TCCS Pt. 01 Ch. 01: The Curse Begins


Kitty was about to return to the party when she noticed the strange glow coming from the bathroom window. She strained to see out into the darkness and when her eyes adjusted, she could see the rolling white wall of fog approaching the house. "Wow," she whispered, never having seen fog this thick before.

She left the restroom to some groans of relief from the teens waiting in line, mostly girls as the boys just disappeared outside. She headed towards Todd and the team. Her cheerleader friends were nearby staring out a window.

"Where did this fog come from?" asked Miko. The full lipped Amerasian only had half her roots in Coxville. Her native father had met her Japanese mother while serving in the military on Okinawa.

"It's like it came from nowhere." Patty, the buxom redhead stepped out onto the screened porch and peered out into the night. "Thick as I've ever seen." The mist came through the screen and left droplets of water on Patty's face like she was covered in sheen of sweat.

"I'd better get going," said Pamela. "If this fog gets any worse, nobody's going anywhere." Pamela was a standout beauty, unique because her C-cup breasts were on the small side for Coxville County, a product of her obsessive physical regimen.

Miko turned towards a group of white football players. The black players were nearby, but the two groups tended to self-segregate except during practice. Miko snapped her fingers in a zigzag pattern. "Boyfriends, it's time to take us home."

Kitty approached the group. "Y'all leaving?"

"Yeah girl, have you seen this weather." Patty was a cheerful bouncy girl and her whole body jiggled when she talked. She was wearing a tight halter that showed off a bosom that rivaled Kitty's mom's and despite wearing a bra, Patty's prominent nipples were clearly visible through the top. Nothing she did could hide her pointy knobs.

"Darn, I just got a full beer," said Kitty, wishing she could go home with her friends, but Todd was responsible for her tonight. Kitty much preferred hanging out with her fellow cheerleaders for fun and conversation. Boys were only good for boy stuff and making out. Todd wouldn't want to leave until the keg was tapped out. They were a close-knit group and only the studious Susan was missing out of her friends, as Susan preferred reading to socializing. "Be careful. Get plenty of rest and most importantly, "GO COCKS!"

"GO COCKS!" screamed, Miko, Pamela, and Patty as well as Stacy, the lone black cheerleader who was over with the group of black team members.

"I pity those poor Beavers," laughed Miko. "The Cocks are gonna skin'em and wear 'em for caps, Davy Crockett style."

"Todd doesn't think we can win," said Kitty, shaking her head.

"Bummer," said Pamela. "Gotta run. Love ya girl." Pamela gave Kitty a side kiss on her cheek just before her boyfriend Brian came over to escort her out, followed by Patty's boyfriend Steve, both handsome strapping popular boys that played football with Todd.

A good deal of the rest of the party followed them wanting to get home before the fog got any worse. Kitty sipped her beer and watched the long stream of party goers file out. "I think we can win," said a deep voice behind her. "I know we can win."

Kitty spun around and found herself facing Samson West. The muscular black teen with the shaved head, sipped his beer and tried to stare in her eyes, but he kept sneaking glances at her chest. She didn't like Samson, he was arrogant and cocky. Plus, he was Todd's chief rival and would have been quarterback if it wasn't for Todd though they did work well together as a team. Also, he tended to stare at her with an intensity that made her nervous. He'd never flirted with her though. That would have been too bold in a town that lynched blacks for talking to white women just a few decades past. "Todd doesn't seem to think so," she said, haughtily. Her boyfriend was never wrong about football.

"That's why Samson should be da fuckin quarterback," said a tall, dark skinned black man with muscles that rivaled Coach Black. LD was the subject of a lot of town gossip. His father also called LD had been popular among the black ladies in the colored part of town, knocking several up before abandoning his children and moving to L.A. to become a porn star. LD always kept his head covered with a cap or do-rag and never took off his sunglasses. A few teachers had tried to make him remove his shades, but they had backed down when they saw the angry glare from his eyes. "We'd of won last week's game if it weren't for tiny dick Todd."

"That's enough LD," said Samson when Kitty gasped, staring wide eyed up at the giant black man. "Todd's a good leader." Samson winked at LD.

"We could do better," replied LD. "You know what I'm saying? I gotta blow out of here, bro. Later."

"Later. Let's kick some Beaver ass tomorrow." Samson pounded LD on his back.

Kitty tried to step around the two black men as LD left the party. She glanced back at Todd hoping he'd rescue her, but three of the other black players had cornered him. The white players had mostly left, but the black players always held back at parties, waiting to kick the keg or probably to do some looting when no one was looking, she thought, scornfully. Todd was tall, fit, and muscular, but the three blacks dwarfed him. Stubby was shorter then Todd, but he was very squat and looked bigger. He had a shaved head like Samson, but sported a full goatee. Max was as big and as dark as LD, but he sported long dreadlocks. Deon was the only fat one of the bunch. He was always eating and even now had a bag of Cheetos in his hand. His tee shirt was stained orange from his snack. They seemed to be arguing with Todd, occasionally pointing at Samson.

"I've watched the Beavers practice," said Samson. "We can take them."

Kitty looked up at the bald black teen. She drained her beer and felt the room spin a little. She really needed to get back home and in bed. "Todd lives and breathes football, Samson. If he says we can't win, we can't win." She hiccoughed and quickly covered her mouth.

"I bet we can win."

"I bet we can't." Kitty hiccoughed again.

The big black man shook his head. "You'd think he'd try harder. If you were giving me a blow job after each victory, I'd win every game." Samson frowned. He was acting a little out of character and assumed he must have been drunker then he thought.

Kitty was looking at him in horror. "That bastard! He's lying. I don't do... He told you!"

"He told the entire football team why he couldn't party with us after our one sad victory of the year."

"I'll kill him."

Samson laughed and grabbed her shoulders when she tried to move past him to go after Todd. "Hold on," he said, staring into her eyes and then glancing down at her firm young breasts. Samson felt his cock stir. What he wouldn't give to fuck her. "I believe we were about to make a bet."

"I'm not much for betting," said Kitty, calming a little. "What did you have in mind?"

Samson ran through some ideas in his head, twenty bucks, a case of beer, or having Kitty do his homework, but when he opened his mouth to speak, he said, "I want what Todd gets." Kitty looked just as shocked over what he had said as he did, but as the seconds ticked by, he began to feel more confident. "Yeah, I want a blow job from the cheerleading captain." Kitty gasped angrily and tried to pull away, but Samson increased his grip on her shoulders. "Whatsa matter, not as confident that Todd knows as much about football as you thought? He says you're a first-class cocksucker."

Kitty was furious, but she wasn't sure if she were madder at Todd or Samson. "I can't suck you off," she said.

"Why not?"

Because you're black, thought Kitty. Because you're Todd's rival. Because you're a nigger. Because you're an arrogant jerk. Because you're a Westside nigger. The races did not mingle in Coxville. "Because I'm Todd's girlfriend," she blurted out. "It wouldn't be right."

"Then have some faith in him. Chicken." Samson began flapping his arms and making clucking noises. "Chicken. Chicken. Bawk Bawk Bawk."

"Alright," she snapped. "Stop acting like a fool."

"It's a bet?"

"Yes, it's a bet." Her flabbergasted expression slowly left her face to be replaced by a snide grin. "But," she added, "if Todd's right and the Beavers win, you quit the team. Deal?" she asked, thinking he'd back out from this stupid bet.

Samson West reared back a little and released her shoulders. Kitty Summers was playing hardball. Football was all he had and his only hope of getting out of Coxville was a football scholarship. He looked down at the blue eyed blonde cheerleader with her fit body and big breasts, immediately deciding it would be worth the risk. "Deal," he said.

Kitty looked a little surprised. She thought she'd had him. She didn't want him off the team. He was every bit as responsible for winning their one game as Todd was. The Cocks needed him. "It's a bet," she muttered. If Todd was right and she'd never known him to be wrong predicting a football game's outcome, she was eliminating her boyfriend's biggest rival. But if Samson was right, she'd have to put a black man's nigger penis in her mouth. She shivered as if someone had just walked over her grave. "If you win the game, I'll meet you in the locker room and suck your(gulp)... suck your penis, but if the Beavers win, you quit the team before the next game."

Samson nodded just as Todd joined them. "What's up?" asked Todd, staring back and forth between his black teammate and his girlfriend. He'd never seen them talking alone before.

"I was just telling Kitty here to cheer loudly tomorrow when we take down the Beavers," said Samson looking at Kitty.

Todd sighed. "Well, let's hope, but don't forget, they're undefeated."

"They gotta lose some time." Samson stepped back and patted Todd's shoulder. "See ya tomorrow. I'm gonna go work out some plays with my boys."

Todd watched Samson walk off. "I make the plays Samson. I'm still quarterback," he called. Samson stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around and a second later he resumed walking towards the black players. Todd felt smug, secure that he had made his point to his rival before turning back to Kitty. "Ready to go? The keg's kicked."

"Take me home, please," she replied, rubbing her temple.


Miko Larson felt the strange mist caress her skin. It tingled where it touched her flesh making her skin damp and raising goosebumps on her yellowish hued skin. She found herself wishing she had worn more than the short flower printed sundress she'd chosen for the party. She waved bye to her friends and fellow cheerleaders, already having difficulty seeing them in the mist. Her boyfriend Lou came around and opened the door for her. "You think it's safe to drive in this?" she asked him.

"I'll go slow," he replied. Lou was a fairly skilled running back for the Coxville Cocks, but he was second string. One of the black players had beaten him out of the first-string position this year. He leaned over and kissed Miko before starting the engine.

Being half Japanese, Miko was a unique looking beauty for Coxville County. Her mother, Amami was very attractive and had a typical Asian body, short and thin. Her breasts were a small, pert B-cup and that was after giving birth to Miko. In her wedding picture, her breasts looked barely A's. Ironically, it was her small breast size that had attracted Miko's father. Ted Larson had grown up surrounded by the bouncy buxom women of Coxville County and when he'd first laid eyes on the skinny Japanese women on Okinawa, he was instantly smitten with their freshness.

Lucky for Miko, she'd inherited her grandmother on her father's side's genes and grown large breasts for a half-Japanese woman. In a town and county where DD cup sizes were the norm and E, EE's, and even GG's were somewhat common, Miko's 32C's allowed her to feel like she fit in better with her buxom friends. Plus, at only 5' tall and 100 pounds, her breasts looked larger on her small body. Her full lips, exotic features, outgoing personality, and hot body made her one of the most popular girls in the High School.

"SHIT!" yelled Lou, swerving the car.

Miko grabbed the side of her seat, holding on as Lou avoided something in the road. "You all right?"

"Dammed deer," he mumbled. "Can't see a thing in this fog."

"Be careful."

"I AM!" he snapped at her. "Sorry."

"It's okay," she replied. Miko could tell Lou was nervous. He was gripping the wheel tightly and when he removed one hand to wipe his brow, it was shaking. She hoped her friends would make it home safely. None of their boyfriends had much experience driving in weather like this having only had their licenses for a little over a year. Luckily, they arrived safely at the Larson family house and Miko could tell Lou's nerves were completely shot. "Thanks," she said, wrapping one dainty hand behind his neck and pulling his lips down on hers. They kissed passionately for half a minute, Lou's hand coming down to rest on her bare knee, then working its way up her thigh and under the hem of her short dress. Miko reached down and moved his hand away. "It's late," she said apologetically. "Maybe tomorrow night after the game. If you win that is."

"Deal," said Lou, kissing her again.

Miko opened the door and the clammy mist hit her skin immediately. She shivered, hugging herself and running her hands up and down her arms. "Maybe you shouldn't drive in this anymore," she said, getting up out of the car.

"You might be right," he told her. Not only were the driving conditions bad, but he had been drinking.

"Come on in and you can sleep on the couch."

"And maybe sneak up to your room?" he asked, hopefully.

"Not ever, never, no way. My dad would kill you." Miko led her boyfriend up to the front steps by his hands. She unlocked the front door and found her dad standing in the doorway, arms crossed, biceps bulging, semper fi tattooed on one arm with a frown on his face.

"You're way past curfew young lady," said her dad, gruffly.

"My fault sir," interrupted Lou, gulping. Mr. Larson was still a hulking brute of a man. He was a sharp contrast to his tiny wife and daughter. "It's this fog, I had to drive real slow to keep Miko safe."

Ted Larson snorted, but stepped out of the way and let the teenage couple come inside. He leaned out the door. "I'll be damned, it's thicker than an old nigger woman's white bush out there. Where did this fog come from?"

"It just rolled in fast out of nowhere, sir," said Lou.

"Daddy, I don't want Lou driving home in this weather. Can he stay on the couch?"

Ted glowered at his daughter and her boyfriend until Lou gulped again. Lou did live on the far side of town. "He stays downstairs, you stay upstairs," he told his daughter.

"Of course, daddy," replied Miko. "Let me get you a pillow and a blanket."

Ted Larson supervised his daughter preparing the couch for her boyfriend. He then escorted Miko upstairs to her room before retiring to his bedroom. Amami was tossing and turning deep in the throes of some dream, whimpering, and moaning in her sleep. If Ted hadn't known better, he'd have sworn his wife was having a sex dream.

Miko pulled her dress off over her head and brushed her teeth in only her bra and panties. She climbed under the covers with her big giant teddy bear. Lou had won it for her at the state fair back in July and she'd used it to cuddle with ever since. Miko was out like a light within five minutes.

The shadow man entered her dreams.

He pulled back the covers on her bed. Miko smiled invitingly, spreading her legs for him. He mounted her, his huge cock slipping deeper and deeper, penetrating her more than Lou ever could or ever would. The head of his mighty cock poked at the entrance to her womb. He hunched over her body, kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples between his teeth. Hair scratched her bare breasts and she could tell that the dark figure was bearded. He kissed up her young body, finding her lips, kissing her more hungrily then Lou, possessing her body and soul, and she came, humping her hips up into the thrusts of his big cock. His muscular arms grabbed her, rolling her over so that she was on top, riding his big cock to orgasm after orgasm. Miko had never been fucked like this. To her sex was disappointing, the flesh on flesh contact was fun, but the pleasure she got from sex with Lou was minimal. The dark man was different. This was what sex was all about. She rode his monster cock to orgasm after orgasm, his strong hands, squeezing her breasts. "CCUUMMIINNGG!" she cried.

Miko woke up. She looked down in surprise at her abused teddy bear. Her brownish nipples were so hard, they scraped against her bra. Her panties were soaking wet. The young woman had never been this horny before or had a dream quite like that. She rather liked it. She'd even ground her pussy into the teddy bear's crotch, leaving a wet spot on the poor stuffed animal.

Three minutes later, Lou jumped with a start as Miko slid her hand into his pants. She put her finger up to her lips motioning for him to be quiet. Lou was a good-looking boy, short brown hair, parted at the side. He had a nice physique. A bit of a redneck, his family owned a tobacco farm, he liked shooting, hunting, and four wheeling, but he was kind to her. She fished his dick out, squeezing and fondling it. She felt it swell. It was about six inches long and skinny. She'd never understood why sex seemed like such a big deal. Sure, he felt good inside her, but he never lasted more than a few minutes. Barely enough time for her to start enjoying herself.

His dick had extended to full size, but it remained floppy, only semi-hard. Miko leaned over and took it in her mouth, sucking his penis deep, the head punching her uvula.

"Holy shit!" gasped Lou. This was a surprise. Miko had never sucked his prick before, despite much begging and pleading.

Miko sucked hard and fast. She paused long enough to say, "Why isn't it getting hard?" She took him inside her mouth again. Two fingers were pushing against the cotton of her panty. Her fingers were eager to get inside and she wished, she'd removed her underwear. She wanted something inside her pussy. Finally, Lou turned completely hard, but just as she was about to quit and mount him, he ejaculated in her mouth. Miko pulled back in distaste, feeling his semen roll around on her tongue. She didn't want to swallow it, but as long as she held him in her mouth, she could taste him and she didn't like that either. She raced over to the nearby desk, yanked a tissue out of a box and spit his semen up into the tissue.

"That was awesome," he groaned, stretching in pleasure on her couch. "Thank you."

"Welcome," she whispered. I hope you like it, she thought, because that's the last blow job I'll be giving. Disgusting!

"Sorry I had trouble," Lou apologized. "I guess I'm a little scared your dad might catch us. Give me five minutes and I can go again," he promised.

"No, you're right," said Miko smiling. "It's almost dawn and you need to rest up for the game tonight."

"If I even play," Lou grumbled. "And if we even have a game." An eerie whitish light shined behind every window in the house showing that the fog was still thick.

Miko blew Lou a kiss and headed back to the stairs, tiptoeing up them. She was still horny, but even if Lou could have gotten it up again, he couldn't have lived up to her dream lover's promises anyway. She crept past her parent's room, pausing when she heard bed springs squeaking and moans. Yech, she thought, my parents are doing it. Amami whimpered suddenly from behind the door and to Miko it sounded more like a whimper of frustration then pleasure.

Miko crept back to her room. This time she stripped off her underwear before climbing into bed. She fell asleep, slowing massaging her clit with one finger, hoping that her dream lover would come back to entertain her.

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