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Tantric Underwater Sex Class


I arrived at the club on a Tuesday night to take a special class. Tantric Underwater Lovemaking was the title and the club jokingly added a 101 after the title like a college class. I spotted it in the club newsletter and the potential students were given the choice to bring a mate or to accept a mate assigned by the master. The only thing that you had to do was to specify your preference for opposite sex or same sex. I prefer the opposite sex.

A young woman at the front desk smiled when I told her that I was here to take the class. "Oh my god", she squealed, "You will love it!" She gave me the brochure and directed me to walk up the main concourse past the ship and follow the line drawing of a "couple making love underwater" to Room 7. You need to be in the lecture hall in 20 minutes.

I walked down there early and started reading the intro in the brochure after I sat down. It started: "When one is ready for Tantric lovemaking, the Shiva and Shakti principles unite within themselves and each other. There is a convergence and synchronization of their breaths; life forces merging into a vortex, physical and subtle energy exchange taking place." Whew!

Terrestrial sex and Aquatic sex differ in many important ways. Ancient Tantric Sex that is intended to take place in a bed or garden but modern Aquatic Tantric Sex that can be shared in a bathtub, swimming pool, lake, ocean, or even with plastic bags filled with water placed over both partners' heads. An example of both techniques will be reveled in the following passages.

Tantric Sex -- Above Water:

Lying on one side causes the opposite side's nostril to dominate the breathing pattern. The Tatars state that during lovemaking, the man should consciously draw in the exhaled air from the woman's left nostril though his right nostril, and allow her to consciously breathe in his exhaled breath from the right nostril through her left nostril. Face-to-face lovemaking with each couple lying on his/her side facilitates this exchange naturally.

Tantric Sex -- Under Water:

The partners breathe normally above the water and then slow the rate of breathing to a whisper. Once accomplished, both of the partners softly submerge devoid of a liberal influx of air. It is written that the female will open her loins up to the male and that he will cross the threshold into her as leisurely as the dawn. The couple should let their bellies contact to communicate a sense of tranquility and to draw out the underwater endurance to a length of time greater by half than either of the lovers believe achievable for themselves.

This sounded appealing -- I noticed that quite a few other students were filing in and taking their seats. I tried not to look over the girls but they all looked pretty good. Several were fully dressed that suggested that they had just come from work. The clothes varied from jeans to miniskirts to lingerie to ... well nothing at all in the case of one young lass with wet hair and a towel over her arm.

I read on in the brochure ...

Tantric Sex -- Above Water:

By meditating on the breath during lovemaking one should seize the life force of the other with the life force of oneself and bestow the life force of oneself on that of the other. During Tantric Union, the commitment of the couple is TOTAL - whether for the duration of the Act alone, for some set time limitation, for life, or for Eternity. The exchange of life forces, when done for the purpose of Tantric Commitment, binds souls together for Eternity, far transcending the Christian "till death do us part."

Tantric Sex -- Under Water:

In the absence of air, the couples share a common bond while holding their breath. The life force underwater is tenuous, and the couple must share the responsibility for sustaining the joy and deepening the blending of spirits. The love act will slow time and permit the breaking of the natural limitations of the human body. Tantric underwater sex breaks the taboo of joining in the presence of others. It is ecstasy to share and a joy to behold.

The way I read this was: Hold your breath -- stick it to her -- make love underwater -- hold your breath longer than you think possible -- and don't mind the spectators. Fair enough!

The Master entered the classroom and took up position behind the lectern. He motioned to dim the lights and projected a friendly persona as he surveyed the room. He said, "I am doctor Shavvi. I am both a western medical doctor and a student of the eastern arts. Tonight we are going to get practical with the art and you are all going to get to participate in the initial training. We have 12 women and 8 men and it appears from my sign up sheet that most of you have a partner. Now I will make the final assignments."

Dr. Shavvi called several names and had the new partners sit next to one another. He called my name (Adam) and looked at his list. Looking up he said, "Is there a Kayla here?" I waited in anticipation but the truth is they were all wonderful. A very slim and I mean tiny girl with nice boobs raised her hand and twisted to gaze up at me. She had the most beautiful eyes and long black hair. She was dressed in a sweater and blue jeans tucked into cowgirl boots. She was a stark contrast to most of the other girls in the room.

The Doctor told us that the best way to learn was by doing. He asked Kayla and me to come down to the front of the class and stand together. He told us to join hands and feel the other person's energy. We were directed to feel the joined life force between us. I had to admit that I could feel something. He then told us to close our eyes and feel each others' breathing. He placed silk blindfold over our eyes to eliminate our distraction and told us to continue getting to know the other person. After a minute of silent meditation, he told us to assist the other person in removing their cloths. We were instructed that this was not a striptease exercise but rather a gradual knowing of the body that we would add to our own underwater.

Kayla helped a great deal by pulling off her boots and then went to work on me taking off my pants first -- underpants second and then removing my socks. I followed her lead and undressed her in that same order. The doctor quietly guided us to continue until we were both nude stand in front of our peers.

There was a large glass aquarium-like tank in the center of the stage and we were helped up the steps and down into the water following the submerged steps. Sitting cross-legged in the tank facing -- but not seeing -- each other I could feel that the chest deep water was slowly moving with the rhythm or our mutual breathing. The doctor told us to inhale and exhale in unison and when we were completely in sync, and then glide beneath the surface. Beneath the water we were not to increase our connection but rather to experience the other person - while we were not breathing.

Kayla took the lead and after 12 or so breaths, submerged ... I followed her and we put all thoughts of time, space, and sex out of our minds. We floated in relaxed embrace for a time and when the feeling was right we surfaced. The doctor told us that we were excellent students -- he also told us that we had been underwater for over 3 minutes! We were not even panting.

Wasting no time he asked me to cross the threshold into Kayla and when she was ready - shelter her underwater for as long as we both felt comfortable ... and then a little longer. He said that we could eliminate the blindfolds now but to center on each other.

My cock was buried deep into Kayla but I did not thrust it in and out. We sat looking at each other and after a time she layback in the calm water and submerged. We sank to the bottom of the tank and the air trickling up from her nose tickled my eyes. I kept my penis all the way in her and we rested almost motionless in the watery cradle. She hugged my cock with her inner pussy muscles but from the outside you would not have been able to detect any motion. The longer we joined, the more we felt removed from the land of light, air, and sound.

I had no idea how long we were underwater but I could almost sense that Kayla would rather drown with me inside of her than to spoil this serene and divine rapport. Kayla jerked a little (like the jerk that you make when you are going to sleep) and clamped down a little harder on my penis. I watched her face from 4 inches away and she expelled a little air and then a little more. I did not pay much attention at the time because much of my mind was now centered inside of the flesh that made up my penis.

Kayla gave up more air and we both grew heavier. Then more air and in the back of my mind, I was growing conscious that her little lungs were not all that big.

We made love. Kayla exhaled and I followed by doing the same. I dreamed that this would never end. With a rush of lights and sound, I was pulled out of the tank with Kayla still on my cock. She had been drowning but she had done nothing to prevent it. She was not bent on suicide -- quite the opposite -- she was in love with life all the more now!

The assistants lowered us both to the floor -- my dick now free but not spent -- and the cool air of these land dwellers disturbed our hypersensitive skin. We sat together and the Master told us that we had been in our inner minds melding together underwater for almost 6 and a half minutes! Kayla looked shyly at me and I realized that I would like to know the real woman and not just the vagina that she had shared with me in our underwater nest.

The Master told us that we could be excused from the remainder of the class and called the next couple forward. He was discussing our presentation to the group of students when we gathered up our garments and walked up the isle. Remaining nude, Kayla and I slipped out of the back to the parking structure where I had left my C320.

We drove to the beach and parked at the far end so that we could trot into the sand dunes cloaked in the darkness of the warm night. We sat and talked and watched the ocean until the sky in the East started lighting. Back at the car we put on our clothes and went to breakfast. I was just planning to drop her off at her apartment but she invited me in to ... well she invited me in to make love to her again underwater in her bathtub.

I will see her again. We are also partners for the 2nd class next Tuesday night. I will let you know how that goes.

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