tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeasing at the Club

Teasing at the Club


To say that you had my attention would be an understatement. I am mesmerized not only by your beauty and your body in that little white dress but by that smile of yours. I sit here watching you, my eyes never once straying from the vision before me, more a compulsion than a sign of my boldness. The fact that you catch my stare and respond only adds to my false bravado. I do not see the other men in the club as they swarm around you, each trying to get your attention. I do not see the glare of the other women, hating you for stealing the spotlight, I see only you.

I snap back into reality only when the barmaid steps in front of me and asks if she can get me another drink. It takes a second for me to focus and remember where I am as I look up at the pretty young girl before me.

"Can I get you another Long Island Iced Tea?" she asks again.

I nod and she looks over her shoulder to see what I am so intently focused on.

"Oh, her. You can forget about that one. She's the biggest cock tease in this place. She's in here 2 or 3 times a month, gives the guys a good show and gets the ladies all pissed off. My tips are always way down when she's here. The men don't even notice me and I really need the money for my college tuition."

As she leaves to fetch my drink a thought pops into my head -- A wicked thought. Actually it is more of a plan than a thought. It all comes together so easily that I know I had to do it. As my young informant comes back with my drink, I decide to enlist her help for my plan.

"How'd you like to help me take care of 2 of your problems at once, the tips and that little cock tease?" I ask her.

She replies, "What do you mean?"

I fill her in on my plan and although she is reluctant at first, one glance over her shoulder at you is all it takes to convince her to help me.

"It shouldn't be much longer, she's had quite a bit to drink already." she says and as I pay for my drink and hand her a ridiculously large tip, I tell her, "This should make up for some of those lost tips.

For the next fifteen minutes I sit there nursing my drink and watching you slink across the dance floor -- moving from man to man, brushing up against them, spinning so that your short dress rides up exposing your naked ass cheeks and your neatly trimmed bush. Finally, walking over to a table, you grab your drink and swallow down the rest of it before walking over to the ladies room. I throw back the rest of my drink as I watch the men across the room with the bulges in their pants scramble to get your drink refilled, each hoping to be lucky enough to be in the position I am about to be in.

As soon as you enter the ladies room, my accomplice takes her position near the door. We exchange smiles as I move past her into the ladies room.

She says something that sounds like, "Give her everything she deserves," but I am too focused on the job that needs to be done to really hear her.

I watch in the mirror from the other side of the wall as you emerge from a stall. As you wash your hands I make my move. In a flash I am behind you, my hand on the back of your neck, pushing your head against the mirror. My legs are pressed against yours, keeping you from kicking and your arms are of little use to you in the position we are in.

"Not a sound or I break this mirror with your face. Understand me, cock tease?," I ask.

Tearfully you respond that you do and I begin to get down to business.

With a quick tug, I release your braless tits from the flimsy white material of your dress. My free hand finds your nipples, thick and hard from all the playing you have done tonight as well as the thoughts of what is about to happen. Knowing that my accomplice will keep everyone out of the ladies room, I take the time to pinch your thick nipples very hard.

The hand on your neck pulls your head back just a bit and taps your head into the mirror as you cry out. "I told you not a sound or else," I remind you.

As I drop my pants we hear the sound of a toilet flush and we both realize that we are not alone. An attractive but somewhat older woman comes out of a stall and washes her hands, basically ignoring us.

"Ppplease help me." You tearfully mutter.

She finally looks at you and says, "Help you? Never in my life have I been so ignored by so many men and why? Because of you, some smart ass little tramp breaking all the rules. Help you? I'll help you."

I am a bit confused as she approaches, not sure if it might be a good idea for me to get out of here but I wait to see what is going to happen.

"Here babe, hope this helps," she says as she pulls your dress up and over your ass giving me full access to your treasures.

Giving my throbbing cock a quick squeeze, she brings her lips to my ear and whispers, "I've got some lube if you want to rape her ass with your thick cock."

I thank her for the offer but decline saying that I want to fill your pussy with my cum.

She kisses me on the cheek and says, "Have fun baby," as she leaves.

Tears are streaming down your face as you begin to accept the inevitable. Placing my foot between your feet, I kick your feet apart a bit more until they are a little more than shoulder width apart. Just to make sure that there will be no more complaints, I tap your head against the mirror once again before moving my hand from your neck to your hair. Grabbing a full hand of hair, I begin pulling as I nudge the tip of my cock against your pussy lips.

If your mind isn't enjoying this, your body sure is. I can't remember a wetter, hotter pussy than the one I am slipping into right now. With the tiniest effort, the head of my cock slips inside your steamy hole. I pause to let you comprehend what is about to happen and because I want to adjust to the incredible heat swallowing me.

"This is eventually what happens to naughty girls that like to tease, they tease the wrong person and end up in trouble," I say as I thrust my hips forward burying the entire length of my cock deep inside of you.

The sound that escapes your lips is not what I expected. It is not the sound of someone that is being violated against her will but more the sound of release after anticipated pleasure, a low sexy moan.

Again, I pause deep inside of you to let us both adjust a bit; me to your hot, wet, tight pussy and you to my thick cock. Slowly I pull out until just the tip of my cock remains inside of you and then I ram it back deep inside of you. After several strokes like this it is obvious that you are no longer going to try to flee so I release your hair and bring my hand around to your tits. My fingers find your thick, rock hard nipples and pinch and pull at them while my cock works your pussy. Determined to teach you quite the lesson, I find a comfortable pace and control my breathing so as to last as long as possible.

Finally my hands move from your tits, sliding down your body to your hips. Holding your hips I begin to pump deeper and faster into you. I think for a moment about reaching around and fingering your clit but decide that getting you off would not teach you the right lesson. Grabbing you tight, I continue to pound away, my balls slapping against your belly until I felt that wonderful pressure building and I know it will not be too long. Grabbing your hair again, I pull sharply as I force my cock as deep as it will go and begin to unload the juices that you have stimulated all night long. Countless spurts later, I am spent.

I let myself go limp inside your pussy before pulling out. I pull up my pants, wash my hands and fix my hair before leaving you slumped over the sink. When I get back to my table, I take a seat and am brought yet another Long Island Iced Tea. This time the barmaid tells me that it is on the house.

A few minutes later you emerge from the ladies room, somehow looking as delicious as you did before the scene that just happened except, wait, is that a sly little smile? I sip my drink as I wonder what is going through your mind. You waste no time moving back to the dance floor as I sit and again watch you. This time you completely ignore me. I watch you for a full 10 minutes and not once do you even look my way until... Looking directly at me, you reach down below the short hem of your skirt and seem to wipe something from your thigh onto your finger. As if in slow motion, you bring your curled finger up to your lips. I watch as everything around you seems to freeze in time as suck the juices, our juices from your finger. Pulling the finger from your mouth, you turn away from me and continue your dancing, your teasing.

Not tonight but soon, I'll come back to this club and teach you what happens when naughty girls don't learn their lessons. Just thinking about the lessons you need to learn causes my sticky cock to twitch as I finish my drink and stand to leave.

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