tagGroup SexTax Debt Solution Ch. 05

Tax Debt Solution Ch. 05


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a fantasy story that includes scenes of extramarital sex, swapping and unprotected sex. If these topics do not appeal to you, please feel free to move on to another story. If they DO appeal ... then thanks for reading!


They had arrived at the hotel early, checked in, and hit the showers. Marci had shaved her pussy again, ensuring it was baby smooth for Josh. Bob had shaved his hair as well, enjoying the way it felt. They had refrained from sex on Friday. Marci unpacked the toys Lisa had told her to bring, showing them to Bob. They dressed, Marci foregoing panties as instructed. Before they left, Bob pulled her back into the room, opened her dress and put the nipple clamps on her tiny nipples, tightening them just enough to stay on. He pulled her dress up. The clamps showed through her dress as lumps beneath her erect nipples. She meekly did as she was told, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the sharp biting sensations as she walked.

They went to the bar, and Bob sat her on a stool, her short skirt riding alarmingly up her legs. They had only just gotten their drinks when they were greeted by a tall blonde woman.

"Hello, Marci," she said, and turned to Bob. "You must be Bob. Josh is parking, and will be right in. It's nice to meet you. I hope Marci has explained why you're here."

Marci looked at her husband expectantly. "I'm here to fuck you," he told the leggy woman. Marci had to admit, Lisa looked inviting in a short skirt and heels that really accented her legs. Good enough to eat.

"Excellent! I knew she'd pull it off! Well done, Marci," she said, and leaned into Marci to kiss her. Expecting a peck on the cheek, she turned her head, but Lisa moved, and kissed her on the lips, and then didn't pull away, and she felt the tip of her tongue slip briefly inside her mouth. "I hope you followed all my instructions."

"I did," she answered confidently.

"Shaved, no panties?"


"Show me." Lisa's wide mouth opened in an evil grin.


"Yes, here, you silly girl. Turn in your chair and face me, and lift your skirt."

Marci flushed with embarrassment, but found herself turning. She glanced nervously around the bar to see if anyone was watching. There were more than a dozen people scattered at tables, but none near them. She parted her knees and lifted her skirt.

"Nice," Lisa said, "very good. Josh will like that." She looked at her breasts. "What are these lumps here?"

"Bob," she said, "he made me wear the clamps."

"Really?" Lisa turned to Bob. "Well done, Bob, I like the way you think." Bob tipped his glass to her. Marci saw lust in his eyes. Lisa reached for Marci's breast and pulled one of the clamps, causing a bolt of pain to shoot through her, directly to her pussy. Her breath caught as Lisa pulled the clamp off, and Marci felt the blood rush back into her nipple. "It hurts even more when you take them off, doesn't it?" she asked. Marci was breathing hard and wanted desperately to rub her nipple, but she was in a public place, and had to suffer silently.

And then Josh arrived.

Bob was talking to Lisa, but Marci suddenly could not hear the words. Her ears were buzzing inside her head and her field of vision tightened, centered on Josh, the figures in her periphery becoming hazy and vague, irrelevant. Josh moved towards her. She could sense the power of the massive tool he carried, feel it's danger and promise of passion as he approached her. She sensed Bob shaking Josh's hand, Josh kissing Lisa. Stay away from him, the thought came, unbidden, he belongs to me, he is mine. She felt Lisa's hands on her knees, spreading her legs, lifting her skirt, and saw Josh's appreciative glance, and then he looked into her eyes.

"Very nice. It's good to see you again, Marci."

She wondered if anyone saw her juices gush from her at his words as her pussy prepared for the onslaught it knew was coming. She reached inside the top of her dress, not caring who saw, transfixed by the man in front of her, the impending glorious brutal satisfaction she would soon experience. She roughly pulled the other clip from her nipple, feeling the electric shock as it tugged and released, the painful return of blood to her engorging nipple. She pulled the clips out of her dress, connected by a chain, and offered it to Josh.

"Bob made me wear these," she heard herself, "but I wore them for you."

She sensed laughter from Bob and Lisa, but Josh only smiled at her, a hungry, eager smile, and her pussy gushed and her clit swelled. Her nipples ached. She thought she heard her name, saw Josh's mouth moving.

"Marci," he repeated, and her vision cleared a little.

"Marci," he said again, and touched her face, and the electric shock of the contact cleared her vision, and she was suddenly there again, with all three of them. Bob stood next to Lisa, his arm around her waist, as Josh left his hand at her cheek. She felt her face burning at his touch, the fire moving through her chest, to settle in her stomach as a hot, insatiable need.

"Marci," he said, "are you okay?"

"I want your cock," she blurted, instantly embarrassed, then just as quickly not caring. "Please, I need your cock, I want to suck it, I want you to fuck me, please."

"And I will, of course, it's why we're here." She felt relief sweep through her, finally relaxing, knowing at last that it was not a maybe, it was real; she would really get his cock. She had done it. She sighed audibly.

"You did good, Marci," Josh told her, and took her hand, helping her down from the stool. He turned to his wife and Bob. "What do you two say we finish these drinks and head upstairs?" They all agreed, signed the tab to the room, and headed for the elevator. Bob walked with Lisa, and Josh put his arm around Marci's waist, guiding her, pressing his hip to hers as they walked. It was strange seeing Bob touching another woman; he was her husband, and she watched them walk, and he stroked her back, her waist, and then his hand dropped to her ass, caressing as she walked.

In the elevator, an older couple rode up with them. Marci wondered if they could tell that they were with each others' partners, if they could sense the promise of sexual tension. She needn't have worried, as Lisa spoke.

"You know, Bob," she said, in conversational tones that everyone could hear, "I promised your wife that if she got you to fuck me, Josh and I would introduce her to experiences she could not even imagine."

"I've seen a dramatic change in her in the last three days," Bob told her. Marci looked at the older couple. They were pretending to ignore the conversation, but she knew they were hanging on every word. "She's expressed some desires that I never knew she had, some that were quite shocking, to tell the truth." He grinned.

"Were you surprised?"

"To say the least! Of course it was very exciting. She turned into quite the nasty slut!" She felt her face redden and heat up as Bob discussed her in front of these strangers. "I'm looking forward to enjoying her new attitude. You'll have to tell me how this all started."

"Later. First we see her enjoy herself."

"I promised her that she'd have to earn this."

"You're a clever man. I told her the same thing." She looked at Marci with a hungry expression. "As soon as I met her, I knew she was capable of being more. Soon we'll see just what she's made of."

The elevator stopped, and the older couple got out, and the man took a backward glance at the four of them, and then so did the woman. They both smiled as the doors closed. Humiliation and pride fought inside her. They continued up to the room in silence.

As soon as they got into the room Lisa released Bob and came to Marci, and kissed her, hard, forcing her tongue into her mouth. Overwhelmed, Marci kissed her back, their tongues wrestling. Lisa broke the kiss, turned Marci around, and undid the zipper of her dress, pulling it from her shoulders, slipping it down to her hips, then over them, to pool at her ankles. She was facing Bob and Josh, naked but for her heels, her small firm breasts heaving, her nipples hard and eager, her shaved pussy visible to both of them. She made no move to cover herself.

"She's beautiful, Bob," Josh said, "you're a lucky man. I hope you enjoy what I'm going to do to her." Josh reached for his zipper, pulled it down, and reached inside. Marci was transfixed, time seemed to slow as he removed his giant, gorgeous wonderful fat meat for her to see. It was still soft, and it hung there, outside his pants, swinging slightly, heavy with it's own weight. Her pussy twinged and flushed with anticipation.

"Holy shit," she heard Bob say, "You're going to fuck my wife with that monster? You'll kill her," he joked.

She felt Lisa's hands at her back, moving her forward, directing her to her knees. "Suck his big cock, Marci," she told her, "Suck him until he's good and hard for your pussy." She felt herself crawling to Josh, felt Bob's eyes on her, watching her surrender to this cock that was controlling her. She reached him, put one hand on his thigh and the other around the base of his beautiful, massive tool, unable to reach all the way around. She opened her mouth lovingly, kissed the tip, sliding her tongue around the massive head, felt the velvety smoothness and tasting his musky male flavor. Her head swam with desire and need, and she stretched her mouth open obscenely, and swallowed the head. Oh, God, she'd dreamed of this moment, having this glorious cock on her tongue, and she sucked the soft shaft, taking more, pushing her head forward, forcing more of the hefty meat into her hungry mouth, grunting with the effort.

Her eyes closed, and she forced her mouth wider, her jaw already beginning to ache with the strain. She pushed further, sucking hard, her tongue stroking the underside, and she took half of the big shaft inside her mouth, feeling the head brush against the back of her mouth. She felt it pulse and harden and stiffen, filling with blood, and she pushed harder, forcing the head past the back of her mouth, fighting her gag reflex, feeling her mouth fill with saliva. She lowered her shoulders and craned her neck, and pushed her head forward, forcing the head into her throat, heard herself choking, and her eyes watered. Her mouth was completely filled, and her pussy gushed as she swallowed his fat cock down her throat.

She opened her eyes, looked at Bob. He was staring at her in disbelief. She had never done this for him, for anyone, and she looked up at him, her mouth stuffed with gigantic hardening cock meat, and she loved him, loved him for all he was, and for allowing her to have this moment, feeling her mouth and throat punished like this. As she looked at him, Josh pushed his hips forward, forcing the rest of his shaft into her face, and she choked, fighting for breath as it pushed further down her throat. He pulled back then, extracting inch after inch of wet girth, slowly removing himself from her mouth as she stared at her husband. Finally the tip emerged, half hard now, and pools of saliva dripped from her open mouth as she breathed heavily, panting. She raised her other hand to Josh's cock, and stroked with both hands, lovingly, slowly bringing his to full hardness.

"Holy shit, that was incredible," she heard Bob say. She looked at Josh, proud of her husband's admiration. She licked his cock, stroked him, worshipped him, sucked the head, pushing her tongue into the slit at the top of his head. Looking back at Bob, she ran her tongue around the head. "Marci, you are such a cock loving slut," he told her. "Why don't you tell us how much you want this cock? Tell Josh and Lisa what a cock lover you are."

"I think they already know," she grinned, and kissed the tip. "But in case they forgot, I love this cock, I love it forcing my mouth open, pushing into my throat. I love it hurting me, bruising my throat." She licked all around the head, sucked it inside, hard, and released it with a pop. "I want it to destroy my cunt, to tear me open, and stretch me out, bruise my pussy till I can't walk."

"Fuck, Bob, she's perfect, she's possessed," Josh said. Then to her, "you'll have all that, you nasty slut. I'm going to fuck you into tomorrow. You'll never want another cock but mine after this, you'll live for it, hunger for it. You'll do anything for it."

"I'll do anything for your beautiful giant cock," she told him.

"Well, do this first," she heard Lisa behind her, "it's my turn."

Marci turned and saw Lisa, now naked, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs wide, pussy open and waiting. "Crawl to me, bitch, and lick my pussy." Marci turned and crawled, like an animal, straight to her, bringing her face up to Lisa's shaved pussy. She inhaled, smelling the scent of her arousal, seeing the droplets of her juices on her tiny labia, which were slightly open. Her huge clit, twice the size of Marci's, stood up proud. "Get your tongue inside me, lick my juices out, get me ready for your man's cock."

She brought her face closer, stuck out her tongue, and poked delicately at her lips, stroking them, tasting the juices, relishing the salty tang of Lisa's pussy, up one side, down the other, avoiding her clit. Then she pushed her tongue inside, burrowing gently first, then more forcefully, digging into her hole for the hot wet treat awaiting inside. She groaned as her mouth was flooded with juices, and she swallowed it down. She sucked at the woman's hole, drawing out her flavor, then moved up to her clit, flicking it lightly, then harder, and then closed her lips tightly over it and sucked, eliciting a moan of delight from Lisa. She worked it like a tiny cock.

She heard Bob saying, "That's so fucking hot. I can't believe she's licking her pussy. What a slut I married!" She switched back to her open hole, sucking out the new juices flowing, and dug below for the liquids that had run down her crack, and then Bob was there; he was naked, and pulling Lisa's legs up and open. "Get it all, baby," he told her, "lick her ass, too," and Marci saw her cheeks parted and lifted, and Lisa's tight crinkled hole was there, her pussy juice dripping down, and she darted her tongue across it, rewarded with a moan from Lisa. She felt the muscle twitch as she licked, felt the hole tighten, then release, and she speared her tongue inside, tasting the musky flavor of Lisa's rear hole. She pushed in, hungrily, forcing her tongue inside, and reached up with both hands, spreading her cheeks, giving her better access, allowing her tongue to go further. I am licking a woman's asshole, she thought, and I like it, it's so fucking hot and sweet. She pushed her face all the way in, licking as far inside her ass as she could reach.

"Fuck, you nasty slut," Bob said, "you like licking assholes, don't you?"

She looked up at him, met his eyes, and watched him as she ran her tongue around Lisa's crinkled starfish, wet with her saliva. She let him see her tongue playing there, watched him as she tongue fucked her tight hole. Then Bob groaned, and she looked to see that Lisa was sucking his cock. Like the video, she thought, like I said. She returned to Lisa's clit, and sucked hard, hearing her reaction muffled around Bob's dick. She worked her clit, harder, maintaining the stimulation, wanting to make her cum, to feel her cum while she was licking her. She slipped a finger inside her, palm up, and found the rough bulge of her G-spot, added a second finger, and rubbed them insistently as she sucked and licked her clit. She felt the woman's hips pulse and jerk as her body approached it's climax, and that made her work harder, hearing her slurping Bob's dick, grunting as she sucked, and then hearing her begin to cry out, muffled at first, then more clearly as Bob's dick fell from her lips as she came, hard and fast, and she felt the juices flowing past her fingers, her pussy clenching as the wave took her, and she released her clit, lowered her tongue to her wet hole, and sucked her juices up, swallowing her reward. Her wet fingers moved to Lisa's ass, and she pushed one inside, fingering her anal passage as she sucked her cum from her pussy.

"She's fingering my ass," Lisa cried out, "your slut cunt-sucking wife has her finger in my ass, oh, fuck, I'm coming again!"

She pumped the finger, fucking her ass with is, and returned to her clit, finishing her orgasm as she writhed and screamed. She licked lightly, allowing the wave to recede, feeling Lisa get control of her body again. She felt hands on her head, and looked up as Lisa pulled her to her face, kissing her hard, smearing and sharing her juices from Marci's face and mouth. Then Bob was there, and he was kissing her, licking her lips, tasting another woman on her, groaning into her mouth with hot breath. He reached for her nipple, pinched it hard, and pulled, and she felt lightning run from her breast to her pussy.

Then she was being pulled up, onto the bed, on her back, and she saw Josh there, between her spread legs, leering at her pussy. His magnificent member stood tall and proud and thick between his legs as he moved towards her. Oh, dear God, finally, she thought. He came closer, and holding his cock, tapped it lightly on her clit. Pulses of pleasure ran through her, tantalizing her, and she spread her legs wider, inviting him in.

"Are you ready for my cock?" he asked, teasing her, rubbing it now on her opening, smearing her juices.

"Yes!" she cried, trying to pull him in, "yes, I want you cock in my cunt now!"

"You're not ready, you only think you are," he warned her, "it's going to hurt."

"I want it to hurt, I want it to kill me, please," she begged, "go slow."

"It will hurt anyway."

"It know, I want it to hurt forever, I want to remember every inch as you tear me apart."

"Fuck her," she heard Bob say, "Fuck her cunt good and hard with that giant cock. Destroy her cunt with it."

Bob grinned down at her, then looked serious, and she felt the head push against her. She looked down saw the size of it against her tiny pussy, and knew she could never take it, knew it wouldn't fit, but oh, it was so beautiful, so gorgeous as it pressed her. And then she felt her opening stretch, and he pushed, and she opened wide, and still it didn't fit, and he pushed again and the pain began, a burning, tearing glorious pain as her pussy was stretched painfully around the head of his cock. She felt pressure, and then nearly passed out as the head pushed inside her. She heard screaming, and realized it was her, as waves of pain and pleasure swept through her. Josh held still, keeping only the head in her passage, allowing her to adjust to the painful stretching, When it had almost passed he pushed more, filling her, and his shaft began slipping inside her tight hole.

She was delirious, heard herself babbling, begging him to stop, to never stop, to fuck her cunt, to give her his beautiful cock. He withdrew slightly, pushed forward more, repeated the move several times, each time she felt herself filled more, split wide, painfully taking more of the massive meat into her cunt. She opened her eyes, seeing Bob above her, staring into her face with a wonder and admiration he's never shown before. "He's tearing you up, you slut, you like what he's doing to your cunt?" She was so filled, she'd never felt like this before, and she looked down to see half his cock still outside her pussy. Her lips stretched obscenely around his girth, clinging to his shaft every time he pulled slightly back, and being pulled inside her when he pushed.

She felt him press against her G-spot, then pass it, his shaft rubbing against her, felt her clit being pulled into his cock every time he pushed more in, and the overwhelming anticipation with the pain and pleasure brought on a sudden orgasm, and she came, only half his cock inside her. She cried out to the room that she was cumming, and she squirmed, impaled on half his meat stick.

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