tagInterracial LoveTCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 01: The Curse Begins

TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 01: The Curse Begins


Based upon comics by The Pit and Stormbringer.

The following is a revised version of "The Coxville Curse" broken down into shorter readable segments. The author recommends the full story revised editions.

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The Coxville Curse Part 1: Chapter 1: The Curse Begins


September 24, 2009: The night of the party before the big game between the Coxville Cocks and the Bartown Beavers. The night when lightning destroyed the old oak tree in front of city hall. The night the fog engulfed Coxville County and the shadow man came into the dreams of the sleeping women of Coxville.


Jenny Summers lay on her back listening to the wind howl outside and the rain pounding her roof. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Her husband's snores had stopped a minute ago and she knew what was coming next. Harold rolled on his side and his hand snaked over to squeeze one of her enormous breasts. Jenny sighed, "Not now Harold, I'm worried about Kitty."

Harold's hand moved over to her other breast and he kissed her neck. "She's fine honey. Kitty's out with Todd. He'll take good care of her." Harold pinched his wife's long nipple and it hardened between his fingers. "Come on honey, please?"

"Alright Harold," she sighed again. "Suit it up." Jenny listened to her husband roll over and fumble in the dark for a condom off the nightstand. At 36, Jenny felt she was too old to get pregnant again and she also didn't want an eighteen-year gap between her kids. Harold had worn a condom every time they had sex for the last eighteen years. He didn't mind and she loved that there wasn't any mess afterwards.

Harold moved on top of her and guided his penis inside his wife. He jumped suddenly when there was a loud boom of thunder outside. Harold was afraid of thunderstorms or more specifically the tornadoes involved with bad weather. Whenever a storm raged outside, he initiated sex, seeking comfort with his wife. Jenny mostly lay still waiting for both the storm and Harold to finish. Harold normally didn't take too long to finish and tonight was no exception. He grunted, and then came. She could feel his penis jerk inside her and that finally turned her on enough to get into it, but by then it was too late for her to get any pleasure out of it. Her husband's shrinking penis flopped out of her. Luckily, he hadn't gotten her worked up enough she'd need to masturbate after he fell asleep as was often the case. Harold rolled off her, panting for a few minutes before rising off the bed and going to deposit the condom in the bathroom trash bin. She listened to him urinate, then Harold returned to bed, kissed her on the cheek and was snoring again within minutes, his hand resting on her breast seeking comfort from the storm. Jenny picked up the hand and moved it off her body. She stared up at the ceiling hoping her daughter was all right.


Kitty gasped in pleasure as Todd flickered her nipple with his tongue. Rain pounded on the top of his car. "Come on baby," whispered Todd. "Let's fuck again."

"Not tonight Todd," she replied, holding his head to her breast while he continued teasing the hard nipple protruding from her DD breasts.

Todd sucked her nipple between his lips, and then released it. "Please baby, come on. Feel how hard I am." Todd grabbed her hand and placed it on the crotch of his jeans. Kitty squeezed his bulge, but didn't reply. "Come on Kitty, your hot body is driving me fucking nuts." She still didn't reply and moved her hand off his crotch. "How about a blow job then?"

"Tomorrow," said Kitty. "If the Cocks win."

"Fuck Kitty, the Beavers are undefeated."

"Kind of a defeatist attitude for a quarterback, Todd." Kitty reached over and grabbed his crotch again. This time she used both hands as she fumbled with his pants. "Maybe the Cocks just need some motivation. Win and you get a blow job. Tonight, all you get is a hand job."

"Deal," said Todd, enthusiastically. He may have been quarterback, but he was also a realist. He'd seen the Beavers play and the Cocks had only won one game this season. He smiled back at the memory. His had been a perfect toss right to Samson West. Kitty had given him a rare blowjob that night and if anything, her lips felt better than her tight pussy had. No, they wouldn't win tomorrow night's game, but at least tonight, she was willing to jack him off and Todd took whatever he could get.

Kitty thought it was nasty, but she spitted in her hand and coated Todd's stiff penis with her saliva. What he referred to as Todd's rod was only between five and six inches fully erect so it didn't take much to coat it. She'd jerked him off before when they had started dating junior year and she'd kind of liked it. On his eighteenth birthday she'd given her first blow job and another when he made quarterback. Finally, on her eighteenth birthday, she'd let him fuck her and they'd done it half a dozen times since. She found it enjoyable, but didn't think it was a big deal. She'd even decided she liked giving head better then she liked actual sex. Todd on the other hand loved it. They were the perfect couple, a stacked blue-eyed blonde cheerleader with her handsome fit quarterback boyfriend. They were destined to be homecoming king and queen, prom king and queen, get married, and have beautiful children together. It only took a few strokes of her hand before a little wad of semen shot out of the tip of Todd's dick. She stared at it with fascination. A few drops of semen appeared around the urethra as she continued stroking him and his penis began to shrivel in her hand. She didn't know why she found his penis so enthralling. Possibly it was because she didn't have one herself and knew nothing about them or why her simplest touch seemed to give Todd so much pleasure. All she knew was that it would probably be the only penis she'd ever see in her life and Todd had told her it was probably the biggest in school. Kitty felt lucky and proud as she released it and licked the small wad of semen off her hand. She found she liked the taste, swallowing the first time she'd blown him and Todd had been thrilled that she wasn't one of those prissy girls who spit it out.

"That was great, Kitty," he moaned, tucking his penis back in his pants. "Let's get back to the party."

"It's pouring outside," said Kitty looking through the rain splattered windshield. It was Thursday night and since tomorrow was an in-service day, a classmate was throwing a party. They didn't have school and didn't have to get up early, but tomorrow night was the game where the Coxville Cocks were taking on the undefeated Bartown Beaver's. "Take me home, Todd."

"Ah come on, let's go back inside. I want another beer. Besides, what's a little rain?"

Kitty felt pretty drunk already, but figured one more beer couldn't hurt. Together, they held hands running through the rain back onto the porch filled with drunken high school students. Nearly the entire senior class was at this party. Their classmates greeted the most popular boy and girl in school as they returned to their party.


Coxville was your typical small town in the American South. It was the county seat of Coxville County and the second biggest town in Coxville County after Coxburg to the North off I-69. Coxville County was large as Southern counties go, but a good chunk of the Western County was dominated by Lake Cox and other then a few small towns, the rest of the county was mostly rural farmland growing corn, tobacco, and cotton crops.

Coxville was named after Colonel Phineas Josiah Cox, hero of the Mexican War and owner of the Cox plantation which had dominated the entire county for 200 years until the civil war. Yankees had occupied the mansion during the war, burning the surrounding buildings and releasing the slaves to ravage the neighborhood in 1864. The Union army was forced to march out quickly and never got around to burning down the mansion, leaving it standing alone a stunning piece of architecture surrounded by the still smoking wreckage of stables, barns, silos, and slave quarters with crops still burning in the fields.

Coxville town grew up around the plantation years later. The tree lined road up to the mansion became Main Street. The mansion itself became the town and county administrative offices. Storefronts lined Main Street and residences sprang up around the town as it grew to a respectable size.

Dominating the front lawn of town hall was a 300 year old oak tree of huge size that had been young when the first Cox settler had arrived on the land.


The old black man jerked his massive cock off as rapidly as he could. The rain fell so hard, it stung his bare skin. He looked around nervously. He could not afford to get caught, though it was unlikely he would in this weather. Most of the residents of Coxville were inside on a night like this and fast asleep given that the midnight hour was fast approaching. He threw his head back and upwards into the storm, feeling the rain strike his face as he chanted:

oh Damballah, kreyatè nan lavi yo.

lakansyèl sèpan ki la, koulèv la nwa.

plant pitit pitit ou sou peyi sa a.

Me pitit fi yo nan Èv ap plantureu ak fètil.

Me yo jwenn rekonfòte sèvi siperyè koulèv la nwa nan Damballah.

Pou vè yo blan nan pitit gason yo nan Adan ap kite yo vle.

Oh Damballah, kreyatè nan lavi yo.

Muri bellys yo nan pitit fi yo nan Ev.

Avèk pitit pitit an koulèv la nwa nan Damballah.

Ak pouvwa yo kreye nouvo lavi sèvi ou.

Oh Damballah, kreyatè nan lavi yo.

He did not speak Creole, but he had memorized the chant since his father had taught it to him fifty years ago and his father's father before him and so on back to Phineas Long, son of a white woman and a black slave, a black slave that had cursed the county.

The man stroked his cock faster, praying that it could maintain an erection. At 65, erections were a rare treat. Not that he had anyone to use his rare erections with, he'd been widowed for twelve years. His beloved wife had been nearly infertile, but his high sperm count had provided them with but one child and that had been a daughter and his daughter had born him one granddaughter. Women had their own powers and in many ways, were more powerful than men, but this was cock and seed magic which required a male. He had no son or grandson to teach the summoning spell to, but if all went well, there would be no need for the spell after tonight. The wind whipped around the old oak tree and the lit black spirit candle he had placed at the trunk blew out. He cursed, but continued masturbating. He glanced over at the old Cox plantation, now city hall, and for a split second swore he could see the image of a hanged man's shadow swaying on the wall of the old building.

The old man felt his erection growing floppy. He cursed again, squeezing the base of his cock to harden it, praying to Damballah that he would not let his ancestors down. His mind wandered back fifty years earlier to the last time, he'd jerked off under the old oak tree.

His father Wayne had led him the many miles from nigger town to city hall through the dark of night. They'd kept to the shadows for black men wandering the town at night were always looked upon with suspicion as they still were to this day. The night had been similar, pitch black, thunder in the distance, but the rain hadn't been as hard. The boy watched his father pull his hard foot long black cock out of his overalls. He jerked it to hardness before spitting in his hand and starting to jerk it off. Beneath the oak, was a lit spirit candle, a tar baby doll with a rope noose around its neck, and some chicken bones. His father stared at the items as he jerked off. A gust of wind blew the candle out. Wayne hissed at his son, "Light it, boy." The boy took the candle and moved behind the tree to shelter it from the wind. He struck a match futilely. Each man was so intent on the tasks, that neither saw the police cruiser until the headlights fell on Wayne. The siren sounded, startling them both. "Finish this," shouted his father as the boy ran and jumped behind some bushes before the police could see him.

"Freeze you perverted nigger," shouted the Sheriff as he and his deputy ran out of the police car and tackled Wayne. Wayne offered no resistance, but the two policemen beat him half a dozen times with their nightsticks. "Look at this shit, sheriff," called the deputy. "The boy is some kind a witch." The sheriff looked at the items under the tree. "You a witch boy? You workin' with da devil, nigger?" The sheriff hit Wayne once again for good measure. The two cops, cuffed Wayne and dragged his limp body into the police cruiser, before driving off the short distance to the station.

Wayne's son crept out from the bushes once the coast was clear. He still held the candle. He lit it and sat it down at the base of the tree. The police had taken the tar baby, but left the bones. The boy pulled his cock out from his worn old trousers. It was bigger than his fathers, half again as long, a freak of nature. His cock was an eighteen-inch monstrosity. His deformity had made the local paper when he was born. The baby with three legs screamed one headline. It didn't take much to make his huge black phallus hard, nor did he need to masturbate long to cum. The boy's huge balls emptied their sperm all over the grass beneath the tree. He hadn't finished cumming, when there was a huge thunderclap above him, a flash, and a large branch fell from the tree just as he was lifted and thrown several feet away. The boy sat up dazed, shaking his head. Every hair on his body stood up from his skin. Fog was rising from the ground where his sperm had struck. The fog spread, billowing outward, unnaturally engulfing everything in its path. It caressed then surrounded his body. The boy smiled as the fog embraced him. He smiled during the long walk home for having carried out the ritual and was still smiling the next day. The smile didn't leave his face until the policemen knocked on his door to inform his mother Elsie, that his father had died from a concussion suffered while resisting arrest for public indecency.

The old man wasn't smiling tonight. He was struggling to cum. So different from the rock-hard cock he'd had as a teenager and a young man. Twenty years ago, the erections had started becoming fewer and fewer, his cock losing some of its steel, growing floppy even in the middle of sex. His wife had actually been somewhat relieved. Finally, he felt the sperm welling up in his old balls. He was straining as rain ran down his face and dripped from his white mustache. Finally, it blew. The old man hadn't cum in years and it looked like he was blowing a years' worth of semen. Never in his long life had an orgasm felt so good. Sperm fanned outwards from his floppy old cock, covering the grass beneath the old oak tree. His legs grew weak from the strain. Just as he fell to his knees, the lightning struck the tree. This time it didn't take just a branch. It shattered the tree just feet from the old man. He felt several large splinters penetrate his skin causing him to wince with pain. "I did it, father," he whispered. "Damballah, creator of life, the rainbow serpent. I did it."

The old man felt pain shoot up and down his left arm as he struggled to his feet and he feared this was the end. Just as it had fifty years earlier, fog was rising from the ground where his sperm had struck it. The last fog had awakened a dormant gene in the women of Coxville causing all the prepubescent girls and females babies born since to develop large full bosoms. The fog a 100 years earlier after Phineas Long ejaculated on it had awakened a dormant gene in the black men of the county causing the penises to reach their full potential. The fog 150 years ago had cursed the county when the slave Prospero Black, the embodiment of Zombi Damballah had ejaculated in death as he was hanged from this very oak when the residents of the Coxville plantation had lynched him for copulating with Phineas Cox's two daughters, the innocent and beautiful, Betty and Samantha Cox.

This fog would change everything.

The pain in his arm grew worse. He clutched his heart struggling not to fall back to the wet ground. He didn't even have the strength to pull his trousers back up. What would the Coxville Times' headline say when he was found dead here in the morning? He watched the fog billow outwards, expecting his heart to burst at any moment and he was ready to die, for tonight he had fulfilled his family's destiny.

The fog reached out to touch him and the pain in his arm stopped. His heart rate returned to normal. He sobbed with joy that Damballah had bestowed him with more time on his earth. But that was not Damballah's only gift. The fog caressed then embraced his limply hanging penis. He felt his penis extend and grow as blood flowed into it and it took a lot of blood to swell a cock as big as his. The touch of the cold fog ran up and down his cock, almost as if it were masturbating him. His erections hadn't been this hard and strong in years. The old man looked down on his erection with pride, even as his penis and soon entire body disappeared into the fog.

Willie Long, the principal of Coxville High, threw back his head so that the rain struck his face and laughed.


No one else was out on this rain soaked night to witness the massive bolt of lightning that blasted the old oak tree to ruin at precisely midnight. The resulting thunder woke citizens of Coxville from their sleep and shook the foundations of many an old home.

The fog spread out around the town hall slowly moving down Main Street. It spread out engulfing the entire town, creeping into open windows, and touching every living thing. Within an hour the fog had spread to the surrounding developments, past Coxville High School, the African American neighborhood of Westside, and up the nearby hill on which the ancient Sisters of Mercy Convent sat. After several more hours, the fog was engulfing the smaller towns, farms, and the city of Coxburg even moving across Lake Cox. By dawn the entire county was shrouded in fog.


September 25, 2009: The night when the shadow man came into the dreams of the sleeping women of Coxville. The day of the big game between the Coxville Cocks and the Bartown Beavers. The day that changed everything.


Todd and Kitty had barely made it back inside the porch when the loud clap of thunder rattled the walls of the house. Some of the girls screamed and the partying teenagers laughed nervously. It was preciously midnight.

Kitty excused herself to go to the bathroom while Todd made a beeline for the white members of the football team. She sighed as she relieved herself. Beer tended to go right through her. Kitty stood and flushed the toilet. Someone knocked for her to hurry up. There was always a line to use the bathroom at a high school party involving teenagers and drinking. More important than her full bladdered classmates however, was her female need to make sure she was presentable. She tugged her short cutoff jean shorts to make sure her butt cheeks weren't sticking out. Her low-cut tank top was askew and she had to pull it up a little to make sure her bellybutton was visible. Kitty was on the short side at 5'3" and wore heeled sneakers to make her appear taller. Her small size and the fact that she constantly wore her blonde hair up in pig tails made her appear younger than eighteen. She smiled at the trim figure in the mirror. She was 34-22-36 with DD breasts already huge on her trim frame and still growing. She wished they'd stop, but knew she was destined to have her mother and grandmother's large GG racks after getting married and having Todd's children.

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