tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTale of a Lost Bet Ch. 06

Tale of a Lost Bet Ch. 06


I have to tell you that it has been rather embarrassing and difficult for me to tell this story. It was an experiment in indulging the curiosity about wrestling another woman and went wildly awry. Given how many of you have asked, yes, it happened, and I do have to tell everything. With that said, here is the aftermath.

I crawled into the hotel room my breasts swinging and swaying back and forth as I progressed. In that position their full weight was even more evident than normal. I burned with shame. Worse still, I could not crawl smoothly across the carpet and every move was translated to jiggling motion in my chest and completely exposed bottom.

"Honey, you need to firm up a little there. No wonder I won so easily." Said Liz.

She walked around and stood in front of me, one hand on her hip. It was such a superior stance. I simply could not look up at her for long and kept my head down. "I mean really!"

She licked her lips and grinned. When she spoke it was in a modified baby talk like she was talking to her dog.

"All that jiggle...Oh honey!"

She stepped around me as if inspecting and paused behind me. "Maybe it just seems there is so much of you because, there is just...so...little hair."

She giggled. "Of course, what is there, is so... telling."

I hated her and there was nothing I could do but endure it. My pride wanted to fire back immediately and tell her where she could go, but the recent taste of what she was capable of making me do was a great deterrent. I held my tongue. The one thing I did not dare do was provoke this Latin monster.

"Now, I want you to turn toward Michael and give him a little waggle." Her voice was musical with delight.

I crawled around to face him, but only just got started when she stopped me with an outburst.

No, you ditz. Jesus, maybe you are a blond down deep despite that black muff."

She said the nest sentence viciously spacing the words.

"Turn your pussy toward Michael and give him a little waggle."

I blushed. Another deliberate accentuation of my very-waxed kitty and more. I moved around so that he had a completely open view of my most private area, and then after a preparatory breath, swiveled my hips.

I heard a chuckle and then her voice again saying, "Well, my little pet can really wag her tail."

From my vantage point I could just see my own boyfriend from the perspective of the beltline down. It was evident that my denigration was making him hard. I looked up at him. He was smiling and blushing at the same time. I knew what it was. He had only known me as the very together, socially dominant, established, respectable attorney. I am from an established and powerful family. I was the original princess on a pedestal as far as he had ever known. Now I was stark naked, out of control, and at the mercy of a disrespectful and dangerously imaginative woman. I wondered what impact the rest of this evening would have on our relationship. I did not have long to consider it.

She knelt down in front of me so that she could see my face, and realized I had looked at my boyfriend. From her squatting position she looked back over her shoulder at him and then back at me. There was a terrible light of inspiration on her face.

"You know, that little romp in the hallway was just a little, teeny, tiny sample of what you are going to do."

I think I may have actually looked away from her face at that. I know I blushed even more deeply. As a professional negotiator, I knew that I had betrayed a critical weakness in doing so, but she had touched upon my deepest fear and greatest potential for humiliation. She read it perfectly, and worse she was smarter than I had anticipated.

I looked back in time to see her look at her husband and smile and wink.

"I could be convinced to show you mercy. I could just let you get up so that your tits aren't hanging nearly to the carpet, and let you get up and put on something to cover up your own little liar's carpet down there, and you could go back to your superior little life and pretend none of this ever happened, but..."

She hesitated for effect.

"...that will all depend on how good a boyfriend you have there."

I looked up at her uncertain. I shot a glance at my boyfriend who seemed stunned as well. The answer came soon enough.

"Someone is going to have to be humiliated. Someone is going to have to learn the ultimate humility. Either it is going to continue to be you and your soon to be famous tits and waxed asshole and pussy, or...your boyfriend there can get down on his knees and blow Michael."

There it was. I was stunned. I looked at my boyfriend. The expression on his face was one of shock as well. What he did not know was that it was a bluff. That explained the wink, I had seen. It was a test. If he agreed to do it, she would be able to laugh at him and his sexuality would be questioned. If he refused then she would accuse him of contributing to my treatment, which I now realized, based on her thought processes, was going to be unrelenting and terrible.

John looked at her. His jaw dropped and he was clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed. Seconds passed and he did not say a thing.

"Well, big guy, what is your answer? You going to suck cock or is Miss Big Tits...Miss...Udders, going to have to do whatever I say in front of anybody?"

It was masterful, awful, but masterful. He looked at me apologetically and the down as he shook his head.

"Oh no, sugar. Not that easy. You have to say, Miss Udders has to do it."

He looked at me and without saying anything, his eyes spoke the apology.

"Miss Big...Miss Udders has to do it."

She grinned and stood up.

"Okay...well sweetie..." I heard her walk around behind me and rummage in a bag. "...stand up and face the window."

I climbed to my feet and turned. There before me was the city, I in many ways held some dominion over, at least professionally, spread out below me. The only difference was that I was stripped of both my power and clothing as I faced it. Liz walked around in front of me and smiled. Between her fingers she was twirling the ping pong paddle.

"This was not going to be used for ping-pong. I know you planned to use it on me in front of my husband and your boyfriend. Well, bitch, guess what?"

I almost gasped. Before I had time to say a thing, she gave an order.

"Okay, feet shoulder's width apart."

I accommodated her.

"Now, bend over and grab your ankles. And keep those knees perfectly straight."

Numbly I lowered the upper part of my body and reached down to grasp around my ankles.

"That's right," she said, "just like the view you gave those people in the hall."

It was all I could do to stifle the groan.

The gust of the air conditioner suddenly made me aware of how proffered my bare lips really were. Liz walked up behind me and I felt the rubbery surface of the paddle pressed firmly against my bottom. Liz rocked it and it pressed against my lips as well. It was disturbing and powerfully sexual.

"Now, you be a good girl and do exactly as I say, or it will go on and on. Understand?" she whispered.

I nodded that I did.

"Good, now seeing as how those tits of yours are so big. When I give you a swat, I want you to...moo."

I nearly stood up then and there. That was too much. I might have had to take her abuse, but I was not about to contribute to the degradation as if spontaneously.

"Please!" I said. "Don't make me do that."

"Oh yes." She hissed. "Every swat...you will give out a little moo, and who knows, I'll be looking back here. Maybe there will be a little cream?"

I hated her and was even more alarmed. I did not have a lot of time to consider the situation, however. The first swat landed and almost made me let go of my ankles and jump. It was not extraordinarily hard, but I am not used to abuse back there. In spite of myself, I heard my own voice producing the pathetic response."


A crescendo of laughter followed from the two of them. It was worse than I could have imagined. I braced myself as the next blow landed.


My bottom jiggled under the paddle, and Liz made a point of pointing that out

"Moo." I responded.





It went on for a full minute. I waited for the next to land only to be kept waiting. Then to my utter shock and horror, I felt her fingers slip along my lips. Se leaned down so that she was almost eye to eye with me. A crooked smile was across her face. She was rubbing her fingers against each other.

"Uh huh." was all she said.

She stood up and disappeared then. More rummaging came from behind me and then I heard the order. "Stand up, sugar."

I straightened and turned around. My backside was warm but not on fire and I really think that my face was far more reddened.

In one hand Liz was holding the wraparound skirt that I had brought in the bag. In the other she had a short sleeved white shirt that had a belly tie. The only problem was that it was obviously designed not to cover much of the belly. I also noticed that it only had one button above the tie. She tossed them across the room so that they landed at my feet.

"Time to get ready, Dear. We have so many adventures planned tonight and I think this will be all you will need to put on."

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