. This is fun, but I have to get back now. Please."

I slid my right hand behind her head and locked them in her hair. Pressing the accelerator slowly lower, the sleek Porsche sped up to 135. With a very stern voice, I said, "I didn't ask you if you wanted to. I said do it now. Understand I do not take disobedience well."

"Yes, Sir", her voice cracked as her hands moved under her tight knit top. I felt her gently lay the garment on my lap. Now I looked over to see her breasts straining against the material with her nipples slowly growing erect.

"Very good. You have beautiful breasts. Make your nipples stand out so I can see them better. I want to see the outline of your body through your top."

Gloria slid her trembling hands under her knit top and slowly circles her hardening nipples. The suspension on my Porsche made it feel as if we were riding on air. I could tell from her slight moans that she was beginning to enjoy the feel of her fingers a little.

"Do you know what a Master is?"

"I have read some on the subject. Sir. I know some can be good and some can be very dangerous."

"Do you think I am dangerous?"

Gloria hesitated with her answer. "I am not sure. You scare me. I just want to get back to work." "Sir", she remembered.

"I am your Master now, Gloria. You will address me in this manner. I will take care of you, but you must obey and respect me. You must earn a trust from me. You will be mine. You will serve me for my pleasure. In serving me, you will find pleasure in me. Do you understand?"

I released her hair and began slowing the Porsche toward an exit for an old picnic area. "Do you understand me, Gloria?"

"Please don't hurt me. I just want to get back to work, Sir. I won't say anything to –"

"You will do just what I want you to do. You will NOT keep telling me what you want. I think you need to learn just what it means to disrespect your Master. And just in case you get a bright idea, it is miles to anyone that you can plead a lame case to."

As I parked the car beside a grassy lot leading to a shelter, I turned the engine off and turned to Gloria. Her instinct was to retract her arms in a defensive manner. I grabbed her hands, pulled them above her head and over the headrest, wrapped the seatbelt around them tightly to prevent her from moving from the seat. Gloria's eyes were wide and wild. I slid out of the driver's side and walked to the passenger door. Opening the glove compartment, I pulled out 4 suit ties. I wrapped one tie around her wrists to so I could free her from the seatbelt. Once I had the tie securely in place and her arms back in front of her, I pulled Gloria from the passenger seat of my Porsche.

"Now you will remember this and thank me later for opening your eyes to what I mean when I tell you something."

I walked Gloria to the shelter, feeling her resistance the entire way. Once under the shelter, I pushed her hands over her head and tied them to a support pole of the shelter roof. I faced Gloria. Leaning close to her ear, I whispered that she would appreciate what she was about to experience from her Master.

As I spoke, I slid my hands under her top just above her waist. Her breathing came quick from the fear, uncertainty, and any possible excitement she began to feel. As I reached her nipples and pinched them between my fingers and thumbs, her eyes closed and Gloria bit her lip. I pulled long and twisted. Once I managed a response from her in pain, I released her nipples. My hands slid slowly down her body to the waist of her skirt. Finding the button, I unfastened it and let her short skirt drop to the ground. I back up a step and looked at her black bikini panties. They were lace. I admired her sexy look for a moment. When my eyes met hers, she was searching mine for what I may do next.

"Never, and I mean never look me in the eye unless I request you to do so."

With this, her eyes closed. I could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"Gloria, I do this for your own good. You will feel the pain of my punishment, but you will also feel the pleasure of my touch. You must learn the difference between the two. You must."

Easily overpowering her, I loosened her hands enough to turn her around and face the pole. I retightened the tie. Her cheek pressed against the metal pole. I wrapped my hands around her waist to pull her ass out toward me. I put my right foot between her feet and told her to spread them. Now in a beautiful position of her firm, tight ass jutting to me in the sexy black lace panties, I had her ready. I traced the edge of her panties with my fingers, slowly along her taut ass cheeks. I grazed the tips of my fingers along her creamy, soft skin. Slowly trailing down, I let my fingers slip between her legs, teasing her sensitive skin just between her thigh and pussy lips. I softly and gently teased and stimulated her senses until her ass began to gently sway back and forth. I watched with a smile as she pushed her ass back seeking more attention. Pulling my fingers away, I opened my palm and sharply slapped her ass cheeks. Gloria jumped as I brought her quickly out of her hypnotic state. Again I struck her tender flesh. I hooked my fingers in the waist of her panties and pulled them over her hips and down her thighs. Gloria moved back and forth trying to restrict my attempt to remove them. I gripped her leg and raised her foot enough to get them off one leg. Now bare to me, I again began to massage and stroke her reddening ass cheeks.

My middle finger slipped between her cheeks as I massaged her tight ass. Pressing gently against her tight muscles, Gloria said, "please, don't. I have never been touched there. I can't do that, please."

"What did I say to call me? How did I tell you to address me?"

"Please, Sir, don't hurt me. If you are a good Master, please don't hurt me."

"That's better. But you do know what punishment is?"

Gloria shook her head yes, beginning to sob.

"Then you understand why I must. I told you that you are for my pleasure and in doing so, you will receive pleasure." As I spoke to her, I massaged my finger directly onto her tight ass. I slid a finger from my left hand to her pussy lips. Sliding it between her lips, I pulled the wetness to her ass for lubrication. I continued working each finger into each hole. I pressed the tip of my finger into her ass and held it there, feeling her muscles contract as her body tried to reject the intruder. As her muscles relaxed, I pushed deeper, hesitating for a short time for her to relax and then proceeding to open her virgin hole.

I unzipped my slacks and pull out my hard cock. Stroking it with my left hand, I rubbed the head between her cheeks.

"Do not say a word. You know this is coming and you will make me mad to speak against me now."

I used my saliva to lubricate the head of my cock. I positioned it against her tight hole. Feeling the resistance, I pressed forward with my hips to slowly slip the head into her hot, tight ass. I stopped once the head broke through her tight opening. I locked my fingers in her hair and forced her head to the side. I bit into her neck and held my teeth there as I gently worked my hips to move deeper into her virgin ass. Reaching around her waist, I let my fingers slip between her lips to slowly massage her hard clit. I maintained a steady rhythm between my fingers and cock to work deeper and keep her excitement building. I bit hard into her neck as I pushed hard, sending my cock deep into her. Gloria let out a scream as I began to push hard and deep into her tight ass. I pinched and pulled at her sensitive clit.

"Tell me you are mine. Now, tell me."

"Oooooohhhh, I am yours, anything, ohhhhhhhhhh please…… don't hurt me."

Gloria's voice had changed from a full of fear to a pleading "stop but don't stop" tone. The more she screamed, the harder I pounded her tight ass. My fingers were growing wet with her juices now running from her hungry cunt. I realized she was close to orgasm from her trembling and the way she pushed her ass back to me. I pulled my cock from her ass and stood behind her. She seemed almost as surprised that I vacated her tight hole as she did when I forced into her.

"I think you are liking this just a little too much for punishment. You will not feel the pleasure of your release just yet. I think you need to learn more respect before you reap the fruits of my pleasure." Gripping her hair in my fingers and pulling her head back to look in her eyes, I whispered, "now what can I do to bring light to this so you won't forget again? Just what would do the trick?"

Gloria's breathing was short and her eyes once again became filled with that uncertain / fear look. I released her hair and walked to my Porsche. Pushing a button in the glove compartment, the trunk slowly opened. I reached in to retrieve a board about three feet long, five inches wide, and ¾" thick. On one side of the make shift paddle I had cut grooves in the hard wood about 1/8" deep. The grooves were cut close together in a wavy formation. The reverse side was covered with a very soft, thick fur. I walked back to my beauty and laid the fur against her ass cheeks. In a circling motion, I rubbed the soft fur all over her pink ass cheeks.

"Do you feel this, my sweet? Nice and soft, tender, caressing. This, my pet, is my pleasure to you for being good and obeying." Turning the paddle over and quickly reaching back to land a solid blow to her soft ass cheeks, I leaned close and whispered, " and this is my wrath for disobedience for not behaving like a good girl. I can give you what ever you force me to. It is your choice to make by your actions. As for right now, I feel you deserve this."

SMACK!! Another stinging, burning blow to her ass cheeks released a scream from Gloria. Reaching back I landed another. And another. After five sharp, stinging blows, I gripped her hair and pulled her head back to see the tears streaming down her cheeks.

"What is your choice, my sweet? Do you want my tender, soft side or shall I continue to show you my corrective, harsh side?"

"Please, Sir, I will do what ever is asked of me. I want you, Master. Show me how to serve you," she said with her voice quivering with sobs.

I set the paddle on the picnic table, turned back to my prize, and rubbed her beet red ass cheeks. I slid my hands between her thighs and slowly pulled them up into her crotch. With my fingers, I massaged her wet pussy lips, finding her clit and once again giving it slow, steady attention. Gloria's moans started low and weak. I gripped my hard cock and rubbed the head between her lips to wet the head. I looked down to see the round head slip up and down between her lips. Gloria arched her back and jutted her ass out to give me full access. I positioned my cock between her lips at her sweet hole. Pushing forward with my hips, I felt her heat engulf me. Slowly I moved my cock in and out, going deeper with each stroke. I pulled her head back to kiss her neck and lick her soft skin. My cock throbbing deep in her cunt, I rotated my hips to give her the feel of the entire length. In and out, slowly gaining speed with my rhythm. The wet sounds of her lips sucking at my cock growing louder with my increasing speed. Gloria opened her mouth and licked her lips as she fell into the pleasure of me taking her. Gasping with each thrust, she now pushed back harder to meet my cock. I felt my balls swelling, tightening with my own passion. I rubbed her clit, circling it. I felt the beginning signs of her orgasm with the contractions of her muscles around my thick cock.

"That's my girl, get ready. Your master is going to fill you full. I want you to cum hard; let me feel the heat and wetness of your desire for me. Now, now, my pet let it go."

Gloria grunted and groaned as her orgasm reached its peak. As I felt her cunt grip my cock with her strong climax, I thrust harder and deeper. I gritted my teeth as I felt my sperm shoot deep within her hot, wet cunt. Wrapping my arm around her waist to hold myself in her until the last drops spent from my jerking cock, I whispered, "very good, pet. You will make a very good girl for me. You are now a changed woman."

Gloria never said a word on the drive back to town. The look in her eyes told me she had been broken. That was the first day of the rest of her new life.

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