"April come here," I spoke gently as always, resulting in a reluctant but immediate halt to the erotic triple lip to vagina proceedings on the mat in front of me.

"Oh master please, we were just nearing that beautiful moment when the world catches fire and the stars explode, showering pure ecstasy throughout our bodies." Always eloquently submissive in her soft alluring voice, April rose on one elbow; her beautiful face moist with the juices of precum pleasures reflecting disappointment tempered by her complete obedience to my spoken words. The other females, similarly subservient and knowing their place, paused while breathing deeply awaited my pleasure.

April proceeded on her hands and knees to my chair. Sitting on her knees, she palmed her copious creamy white breasts, presenting them for my viewing pleasure while squeezing them gently. Her sweet sultry lips parted as her dreamy blue eyes radiated her total devotional submission.

I made eye contact with one of the others. "May, you will stand and show." She rose and turned her full figure ebony body, presenting to me a side to rear view of her voluminous protruding derriere, enhancing the ideal spheres by arching her back while bending over slightly. Two perfect ebony globes extending over her luscious sculptured thighs, beckoning my libido. She smiled inquisitively awaiting my approval. I nodded with satisfaction, drinking in her delicious features.

"Oh master," May spoke breathlessly in her throaty voice, her large almond eyes burning with lust, "I'm forever grateful for the approval in your eyes when I display my buttocks. My flesh tingles with anticipation of whatever pleasures you wish me to provide."

"June," she cocked her sweet oriental face, smiling demurely as she eagerly waited to perform whatever act of sexual gratification would please me.

"Yes master," she spoke barely above a whisper in her melodious sensuous voice, her animated face displaying irresistible devotion and breathless erotic desire. I smiled at her and then focused on May's voluptuous buttocks. June understood and moved on her knees close to May, she then gently kissed one ebony cheek while caressing a black thigh with both hands, her tongue painting small circles on the ebony skin while her exotic dark eyes focused on me.

"I broke eye contact for a moment and caught April's adoring gaze from below and nodded before returning my attention to May and June. April eagerly reached both hands toward her most desired object, fondling it gently. Then moving her parted lips closer, kissed it sweetly. Her dexterous fingers persuaded the protective covering to retreat, exposing the slowly engorging mushroom to her skilled tongue and lips. One hand carefully cradled the two lower objects; her fingers teasingly caressing yet barely touching while the other slowly stroked the mushrooms stem. She was painfully aware of not being able to bring her efforts to fruition, knowing that the final explosion would take place in another orifice the identity of which, perhaps her own, was unknown to her. Her low desperate moans reflected her yearning to be the recipient of that ultimate pleasure, even though she knew that her ministrations were merely a warm-up.

June was by now panting with lust, watching April perform the initial warm up on the object she also yearned for. She caressed May's lower body with a wistful expression on her face as she brought that ebony body to a feverish state. Her diminutive but well-turned body was twisting and gyrating as her hands performed their foreplay magic. She knew touching the temple area was off limits, bringing a pained look of frustration to the highly aroused ebony female. May's curvaceous lower body gyrated slowly as she attempted to restrain herself. I knew she couldn't do it much longer if one object or another did not gratify her temple. She had fainted on me before out of sheer frustration; therefore, time was of the essence.

I thought of each woman and their individual sexual attributes: April's elegant white form embodying the gentle swiftness of a Doe; May's buxom ebony flesh with that underlying muscular strength fuelling volcanic orgasms and June with that diminutive yet curvaceous physique, deceptively concealing a sizzling tempestuous dynamo. Each woman represented the ultimate in sensual experience and sexual know-how, able and willing to accommodate my every need at any time. Mutual foreplay had fired their engines to the point where they, like high-performance racecars unable to idle without shaking and sputtering, waited impatiently for the starting gun: that is my wishes.

Decision, decisions, decisions. Life is full of complex problems. I closed my eyes for a second and then nodded at my choice. Two disappointed women knew they were to find solace in each other's arms and quickly did so. My chosen partner stretched out on the mat spread her thighs and eagerly reached her arms for me, smiling victoriously. The End


A lonely diversion this is, writing erotica. Voting is a democratic process not to be wasted Choose any which numeral you please but naught Mark me good, bad or middling but never indifferent

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