tagSci-Fi & FantasyTeenage Succubus Ch. 02

Teenage Succubus Ch. 02


This is a series, it is preferred that Part One of Teenage Succubus is read first.



Warmth, and an orange glow surrounded me. My right arm tingled from it's glorious heat. Actually, it was really starting to get a little hot. Jerking awake, "Oh crap my arm! My arm is on fire!"

"No darling, I'm just burning away the little demons over here. You did a wonderful job by the way." The voice sounded eerily familiar, kinda like my moms. I was still so very weak from being raped, but I managed to peel my eyes from what I now recognized as the burning corpses of the two assholes I had sucked dry of life earlier.

Astonishment, that's all that went through me as I watched flames erupt silently from the lady's hand. "What are you?"

Chuckling as if it were an everyday occurrence, "oh just your big sis. Mother would have come but she really doesn't like to stick around long. She said you asked her that same question by the way."

"Demons? Sister? That's not possible." I was dumbfounded, and I barely registered that I was mumbling on about some book I had read in class a long time ago, but far too weak for more of anything. So I passed out again.


It must have been some while later, because the next time I woke I felt sheets against my skin. My eyes fluttered open to view five women surrounding the massive bed. Gorgeous women. Women who instantly made me feel remarkably bland. "Um, where am I?"

"Yo Jade! The bitch is awake!" a pause "No seriously! She spoke and everything!"

Now that I had a thorough headache from her screaming, it took some work to unclench my eyes to see the lady from before walk in. "You, I saw you in that room." I was quiet, and really horse from screaming my lungs out during the fat fuck and his pet dog fucker's rape of me, but I got the words out.

"Yes dear, you did. And I'm sure you have many questions, but your not done healing. Your too weak, and injured, to regain strength the way that would be most productive," one of the other women started snickering at that, "but we can offer you some basic sustenance. Young lady? You may come in now." Oh finally a face I knew! Jen sheepishly walked in, and stood next to me.

"Young lady," the woman continued. "Please help her."

Nodding back at her, Jen took my hand as the six women left the room. "Jaz, don't speak. Don't push yourself. You're really kinda messed up. But your sisters, well, those ladies that claim to be that. They seem to know about your mom, and a lot of crazy stuff too. I know about the Succubus deal. All of it. I don't know why I'm babbling like this, but I believe it all. They also said that to heal, you need sex. A lot of it. But that you can't cuz of, well they said that those guys messed you up. Also, that I can't really give you any real 'food' but maybe a little 'snack'. Apparently since we can't have straight sex, it won't work right, but kissing will give you enough to slowly heal."

I watched her as she nervously and carefully laid down next to me. Looking at me in my eyes she kissed me. It was gentle, sweet, and I didn't feel a thing other than the kiss. I couldn't notice any of her life entering me, nothing. Just her perfect, soft lips on mine.

"I don't think it's working." I whispered. God it hurt to do that.

"Shut up and kiss me girl. They said it would be very little, too little for you to notice. Like seconds or minutes off my life. Nothing big"

I ripped away from her, and tears flooded my eyes at the sudden realization. My throat really did hurt so I just shook my head rapidly and whispered "No."

"Yes Jaz, this happened because I ran. I can help fix it like this, so let me."

"No. Your life Jen, no."

She really did look crushed. Weakly laying a hand on her cheek, I shook my head and closed my eyes.

"Jaz, I like ya. Let me do this." She was crying? "I love you, and I want this."

My eyes went wide, "I... I can't Jen." If what my mother had told me was true, then I would watch my best friend grow old and die while I forever looked the same. I couldn't cheapen that. "I'm going to sleep again Jen. Stay with me?"



I could really get used to waking up like this. Not really thinking about it I laced my fingers through the soft hair cascading around me and kissed the sensuous lips pressing against mine with a gentle possessiveness back. Opening my eyes to see Jen's face upon mine sent it all rushing back though. "Ah! Jen no! Quit it!"

"See? You already sound a lot better. Your voice isn't even scratchy anymore." She smiled and leaned on her side. Wow she looked good like this. The moonlight coming through the window gave just enough light to make her out, and it shone through her silky brown hair.

Testing my body out, I shifted to sit up. Surprised at how much I really had recovered, I leaned my back against the wooden headboard and gave Jen my thoughts. "Jen you just gave me part of your soul, part of your life. You realize that?"

"I do. But Jaz, they refused to take you to a hospital. So kissing you as you slept seemed like a better alternative to just leaving you in pain."

"I feel a lot better now. Truly I do. Let's just hold off on anymore until I figure out how to turn off the whole sucking out your life thing 'kay?"

"Yea, okay."

Jen never left my side for the next day, earning a fresh chastisement from me every time I woke to find her softly pressing her lips to mine. Eventually I did feel well enough to get out of bed, though I still felt a little sore.

Once I had gotten up, and stretched out my apparently still limber body, one of the six women that I had seen when first waking came in with one hell of a cocky smile. It was the one who had so eloquently called me a bitch and let the flaming hands lady know I was awake in the same sentence.

I don't know who first said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but they had obviously never met this woman. Gleaming black hair fell in gorgeous waves off her shoulders. Probably 6" 1' or so she towered over me with a body most professional models would literally kill for.

Amazingly proportioned breasts that held high on her chest, were clad in a blue satin blouse. A pair of skin tight slacks and bare feet defined the rest of her, and while none of it screamed "whore", her raw perfection did.

Leaning against the doorframe while blowing on her nails nonchalantly, she reminded me why my first thought of her had been... bitch. "So, lil tits, feeling better?"

"My you have a way with words. Do any of you guys have a freaking shower? Possibly a change of clothes too?"

"Words? Well that's my skillful tongue in action there, lil tits." Tossing me a beach towel that had been hanging on the door knob, (the knob I couldn't see from the bed by the way) she motioned to the door I stupidly hadn't noticed right next to the bed.

"Bathroom is in there, and the closet that's connected through it has a ton of shit you can borrow. But um, none of us are a damn fairy, pixie, midget, whatever term you prefer. So the only things in there that'll fit is gonna be shit from Halloween or some other holiday where tiny clothes is the way to go."

"Oh you love those holidays Jaz!" Jen said from her back, still on the bed.

"Not helping Jen!" Nodding my chin in thanks to the bad mouthed goddess, I waved overly politely as she left still holding on to that god forsaken grin.

"Showering now Jen. Gimme a minute and I'll be right back." She seemed so happy; happier still the more normal I appeared. Yes, I still hurt, but by now it really wasn't all that bad. Mostly I just felt weak and a bit tired.

The shower was amazing. One of those large glassed in ones with a bench along the wall, and a giant shower head. Peach shampoo and various conditioners were heaven on my clingy scalp. After just getting clean, I felt more than content to just enjoy the hot water pouring over my body. Nothing overtly sexual, but as my skin was still somewhat reddened by my rough treatment, I allowed the pressured water to drum against my breasts. Every once in a while allowing a stream to find my hardened nipples, which sent welcome shivers around me and down my spine.

Touching my body carefully I inspected it. This was the first time since it had been abused that I was in a position to do so. Scrapes from the concrete floor were gone, leaving only slight red marks in their nearly healed absence. My tight stomach seemed okay so I drifted lower.

Feeling myself whole, I reveled in my naturally bald state down there. My general body with the exception of the breasts I was so proud of, was tiny, and so was my situation down there. I had always assumed it was genetics, but now that I knew my mother was some kind of otherworldly sex goddess... or devil... I could most likely accurately attribute all of it to her. Letting my fingers gently graze the rest of my form, I found it physically fine.

Wrapping the beach towel around me after I had turned off the shower and dried myself, I stuck my head into the bedroom and called for Jen. "Hey, get in here. Im gonna need help with these clothes if that lanky hooker was right." Nodding at me, she lazily clamored out of bed and groggily followed me into the walk in closet.

"So Jaz, anything particular in mind?" Her sarcasm was most definitely not lost on me. The closet/room was enormous, and crammed full of what was possibly an infinite amount of choices. Anything from old shoes to gleaming tiaras. They were probably even real.

"I guess just start looking for something that might fit." It didn't take long though and I had found everything I needed for an outfit that would fit. "Well the giantess was right. Only things in here small enough are Halloween costumes. But Jen do I oh so like these!"

Handing me items as I put them on, she looked on in silent envy. (She had brought her own clothes over. Wherever the hell we were.) Bright, matching silk pink panties and bra with white, frilly material along the edges were the first on. The panties were perfect, riding tantalizingly low on my hips just like I preferred and held just enough material to not qualify as a thong. The bra was a push-up as usual, and for a second I thought it was just a tad too big.

A heavily starched pin striped mini-skirt that zipped in the back hung tight and low against my hips after I had shimmied it on, gripping my legs perfectly. By the time I had it on though I realized that the bra felt just a little tight.

Matching the skirt exactly, was a sleeveless and wickedly low cut jacket. No shirt of course. Looking like a suit, the frill from my bra flowed out in a white brilliance with devious bits of pink silk, ensuring modesty and sex appeal at the same time. Also, it was short enough to give a generous view of the stomach I had worked so hard to perfect. Flip flops wouldn't cut it with this outfit so I borrowed a pair of open toed, bright pink, six inch heels. "Damn it I love Halloween!"

"Halloween is months away. But oh my god Jaz! Jewelry!" Ten more minutes later (after we had argued on if it would be okay) I had a silver ankle bracelet on one leg, a simple black leather strap mid-thigh on the other, and matching stud earrings.

Finding a pink ribbon I raced back to the large mirror in the bathroom and tied my hair back in a ponytail. A glance in the mirror startled me silently. I looked amazing. If I looked closely I could find the fading red marks, but I filled the outfit so perfectly. I had always been so very proud of my breasts, but wow! They seemed to flow out, bringing a undoubtedly sexual presence to my figure. The silk of the bra kept my normally sensitive nipples from the heavily starched jacket, but the tense material on the rest of my skin grazed me with every movement. Delightful.

This look was built for seducing. Or just plain fucking. And nothing but just that crossed my mind at that moment. It wasn't until Jen came up behind me with her arms around me and gently cupped those mesmerizing breasts in a firm hug did I break my stare.

"Thanks for everything Jen."

"Anytime girl, anytime."

"I'm not sure what's going on, but my body keeps changing. It's weird, but I keep finding subtle differences. Like my boobs, they've definitely grown. It's almost like the more I need to have sex, the harder my body tries to increase my sex appeal."

"Jaz, it's the clothes. You look like an effin porn star! Of course you look stupidly fuckable."

And just because it couldn't have been better timed, her legginess waltzed in the bathroom with a with a joint between her lips. "Huh, I should have known you two were naughty! So, Tits-R-Us, would you be so kind as to join us down stairs?"


"The rest of your sisters of course."

I just looked at Jen nervously while my "sister" left the room cackling at my reaction.

Shrugging our shoulders we left and started down the hall. I hadn't known, it hadn't clicked even when told"down stairs" but we were on the second story. As we were about to go down the steps the sister that had burnt the two earlier touched my shoulder from behind.

"Hey Jasmine, before you go down there. I have something for you. Jen, wait for her with the others?"

Sparing me a gentle look, Jen left, trusting this lady with me. After Jen was out of earshot she spoke, "Jasmine, you are weak. I can see it in your eyes. Your sisters do not deal with weakness well. If you want you may borrow my latest catch."


"Hmm, yes. I won't have him for long. I don't like aging my prey too much as it brings about suspicions. He's just in the third door down there. He has in the recent past confessed to me a secret fetish that you could deal with as well."

"You want me to sleep with your boyfriend right? And deal with some creepy fetish? Are all my sisters this whacked out!"

"You didn't immediately say no, so that's a good sign, naughty girl you! His fetish is simple. I just can't do it. He wants a nubile girl. Barely eighteen and all. You will forever look like that. And it doesn't hurt that you're actually that." With a childish grin I hadn't expected from the classical beauty on her face, she led me from behind with her hands on my bare shoulders to the closed door.

"Your sure this is okay?"


Opening the door for me, she closed it after I was inside and looking at the sleeping figure of a middle aged man. Barely a hint of gray in his hair, wonderfully built, he was completely nude on top of the sheets. I noticed my chest rising with anticipation. How was I going to do this?

"Jade? My little belle back?" With those words I couldn't help but notice the limpness between his legs jerk a little and gain some strength.

"Jade said I was for you. That you could have me this one time."

The sound of a voice he wasn't expecting blasted him awake and off the bed. In an instant he was against me with a hand around my throat.

"Please, be gentle! I don't want it rough. Jade said you wanted this." Pleading fearful eyes stared right into his chastising ones.

"Girl, leave this room."

As soon as his hand left my throat I gently took it to the center of my cleavage. "I would like you as well sir."

Mumbling something about a team of seals not believing his time off, (fisherman?) his eyes glazed over, and things took precedence above his nervousness. Spidering his unoccupied hand in my ponytail, he pulled my head back for a long and gentle kiss. The heat was lighting up, burning and searing as hot as the first time I had ever felt it.

I didn't throw up a leg, I didn't touch him. I merely kept my eyes wide and on his as he gently explored my clothed body. A single forefinger traced the outline of my bust, and a palm touched my bare shoulder. My back involuntarily arched into him. An innocent moan escaped me when he nicked my nipple through the fabrics. Both of his hands moved along my sides, resting at my hips while he stole another kiss. With his fantastically nude body pressed against me, I somehow ended up at the edge of the bed being laid back upon it.

On my back, supported by my elbows and an oddly placed pillow, I watched as he unzipped my tight skirt and pulled it away in a torturously slow movement. Kissing his way down a leg, beginning at the ankle bracelet, I started panting outright. I had never been so turned on by a man that wasn't even inside of me.

Just as he laid a kiss on my inner thigh, so very close to my searing hot and scantily clad core, he pulled away and began again on the other leg. This time starting with my toes. He sucked gently on each one, and I gave tiny gasps with each flick of his gifted tongue.

The leg he had already seen to had it's pink heel against his chest, the knee bent in the air, while he sent shivers down the other. He was hard, endowed yet not shockingly impressive. One could say he was just right. It lay atop my panties, teasing me not so innocently with it's pulsing.

Laying a kiss on my ankle, he took his palms to grazing both sides of that leg. Small, light licks to my teased skin, as his palms switched to barely grating nails that kept coming just short of where I wanted them, was horrible on my stamina. Small shivers that I knew he could feel cascaded through the muscles of my legs.

With a hand holding each of my heels to either side of his broad chest, he bent over me and laid yet another amazing kiss on my mouth. The undignified position was such a turn on. Thankfully he unbuttoned my jacket as he did this. The front hook of my bra lasted no longer than the buttons had. My lips felt so small as his encapsulated mine. I pushed my heels gently against his nipples, and a wholly male groan vibrated down my throat.

"Mnh!" I felt him attempt to push into me through the damp material of my borrowed panties. Sliding my calves up to his head, he kept up the pressure and began working my neck. Threading my fingers through his cropped hair, I pushed myself onto him with slow and deliberate movements, begging my panties to disappear. His hands gripped my breasts, blatantly ignoring my nipples save for the lightest of touches. From one side of my neck to the other, he tortured me with shivers and occasional nips at the lobes of my ears.

I tried to bring my bent legs off of his neck, to splay myself out for him. He denied me and kept them there, gracing my inner thighs with perfect kisses. Oh how I wanted this man now. He smelled so... so male! I took him in with vicious breaths. He pushed against me a little harder, and I felt my lips attempt to part. They failed once more with my panties refusing any entrance.

He moved down, and then down further. Igniting my skin with every kiss he laid upon it. He bit my panties while tugging down and I heard him as he breathed in my own scent deeply. Peeling the material down to expose my swollen lips, he planted his tongue firmly against my clit and allowed it's heat to force me to try and grind against it. He held me still, and grated his wet and bumpy tongue against me.

"OhmyGod... ohmyGodthatfeels, so-good!" I squealed it, burying my fists into the sheets. "More! Please Lord God more!"

He obliged, giving me a long and pressured lick as his deft fingers stretched my lips apart. A horribly hot breath into my hole, a delicious lick to seal it with an involuntary contraction. I was in hell... maybe heaven... I couldn't tell you which. It continued until I was delirious with need. He kept me at the edge, refusing me an orgasm at every turn.

Finally he removed my panties. And then confused me even more. Curling me into a fetal position, he laid against my back. "I don't wan... please sir, just please... need."

He pushed in, the pleasure of it granting me the life I needed to take control and roll us so I was on top. My back arched against his chest with my ponytail sliding over his neck, the motion had filled me with him. His allowance of me to just wallow in the bliss of having him inside me was short lived. Sitting up he removed himself, took off my jacket/bra, and placed me on my back again.

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