tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTease Goes Too Far

Tease Goes Too Far


I’m just the kind of girl who loves to tease men. Usually I get my thrills, and it goes without saying that the men I tease don’t complain, even if I do tend to leave them horny with only a fantasy. But one time I took my teasing a little too far, and learned a lesson I will most certainly never forget.

We were having some roofing and remodeling done on our well-apportioned home in a ritzy development, where each house had at least a little privacy from the neighbors. A roofing crew consisting of a supervisor and two men were working every day for a week.

My husband was at work during this time, and I would give the crew cold drinks and snacks and invite them in to cool down. They were muscular, hard-working men, and I always made sure I was wearing nothing but a thong bathing suit or a string bikini when I served them. It was summer, and not strange for me to be out by the pool all day. While they really stared at me, they had to have a little doubt about whether my revealing attire was for their benefit or simply a way to beat the heat.

My body isn’t model-quality, as I’m far from skinny, but I am curvy and have nice, full breasts that hung mostly out of my skimpy top, and a round, sloping ass and full, shapely legs that my string or thong bottom showed to perfection. My long brown hair, brown eyes, and luscious lips, and all-American girl-next-door face certainly made me a nice 24 year old wife for My real estate wheeler-dealer 50 year old husband, even if I wasn’t what you would call a “trophy” wife!

On the last day of the job, I decided to go for broke, as it were. I had been thinking of the construction crew while masturbating at night and even while my husband fucked me.

I had on only a sheer gauzy see thru top with no bra, a thong panty whose lacy front could not be mistaken for a bathing suit bottom, and five inch high heeled “cum fuck me” boots when the crew came in and I wrote out their payment check. I could almost hear their gasps and deep breathing and felt a wave of recognition pass among them.

I bent over to write the check and one of the men said "you sure like to tease, Mrs..." They were all staring openly and hard at me, while previously they had stared with some discretion. I said I didn't know what they meant. The crew leader said no woman dresses like me and shows herself like that if she doesn't want to be fucked, and he said he and his boys would love to do me. I said I didn't want to do anything, and hadn't thought about going any farther than teasing them and then masturbating when I was alone, thinking about how they looked at me. I have to admit the crew leader and his men were all like some working class version of a male strip show, and each one of them turned me on.

The crew leader said I needed to go to his place to sign the papers as he forgot them. I saw him slip some papers off the table and into his pocket. The other guys grinned. I said I would see when I could make it, and he grabbed my arm and said I was coming right now. He was parked in my garage and the garage is enclosed, so you can get to it without anyone seeing you from outside the house. Another man grabbed my other arm, and before I knew it the crew leader had me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes! The two guys were fondling me and one of them said if I screamed he would smash my mouth in. I was scared and knew that this time I had gone too far.

They threw me in the back of the van and slammed the door shut, and the two guys stayed in the back with me. One guy ripped off my top and stuffed it in my mouth then put some tape over my mouth. Their hands were all over me, roughly sticking fingers up my pussy even though it wasn't wet and so it hurt, and they were squeezing my tits very hard. They said they were going to show me everything they had talked about while watching a whore (their words) like me parade around half naked in front of them the last couple of days. I guess I hadn’t been passing for a gal who just likes to hang out at the pool!

The back of the van was a separate compartment, mostly for equipment, but the laborers rode back there too. They held me down while we were driving, and they each took a turn and fucked me. They pinched my tits and pulled my hair and slapped my face and ass, and seemed to try to be as rough as they could. The first guy hurt a lot, but his cum made it easier for the second guy and I got a little wet when he fucked me. They seemed to notice that I started to get turned on, and they called me names and said they wanted to punish me for being such a tease. One of the men took out a hammer and started fucking me with the handle, and I really would have screamed bloody murder had I not had the tape and gag in my mouth. Then they put some kind of oily goo in my ass and started working the hammer handle in. I started banging on the front of the van 'cause it was too big and hurt like hell as it was shoved up my ass, even though I was no stranger to anal sex. The crew leader called out to them to take it easy as they wanted to use me for awhile, and they stopped. I felt relief from the pain but now really was frantic, wondering what was going to happen to me.

We soon got to the back lot of a garage and the crew leader came in and told the men to get some rope. They tied my hands together and then bound them to a long rope so I could still move and be turned over but could not get out of the van. Then the crew leader asked what they did to me and they told him. He said I had a sweet, fat ass and he threw me over and had the two men spread my legs and ass cheeks as far as they could. They were really stretching my legs until I felt like any more and they would break, and then he started fucking my ass. He did it really hard and fast and came pretty soon. He told the two guys to fuck me up the ass until he came back.

One guy said he wanted to fist me, which I had never been before or since. I tried to tell them no, but they just laughed at my muffled pleas for help. One guy started forcing his fingers up my pussy and the other guy started working his way up my ass. They joked about feeling each other's hands and right then I really did try to scream, even through the tape. They just told me to shut up and stop as I was going to be raped and that was that, and anything they wanted to do with me they would do. I was really afraid then, as I knew they could beat me up or worse. As they worked their hands deeper into my ass and cunt, the pain was excruciating. I usually enjoy pain with sex, but the two hands punishing me so roughly made me cry and bawl my eyes out.

They completely ignored my hysteria, and The first guy got all the way up my cunt and then the other guy forced his hand up my ass. They kept putting some kind of goo on their hands and my poor asshole and pussy couldn’t hold them back. My whole body convulsed, and I banged my head up and down on the van wall, it hurt so much. They laughed and called me a fucking whore and rubbed their hands inside me, forcing them deeper and tearing me up. They had each fisted me and were touching each other’s hands through the battered lining of my ass and cunt.

The crew leader came back with a couple of men I couldn't see, and told the two men to take their hands out of me. The hand in my pussy came out first and then the one up my ass, and when they pulled them out roughly and quickly, I thought I was going to die and my whole body twisted and jumped involuntarily and I screamed with pain for what must have been a few minutes. they laughed and I heard other men encourage them. I felt as if my insides had been torn apart and then the crew leader told the two guys to ass fuck me already as other men were waiting. After being fisted, my ass was red, stretched, and raw, and hurt like it was on fire. My asshole was stretched open and I knew there must have been a mix of shit and blood dripping from me. My poor cunt was also burning, as the walls of my pussy had been bruised. The two guys took turns fucking me up the ass, banging me so hard that I felt the full impact as my body was smashed into the floor and my already abused ass was torn raw.

I am truly thankful that I had no serious injuries and tested okay for std’s when I saw a doctor later that week.

I was screaming and crying again as the cocks rammed in and out of my ass, thinking I was being mutilated forever. When those two were done, three other guys who had been at the garage took turns fucking me, those three using my cunt, which they banged as hard as they could until it was pounded raw. I did get aroused then, and had an orgasm that I hid with seeming like I was screaming in pain as I didn’t want them to hurt me for Cumming. I was in such agony and every one of them threw me around and pulled and pinched and slapped my tits or face or hair, and at various points someone would just turn me over and spank me hard and tell me what a fucking slut I was, and all those spankings left marks on my ass for a week. They all laughed and called me a slutty whore while I was faking not having an orgasm, so even as I came I also screamed and cried. I never have felt anything quite like it.

Part of me got hot that they were actually raping me and I was more helpless than I had ever been as they really cared nothing for me, just wanted my slutty body for their fun, while part of me was scared and another part just hurt with such horrible pain in my cunt and ass, so intense I had never felt anything like it before, and I have had some pretty rough sex in my life.

The men eventually left and I may have fainted briefly, but I woke up still tied up, and the crew leader had put some wet towels on my ass and cunt and I saw a little bit of blood and shit from my ass and I could see I was all bruised.

The crew leader said that I got only what I asked for, and parading around in a thong and boots the last day convinced them I was wearing so little in front of them the whole time they worked on my house just to be a cock teaser. He said cock teasers get gang raped and he wanted to show me what it was like. He said he could have stopped the men and that they seemed to got carried away. Even he was surprised they seemed like hurting me so much. But he said if I was going to act like a piece of meat that's how they would treat me, and he knew I would never report them for rape. I nodded furiously, scared he would do something to hurt me if he thought I would report them. And I don’t think I’d get much sympathy after telling anyone how I was dressed!!!

He said he hadn't finished with me yet, but now, even though he saw they had raped the fuck out of my cunt and asshole, it was his turn. he told me I better behave and he was going to take off the tape and gag. It hurt when he took the tape off, and I let out a little yell. he slapped my raw cunt and told me to shut the fuck up and be a good whore. He slapped my cunt again and the sting felt like needles going all the way through me. He untied me and said to just obey him or else. I said I would. He said I better agree to whatever he said. I said I would. He asked me if I was a fucking whore. I said Yes, I am. He asked if I was a cockteasing bitch. I said I was. He slapped my tits, which were red and tender from the men, and I almost cried out, then he slapped my face and told me to shut up unless he spoke to me. He asked me if I was a slut who liked being raped, and I said I was. He had me suck him off, which I was relieved about with my cunt and ass so sore and aching, then he came on my face and told me to wipe it with my hands and lick it. I got him off quick and gave my usual amazing blow job, taking every inch of his large shaft with ease. That part was like a break from all the torture.

Then he asked me if I wanted the guys to rape me again. I wanted to say no but I said I did. He asked if I hoped every man in the world would just grab me and rape the fuck out of me anytime, anywhere, and I said I did. he told me to beg him to rape me. I did, saying, please rape me, please. He took out a screwdriver and worked the handle into my torn up ass and then put the hammer in my cunt. I couldn't help crying and yelling from the pain and then he told me to fuck myself with it while he watched, and that if I wanted to get home before evening I better do it. I did, even though I could not stand the pain. He had his two other guys come and watch. the other men were gone. The three of them kept telling me to fuck myself harder and faster and laughed when I cried and yelled and begged them to let me stop. Finally he said I could stop when he said I could and told me to just shut the fuck up and rub my clit with one other hand while I fucked myself with the hammer, and had the other men kept the screwdriver up my ass (though thankfully they didn’t push it in and out). They told me to fuck my slutty cunt and rub my clit faster and harder and pretty soon I got worked into a kind of mad frenzy from all the stimulation and even though I tried not to, I could not help but having a huge orgasm while rubbing myself raw with the hammer and abusing my clit mercilessly with my hand. I truly collapsed and they had to close the van door as I was moaning and screaming so loudly they were afraid of the sound carrying, even though we were in this abandoned garage.

From the stimulation and pain, I am ashamed to admit I had an orgasm that may have been the biggest, most uncontrollable one I ever had. My whole body shook for a minute or two or three and I felt like I could see stars explode all around me. The men looked almost scared as if they were seeing some wild animal, as I yelled out and moaned and could not stop thrashing. I really will never forget that look on their faces. I fell back on the floor, and slowly took out the hammer handle from my cunt and the screwdriver out of my asshole and the two guys left me alone with the crew leader again. He had to help me up and help me walk to a crummy little bathroom with a shower so I could clean up a little. All the way there he called me dirty names.

I got back to the van and collapsed, only to find the crew leader and all the men standing over me again. I just knew I could not survive anymore. I heard him tell the men that I was the best little cocksucker he had ever had, and before he set me free I was going to do every last one of them in turn. I think I made a sound of relief, which he interpreted as horror, and he pulled my hair and said I would do it or else. He had no way of knowing that I had once sucked off 12 men at a wild party! I sucked cock after cock, down on my knees or on all fours as some of them wanted me, and kept making sure my own moans and groans sounded painful, and even whimpered in between them. But I was really soaking wet and my only regret was that after finishing off the last one, I had no way to get myself off. If I was ever imprisoned in a room where all that happened was that men came all day and night to have me suck their cocks, I sometimes think I would be happy!

On the way home I only rode with the crew leader. he said only he and the two guys knew who I was and I better never tell anyone what happened. He said he expected me to call him once a month and make an appointment as if I was a customer and he and whoever he allowed, would fuck me. He said they knew where I lived, so I'd better cooperate.

Well, it took me awhile to heal, but eventually my husband found the story exciting even though he was absolutely furious at the risk I had taken for myself, and said if I ever put myself at risk like that again he would leave me. He was only surprised they hadn’t just raped me at my place!

I actually started to get horny thinking of what happened. I had never been so fully used as that before, as I had never really been taken so harshly against my will. When a month passed by we decided to see what the crew leader was made of. I dressed in the sluttiest outfit I could find, a super low cut top, very tight, no bra and my nipples barely showing, a tiny dress ending just over my stockings, no panties, and heels.

He seemed so shocked at my eagerness and took me to a private office. I asked him where “my boys” were, and started fingering my clit. He seemed totally freaked out and while he did get a blow job he--get this--told me not to come back and just leave him alone. Leave HIM alone—I had to laugh at that! I said I hoped he wasn’t going to attack any innocent women, and he said he and his men never did anything like that before and blamed me for getting them so crazy and doing things they never wanted to do (they seemed to want to when they did it to me, but I didn’t say anything). I felt sort of powerful at them now acting like I was so slutty that they could not resist taking me!

He didn't seem to get off on my wanting it. I guess this slut was too much for him to handle or understand. He expected some timid, frightened woman, but he found the world's greatest slut. His loss, huh?

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