tagGroup SexTease Me, Please Me Ch. 1

Tease Me, Please Me Ch. 1


Tony Trent was a great boss. He paid well but expected you to earn your pay, and Kim and Heather never let him down. As legal secretaries went, they were about the best he'd ever had in his employ, always anticipating his needs, and seeing that everything was in it's proper place. The only problem Tony had with these girls was the way they liked to dress, often leaving him with a hard on hidden under his desk. Like wise, he loved to tease them with behavior that bordered on sexual harassment. The girls didn't seem to mind when he walked past and patted their cute little backsides, or fondled their breasts in a faked and clumsy encounter. The more the girls seemed to like his teasing, the more he did it, but it was the end of the day and the girls had agreed that enough was enough.

Tony had just closed his brief case and was ready to head out the door when the girls entered his office, locking the door behind them. .

"Mr. Trent, we'd like to have a word with you before you leave. Regarding you behavior toward us."

Tony went white. He's handled many sexual harassment cases, but he never thought he would have to deal with his own. Kim pulled out a chair and told Tony he should sit down, and he sank into the chair, waiting to hear their demands. Heather walked behind the chair while Tina held his attention, then all of a sudden "snap" Tony found himself handcuffed to the chair. He looked at the girls in total confusion. What the hell were they up to? The girls stood together, leaning back against the desk.

"You see the problem is Mr. Trent, that you're continually teasing us, and never pleasing us, so we thought me might just please ourselves."

Tony watched eagerly as the girls cleared of his desk, then stood before him, slowly stripping down to their g-strings. They looked so good he wanted to taste them, feel them, but he was firmly attached to the chair, and it was to heavy to lift in this position, so all he could do was watch.

The girls came together, not to him, and his mouth dropped open in surprise. Kim and Heather kissed tenderly, touching and feeling each other's slender bodies, caressing each other's soft skin. Tony groaned, he wanted to touch that skin, taste it, but the girls continued without him, Heather bending to nuzzle and kiss Kim's firm breast, while Kim pinched and teased Heather's hard dark nipples. Tony watched helplessly as Heather sucked Kim's nipple into her mouth, licking his lips with hungry desire. Watching as her hands moved down over Kim's tight ass and squeezed her cheeks. Kim's moans of pleasure made his already hard cock throb in his pants, causing him to moan like a wounded animal.

Heather moved Kim back against the desk, laying her back on the polished timber desk top, sinking to her knees and spreading Kim's legs wide. Tony could see every thing. Every perfect pink fold, the glistening juices from her pussy, her tight little ass hole, and oh, the smell of her. His cock was beginning to throb painfully in his pants but the girls showed no mercy. Moving to one side so Tony could see everything she did, Heather licked her fingers, then reached for Kim's protruding clit, sliding her fingers over it, spreading the soft folds of skin, letting him feast his hungry eyes on what he could not reach.

Slowly she slid her finger into Kim's wet hole, taking it out and sucking it between her lips, humming with delight as she licked the sweet juices from her finger, then slipping it back onto Kim's hot hole. Tony watched spellbound as Heather slipped a second finger into Kim, then bent to tease her clit with the tip of her tongue. Kim's body began to wiggle, gyrate, and open up before him, his throbbing cock almost at a state of agony in his tight pants.

Turning Kim around on the desk, Heather climbed on top of her, straddling her face and placing her own wet pussy over Kim's hungry mouth. Kim immediately took Heather's ass cheeks in her hands, squeezing them as she reached out with the tongue to tease Heather's throbbing love bead. Heather moved her hips, forcing her pussy into Kim's all to willing mouth. As Heather licked and probed Kim's wet hole she watched the sweet agony on Tony's face.

Tony watched as Kim's hot tongue vanished into the milky depths of Heather's pussy, watching as the women pleasured one another with fingers and tongues, moaning and moving together, torturing his throbbing body. He watched as their tongues licked the juices that he thirsted for, as their fingers fucked the places that he ached to fuck. They were driving him crazy with the lustful love play. He had always wanted to fuck them both and now the fucked each other on his desk, out of his reach. He groaned at the sight of Heather's hot little ass moving over Kim's luscious mouth. Drooled as he watched three of Heather's fingers vanishing in Kim's tight pink hole.

With a cry of pure pleasure, Kim's orgasm was upon her, Heather's hungry red lips rushing forth to lick and suck up every drop of her sweet cum as her own orgasm set her body shuddering, her cum trickling into Kim's ready and willing mouth. Tony watched as the girls licked and sucked, drinking the pleasure the poured forth from each of them. He could take no more, his cock exploding hot gushes of cum into his pants, throbbing and pulsing as he soaked his boxers with his salty seed.

The girls climbed off the desk, coming to him and unlocking the hand cuffs, kissing him and whispering for him to wait right there. Leaving their clothing on the floor in front of him so that he knew they would be back. After a time they had not returned, and he went to the outer office to find them. They had quickly dressed on spare clothing they had hidden in their desks and left him a note with two wet g-strings.

"Dear Mr. Trent, don't tease unless you intend to please, see you in the morning. Heather and Kim"

He screwed up the note and threw it in the waist paper basket. Damn, those girls were going to pay for this in the morning.

To Be Continued...

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