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It was the end of the week and I had one more class to teach. I've been teaching for a year at the local high school and absolutely love it. I especially loved teaching this particular class. It was a mix of sexy jocks, dumb blondes with huge tits, and troublemakers. There was never a dull moment and I knew the only reason why half of them listen to anything I had to say was due to my good looks. I'm a fairly young teacher, at 24, and my age helps me relate to my students, especially, the boys.

I'm 5'2" have long blonde hair, large tits, and a great body. I love the way the boys look at me when I'm trying to give a lesson. I've always wondered what it would be like to fool around with one of the boys, so young and strong. Since I'm single, I don't have sex nearly as much as I would like, and sometimes I find myself flirting with the kids even though I know it isn't right.

I always blew these sexual feelings off as nothing more than a fantasy. But today was different. It was an extremely hot day, and I wore a bright red t-shirt, and as short a skirt as I could under school regulations, to help fight off the heat. Since it was the last class of the week, I decided that we should take it easy. We basically talked through the entire class. We talked about everything from the kid’s college plans to dating. Then, to my surprise, when of the punks in the class, who I thought was very hot, asked me if I had ever had sex. I blushed, because when I was in high school, I had a very active sex life. I could have been considered a slut, because of how often I snuck boys up into my room. I answered the boy, Alex, honestly and told him about my history. As I was doing so, I noticed that the boys and girls had their eyes glued to me as I told my sexy tale. This was making me hot and I could feel my pussy start to tingle. Alex asked me if I enjoyed it and I said that I enjoyed it very much. This conversation, was obviously having its effect on everyone as I saw Alex and a couple of the other boys reach into their pants and begin stroking their cocks.

Then, one of the boys in the back, Evan, moved closer to one of the sexy blondes in the class, his girlfriend Clarissa, and they began making out. This made things worse, and before I could say anything in protest, Alex and his friend Stephan were making their way to the front of the class. Stephen reached down and kissed me full on the lips while Alex started groping my tits and trying to lift up my shirt. I soon heard cheers from all around the room and though I tried to resist, the boys were too strong and would not take no for an answer.

My Protests were useless as Alex lifted my shirt up over my head, and, since I wasn't wearing a bra, my C cup size tits were in full view for everyone to see. This really made me hot. Then, Stephen had his dick out in an instant. I was shocked at its size as he forced it down my throat.

By now, Alex had managed to remove my skirt and panties and motioned me onto the desk. I started to let my guard down and began to enjoy myself and all the attention I was getting. I was told to get down on all fours and let him enter me from behind.

While all this was going on, I looked up to see Clarissa sucking Evan’s dick, while being fucked by Paul, another jock in the class. Evan was also sucking on another girls tits, Sandra, who was hot brunette with long dark brown hair and despite having smaller sized tits, was still very sexy.

Meanwhile, I was in heaven. I now had Alex underneath me, and Stephen on top. Alex had entered my ass, and Stephen was fucking me for all he was worth. The first to cum was Stephen and he shot his load into me while I had another raging orgasm. Then Alex took his dick out of me and I hungrily took it into my mouth. He came quickly, and shot so much cum into my mouth that it started to drip from my chin and onto my tits.

Stephen and Alex were finished, but I still had a long way to go. I went over to Evan and kissed him. Paul was still giving Clarissa a good fuck while making out with Sandra, so I borrowed Evan and told him that I need to be fucked in the ass. He didn't hesitate at all and entered my anus. Clarissa and Paul had moved next to me. Clarissa hungrily licked all the cum of my face and tits. When she was done she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my cum filled mouth.

By then Evan couldn't take it. I turned to face him and he came all over mine and Clarissa's faces. Then Clarissa had a powerful orgasm. A few moments later and Paul followed Evan's lead and Clarissa and I got a face full of cum again.

Alex and Stephen were ready to go again and walked over to Sandra. As I watched them fuck her as they had just fucked me just minutes ago, I sat down next to her and starting sucking and playing with her huge breasts and kissing her passionately on the lips. Her tits were easily the biggest in the class, probably a D cup, and I loved how they felt. This helped her cum and soon Alex was cumming again also. He took his dick out of her and his cum landed on her tits. Clarissa and I licked up every last drop while we waited for Stephen. Sandra was sucking him hard, and, sure, enough, he came all over her face while the four other kids in the class came at the same time, all over each other.

Since everyone was exhausted, we fell asleep on the floor of the classroom, naked, and in each others arms. When I got home that night I couldn't wait until the next time I teach that class!

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