tagErotic CouplingsTara's Portfolio

Tara's Portfolio


Tara was centerfold material. She was tall, slender and had huge tits. She was attending a photo shoot because she needed some cute photos for her portfolio.

Liz was an amateur photographer and Tara's best friend since childhood. They had experienced just about everything together from boyfriends to make-up to fashion. Who else could Tara possibly trust to take nude photos of herself?

When Tara arrived at Liz's studio no one was around. However, Liz had given her a spare key so she let herself in. As she made a drink, she called Liz.

"Sorry I'm going to be late honey. I got stuck in the city and I won't be back til tomorrow. Do you care if I send David over?" Liz sounded very regretful so Tara agreed.

When Liz called back to confirm he was headed over, she apologized more and offered to make it up to her if David didn't get great photos. After Tara told her friend once again, that it was okay, she hung up and waited.

She wondered around the studio, looking over the decor. Liz had taken alot of time to find the perfect place for a studio. The breath taking view was what had helped her decide.

Each room had a theme. There was the kitchen, mostly used for cocktails and a quick meal or two. It was decorated in an old time kitchen look. Complete with fireplace to cook on. Then the bathroom had a huge hot tub and deluxe six person shower. It's theme was Moraccan, lots of reds and blues. The bedroom had a huge California King sized bed and a large closet filled with tons of sexy clothes and gowns. It was filled with Chinese prints and statues. The best part of the bedroom? In the corner of the room was a beautiful vanity for customers to get ready. Everything was so nice here.

Tara's favorite room was the living room, but it wasn't actually used as a living room. Liz had hung a huge bar from the ceiling where she could hang back drops she had collected. She had alot of themes including jungle, moonlight, stars, sunrise, the beach. She had anything you would want and if she didn't, she'd sure try her best to get it.

When Tara heard the door open, she turned to see the sexiest man she had ever seen. David was gorgeous, tall and stocky. The type of man who could wrap you in his arms and protect you forever. Who would beat down anyone who ever hurt you. Her type of man. A larger than life bad ass.

They began the photos in the living room. First she posed in her bikini in front of the beach scene. Then she chose a jungle scene and she dressed like Jane from Tarzan.

When she got enough photos there, she headed to the bedroom for some naughty photos. She stripped down to bra and pantys before bouncing on the bed. She was hot and she knew it! No way was she going to hide it! As she rolled over onto her knees, she gave her come hither look.

What she saw surprised her, David's cock was bulging in his pants. She was making him hard with her little romp in the bed. She looked directly from his buldge to his eyes. His cheeks burned red and he tried to look away. Focusing on the Chinese symbols on the wall above the bed.

After a few photos of her on the bed, she stripped off her bra. Covering her chest, she flopped onto the bed and took a few topless ones. His cock was pulsing, she could see it from her perch on the edge of the bed.

She stood and walked to the closet for her next outfit. He was unraveled and back out the door. Excusing himself while she changed. She smiled to herself, coming up with a seduction plan. She quickly dressed, pinching her nipples to make them poke out of the thin fabric. Calling to David, she took her position.

David entered the room to Tara on the edge of the bed in a naughty school girl outfit. She was a naughty girl, pouting and puckering her lips. Pushing her breasts out further, smiling at him.

He clicked the shutter on the camera, photo after photo of her teasing him with her eyes, rubbing her hands over her body, she'd even snuck one in of her tits when she popped open her top. Before she could scare him off, she'd put them back in her shirt. She looked away and grinned.

She sauntered to the stripper pole she'd hooked up in the corner. She swung herself around behind it, pushing her tits around the pole. She rubbed them on the cold steel of the pole, teasing him. He continued to snap away.

As she dropped down on the pole, spreading her legs with her skirt open, David could see her bare pussy. She had purposely left her panties off. His gasp showed he wasn't expecting that. He still didn't stop snapping the camera though.

She asked him to take some quicker, rapid fire shots as she stripped. As her top came off, her tits bounced. They were bound by her bra, yet her nipples poked through the thin fabric. When she peeled the bra away, David's cock jerked in his pants. She saw it and she took advantage. She pushed her tits together, teasing her nipples. He didn't snap as fast, but he took photo after photo.

Soon she was completely naked before him wearing nothing but her thigh highs and stilettos. David's tongue almost fell out of his mouth. She could tell he liked what he saw. She dropped down, her back against the pole. Her pussy spread, revealing her pink fleshy insides. She slipped her fingers down over the soft folds of flesh. Rubbing her bare cunt. His pants were tight, but he kept his finger clicking.

As David continued snapping, she slipped a finger inside. Fucking herself with her fingers, she was dripping juices. None of this stopped David's snapping, in fact, he zoomed in to get close ups.

As she rubbed harder and moaned louder, David snapped away. Soon she had herself at the brink of orgasm, her fingers driving her to ecstasy. Her glistening cunt was the subject of more photos. When she orgasmed, she bucked back and lifted her eyes to meet his.

The look in his eyes screamed orgasm. She keep he couldn't stop himself from fucking her. Even if he wanted to, which from the look of his pants, he didn't want to anyway!

When she was finished, she went to slip past David. As she did, she rubbed against him. He let out a moan. She wrapped her arms around his waist and stood on her tip toes. Whispering in his ear, "Want to join me in the hot tub?"

Without another moment passing, David scooped her up in his toned arms and carried her to the bathroom. She had already set up the hot tub, so all she had to do was get David out of his clothes.

He pulled his shirt off as she unbuttoned his jeans. As she slid his boxers off, his cock sprang out. It was large, atleast nine inches. She didn't know how she'd be able to handle it, but she sure couldn't wait to try.

He climbed into the hot tub, relaxing against the corner jet spray. She slipped in too, getting cozy on his lap. His cock was pressed between her ass cheeks, rubbing against her pussy and asshole. Within seconds, her lips were on his. His hands worked their way over her breasts then around to her back. He was kissing his way down her neck, rubbing his tongue over her sweet spots.

As he neared her breasts, she slid closer, rubbing her pussy and ass harder over his cock. He groaned, she slid back. When he moaned again, she slid closer. She kept rocking her hips to create the friction between them. His breath on her nipples, making them erect. He nibbled on each nipple, sucking it in and out of his lips.

He lifted her bottom, his fingers found her sweetness. He rubbed her softly, getting harder with each stroke. She was loving his attention to her heated parts.

When she had her first orgasm with him, he didn't let up until she dug her fingers into his shoulders. His fingers rubbed faster and faster as she exploded.

Not wanting him to be left out, she slipped off his lap and began massaging his long hard cock in her hands. He lifted himself up, exposing his hard cock to her fully. She flickered her tongue across his head.

Her hands moved up and down his shaft, then down to cup his balls while she gave the tip some attention. Teasing it with her tongue, before she'd slip it as far into her mouth as she could, gagging herself to get it deeper into her throat.

She bobbed up and down before coming up for air. She swirled her tongue around his erect penis before once again putting her mouth over his meat. He leaned back, forcing his cock deeper down her throat.

When she came up for air again, he slipped back into the water. He turned her around and pulled her onto his lap. She spread her legs wide and slipped him inside her. Rocking her hips back and forth to make all of him fit.

She bounced up and down, his hands cupped her tits. She loved this position, especially when the man knew how to please a girl. She loved when the man gripped her hips and bounced her. Thrusting himself deeper inside of her. David was good at pleasing her.

He pinched her nipples, licked her neck, nibbled her ear. All while she was bouncing on his huge cock. She was in Heaven! He was the perfect lover, paying attention to all her tender spots. Teasing and exploring them.

When he could feel her moans growing, his fingers found their way to her warmth. He used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to massage her clit. This was sending her into another orgasm.

David rubbed her harder and faster. She rode him faster and faster. Soon he had her panting, begging for release. He wasn't ready for that yet, so he lifted her from him.

She was spread eagle on the side of the hot tub. He ran his tongue along her clit, flicking at her orgasm spot. She came again. Her juices instantly flowing, soaking his tongue.

He slid a finger inside her, then two. His tongue ran down to her ass. He spread her ass cheeks wider before slipping his tongue into her asshole. When he slipped back up to her clit, he fucked her with his fingers. She was panting harder. She had came again, this time leaving her juices covering his hand.

Within moments, David had her out of the hot tub and against the wall. He pressed his cock into her again. She wrapped her hips around him and hooked them. He lifted her ass slightly, enough to make her body rock. Jolting the sensations in his cock, making him explode.

He filled her pussy with his cum, his cock covered in their mixed juice. She rested her head against his shoulder, whispering into his ear, "Too bad you didn't get any shots of that."

He grinned, "I did, I've got cameras in different places. Each one capturing different views and distances. Your portfolio should be filled now."

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