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Tales from the Inside

byBad Mischa Bad©

Dear Diary,

Prison isn't so bad, really. I've been here a month, and have taken to referring to my time here as time spent at the "Country Club", just like the other girls call it. And it really is quite nice. A gym to work out in, a TV lounge, pretty decent food, my own cell, and a library that's fully stocked with all the essentials like Cosmo and Vogue. I can almost forgive Matt for setting me up for money laundering. Obviously, the jury could see I had little to do it with it, hence why they sent me here. I'm sure if Matt hadn't fled the country, he would be in prison instead of me. Well, not at the Country Club, but you know, a man's prison with real criminals.

Everyone here is really nice, but it wasn't what I was expecting at all. They do things differently here, but I don't know if this is standard prison fare or just a holding center for misunderstood girls. For example, we don't wear normal prison outfits, just a tank top and short shorts. Some girls get rewarded for good behavior with nice lingerie that they wear around instead. Little lacy things that barely cover anything, but seeing as how we're in the desert, everyone tries to wear less. It's just more comfortable, really.

Also, we aren't allowed razors, so the guards have to shave us. And they shave us all over, Diary, even our pussies. It was weird at first, but you get over it pretty quick. They have a good system.

You go into the hospital wing, undress, and get into a chair that resembles one at the gynecologist's office. All of the guards have a very gentle touch, and sometimes, if they are real careful and go slow, I can feel myself getting wet. No one has mentioned it yet, so I don't think they've noticed, but what an experience! Your legs are held wide open by the straps in the leg part of the chair, fingers parting your folds, thick lotion spread over our mound. So hot! Can you blame me for being turned on??

We also aren't immediately trusted to shower ourselves, either. That comes later when you've proven you can follow orders, but I'm not complaining, since the guards take care of that, too.

I've even heard some rumors that the girls that are extremely obedient get fucked by the guards all night! Can you imagine? The guards around here are total eye candy, and wear uniforms that are fitted to their bodies, so fitted that it accentuates their bulges. Yum! I would love to get fucked by any one of them, have them shove their cocks into me. It's been months since I had sex, what with the arrest and trial and Mattie hopping a plane to Monaco and everything. What I wouldn't give...

Well, anyway, I must be doing something right, because I earned you, didn't I, Diary? Oops, I've got to scoot, they're doing inspections. I'll write more later, Diary.

Love, Britni


Diary, I've got news!

Earlier, during inspections, Chris, the guard, told me I was progressing nicely, and asked if I would like to move up! I asked what he meant, and he rubbed his crotch. I couldn't help but look, Diary, I'm so horny, and boy, was I amazed at the sight! There, in his pants, was the biggest bulge I have ever seen!

Remembering the rumors, I immediately said yes. Who wouldn't! And Chris nodded, said good, and left me with my new uniform. I'm wearing it right now, Diary. It's a soft blue lace lingerie set. The bra is sheer demi-cups, the kind that cuts across your boobs, exposing a ton of skin. You can see everything from the size and color of my nipples to their shape, but we're all girls here, so it doesn't matter. Plus, the door is solid with a barred window at the top and a flip down slot near the bottom, so no one needs to see me if I don't want them to.

The bottoms are those Brazilian shorts, the kind that cuts up on your ass so your cheeks hang out and ride low on your hips. You can see the little stick figure lawnmower guy I had tattooed right above my pussy, the one I got to piss off Daddy when I turned 18, they are that low. I don't mind, though, since my cell gets a lot of sun during the day. It's always hot in here, Diary, and these feel so good against my skin. Much better than that scratchy old cotton wife beater and gym shorts.

Then Chris said he'd be back later to see how far I wanted to go. I can't wait!

Love, Britni


Diary, Chris the guard came back the other night. I haven't been able to write about it because, well, you'll see.

So, Chris came back, right, to do the cell checks. When he came to my cell, he looked in, licked his lips as he saw me in the lingerie he left, then told me to remain standing, he'll be back as soon as he finished making the rounds.

He didn't keep me waiting long, and I was exactly in the same position as he last saw me. He stroked himself through his pants again, then had me face the wall, arms above my head, feet spread apart. I felt him kneel behind me, and I couldn't breathe. His hand caressed my pussy, stroking and petting it as he explained that this would only continue if I was a good girl during my stay. If, for whatever reason, I was bad or disobeyed an order, I would not receive any more treatments.

By this point, Diary, I was so wet. I could feel myself grow extremely warm and slick and it took all my focus to just stand there, rather than turn around and fuck him silly. This was the closest anyone or anything had been to my sweet clit besides my own hand that I wasn't going to fuck it up. Rather, I was going to do anything to get fucked.

Chris asked if I understood and I told him yes, sir, I did. If only Daddy could see me now; if he had used sex as an incentive, I probably would have been a much easier child!! Because right now, I knew I was a horny little bitch and would do whatever he asked to get what I wanted.

He told me to stay as quiet and as still as possible, then leaned forward, pushed aside the crotch of my panties and began to lick me. His tongue slid right in between my lips, into my hole just a little, over my clit, over and over. He traced a line along the outside, right where my leg meets my torso, on both sides, nibbling on my lips, his finger circling my clit. I was in heaven, Diary, but I knew it had been too long between fucks for me, so I wouldn't last long if he kept that up.

Chris seemed to understand that because right before I came all over his face, he leaned back and settled on the bed. He instructed me to turn around and kneel in front of him. If I sucked his cock satisfactorily, he'd let me cum as a reward. Well, let me tell you, Diary, I was on my knees, unzipping his pants quicker than you could blink, if you were a real person I mean.

I had his cock out in no time, and god, was it pretty. Fairly long, about 8 or so inches, thick, and so hard it didn't need help pointing at me. He wanted to feel me lick him all over first, so I eagerly obliged, letting my saliva pool on my tongue and running it all along his length, making sure to cover his balls and the head. I sucked on his sac lightly till he told me to fuck his dick with my mouth.

I was so happy at that moment, Diary, sliding his dick past my lips and deep into my mouth. I loved the feeling of his warm skin against my tongue, one hand pumping him as I sucked, then other playing with his balls. I felt him tremble, but I was having too much fun to have him cum yet, so I managed to hold him off so I could continue to suck on his lovely cock. All I could think of was that if his dick felt this good in my mouth, he would feel fantastic in my pussy!

Finally, Chris had enough of my teasing. I could tell he was so close, so I wasn't surprised when he picked me up, tugged off my clothing, such as it was, and tossed me on the bed. I thought I was about to enjoy one hell of an orgasm, so I didn't resist when he strapped me down to the bed with those plastic handcuffs. However, he didn't fuck me! He jerked himself off, spurting and directing his cum all over my tits and face. When he finished, he dressed, telling me that I was a horny bitch, as if I didn't know, and he wanted me to understand that he and the other guards were in charge. He wasn't ready to fuck me or let me cum yet, so he was going to leave me just like this overnight and think if I really had what he was looking for.

Well, let me tell you, Diary, that has never happened to me before!! I could only gape at him as he walked out and shut the door behind him. I was so stunned I didn't even curse him! He had me teetering on the brink of a major orgasm, and left me strapped to a bed. I couldn't even finish myself off, and my legs were too far apart to try rubbing together.

Needless to say, it was a wretched night! I couldn't cum, couldn't stop thinking about sex, so when Chris came back a few hours later, I wasn't sure what to think. He chuckled as he ran his fingers up my legs to very lightly stroke my pussy. He then began to tell me that he and the other guards would be testing me over the next couple days to see how well I could listen to instructions. I had already passed a preliminary test, apparently, because I didn't scream or curse at him last night when he left me tied up.

I couldn't form words, could barely nod at what he was saying, because all of my focus rested on the insistent throbbing between my legs. It was so bad, Diary, I did something I've never done before – I begged him. I begged him to fuck me, to let me cum, but he told me not yet.

Talk about agony!! I cried a little, but to no avail. He played with my nipples a little, each twist sending tiny shocks through my body, before leaving again. Hours went by before another guard came by. He introduced himself as Tony, and said he had a particular fetish I was going to help him with. He unzipped his pants, he had a smaller dick than Chris, then undid one ankle binding and lifted my foot. He rubbed my foot against his cock, pushing that cockhead all over. Against my arch, in between my big toe and second toe, over my heel. I had never done anything like this before, but it was an erotic sight and I felt the wetness drip down my slit. He came with a loud yell all over my foot, wiped his cock on my calf, and left.

This is what happened for god knows how long, Diary, I lost track of time. A couple times other guards came in and sponged me clean, then covered my body with a fine powder. So many guards came through, some inserting fingers in my ass, some playing with my pussy, some fucking my mouth or my tits. But never, never did they let me cum, but after a while, that was okay. I began to enjoy it all.

During this whole time, I hadn't seen Chris again. I hadn't bothered to pay much attention to names, as the guard after Tony told me to address him as 'sir' only; I had begun calling every guard 'sir' just to keep things simple. They didn't seem to mind.

At long last, Chris returned. Without saying a word, he untied my legs, pushed my legs up so my knees touched my breasts. Slowly, slowly he thrust myself into me, and I moaned. After only like three pumps, I felt the mind-blowing orgasm start with a tingling deep inside and speeding outwards. Every part of my body tingled and burned. My nipples were hard pebbles on my chest, my inner muscles clamping down on his hard shaft. It was incredible. Beyond incredible, Diary. I don't have words for it, so I'm not going to try to explain; anything I say would not adequately express that orgasm.

Afterwards, Chris lay on me, Diary, kissed me on the nose, and told me I was a very good girl, the best one in quite some time. He loosened my arms, rubbed my muscles, then guided me out of the cell and into the shower rooms. It was the middle of the night, so not too many people were awake. The few that did see me, though, I didn't care. It was hard enough trying to walk. Once in the bathroom area, I came across two other girls who looked like I felt. I could help but smile at them, and they at me. We were given fifteen minutes to shower by ourselves, so we cleaned and washed each other, whispering about our experiences so far and what could be up next.

I'm exhausted, Diary, from all of these exertions, and I have a feeling I need to save my energy for tonight, so I'm going to go nap. I'll keep you posted.

Love, Britni

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