tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 02

Teasing Elderly Neighbor Ch. 02


As I have already said we live in an apartment flat that shares a main front door, hallway and stairwell/staircase with 2 other flats.

A young couple live in the ground floor flat and they have there own front door and have no access to our shared stairs.

On the 2nd floor lives an elderly man, he has lived there for years, initially with his wife, and now since her death he lives alone.

We occupy the top flat/apartment and both us and Frank (the old guy) share a staircase. Franks front door is after the first flight of stairs then we are at the very top.

Now since I've been married to Mike I have largely been faithful. I have had the occasional Christmas kiss, and the odd grope on a dance floor, and I also sucked a guy off in his car once but that's as far as I had ever gone.

The events with Frank have changed that! But that is for another chapter and another time.

As you will all get to know I love to toy with myself (a sexual preference I picked up in my youth- and again that's another story altogether), and Mike loves to see me toy and play with myself.

For a few years now we have enjoyed me toying for Mike and him taking pics (again my 1st experience of posing for "naughty pics" is another story and something again I did when much younger for another man).

I will add more of my slutty behavior in my teens and twenties as time goes on....

Now I know how guys like to look at women, you all do it. That's why I love to pose for pictures, because of how I know you all react to seeing them. How it turns you on, how you often wank whilst looking at me and are thinking of me.

For some time I had noticed Frank looking at me in the same way. With his eyes full of lust and full of dirty thoughts. I could tell the way he looked at me that he was mentally undressing me and thinking of sexy things whilst he talked and ogled me.

Most of those times he made suggestive comments and I have to admit that it really gets me turned on, I'm often fucking soaking wet by the time I finish speaking to him and have on most occasions went home and finger fucked myself or toyed myself to orgasm.

The last few times met have confirmed to me that it hadn't been an accidental meeting, rather that he may be watching for me leaving and then making sure we bump into each other.

When I left for work in the morning I often saw him putting out his rubbish or leaving the house at the same time (seeing as he's retired and 70 yrs old, then I cant see why he would always be leaving the house at 7 am!)

I obviously told Mike and he found it rather amusing and he also encouraged me to be flirty with him, nothing too blatant, just flirty and the odd tease of a glimpse of extra leg or tit etc.

One time we met in a local shop went like this:

I always buy my fruit and veg from the local store (LIDLS) a discount store that is close to our flat. I now buy all our stuff from there, the stuff we eat and the stuff that I fuck myself silly with. They have some of the biggest cucumbers and other veg that I've found anywhere!.

I also reckoned the shop workers had cottoned on to me always buying the really big stuff and I think they knew or suspected why!

On this time I was in there I had dressed up for the occasion, hoping I would "bump" into Frank.

I had seen him earlier that day and he had already asked if I had the day off and I had told him yes. I had a lieu day due to me and that as we needed some shopping I would be going out.

I thought he would store this information and would be on the lookout for me leaving.

I was feeling so fucking dirty and sexy, I dressed in one of my shorter black skirts, not mini length, but just above the knee. I put on my black high heels, not my strappy, real slutty ones but one of my plain black pairs. They are high enough to be worn in the day without looking ridiculous, and high enough to give my legs a lift and when worn with the skirt it certainly made me feel sexy.

I put on some black, lacy French knickers and left my legs bare.

I wore one of my tighter white blouses, and made sure my top button was undone. I felt so slutty when getting ready and gave my tingling fanny a little rub before I set off, just to get my juices flowing!

I click clacked my way down the stairs, making as much noise as I could, to help set myself up as bait for my old admirer,and made my way out into the car. I drove off and parked a few hundred yards up the road and kept an eye in my mirrors to see if Frank had taken the bait. By this point I was beginning to feel my cunt aching and my wet patch was spreading across my knicker front.

Sure enough out came Frank after a couple of minutes. I quickly pulled away and headed for the store.

Once there I waited in the car park until I saw the bus pull up which I suspected he would be getting off. Once I saw him getting off I left the car, my pussy getting wetter by the second, and went into the shop.

I took my trolley and made my way slowly around, getting a few bits and bobs and then I slowly made my way back to the vegetable section.

I saw Frank enter and made sure he would get a good eyeful of me as he entered the shop.

I leaned over really sticking my arse out and bent down to pick up some veg.

Frank at this point was almost behind me and commented... " Oh hello Anna, I thought that was you, thought I recognized you".

Now seeing as all he was looking at was my arse in a tight skirt and my legs slightly apart to bend down,I assumed the dirty old bugger was making a suggestive remark!

I turned around and said hello and we made some small talk. He then said he was here to get some stuff and had forgotten his pound for a trolley and asked if he could share mine?

I of course agreed, thinking what a clever ploy this was on his part to get even closer to me and presumably get a better ogle at me!

We carried on a few paces and I said I needed to get some more salad items.

I again bent over, this time making sure my skirt rode up a bit showing more leg and really blatantly stuck my arse out. My skirt was pulling tight against my butt and my bare legs were now on show for him quite a bit.

He was right behind me and I could hear him heavy breathing and could sense his eyes pawing all over me.

I lent even further forward and made a little play of losing my balance as I leaned over to pick up two huge cucumbers, one was for salads and one was for me to stuff up my increasingly fucking soaking cunt!!

Frank instinctively put out his arms to keep me from tottering over and one hand went around my waist and the other straight onto my arse!

I steadied myself and said, "Thanks Frank I thought I could reach those easily, you saved me from going for a tumble there".

To which he replied " Anything to help Anna, its those high heels of yours, goodness how do you manage to walk in them?"

I made sure he had a good long look at my legs as I lifted up my right leg, showing him how high they were and then replied to him,

"Oh its easy Frank and they're not that high. I have some higher ones at home".

To which he instantly replied... " But you wont walk far in those I bet!". The meaning was clear, he was obviously implying they were fuck me shoes.

I giggled, poking my tongue out slightly at him and said, "Well that would be telling!"

All this time his hand hadn't left my arse and I was getting absolutely soaking by now.

I put the two cucumbers in the trolley and we parted from our "embrace". When he saw them he made another what I assume was a loaded comment.

"They're huge! aren't they?"

I replied, smirking as I did so.

"Yes they are aren't they".

To which he cheekily said..."More than enough to feed a family and then some.I bet they will really fill you up".

I took this to mean the obvious IE: Fill me up down below.

I gave him a little smile and said... "Oh they certainly will Frank, I can guarantee you that"

Now we continued around the store, Frank getting his items and sharing the trolley and me on every opportunity bending over or stretching up high to either accentuate my arse or so that my skirt rode up a bit exposing bare leg and a bit of thigh.

On one such time I lent over a freezer, my skirt riding really high up, almost to mini length, my bare legs easily visible.

I raised up on one leg and opened my legs slightly to try to give him a view up my skirt as best I could.

My tits were freezing as I got a packet from the freezer. My nipples were rock solid and as I turned around Frank made yet another comment...

"Cold in there Anna?!" and he laughed, staring at my tits. Looking and ogling my hard nipples.

I looked down and pretended to be embarrassed, "Yes it was! sorry Frank I'm popping out here!"

One of my buttons had come undone. Now the top two buttons of my blouse were loose, my tits straining at the material. My nipples aching and rock hard.

He said " Don't be silly don't mind me"

As we went on I could feel him all the time ogling my legs and to be honest I was so wet down there that I thought he may have seen some cunt juice dribbling down my thigh ... I hope so!

We finished our shopping, quicklypaid and left. At which point I obviously offered him a lift home and he of course readily agreed.

I made a meal of putting the shopping in the boot, again sticking my arse out, leaning over to give him a good view of my tits and trying to get my skirt to ride up ...

I had started to wish I had just put on a mini skirt to start with as I was desperate for him to see as much of me as possible, even though we where in public!

We got into the car and I rapidly hitched up my skirt to allow me to drive and of course to expose my legs to Frank as much as possible,

He was making no attempt to hide the fact he was looking at my legs and said..." How do you drive in those heels Anna?"

I glanced at him and said it was OK as I was used to wearing heels for work. As I looked at my legs I hadn't quite realized how high my skirt was up!

My thighs were on full view for him and he was staring at me. I felt so incredibly dirty and slutty letting this man, who is maybe twice my age, be ogling me this way, but my now I was so turned on that I was past caring.

I then said " I'm sorry Frank I don't mean to embarrass you".

Making reference to how far my skirt had risen up.

To which he replied..."Don't worry Anna I've seen you wearing a lot less in the summer when you have been sunbathing or when you have been going out all tarted up with your friends".

The "tarted up" comment almost made me cum!! He thinks I'm a tart I thought to myself!!

I smiled and just kept driving now not caring how high my skirt was. The fact it was now a mini skirt and I was exposing my legs to this old man didn't matter.I was behaving like a total slut and loving it.

Once out of the car I again made an absolute meal of getting the shopping out etc and Frank must have got some really good up my skirt views from behind me.

I helped him in with his shopping always making sure he was behind me so he could see up my skirt, at one point I stood at the top of his section of stairs, legs spread as wide as I could dare and he must have seen straight up to my sopping, knickered cunt.

Once finished unpacking he invited me in for a cuppa and I readily agreed.

I actually thought about letting him try it on with me at this point. I'm sure he knew I had been blatantly letting him see as much as I could all morning.

Once inside his flat, again I made sure he got plenty of leg on view.

I sat opposite him and let him see me repeatedly cross and uncross my legs. My skirt up again to virtually mini length and my heels dangling off my feet as I did so, I know that drives some men crazy ... Mike being one of them!

We drank our tea and chatted again. The conversation laden with some innuendos about veg sizes and comments on me wearing heels...

As I stood up to go I made sure I parted my legs to stand up out of his sofa chair, my skirt was like a micro mini by this point and as I looked down my knickers were on plain view for him.

I sat there for a couple of seconds and didn't move ... I just sat still letting him look up my skirt to see my wet fanny, encased in my black lacy French knickers. As I made to stand up I commented...

"Goodness Frank these seats are low! ... I'm having trouble getting up from it!"

He replied.

"I can see Anna, In fact I can see a lot!" laughing as he did so, but just staring at my fanny area.

I pretended to fall backwards and made sure my legs went up and wide as I did so.

I think I made a good job of making it look accidental! My skirt was up now, totally up not mini or micro length but, belt size, my knickers on full show for my aged lethario.

I laughed and so did he and adain I made a fuss of trying to get out of the chair as we did so. This must only have lasted a few seconds, maybe 10 or so at the most but I wanted him to see as much as he could so just kept laughing and "struggling" to get out. All the time I could see him staring at my cunt area.

I eventually made it up and sat in the chair to get myself pushed out off it and I thought "Fuck it" ...

So I just left my skirt up around my waist my knicker encased fanny on display and parted my legs to get leverage to push myself up. He must have got a glimpse of my sopping pussy as I did do. Again I took my time in doing so, feeling so dirty all the time for this.

Once up I brushed my skirt down saying " What must you think of me Frank. I'm so sorry!".

We both laughed and he replied..."Not at all Anna I've never had such lovely view for a long time!" ... laughing as he said it so as for me to take it as a joke but I'm sure he meant it!

Frank saw me to the door and kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye.

"Thanks for the lift Anna ... and everything..."

I made sure I waddled my way up the stairs from his flat, wriggling my arse as I went, as I knew he would be looking at me. I hoped his cock was fucking solid in his trousers.

Once inside I fucked myself senseless with one of the cucumbers I had bought for my pleasure. I orgasmed violently, squirting my cunt juice everywhere.

When I told Mike of the days events that night he fucked me silly. Taking me doggy-style and asking me to call him Frank.

I know nothing happened on this occasion but hope this is OK or you guys and that it hasn't bored the pants off you all LOL

Much, much more was to happen!!

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by Anonymous03/03/18

so horny

OMG, i'm so horny and wet....i had to play with me....and I orgasmed violently, squirting my cunt juice everywhere.!!!!! Thank you and lots of love Karen

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by hotworm08/23/17

Anna , wow you are so hot and slutty , love it, wish i was your neighbour for sure

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