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This is part of a sequence of stories I am writing about a mixed race girl who has anglicised her name to Anita. To aid with your appreciation of the story here is a little background. Anita has a live in lover Jason, he has pushed her sexually to experiment with both a male and female partner in his company (see Where the Ribbon Leads) Anita has been trading pleasing him in the hope of finding the same exciting erotic love her mother experienced with her father (see Anita (Her Mothers Diary). The two experiments she has undertaken have been with her former boyfriend (Gary) and the current lodger (Trisha) in the house she shares with her boyfriend . This story is about Anita pushing herself and becoming involved with strangers for the first time.


The warmth of the club swept over Anita, it was as exotic as her Indian origins. Dressed in tight trousers, with a sparkling satin bodice top. Anita was determined for her petite frame to be noticed. Wearing a vivid chiffon over blouse, open at the front she drew attention to her flattened abdomen. A diamond stud reflected from her navel, against the contrast of her light brown skin.

Her finely boned feet, crossed the threshold into the tropical heat with two confident steps of her gold high heeled sandals. Her dark hair bobbed out behind her, as she was swept along towards the brightly lit oasis of the bar. Diving into the crowd she ordered a soft drink before finding a corner from which to observe.

She felt her eyes wide and alert. Her whole body tingling with nervous energy. For the first time in years she was out and alone. It had not been her intention. She should have been grateful to have the house to herself. Instead she was angry, frustrated, wired, her self-esteem diminished. The confidence of her power as an attractive woman was waning. To many it would seem she should not need re-assurance. She lived with a man whose sexual imagination, fuelled and fulfilled her. Whose fantasies brought infinite pleasure, new heights to attain in sexual satisfaction. They had a female lodger, who was now her lover too. As a trio they had tested the limits of experience, for a while each day had brought new adventure.

The trio now was a complication. It intruded into her normal sex life. Anita had better fun clubbing with the lodger Trisha. Her lover Jason, had exhausted his imagination. She still loved him. She had loved him better, when she was the centre of all his appetites and fantasies. She missed the love, the passion. The uncertainty of what would happen, when they met. They still sparked, but it had to be planned, no longer spontaneous with always a third party to consider. No longer the centre of Jason's attention Anita had become a third of a complicated arrangement.

Anita didn't notice the slide. You never do. Something happens. There it is a blank wall. Anita had been confronted with her life. The descent from lover to housekeeper, had been a slow slide. Anita had looked in the mirror, she was the resident woman, the one who shared the mortgage and the supposed Master Bed.

Saturday night, Trisha was away with her boyfriend. Jason, off with his mates for a long weekend. Anita had the housework and herself to feed. Food was not on her mind as she looked about the club. Her ego had the greatest hunger. Followed by an inner need, she just didn't want to be alone.

She was taken in by a group of girls Trisha had introduced her to. They were her ticket onto the crowded dance floor. As the lights flickered and flashed over the gyrating bodies, Anita relaxed flexing her body to the pulsing beat.

Dave apart from being tall, was handsome with long lashes which softened his piercing blue eyes. Once attracted to them, Anita could not look away. They were oceans in which to drown. He had offered to buy her a drink, but she wasn't that brave. She only drank alcohol at home. She didn't need a drink to get high. The buzz of adrenaline from being out alone sending her soaring above the room. She broke away from the group of girls accepting his invitation to dance. His dancing was athletic, he kept good time, but his movements were awkward. She could see the solid muscles of his thighs through his trousers, from the way he walked she guessed he played sports.

He was a salesman like his two friends he had left at the bar. He played soccer, cricket and squash as well. Anything involving balls, team play, they were his game. His hair was short and well groomed. He leaned his closely shaved face to hers. The rich smell of expensive cologne, heavily laced with citrus and musk diffused across her brain. They talked in bursts over the music. Whenever she spoke he was attentive. The blue eyes never leaving her face. Her words had never seemed so important. She felt good to be in the company of this man. He was the something lacking, someone who would attend to her.

The night progressed they edged closer together speaking in whispers, soft brushes of body and hands. Anita found herself comfortable, waiting for his touch, the brush of his fingers, his lips against her ear. At intervals he would abandon her briefly returning to his friends. Sitting back with the girls, Anita watched Dave's conversations, revelling as the eyes swung her way. She smiled regally acknowledging the admiring looks.

This was what she had wanted to feel. The warmth of eyes following her about the room. The excitement of being desired. She did not need passion. Truthfully she needed nothing. With Jason she had everything. She had a relationship exceeding any other. What she didn't have was this. The exhilaration, the excitement, of being wanted and desired.

Anita tried to get Dave and his friends to join the group of girls, but by mutual consent they stayed apart. Without saying anything the girls by their reticence tried to warn her of something. Anita didn't notice or didn't care. She waited eagerly for Dave to leave his friends and return to her side. When he did he sat down close pulling her to him. She felt his strength, the firm cladding of muscle across his ribs. When they returned to the dance floor their bodies fused. Two bodies, one rhythm one driving pounding beat. His hands slid inside her blouse to resting on the middle of her back.

Anita's supple spine writhed against his open palm. With sinuous movements she pressed her body against his chest. He held her closer. She gyrated her pelvis against his hip, her groin rubbing against his solid thigh. Balancing on her toes she stretched to close her mouth over his lips.

Perspiration lined both of their faces. She tasted the bitter alcohol of his after shave then the sweetness of the soft drink he had been consuming all night. His tongue responded to the invitation of her open mouth. It explored the rim of her teeth before foraging deeper towards her throat. Her heart pounded and body pulsated as they synchronised their hungry rhythm to the music.

His eyes darkened in the low light. They became harsh staring beacons reflecting the colours flashing about the room. She saw her face trapped within them. She imagined her captive body dancing there too. As her pelvis gyrated into his groin, she felt his fingers exploring her. His hot palms rested against her buttocks.

They smoothed over the thin fabric of her tight hipster trousers. Taking her by the hips, he turned her round slowly. Her buttocks moulded into his groin. His hands stroked the front of her thigh, probing deeply between the valley of her legs. She twisted her legs apart to accommodate his fingers. They fled, spanning her bare midriff, they traced the edge of her bodice before encircling her bobbing breasts.

Arms held above her head Anita encouraged the attention of Dave's hands, whilst pressing her buttocks into his bulging groin. All about her a sea of faces danced beneath the flashing light, not caring to notice their open lust. This was why her friend Trisha came here. The anonymity. You could be and do whatever you wanted. Pleasure and enjoyment were the only rules. Anita looked up to see Dave's friends watching them. Broad smiles upon their faces. She enjoyed the thought of having an audience. Making her performance more lewd she gripped Dave's hands pressing them into her breasts..

'Let's fuck.' Anita whispered into Dave's ear, surprising herself with the words. She hadn't appreciated how much she had wanted the stranger. Her body was now controlling her head. She knew of many places in about the club where they could pleasure each other. Trisha had shown them to her. Embellishing each with a tale of personal conquest.

'Let's go to my place. If you have the time,' Dave replied. From inside her trousers Dave's hand imparted his ardour by pressing against the base of her spine. Breathless, anxious to continue, Anita gave an agreeing wiggle of her hips. She sealed the contract with one last lingering kiss.

'I have all the time in the world for you. Let's go now.' Anita breathed as the music paused. She looked about for the girls who had been her companions. Dave slipped his arm about her waist as they left the hot dance floor. He waved back to his two friends as they made for the exit. The girls grouped about a table seemed reluctant to let Anita go. They first accused her of breaking up the party, then suggested she waited to share a taxi home with two of them.

Anita noticed Dave's hand pulling her away. She suspected they were trying to tell her something. It didn't matter, she could take care of herself. She was enjoying the adventure, the attention, of someone drawn by her physical attraction. The night was hers', she was its queen. Its star. She would live it, whatever it may bring.

As they left the club Dave put his jacket about Anita's shoulders. His arm held her close to his chest. Suddenly he enclosed her with a passionate embrace. She struggled to control her breath. The excitement coursed through her body. People brushed past them, she had no interest in anything, other than returning the kiss.

'We don't have to wait. We can do it here. I know a place round the back of the club.' Anita stroked his erection through the wool cloth of his trousers.

'No. I want you to enjoy something very special. My place. I promise you a night to remember.'

They were alone again. Dave guided her to his car. Anita felt a shiver. The evening breeze swept across the car park sweeping up the dust and rubbish. She felt the cool tickle her belly. She shivered again, felt the tremor of excitement. The shiver had come from within. Unlocking the car, Dave held the passenger door open for her. She hugged his jacket about her shoulders. It smelt of his cologne. She lowered herself into the passenger seat. The door closed he got into the driving seat beside her.

Her heart suddenly jumped. The rear doors opened and Dave's two friends slid onto the back seat. She had no warning of their presence. They smiled towards her startled face. Silly grins of men emboldened by a night at the bar. Dave introduced them.

'Anita this is Darren' he said pointing directly over her shoulder. A thin squat lad with staring eyes and short bleached blonde hair flicked his grin into a broader smile. His body twitched with nervous energy, not settling in the seat. His companion introduced as Errol patiently bore the buffeting, though his expression conveyed his annoyance. He appeared gentle, shy with a tendency towards quiet. He had big brown doe like eyes, with a charcoal black complexion only those of African descent can have. His perspiring face was topped by a wiry matt of black hair.

'We are giving your two friends a lift?' Anita queried as Dave fired the car engine up with a roar. Anita was pressed back into the seat as the car was launched from the parking spot. The car park disappearing in a blur as they sped into the night.

'Sort of, they are stopping with me for the weekend. Just chilling, so to speak.' Dave said leaning across and giving her knee a reassuring tweak. Anita hoped they were sound sleepers, because what she had in mind for Dave could be very noisy. Very noisy indeed.

The car whirled through the almost deserted streets. Anita began to realise she had no idea of where she was. She didn't come into town this way. The taxi always entering the town from the main road. A strange restrained atmosphere filled the car. The quiet only being punctuated by the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the car. Dave would look across to her, or touch her whilst changing gears. Checking her reaction to the speed. She didn't flinch. Nothing about Dave frightened her. Not even the silence of his companions. Or the sense of eyes boring into her reflected image.

'So you guys had a good time tonight? I didn't see you dancing much.' Anita began, trying to break the silence. She carefully didn't mention witnessing their awkward attempts at attracting a partner.

'Was alright.' Errol ventured in a deep lazy baritone which appeared to resonate from the pit of his stomach.

'The girls not to your fancy then?' Anita tried again. Smelling the alcohol emitting from their breath.

'They was okay. But Dave got the only hot pussy in the place. You're a real wicked dancer. I mean real rude.' Darren said as if suddenly coming to life. Anita shrugged off the crude compliment.

'What you done with your blonde mate tonight? The one I normally see you in there with'

Anita hesitated, she hadn't recognised them from before. The club got so busy, she hadn't realised she had been watched.

'She's out with her boyfriend. They've gone for a meal.'

'A plate of cock knowing that one. She's a real ball breaker her. Never known a girl get through so many blokes. She must have a cunt like a barn door.'

Anita watched the look Dave gave into the mirror. Whilst Errol dug Darren hard in the ribs.

'Do you know her then?' Anita queried biting her tongue.

'Only by reputation. It's probably very exaggerated. You know how stories get around. It's just that she's very popular and is known, if you'll pardon the expression ,by quite a few blokes. I didn't mean any offence. I didn't want to rubbish your friend like. She's good looking and well fit. Very sexy not like yourself. Not that your not sexy, but she's sexy in a tarty way. Well you're sexy in a sexy way if you get my meaning.,

Anita listened to the groans as Darren verbally scrabbled out of an ever deepening hole, she decided to let him off the hook by changing the subject.

'How do you guys come to know each other?'

Darren started to speak but Errol interceded. His deep baritone filled the car as he looked at her from the corner of his eye, almost afraid to confront her.

'Work really. We are all part of the same Sales Team. Dave's our team leader our captain. We just get on. We are competitive. We like sports, so we continued the team thing outside. We have a good time.'

The road darkened as they left the centre of town. They wove into the labyrinth of a modern estate, with its narrow twisting roads. The car headlights picked up details of lawns and developing shrubbery. Darkened windows with closed curtains. Glistening cars slumbering beneath the yellow street light. They halted on the drive to a modest detached house. Dave stepped out and opened the car door for her. As she followed him to the front door, the two men fell in behind her. Guarding her from prying eyes or escorts in case she had a change of mind. Anita felt another shiver. She waited for Dave to unlock the door. This time it was definitely excitement, tinged with an element of fear.

These three could be murderers. They may torture her and carry her body off into the woods somewhere. No one would ever know. The girls would. Trisha's friends. But would they tell? Is this what they had tried to warn her about? Entering the neat house and its well ordered lounge, she looked at the men again. These men were known. They wouldn't hurt her. They couldn't harm her, without damaging themselves. The fragrant smell of polish, and ornaments about the house re-assured her, there was a feminine element here. She suspected it might be Dave, or someone who influenced him.

Anita sat down on the cream leather sofa, Dave's friends sitting opposite. They looked at her, studied her, smiling awkwardly neither said a word. Dave returned from the kitchen, with cold beers in his hand.

'Drink?' he asked. She shook her head. She needed no other stimulant, than the touch of his body in her hands. Erroll and Darren drank from the neck of their beer bottles whilst Dave sat beside Anita. She curled her legs over his lap and pressed her head into his chest. He slipped his jacket from her shoulders. Leaning forward he kissed her lips. She pressed against them, returning the hot embrace. Her body moulded into his frame. She closed her eyes savouring the attention of his mouth. Her hands felt along the muscle banding his chest, to the biceps which cradled her frame. She looped her arms about his neck her fingers running over the velvet bristle of his hair.

As their kiss prolonged she lost all sense of time and place. Her whole body being consumed by her bubbling needs. The cool of the night was replaced by a heat rising from her face, into her torso travelling along her relaxed limbs. Her skin began to prickle, as inside she felt herself moisten. Each touch, each kiss, sent further ripples of pleasure, increasing her physical senses further. She could feel his trapped erection throbbing against her thigh. Her breasts were swollen, pressing against the constraints of her bodice. Dave's big palms cupped her torso. Under the chiffon shirt his hands stroked and massaged her naked midriff. His fingers slid along the waistband of her trousers. Teasing and dipping at her abdomen before moving along her body again. His mouth slipped from her lips, tenderly rolling her earlobe. As she revelled in the pleasure, his mouth moved peppering kisses down her neck to rest at her collar bone.

Anita brought her legs up. Dave's one hand stroked her tensed buttocks, whilst the other played along her bare spine. It slipped inside her trousers, toying with the lace of her high legged knickers. Anita's passion was becoming more urgent. Dave's hand traced the line between vulva and anus through the thin material of her trousers. Her legs parted slightly allowing his palm to rest against the edge of her opening crevice. His lips fell from her collarbone onto the U neckline of her bodice. She trembled as his tongue delved into her cleavage lapping along the edge of her breast. He reached to unbutton her bodice, she brushed his hand away. Bringing her face back into contact with his she kissed him. Rising from his lap she held his gaze, retaining a grip on his soft hands.

'I think it's time you showed me your bedroom. I'm ready for your surprise. We'll leave these boys to party alone. Don't wake us too early guys.'

There was a brief pause as Dave resisted, then he slipped his hands round to grasp hers.

'So you're feeling hot and sexy my randy little doll.' Dave said tightening his grip on her arms, bringing them together in front of her. He pulled her closer so that she was bent forward smiling into his sparkling eyes.

'Very sexy, lover man. So why don't you take me upstairs and let me show you just how sexy that is.'

'Why don't you show us all? We are a team here. This is a team game. The guys have been waiting eagerly, to get a little touch, some handling of their own.'

Anita moved to pull away, she felt his grip tighten like a vice. The adrenaline was pumping in her veins now. She heard noises behind her as Dave's friends took their cue. She was suddenly aware of her bent position. The view presented of her buttock cleavage against the stretch of her tight trousers. She looked over to their eager grinning faces as they cautiously advanced upon her captive body.

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