tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTaste of True Friendship Ch. 20

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 20


Tanya was dreaming of a huge black cock hovering over her head. It was half-limp but she could see it beginning to harden. The head was getting shiny and there was a drop of pre-cum developing in the pee slit. That drop got bigger and bigger until it looked balloon sized and then it detached itself from the overhanging penis and splashed onto her forehead running into her eyes.

Tanya awoke to find that, even though she was in her air-conditioned bedroom, she was in a sweat with rivulets running off of her forehead into her eyes. Her whole body was slick with perspiration and the sheets were damp all around her body. She felt feverish and there was an aching in her loins. She reached down and rubbed her abdomen just above her pubic patch. As her fingertips brushed against her cock just below the head, it sprang to life. That sent a thrill all of the way up to the back of her throat. She moaned.

She wrapped her right hand around the shaft of her penis and began stroking it. The realization came to her that she hadn't had an orgasm for days- -it seemed like months. There was a build-up of tension in her that was beyond words and she knew that she had to release the tension or scream.

Faster and faster her fingers massaged her shaft, squeezing at the top of the up-stroke and relaxing on the down-stroke. Her left hand came up to her chest and alternately tweaked her right nipple and her left nipple. She pinched herself so forcefully that she squealed but nevertheless reveled in the pleasure shooting into her tummy all the way down to her ass hole.

Her hips began to undulate and strain against the pressure of her own hand. She dug in her heels and arched her back until her butt was off of the bed and then plopped it back down. She spread her legs and bent her legs, raising her knees until there were even with her shoulders. This forced her hand tighter on her cock.

Her strokes were getting shorter but stronger. She thought for an instant that she was going to pull her penis out from its roots. She gripped tighter and gave a few more jerks.

And then she came, spurting warm semen all of the way up to her neck. It was thick, pearly, and ropy. She could smell its fragrance- -fruity-tangy, it seemed to her- -as it flowed down her chest to her stomach. Yet still more cum gushed from her penis again up to her chest; and more came but not so forcefully; and, finally, a couple of mild spurts before it stopped. She relaxed, put her legs out, and settled down on the bed, breathing deeply.

The warm cum was cooling on her skin. She looked down and the gobbets running together forming little milky pools. She made a cup of her right hand and scooped it all of the way up from her abdomen to her chest gathering as much of her own semen as she could. When she reached the top of chest, she had a palm full of cum. She raised it to her mouth and sucked the slippery liquid between her lips onto her waiting tongue. It had the same feeling as slipping a raw oyster into her mouth, practically the same consistency and texture- -and not all that different in taste. She rolled the load around in her mouth and swallowed it down savoring the delicate, salty, tangy flavor.

"Mmmmmmm!" Tanya said to herself. "Mmmmmmmm!"

Purged and relaxed, she drifted back to sleep thinking that, as delicious as Marvon's cum was, her own tasted even better.


The telephone awakened her before dawn. It was Candy.

"Come home NOW!" She said, clearly distressed. "Ayisha isn't waking up. I think she may be close to the end. Please come home!"

Tanya called a cab, headed to the small airport, and caught the first commuter to the city. She took a cab from the airport and was home in three hours.

It turned out to be an hour too late.

There was a fire rescue truck at the curb and the front door was open. Tanya walked through the door, dropped her suitcase and headed down the hall to the bedroom. She was met by Candy half-way there. Candy looked like a zombie, emotionless and expressionless, except for her shaking her head slowly side to side as if to say, "There's nothing anyone can do." Tanya gave her a hug, held her for a moment and then took her by the hand and went into the bedroom.

Ayisha lay supine on the bed with a sheet covering her from her feet to her head. The EMT's were packing up their gear, careful not to leave any remnants of their efforts to revive Ayisha. Tanya identified herself. The EMT in charge said some stock words of condolence, asked Tanya if she had made any arrangements for a funeral home, and wrote in his notebook Tanya's response. As the EMT started to leave the room, a local policeman came down the hallway, spoke briefly with the EMT and also made notes in his own notebook.

Candy called the funeral home and then Tanya and Candy gave the police officer all of the information he requested while they all waited for the hearse to arrive from the funeral home to convey Ayisha's body there.

The funeral home attendants arrived, prepared Aiysha for removal in a very methodical and dignified way and began to exit the house with her wrapped in a white shroud on a gurney. Before they left, Tanya pulled back the shroud and kissed Ayisha on the forehead. Her body was still warm and it was as if Tanya was kissing her goodnight. The attendants left and Tanya never looked upon her mother again.

Ayisha had made her arrangements in advance- -cremation with her ashes to be scattered in a local wilderness park where she used to like to hike. There was no memorial service, per se but there was a party at the house about a week later. It was a somber get-together but a party nevertheless. There were scads of people from the humble to the notable. All had nothing but good things to say about Ayisha- -every word true.

The week after that, Tanya and Candy went to Ayisha's lawyer's office for the reading of Ayisha's will.

In addition to funds that Reynaldo had given Ayisha many years ago, he had also established a trust fund for which Tanya was the named beneficiary. According to its provisions, Tanya wasn't to receive any money from it until she was 25 years of age and then only half. The balance would be paid out in yearly installments until Tanya reached the age of 50. Ayisha had done well in her profession and had invested wisely; plus, she had made a good choice when she bought her house for which she had paid cash. After all was said and done, Ayisha's estate worked out to be 3 Million dollars- -after taxes! And that didn't include Tanya's trust fund which amounted to another 3.5 million dollars.

Tanya was astounded. She knew her mother was financially secure but had no idea that Ayisha was truly wealthy. They hadn't lived extravagantly at all. In fact, Tanya's mother, though certainly not a skinflint, lived on the frugal side- -very conservative in things financial.

Ayisha bequeathed the house and 1 million dollars to Candy; the balance all fell to Tanya.

Despite the fact that Tanya was newly graduated from college, she was already making significant money from her job and partnership with her garment company benefactor. Her first year's take was in the low six figures and future prospects were looking very good.

Tanya drove Candy back to the house- -now Candy's house- -and settled down in the living room for some tea and a chat.

"You have a room here anytime, Tanya. You know that don't you?" Candy was sincere. "It is hard to think of life without Ayisha but the thought of not having you visit is almost more than I can bear."

"I know, Candy. I know." Tanya said soothingly. "I will surely be by to visit but I have to get out on my own now. You understand?"

Candy nodded her head. "Of course. Of course...." Her voice trailed off.

"But there is something, Tanya. Something I need to do now. Something I've never done before." Candy began to sound very serious. "I hope you will understand."

Candy stood up and began undressing. She slipped her bare feet out of her shoes, unzipped her slacks and let them drop to the floor, and unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall off of her arms. Tanya had seen Candy naked before but not in broad daylight and not in the living room. She stood there in her panties, showing off her small breasts and her tiny hard nipples- - very white, very slender, and very self-conscious.

"Tanya? You know I'm a lesbian." Candy was subdued. "The closest I've gotten to a penis was when my lovers used a dildo on me. I've never had sex with a man, except for when you went down on me that time and...well...that seemed more like a girlfriend."

This was leading somewhere, Tanya thought. She had a good idea what was to follow.

"Tanya? I want you to have sex with me like a man." Candy came right out with it. "I want to suck your cock and I want you to fuck me with your cock. I've never wanted it that way before but with you I know different. I just know it."

Candy pulled her panties down over her hips and legs and kicked them off onto the floor. As Candy stood there with her legs apart, Tanya could see Candy's shaved vagina and knew that Candy's penis like clitoris would be getting hard under its little hood. That made Tanya's juices began to flow. She felt her cock getting hard under her clothes.

Candy reached out her hand and Tanya reached out to Candy. Their hands clasped and Candy pulled Tanya to her feet and lead her from the living room, down the hall, and into the bedroom.

Candy undressed Tanya as they stood by the bed. It didn't take much undressing as Tanya was wearing only a loose fitting sundress, a bra, panties, and sandals. Those wound up in a pile on the floor in no time.

Candy stood back a little just admire Tanya's naked body. Candy was an athlete and coached athletes- -mostly female- -so she had an eye for physical beauty. What she was saw was a tall woman with a well proportioned body, who trim and toned. Tanya's skin was smooth and dark with no blemishes. Her breasts were wonderfully full and firm, her nipples small and taut, and her tummy was flat,. Her pubic area was trimmed but not shaved and sprouting from it was a perfectly formed penis that was beginning to get hard even as Candy gazed at it.

Candy nudged Tanya toward the bed until Tanya couldn't move any farther back and wound up sitting down on the mattress. Her legs were apart and she leaned back supporting herself on her arms. Candy knelt down in front of Tanya positioning herself between Tanya's legs all the while keeping her eyes fixed on Tanya's now almost erect penis.

Candy reached out and touched the underside of Tanya's cock with her right hand gently tracing her fingers up and down. It twitched as Candy did this and Tanya let out a soft sigh of pleasure. She circled the shaft with her fingers and lightly began to stroke it; the firm organ swelled even more as she did this. As she stroked, she tightened her grip so that she was almost milking it and noticed that there was a drop of clear liquid rising through the slit in the end. Candy looked up at Tanya who had guessed Candy's silent question. Tanya nodded. Candy leaned her head forward and touched her tongue to the end of Tanya's cock and transferred the little droplet to the end of her tongue. She paused for an instant and then drew her tongue into her mouth savoring the liquid as if it were a sip of liqueur.

"Mmmmm!" Candy murmured. "Tanya that is delicious, so delicate...."

Candy proceeded to put her lips against the engorged, shiny head of Tanya's dick, gave it a kiss, and pressed her lips more firmly against it until it began to penetrate between her lips. At first, he only took the head between her lips but became braver as she became accustomed to the sensation of having a warm, firm cock in her mouth. She drew more and more of it into her until she could feel the tip pressing against the roof of her mouth near her soft pallet. She held it there exerting more suction until she heard Tanya sigh again. Then she started working the now slick member in and out between her lips as her tongue maintained contact with its underside. Tanya sighed some more- -louder and longer now.

Tanya reached down and put her hands on Candy's shoulders guiding her to her feet. Tanya's penis slipped out of Candy's mouth and, as Candy was half way to her feet, Tanya leaned down and kissed Candy on the lips and held the kiss until Candy the were both fully upright. Tanya could feel Candy breathing hard and could faintly taste her own flavor on Candy's lips.

Tanya turned the tables on Candy and leaned on her until Candy fell back on the bed. Tanya climbed up on the bed and positioned the now supine Candy so that her legs were apart and so that Tanya was between them with a clear view of Candy's vagina. Tanya could see that it was already beginning to glisten with Candy's natural lubrication. This exclusive lesbian was clearly turned on by her sexual encounter with a male organ.

Tanya leaned forward and pressed her lips against Candy's pussy kissing it as if it were her mouth. She used her tongue to probe the slit between the puffy lips until she could taste the tang of Candy's juices and then moved her tongue up until it was flicking against Candy's prodigious clitoris. It was firm now and protruded from its hood. Tanya worked it with her tongue and lips sucking with greater and greater vigor as she sensed Candy's increasing arousal. It was indeed like sucking on a little penis and Tanya relished that. Candy's pussy was getting wetter and wetter and Tanya delighted in the citrus like flavor of her juices.

Candy's hips began to undulate and Tanya recognized that it was now time for some good old fucking.

Tanya got to her knees, moved forward until the head of her cock was right up against Candy's vagina. She looked down and saw Candy nodding her head in assent. Tanya pressed forward and gently but firmly inserted her cock in to Candy's moist and ready pussy.

Candy's body was lean and hard but her vagina was not tight, as Tanya expected it to be; neither was it loose and sloppy. It was, in fact, a very good fit for Tanya and her cock moved in and out easily but produced a firm, pleasurable stimulation to her cock.

As she began fucking Candy in earnest, Candy responded as one might expect an athlete to respond- -with energy and passion. It seemed like a contest to see who could make whom come first.. Tanya knew she would win that one for she had developed the ability to restrain her orgasm until she chose the time. The fact that she wasn't having her orgasm seemed to drive Candy wild. She fucked Tanya harder and harder adding amplitude to her undulations the longer she went.

At length, Candy let out a loud groan as she arched her back and as her pussy tightened around Tanya's cock. She held that position for a full thirty seconds and then returned to her frantic fucking.

Tanya leaned forward and clasped Candy in her arms and rolled over so that Candy was on top.

Candy began to ride Tanya like a horse. Her arms were behind her head and her pussy was filled with Tanya's cock as she bucked against Tanya's firm tummy. Tanya could feel Candy's clitoris as it brushed against her pubic hair as her stiff prick moved in and out and back and forth in Candy's pussy. This drove Candy into even more of a frenzy until she cried out almost in pain, "OOHHHHH...Ohhhh.....OOOOOHHHHHH....fuck me harder....I'm gonna fuck you harder.....I'm gonna come again....oooohhhh....Ohhhh.....OOOOHHHHH!!"

Candy came again even to the point where Tanya could feel her secretions drip from her pussy on the Tanya's abdomen and scrotum. It wasn't a flood but it was certainly a noticeable discharge. Tanya could smell it and the fragrance was indeed fruity, citrus-like. Tanya reached up, put her hands under Candy's armpits, and pulled Candy off of her cock. Tanya moved Candy's body up until Candy's pussy was up against her lips so that Tanya could suck and lick her lady cum. It seemed to Tanya that Candy had another orgasm as Tanya's tongue was in side her. Candy's body tensed, her thighs quivered, and her pussy tightened around Tanya's tongue.

Breathless, Candy said, "Tanya. I want YOUR cum. I want to taste YOU! Cum for me NOW!"

With that, Candy left her position astride Tanya's chest, turned around, and headed straight for Tanya's still erect penis. She almost swallowed it whole. She massaged its shaft as she bobbed her head up and down trying to suck the life out of it. Tanya could hear Candy moaning with pleasure.

Finally, Tanya knew that she had to give in and let herself come for Candy. It would be a crime not to.

"Candy? I'm going to cum now." Tanya tried to sound excited an enthusiastic. "But I'm going to cum in your mouth. Do you want that?"

She could hear a grunt of assent from Candy, she let loose her load into Candy's mouth just at the point where Candy was on an "upstroke". Candy held her head still as Tanya's semen flowed across her tongue and filled up her mouth. She didn't move until Tanya's cock had finished its spasms then she pulled her head back allowing Tanya's cock to slip past her lips. She raised her head and conspicuously swallowed Tanya's load, licking her lips afterward. Tanya could see that Candy's eyes were glistening with pleasure.

Candy pitched forward and pressed herself against Tanya's body, snuggling herself close. Tanya turned her head and gently kissed Candy on the lips. Candy responded by turning it into a full-blown french kiss, thrusting her tongue deep in to Tanya's mouth. Tanya could taste her own cum on Candy's tongue. Tanya had to admit that it was delicious. She only hoped that Candy'a cum that was still on Tanya's lips tasted as good to her.

They lay next to each other and drifted off to sleep.

It was dark when Tanya awoke. She got up without disturbing Candy, dressed, and packed her suitcase. She considered awakening Candy before she left but didn't. She thought that leaving Candy with the memory of a fantastic orgasm was sufficient.

She did, however, leave a note for her:


Thank you for being so wonderful with my mother these past few years, especially during the difficult times with her illness. And, thank you for being such a good friend and lover to me.

This is your house now. Ayisha wanted you to have it and it is one of the fruits of your love for each other.

I hope I am welcome back to visit. In the meantime, feel free to pack up my things and store them. I will send for them when I get a suitable place.

I will always have only good thoughts for you and best wishes for your future happiness.


Tanya drove away knowing that an entirely new chapter in her life was opening. She was excited and unafraid.


To Be Continued


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