tagLoving WivesTell Me Your Fantasies

Tell Me Your Fantasies


"Tell me what you fantasize about" she asked.

It took some coaxing to get me to be honest, but with her hand wrapped around my shaft, slowing pumping it up and down, and with those sexy, beguiling eyes that held such promise of pleasure, I was not able to resist her urge to have me spill my guts, even though the thought of it was a bit frightening. We had spoken before on the subject, but I had been too reticent to divulge anything. This time would be different.

"If you keep stroking me like that, and giving me those looks, I'll end up telling you more than you might expect; more than maybe I should."

"Mmmm... I like coaxing the honesty out of you this way. Now don't by shy. Tell me what you've been daydreaming about lately. It turns me on to have you in my power like this. I'll keep touching if you talk, but if you won't open up, the hand job will have to stop." She withdrew her touch. I wanted more, and so I was lost. As they say on Star Trek, "Resistance is futile." I began to speak:

"Well, you know I love the idea of catching you while you’re masturbating. I fantasize about catching you with yourself; you not knowing that I see you. I sometimes picture you in the hot tub, candles lit all around, getting your clit tickled by a nice, warm jet spray of Jacuzzi water. Soft music is playing and you're off in fantasyland, nuzzling your pussy up to the spray jets and having it off with yourself. As you get more and more aroused I hear you muttering under your breath about some fantastic scenario.

“Oooh” she cooed. “You know I like those spray jets, don’t you?” Her fingers did a delicate dance on my dick. It felt wonderful.

“Yeah” I affirmed. “We’ve had fun with those before, but in this case I’m just watching from a distance, and you not knowing I’m there makes it sexier somehow. I picture you as your orgasm approaches. You’re smiling dreamily and saying 'Ooooh, yeah, that feels so good....MMmmmmm.....’ And then I hear you talking as if you’re being fucked. You get a little naughtier with your dialogue, and I get hornier spying on you.” Her soft hand on my cock emboldens me to say more.

“I watch you getting more and more excited, and then I hear you start talking dirty. You say things like…. ‘ Fuck Me Honey' etc. I can’t help it. I unzip my pants, pull out my cock and start stroking it. As I get closer to having my own orgasm you start talking really nasty to yourself.”

She stopped playing with me for moment and smiled. “When do you most often have these kinds of thoughts.” I knew what she was driving at, but I was hesitant to say. I had these kinds of thoughts most often while I was really masturbating, but I wasn’t comfortable saying so. “I dunno. No particular time.”

“Hmmmm” she mused, licking my nipple and tickling my balls. “Somehow I find that hard to believe. Are you sure you don’t think such naughty things about me while you’re stroking your dick like this?” She started pumping my shaft again to emphasize her point. I decided to be open. “Yes” I replied shyly, “that’s when I do it.”

“I suppose I’ve always known that you jerk off occasionally; every guy does it. We’ll have to explore that some more later.” She gave my cock a couple of vigorous pumps to drive the point home. “But tell me more about what you imagine. I’m liking this.” She nibbled on my ear and kept caressing my dick.

I went on. “Of course, at some point in this fantasy you realize that I'm watching you. Rather than be ashamed, you merely ask, 'Like what you see?' And of course I do.

“Then you say, ‘Wanna finish me off, Lover?' Of course I do. I lead you from the tub, toweling you off as I gently lay you on your bed. I raise your legs up into the air and stand between them. I rub my cock up and down your wet slit, then slide the tip of my glistening dick.... just the tip... into your warm pussy, stroking it lightly in and out while I kiss and suck on your toes. I tell you to go back to pleasuring yourself and I continue licking and sucking your toes. I love seeing your body jiggle while I pump my cock into you slowly, deeper and deeper. 'God, your cock feels good. Gimme some more Lover’ and you lift your ass up to meet my thrusts.

”I can't resist that. I reach up to caress your nipples, never taking your toes out of my mouth. 'Yes, yes' you moan. 'Keep fucking me like that.'

She wet her lips and fondled my balls some more. They were becoming tight with anticipation. My narrative began to blend scenes of my fantasy with descriptions of my own wanking. She smiled and gave my cock a few licks.

“By now I'm getting so excited by this vision. I see myself running my hands all over your body. My cock is thrusting deeper and more forcefully into you, and you're strumming your clit towards an impending orgasm. When I think of this my own cock is to excited I know I could cum any time. But I want the arousal to last, so I slow my stroking and concentrate on your image. In my fantasy, as you get more and more excited you admit that you sensed me standing there watching you. You tell me it turned you on to know that was I spying on you and getting turned on. You thought it was sexy that I was stroking my cock while watching you. At this point in my fantasy I’m about to cum so I start fucking you harder while you talk to me. You say, ‘I love you inside me. I love the way we fuck’ and that usually makes me wanna pop.”

Your hand on my cock is driving me crazy. “Really?” you smile. “That is so sexy.” Having you stroke me while we talk like this is getting me so hot I don’t know how much longer I can hold back. But you keep masturbating me, so I keep talking.

“The sight of you beneath me, so lovely and unabashed puts me over the edge. My ass cheeks squeeze together and I give you one last round of furious pumping; And then, while I’m jacking my dick, in my mind I cum as you tell me, 'You feel so good. I love the way you fuck me. I'm gonna cum..... I love you Baby. I'm gonna cum. I love you. I'm gonna..... I'm CUMMING!!!' and with that, you look down between your legs and see my swollen, glistening cock plunging over and over into your fantastic cunt. Your legs shoot straight out, toes pointed, and your whole body goes rigid, convulsing in a Big Bang Orgasm. Your happy pussy gushes all over my cock. I collapse onto you and we hug each other close, cheeks together, contented tears of joy mixing and painting our faces.”

My story gets you going. You softly hump my leg with your thighs, gripping my dick and fisting it. “I'm gonna have to let you catch me masturbating more often, Sweetness. I really like that fantasy.” You remove your hands from my cock just as I am about to cum. I raise my head up and ask, “Why did you stop?”

You smile impishly. “Tell me another one,” you beg, “and I’ll keep doing this some more.” Your hand renews its grip on my phallus.

I use some pillows to prop my head up so I can watch you jerk me off, which is very erotic to see. I continue, less hesitantly this time: "Once in awhile I imagine you on your bed, lying there with just your panties on, thumbing through your hidden stash of glossy mags. (I found them, you know?)”

You’re startled at this revelation, but you know better than to stop what you’re doing. Any troublesome thoughts I might have about your secret porno stash are less likely to bother me at this moment, while you’re getting me hot and bothered with your hand. Your fingertips do a tickle dance up and down my dick. I continue with the fantasy narrative.

“I know you like magazines that show hot pictures of guys with glorious dicks, all stroking themselves for your pleasure. You have your favorite toys arrayed on the bed, and you motion me towards you with a finger that points between your legs. I know what you want me to do. I fall to my knees between your thighs and begin licking and kissing up your calves, slowly, taking my time while you thumb through the pictures, until my lips reach your pretty pussy.”

You are embarrassed to know that I’m aware of what you yourself sometimes fantasize about, but the thought of it excites you too. You’re getting wet between your legs just thinking about it, and your body begins to move subtly while I talk.

”Meanwhile, you’re enjoying your magazines, waiting for my tongue to reach the spot that gets you hot! Eventually, I get there just as you arrive at your favorite gallery of hard cocks. You start sizing them up, commenting on how nice they look and what you'd like to do with them. 'Check this one out' you smirk. Wouldn't that feel good in my pussy ... God, here's another gorgeous cock. Wish I could suck on it right now!.... Mmmmm, these guys are hot. I would love to have them all here, doing my bidding, fondling every part of me, all of them fucking me; One in each hole, filling me up with some choice dick.' I’m enthralled by your free expression of such a lusty appetite for cock.”

You are pleasantly surprised to learn that I’m not so jealous as to feel threatened by your own “perverted” fantasies. But just to be sure, you ask me, “Does it bother you that I like looking at hard cocks…. Lots of them?” I answer honestly:

“Well, yes, I am somewhat jealous. But I’m also fascinated by what turns you on. And I don’t want to deny you the same pleasures that I allow myself at times.”

You lower your hand, dipping it into your wet pussy, then bring your slick fingers to my lips. “Here” you beckon, “Sample the taste of arousal. Your story, and all those hard cocks, are getting me hot. If you really think you could handle it, I would love to have you eat me while I peruse my favorite stash of porno.”

I don’t know which of us is more turned on by this thought, but I know how good you’re making me feel at the moment, and that prompts me to say more:

“I imagine that I continue to lick your wet slit and suck on your engorged clit, while you regale me with your naughtiest fantasies. You're painting my face with your juices and your sex talk is getting nastier and nastier. You look down and see how hard my cock is. I stroke it slowly, munching on your luscious cunt. 'My, my, aren't we getting excited? You look great doing that. It turns me on to see the effect my body and all this naughty talk is having on you, but don't you dare cum yet. I'll need that hard dick inside me shortly, right after I cum on your face!' I suck your swollen clit gently between my lips and lap at it with my broad, flat, wet tongue. That sends you over the top and you reward my adoring efforts with a copious flood of nectar. I see your body spasm while you enjoy an intense orgasm. Your thighs lock around my head and squeeze me as your hips hump your cunt at my mouth. 'Oh, fuck yes' you swear, grabbing a forelock of my hair, pulling my head into your crotch and smearing yourself all over my lips. 'Fuck me... Fuck me. Fuck my slit with your wonderful tongue and let me cum for you.' And then, in my fantasy, you do cum, drenching my happy face with your tangy fluids, clamping a headlock on my skull. As soon as you finish splashing my cheeks with fuck juice, I stand up between your legs, grinning from ear to ear, and start shoving my cock into your delirious cunt. Long, slow, steady strokes. All the way in; all the way out; Over and over. 'Oh, god, that's so good. Fuck me Honey. Fuck me. I need your cock. I love the way you fuck me.' I'm so excited I don’t’ think I can last much longer. You are almost on the edge of another orgasm, so I slow the pace slightly to increase the 'tease' factor, until you start to fuck me back faster, your hungry cunt trying to grab more dick. Then I slam into you, fucking you fast, like a rabbit, until you shoot those legs out again (I love to see that!). I press my entire naked body against yours, wrapping my arms around you, just moving my butt to hump you furiously. We grind our crotches into each other and come together. I'm sucking on your tit and nursing like a baby. You're squeezing my ass and smiling. You tell me I’m the best.

By this time, we’re both getting really worked up by the fantasy. It’s too good to stop now, so you lay beside me on your back, and we both masturbate, side by side, while I go on with the narrative:

"Other times, I imagine that I spy you on the couch, watching your favorite nasty porno flicks. The fact that you like such nasty stuff, especially the ones involving a single woman surrounded by horny guys, doesn't really bother me too much. I like it that you have such a stereotypically 'macho' affinity for that sort of thing, as it tends to validate my own auto-erotic fantasies. Knowing that you too have a healthy appetite for porn turns me on a lot, although in truth if your fantasies were to become realities I would probably have difficulty dealing with them. Still, you know how to tease me with anticipation, to the point where I could and maybe even would do almost anything to please you sexually, so long as I get my just reward in the end. And we both believe that turnabout is fair play, so the thought of 'getting even' by having my wanton way with you makes the prospects even more enticing.

"Anyway, in my dreams you've told me about how you 'whack off your cunt' while watching this one particular porno flick. It depicts a sex hungry woman with a few guys who satisfy her every wanton desire, before making her also satisfy their own nasty urges. You've told me that you stop the film at certain 'hot spots', slowing down the motion on the screen and replaying it repeatedly while you work yourself up to orgasm. Among other things, you get especially turned on when the guys all surround the woman and plug her three ways to Sunday. They also put her on her knees between them while they hold their hard cocks next to her and stroke them. She goes from dick to dick, licking and sucking them all while they make lewd comments about her cock sucking abilities. Some of them even bend over and make her lick their assholes, which turns you on no end. Why it has such a powerful effect on you I don't know, it just does. I think in your wildest fantasies you'd like to be used like a true slut by several guys, so long as they 'respected you in the morning.' So, I imagine that I discover you just before that critical moment when you're about to cum. You're hitting the slow-motion and replay buttons on the video remote control, watching the camera zoom in for close-ups of stiff dicks entering a wet, willing cunt; watching a hungry mouth devour those hard cocks; watching the heroine on all fours as she's gang-banged by horny studs who can't get enough of her, then on her back for more of the same, getting pummeled and pounded in a sexual work-out that leaves you panting with a flaming desire to have something like that happen to you. Watching her slurp her way from dick-to-dick and asshole to asshole really turns you on. I love to imagine that I catch you doing this. I creep up on you to get a closer look, eaves dropping on your naughty monologue as you watch the torrid scenes unfold. My heart is thumping in my chest and my cock is blue-steel hard in my hand as I hear you talking to the t.v. screen: 'Yeah, that's so nasty. I like this. Show the boys your pussy, baby. Show 'em what you've got. Now suck those cocks. Suck 'em good. You know you love it. Don't be shy about it. Start slurping, Bitch! Oh, jeez, their making her suck them all. Fuck that's good.’

"I love to see the intensity building up in you, and hear you talk dirty while the sexual tension mounts. 'Slide that fucking dick into her man... Oh, fuck I wish that was me. What I wouldn't do to have some dick like that. The one guy is fucking HUGE!... and so HARD. I'd love to fuck his cock.’ You love it, and I love watching you toy with your tingling cunt.” I am amazed at how aroused you’re getting, and how dirty you’re talking. As you frig yourself with abondon I hear you say, 'Oh my, he's bent over and she's licking his asshole. Can you believe that? 'Now they're making her do all of them. Get your tongue up there Honey. Make 'em squirm, you horny bitch! Oh, Jeeez, she's rubbing her clit while she licks out that ass. What a slut! God, I love it!'

As we lay side by side I hear you moan with pleasure and see you start to squirm. I want this to be good for you, so I decide not to hold anything back:

“I picture me standing there, entranced, devouring you with my eyes while your own eyes take in the kinky action on the screen and your naughty talk continues. 'I love this part too’ you say. ‘They're playing musical chairs with her, taking turns in each position. One guy on each tit. One guy eating her out; one guy stuffing his cock into her mouth. She's being well used, the horny fucking cunt. Those guys must be loving it (but not as much as her, I'll bet).'

You ask if I’m really not too jealous imagining this, but I’m so aroused by now that I couldn’t stop myself from watching and jerking my cock even if I was getting jealous. I answer:

"I am fascinated by your wanton, craving sexuality. I have to admit, it's intimidating, but it’s also so hot it makes me almost delirious for you, with a carnal craving of my own. The climactic scene in this imaginary video shows the woman on her back, the men surrounding her, yanking on their cocks while she frigs herself to one last glorious orgasm. They all cum together, shooting ropes of creamy white spunk that arc across the air, each landing with a splatter, coating her body, her face and her hair while she fingers herself furiously, pumping her hips up, fucking the air until she cums with a shriek in the middle of this nasty circle jerk of passion. The men then lay down beside her and clean up their collective mess with their adoring tongues. You are cumming at the same time, humping the air and frigging yourself just like the star of the film. You're so lost in your own horny fantasy that you almost don't notice me standing there beside you, cock in hand, fisting my piston as it lets fly a spray that surprises us both with its volume and intensity. It glops onto your chest and runs in a rivulet down the valley between your heaving breasts. I smile a naughty smile down at you, which you return with a naughty smile of your own before smirking, 'Well, you've always wondered what I fantasize about. You've finally learned. Now get down here and lick up this mess, you nasty pervert.' As the men in the film go about cleaning up the aftermath of their kinky encounter, you feed me your tits and I lap up the spunk. Your naughty talk continues, 'Lick it up, Darlin'... and let's try to get that cock of yours hard again. I still need a good fucking.'

"Then you hit the rewind button on the remote control again, as we get ready for round two.”

By this time in this narrative, we’re both breathing heavily and getting very close to mutual and simultaneous self-induced orgasms. I revel in the thought that, by telling you these naughty fantasies, we now find ourselves stroking off side by side. It’s a dream come true, and neither of us wants it to end just yet. I turn to you and say, “That's what I've been fantasizing about. Now it's your turn, Lover. Wanna tell me one of your naughtiest fantasies?"

She smirks at me and says, "Are you sure you could handle it?"

With some trepidation, I take the plunge. "I'm not entirely sure, because I don't know what you might tell me. But I'd like to try."

She smiles more broadly, gives my cock a squeeze and remarks, "Your friend here is getting newly aroused. I think he has a suitable sense of adventure, don't you?" Obviously, she has the urge to divulge something naughty.

"Whatever turns you on, Lover." My heart is beginning to race. Her playful fingers on my dick feel wonderful.

"Okay... here we go... it starts with...."

(to be continued?)

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