tagGroup SexTales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 02

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 02


Something went wrong when I submitted an updated version of another story, and it was uploaded here. This is a revised version of the correct chapter 2.

I describe myself as a wannabe Dirty old man, not because I am one, but because as my best friend Karen keeps telling me, there is no higher accolade and so I should aim to be one.

This is the second chapter in this series. Please read the first chapter before this one.

Many thanks to Romantic1 for all his insight and help - any remaining mistakes are all mine.


The noise and commotion subsided, and Simone appeared in an amazing, small white bikini, which showed off her tanned skin to perfection. "Crewman Simone and her kitty reporting for duty," she announced "Are you trying to give me a heart attack," I asked. "I am an old man you know."

"Yes, a dirty old man... MY dirty old man and I love you. Do we have time to make love again before your guests arrive?"


The guests arrive:

We were still lying on the bed, clothes were strewn around us when I heard the taxi pull up outside. I quickly grabbed at my shorts and shirt and cursing softly to myself, went up on deck to greet my old friends. The first of many of Rosie M's paying passengers, not that I'd ever accept money from these friends. I had known Julia from my days as a student more than 30 years ago and Mike, her husband from when we all worked in Saudi in the 80's.

Julia is two years younger than me; I should know as I'd been to enough of her birthday parties. There was the one in Saudi where all the women had to wear just seven veils and remove one each hour... ah, but I digress.

She still is a beautiful woman; the attractive young girl now a mature, elegant beauty. Her hair is ash blond, and she's still as slim and leggy as I remembered. I'd known that body intimately, and she still stars in many of my fantasies. We have been friends and lovers for all those years.

We had learnt to dive together. Now there's a potent memory, diving naked and sex at thirty feet, surrounded by inquisitive tropical fish. Incidentally not as much fun as you'd think. I hadn't known that fish enjoy cum as much as us. Julia swore for years afterwards that she came a second time from the attention the fish were giving her pussy as they tried to eat the cum as it trailed from her pussy.

The four of us, Julia, Mike, Ros and myself had become the core of a group of friends. The group had stayed in a close relationship over the years. I had drifted away from the others after Ros's death, mainly because I had withdrawn into myself and the kids.

As I looked down at Julia standing on the riverfront, a happy smile plastered across her face, my cock gave a familiar twitch to remind me that my attraction to her still existed. The person beside her was her husband, Mike. At 52, he's a couple of years older than me, and he's worn his age well. He's an inch or so shorter than me. His hair has a bit more grey, and his paunch is a tad larger, but the big grin was just the same. I have carried a memory of that smile for as long as I'd known him. It's the one thing I knew I would see, every time we met.

As I started to walk down the gangplank, I noticed that Simone was nervously standing in the wheelhouse. I went back and kissed her.

"Don't worry, they will love you, come and meet them," I told her. She took hold of my hand, and we went to greet them.

"Andy," cried Julia as she wrapped her arms around me in a big hug. "I've missed you," then more quietly, "And we still miss Ros, she was a wonderful woman."

"I know," I said. "I miss her too, but life goes on, it's been four years."

Mike came over and put his arm around me, "It's good to see you mate, we've been thinking about you." The emotion was heavy in his voice.

"Thanks, I know you have," I replied, "but now you are finally here, and I want you both to meet my new girlfriend, Simone."

Simone stepped hesitantly towards us from where she had been quietly standing behind me. Julia wrapped her in a big hug and gave her a long kiss. "Oh, you are so beautiful," she told her, "You're just what he needs, all his friends were so worried he would turn into a sad, lonely old man."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," I responded. Julia gestured dismissively in my direction.

Simone smiled at them and said, "No, you've got wrong, I need him, and I'm going to turn him into my wonderful dirty old man."

Mike snorted and burst out laughing.

I just looked at them, and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. "God, I've missed you guys, it's been too long."

The three of us huddled together and soon became four as I drew Simone in. We stood with our arms around each other, not saying a word, just luxuriating in the moment and the connection with each other.

"Enough," I said, with the tears rolling down my face. "We need to get you settled in." "Let's get your bags and show you to your cabin." Thirty minutes later we were all lounging around on the sun deck deciding on the plan of action for next few days. Julia had copied Simone and was wearing a bikini, although she'd pulled on a pair of shorts over the bottoms. Even at forty-eight, she still had a body to die for.

I was in my customary shorts and tee shirt, and Mike had chosen to follow my lead. Simone was perched on the edge of my sun bed, and I was gently stroking her hair as it tumbled down her back. I'd opened a bottle of the local wine, and we were all well into our second glass.

"Well, you kept this quiet," Julia commented, looking in the direction of Simone. "How long have you known each other?"

I made a show of looking at my watch, then looking thoughtfully at Simone said. "Err, I think it's about 22, could be 23," my voice trailed off.

"What, weeks, days?"

"No, hours."

"HOURS!" she spluttered. Mike needed to pat her back to stop her choking.

"Yep, we've agreed she can road test me for a week, and if she likes what she sees, I get to keep her." "So far, I like what I see," she said leaning back so I could put my arm around her and kiss the back of her neck. The back of her hand was delicately resting on the inside of my thigh.

"Okay, we have a choice," I announced. "We can stay moored here and start cruising tomorrow, but," and I gestured towards the village. "It's not very secluded, and I saw a nice spot a couple of miles upstream as I cruised past. What do we think?"


"Let's go."

"Yes," came the responses.

"Right, that was an easy decision," I said.

I stood and looked at them "Right, crew, I'll get the engine started. Mike, could you please stow the gangplank. Then when I say, could you release the mooring lines. Simone, Julia, could you please clear the glasses and bottles."

I smiled as I said the next bit, "Julia, crewman Simone will show you where they go."

Mike looked at Julia, "I told you he was going to treat us like slaves."

"Paying slaves," I pointed out. "I get the best of both worlds. You pay me to boss you about."

With a smile, they set about their tasks. As Simone was descending into the main cabin, she paused, turned and asked, "As crew do I get a cute uniform and cap?"

"The bikini is your official uniform, and I think there's a cap the kids bought me, it's somewhere in the cabin."

"Cool," she said and disappeared.

I turned the key in the ignition and pressed the starter. With a deep thrum the engine started, I let the revs settle and waited a minute until the gauges steadied.

"Let go forward Mike," I called, and after a minute he gave me the thumbs up. I held Rosie stable with the bow thruster and called for him to release the stern line. When he had, he joined me in the wheelhouse.

As I started to ease Rosie away from the mooring, the girls appeared from below. I had to stifle a laugh as Simone stood there resplendent in her bikini and my captain's cap. Julia had added a cropped top that exposed the underside of her breasts. Mike just gave a wolf whistle before he reached out to cup his wife's ass and pull her close. Julia giggled and wriggled her ass in approval. Simone looked at me hopefully, and I pulled her close and gave her a kiss.

I used the bow thruster to swing the bow upstream and easing the throttle forwarded we set off at a fast walking pace.

"Why so slow? "Mike asked

"The speed limit along most of the canal is only eight kph, that's about five miles an hour. It's to prevent bank erosion, and would you want to rush through this beautiful countryside?"

"No, I just wondered, that's all."

I was perched on the captain's chair in front of the wheel, and Simone came and sat sideways on my lap, her arm was draped around me, and her head was resting on my chest. She wriggled her butt and smiled as she felt me stiffen beneath her. Julia stood behind us and put her arms around us both as Mike stood beside her, watching the scenery pass by the open door. I kept the windows and doors open for the cooling breeze. I told them it should take about thirty minutes to reach the spot I'd seen earlier.

"The canal opens into the river in a mile or so. There's a small island in the main channel, and the river divides, I want to moor against the bank in the small side channel," I said. "It should be nice and quiet; I wouldn't have seen the channel if I hadn't spotted a small boat nip down it to avoid me."

"Will she fit?" Mike asked looking along the length of Rosie

"Should do," I replied. "I checked it on the chart afterwards, and it's shown as an occasional mooring."

Julia gave Simone, then me a kiss. Then Julia and Mike stood arm in arm on the sun deck, their heads resting together. I kept checking the chart, and when we were close to the side channel, I asked Mike if he could go forward and ready the bowline.

"Wait until she's lost her headway, then I will use the bow and stern thrusters to move us as close to the bank as I can," I said. "You just need to step over and attach us to the mooring points. Loop the mooring line over the post and tie it off on the bollard on the boat."

"No problem."

"Can I do anything?" asked Simone.

"Could you do the same with the stern line please."

"Yes, captain," and she gave me a kiss.

"Here we go," I said as we pulled into the side channel. Mike and Simone moved to their places at the bow and stern.

As I manoeuvred Rosie towards the bank, Julia stood behind me and placed her hand on my shoulders.

She bent down and spoke to me. "We missed you, can we join you two tonight?"

For a moment, I was quiet. Then as Rosie came to a stop, call out to the other two. "Can you tie us off, please?" They both acknowledge with a wave.

I turned to Julia and said, "I'm not sure, I need to talk to Simone before I can agree. She's very vulnerable, and I don't want to do anything to hurt her. I've explained to her that the three of us were an item in the past, and she seemed to understand."

"I understand. I'll talk to her later -- girl to girl," Julia offered. "I'll make sure she know that she comes first with you and that we are not a threat."

"Thanks. That's a good idea."

With that, the others returned.


And we all talk

The sun was dropping towards the horizon before everything was squared away. Simone went off to shower and change while I fired up the barbeque. I set up the table and chairs on the rear deck again. I lit several citronella candles in an attempt to keep the bugs away. Below me, I could hear Julia and Mike talking in their cabin, but their voices were too low for me to understand. I suspected I knew what the subject was.

Their voices morphed into the sounds of passion, getting steadily louder. I swear I could feel the boat rock. I smiled and left them to their fun, I went down to the galley and got the steaks and the salad out of the fridge. As I did so, I could hear the shower in the forward cabin, and the sound of Simone singing is drifting through the cabin.

Like a Hummingbird to nectar, I navigated towards the sound, shedding my clothes on the way, and slipped into the shower to be with her. She turned, smiled and before I could do anything, sank to her knees and took my rapidly growing prick in her mouth. She proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs of my life.

She started with long slow licks from the base to the tip, each time she reached the head, she would tickle the hole with the tip of her tongue, then return the way she'd come, all the while she was cupping and stroking my balls.

It was like a liquid fire was running up and down my cock. I could barely stand, my legs felt so weak, and I wasn't long in reaching the point of no return. She felt my balls tense up and she swallowed my length until I felt the head resting on the back of her throat and her lip on the base, sucking all the time. I came with a shout and a spasm from my toes to my ears. It felt like I came forever and all the while she kept swallowing.

I gasped, trying to get my breath back. She stood and kissed me, flicking her tongue into my mouth for me to taste. Then with a smile, she left me standing alone under the water, as she gathered a towel from the rack and walked to the cabin drying herself.

After washing myself down, I joined her in our cabin and sat on the bed beside her.

"My god, that was amazing," I murmured.

She smiled coyly, "Just part of the road test," she told me. "That's a big tick in the 'yes' box by the way."

I heard the others moving about and stood up.

I said, "I should go and get the food ready."

I grabbed clean shorts and a tee, dressing quickly and after kissing her, nipped back to the galley and collected the food and a couple of bottles of wine. I heard her call that she would be five minutes and went up to the deck.

Julia and Mike were standing with their arms around each other watching the last of the sunset. When they heard me appear they turned and drew me into their embrace. "God, I've missed you both," I told them. "How are you feeling, I heard you earlier."

"We missed you, I wish you had joined us," Julia said.

"I know," I replied, "but you know why I can't just yet."

"We understand," Mike agreed.

I started cooking the steaks on the grill and Mike passing me a glass of wine, as Simone appeared. Her beauty took my breath away. She was wearing a white silk top and a matching short pleated skirt. You could tell she wasn't wearing a bra; you could clearly see her nipples through the sheer material. As she turned, she treated us to brief flashes of her white thong.

I just stood there, mesmerised, until Mike yelled, "Christ, don't burn the steaks man!" Mike said, "Give me those." He took the tongs from me and pushed me in Simone's direction.

I walked over to her and just held her in my arms, breathing in her scent. I felt Julia move in close and hold us both.

We stayed like that until we heard Mike tell us, "Any longer and the only thing we can do for these steaks is hold a funeral." That was that!

We sat down at the table and ate our slightly singed steaks, washing them down with copious amounts of red wine.

I held out my glass for Mike to fill. "Remember in Saudi if a bottle of wine was more than three weeks old, we called it vintage?" I asked them.

That brought smiles to Mike and Julia faces, and a look of shock to Simone's.

"Christ, do you remember Maggie's bathtub gin?" Julia asked. The three of us shuddered at the memory.

Was it that bad?" asked Simone.

Julia looked at her and said, "I'd rather drink paint stripper than that! Although at the time, for our alcohol deprived group, it seemed pretty good."

That opened the floodgates, and the three old Saudi hands spent the next hour or so, happily reminiscing and introducing Simone to Saudi and the worlds we had jointly experienced.

We told her stories of camping out in the desert, baking hot days and freezing nights. Of hunting scorpions with a black light torch; they glow under ultraviolet by the way.

Julia told her all about her infamous birthday party where she got all the women to wear seven veils and nothing else. They had to remove one every time she sounded a gong.

"That had to be your idea," Simone insisted as she looked at me.

"I'm completely innocent; it was all Julia's idea." I tried to look as if butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

Simone looked at Mike, who held his hands up. "It was before my time there," he told her. "Mind you it was still a topic of conversation years later."

I said, "I still think you only did it so you could play with Fiona."

"Well, it worked," Julia admitted. "She and Steve spent the night with us."

Finally, Mike looked at us "That's it, I'm done. This old man needs his beauty sleep." He stood, kissed both of the girls then gave me a hug. He whispered so only I could hear, "Julia wants to spend the night with the pair of you, pleased let her she's missed you terribly.

I nodded, and he gave me a second hug and then disappeared in the direction of their cabin.

I looked at the girls, "Nightcap?" I asked They both nodded. "Let's have it downstairs; these gnats are getting a bit annoying."

We cleared the table and dumped the remains in the galley, and moved to the main cabin. Simone smiled at us and murmured that she needed the bathroom. I kissed her, and she hurried off.

I said to Julia, "Mike told me you want to stay with us tonight. You need to ask Simone if she says no then I not going to push her."

"I'll talk to her if she agrees are you okay with it?"

"Of course I am, I've missed you, but it's got to be all about Simone if she agrees."

Julia nodded as Simone returned. I poured us each a brandy, and we sat down on the couch with Simone between us.

Julia turned to Simone and said, "I'm so pleased that you and Andy are together. You two look so happy. I'm sure you're going to enjoy your road test."

"I already am," Simone said, and she caressed the arm I'd slipped around her shoulder.

Julia laughed but then turned serious. "We didn't come here just to see Andy. We came for several reasons, but they boil down to the same thing. We loved Ros and still, love Andy. We always will, and we are not the only ones! We all felt he had mourned Ros for long enough and it was time for him to live again. And if we couldn't convince him, there were others from the 'family' that were going to come and try."

"He and Ros were the glue that kept all of us together. If anyone in our extended 'family' had a problem, they were the first people we would go to. They kept us sane in an insane world, They were the rock we could depend on, and losing Ros, and then Andy tore the heart out of us."

I was a bit shocked by this outpouring, and I could see that Simone was surprised at Julia's words.

"And we still need him," she said. "He's just not aware of the place he has in our hearts."

She took Simone's head in her hands, and kissed her, a long slow kiss from the depths of her soul.

"Do you understand?" she asked.

"I think so," came Simone's reply "I need him because he completes me, makes me feel whole and safe for the first time in a long time. I think that's what he does for you."

"Not just me, there are many others that he and Ros have touched, and nurtured."

Simone looked at me "I knew the moment I saw him sitting in the village square, that there was something special there, and he was the one I needed." She looked at Julia and continued, "I know I've only known him for a short time but I know I love him, and I can see that you do as well. Just knowing he's there is enough, the rest is just like icing on the cake."

Julia looked at both of us, but she spoke to Simone. "Mike knows what I'm about to do, and is happy for us. When you feel the time is right, he would like to tell you. Please don't be scared; I don't want to take Andy away from you. I want you to see how much I love him and now you."

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