tagNonHumanTemirburg's Fall

Temirburg's Fall


Summary: My little series which started here has a re-imagined setting. Between the Human and Monstergirl Empire there is an independent city which does not pay homage to either side. Its Duchess lost the city in a siege against monstergirls. I named it Temirburg. And here is how it changed hands in a siege. Prequel to "This Siege of Mine":


9 years before World Seal. 1 Year after Megiddo.

When the God-King Maou died, humanity thought they were saved.

They were wrong.

The male essence of mamono were still sealed across the world, and young monsterwomen were still hungry. Not just for sex. After all, male and female beings, with few exceptions, eventually needed love and togetherness.

Even the most stuck-up vampire will sob at her sleep if she is bereft of company for centuries, even the most man-hating mamono will want someone to hug at night. Even the most proud dragon-girl will go crazy after decades of lonely nights.

The western Mamono Empire needed men. And husbands. And Love. Whichever came first.

But mamono are anarchic. Still-insufficent numbers of Human serfs(using the word slave is a faux-pas in many circles) and maids barely keep their infrastructure together and still aren't enough for sustaining them. It takes a rare, very rare individual to band them together to get anything done; and eventually one of them leads a group to conquest.

So the human city of Temirburg was astounded to see an orderly army of Mamono girls, banners with lewd and pink-heart motifs, attack the city.

"Since when do beasts bring...SIEGE WEAPONS?" The captain, a grizzled man from decades of fighting had his eyes bug out when looking at the attackers with binoculars.

The device showed orderly mamono girls marching with ballistae and catapults drawn by larger monstergirls. Worse, they were singing bawdy songs about getting husbands, sex and war in a horrifying cacaphony. A listener might have heard the following:

We march to war,
Siege o' the humie town,
Where folk o' gutter and renown,
Were screwin' on the floor.
Singin' "Wha'll dae ye, laddie,
Wha'll dae ye noo?
Mamono who did ye last nicht
Cannae dae ye noo!!"

Twas on the first of August
The party, it began.
Noo, ne'er shall I forget, girls,
The gatherin' o' the clans.
Twas the gatherin' o' the clans,
And everyone was there
A-playin' wi' the hooman boys
An' twinin' curly hair
Five-and-twenty virgin lads
Came doun frae their heims
None of them got virgin back, see,
We fucked'em hunnerd times!
John McGowan, the town guard,
Was quite surprised to see
Ten horny Manticores,
banging his sons sillee!
Rabbit-chan she was there,
a way down in the front,
a ring of roses in her hair,
a carrot up her cunt, OI!
Singin' "Wha'll dae ye, laddie,
Wha'll dae ye noo?
Mamono who did ye last nicht
Cannae dae ye noo!!"
There was fuckin' in the meadows,
There was fuckin' in the ricks,
Ye could nae hear the bagpipes
For the swishin' o' the pricks! Oi!
There was screwin' in the parlor,
An' screwin' on the stones.
Ye could nae hear the music
For the wheezin' and the groans.
There was fuckin' i' the stable,
There was fuckin' i' the ricks,OI!;
An' ye couldna' hear the rantin'
For the plungin' o' the pricks.
O' cocks some men had but a tad,
An' some men had huge dicks
An' some would make mamono glad
That she'd been born with tits!
The village priest was also there,
And on the floor he sat
Amusing himself by abusing himself
And catching it on his hat!
"Wha'll dae ye, laddie,
Wha'll dae ye noo?
MAMONO wha did ye last NIGHT

The rhyming was awful. The melody was bad. Yet hordes of mamono marched towards the city, singing and shouting, some playing bagpipes and drums, some singing and dancing. Farmers and merchants ran and hid from the approaching horde.

"By Allfather, the monster whores are insane!"

They were not, much to the consternation of the defenders when they saw the usually barbaric monstergirls set up siege perimeters. Immediately mamono girls who resembled mildly of ants started digging trenches and set up small bunkers...

...only for adorable little goblin girls to come forward, bring catapults and mount them on said bunkers, load piles of rocks and start flinging burning pots and rocks to the least occupied parts of the walls using the siege engines. A yelp and scream signaled a guard running for his life as a wall turret caught fire. The humans waited in stunned silence, experiencing the first Mamono siege of history.


Several Days Later.

They charged for glory, and they lost.

The latest sally was a failure. The Guard captain sighed and clutched her forehead as human males (and the occasional female) too tired to run were tackled, and started being stripped naked and hogtied in front of the walls and cheering mamono, some manticores and harpies flying high and throwing the armor parts back at the walls.

"We won't need these, thank you!" The beastlike women roared in laughter. The peasant women looked on in horror and anger as their husbands and wives were violated in front of everyone, some looking in rage, others...in frustration and jealousy.

"A-are they going to kill daddy?" One of the terrified daughters of the soldiers, a tiny girl cried and clung to the soldiers, making the soldiers scream in frustration.

"No...they are... shit...just get inside girl, I'll tell you later!" The angry soldiers herded the children into a church for protection, ignoring their protests.

One of the children just had made a remark:

"They are doing what dad asks from mommy every night!"

The sharp-eared Werewolf girl sneaking around the wall mentioned this to the besieging army upon return, making them roar with laughter, again, under feeble counter fire of crossbows and slingstones. One of them roared into the brass horn. "THE HUMAN PUP IS RIGHT, WE DO THATAPLENTY. WHY DON'T YOU HUMIES JUST SURRENDER?"


Prodded by worried-looking guards, the children were herded towards temples and closed areas and locked for fear of what the mamono would be doing would influence them. The hurried move on the defenders' part attracted the attention of more "mercenary-minded" and agile mamono to attempt infiltration as the walls temporarily were emptied. Their preparation was not noticed by the attackers.

A few batgirls, a well-trained Lizardgirl with sharp claws to grasp stone, and a young, fiery Hinezumi, a mouse featured warrior who had migrated from the eastern lands volunteered, forming a small raiding party dressed in dark clothes. An arachne, her spidery half chittering, quietly started weaving rappels, and monstergirls slowly lined up to test each other's arm muscles for the upcoming rappeling raid...

One of the volunteers was a Hinezumi. A monstergirl with mouse-like feet and ears, otherwise wearing a human face, clad in robes and armed with a long, steel-tipped stick. Youthful, her budding breasts and round figure strained against her combat robes.

"Daughter! Zhang Wu Lin! Take this flag and gain much honor for family! Destroy human flag, plant mamono flag on its staff! GO!" Her mother handed the strange, mouse-like girl a flag made from red silk, depicting a dragon from the older times. The girl bowed , her mouse ears twitching with anticipation after she snatched the flag.

"I will bring honor, Mother. Maybe a longnose barbarian boy to tease and toy with."


The Hinezumi, like the others, snuck 60 meters near the castle walls where, several rappels were quietly snuck around the crenellated walls. A few more flicks of finger, and soon, invisible silk bridges were tied between solid stakes and castle wall crenellation blocks. At a whispered command, monstergirls started sneaking quietly as mice towards the ramparts, rappeling silently.

The rappeling went without a hitch. The Hinezumi was first, quietly somersaulting and landing with the flag and slowly waiting for the raiders to assemble. The lizardgirl was the last, quietly landing on the wall with a quiet "clack" of her clawed limbs.

Two score raiders, monstergirls of many races, were dressed in dark black, slowly to sneak, destroy flagstaffs and finally open the gate from the inside...except...

A few footsteps, a little mouse and a guard outside spoiled their plans, ironic that a small rodent suddenly making a miniature pressure on the dainty mouse-like feet of our Hinezumi raider. What's curious about Hinezumi is, they hate mice: not to mention they hate being referred to as "mice." And so, the miniature crawling feeling made our raider go off in a scream that would explode like a fire-powder experiment. (the powder itself still in experimental phase)

Adding to the compromised situation was another young guard lad who had passed his adulthood and volunteered, out of a sense of duty, out at night. He always carried a bucket of water to put out fires. Noticing the scream and the mouse-y girl bursting in fire in martial fury, he charged, flinging the bucket at the girl in panic.

The azure, glowing splash put out the fiery spirit of the adorable mouse-girl in an instant, causing her to trip, and plant her hands on the boy's chest in a desperate attempt to regain her balance. Likewise, in panic, the boy held his hands up, only to grasp the bountiful bosom of his tackler.

The orbs were soft, heavenly lumps filling his palms. his assailant, the hinezumi, had a cute face, mouse ears, and a drenched, scared, shocked look. Her face was an expression of shock, almond eyes blinking at him. The mamono behind her stirred, unsure what to do. Their mouths were inches away from each other, mouths half open as if both were frozen and confused, feeling each other's scared breaths tickling their lips.

Were both youths alone, they could perhaps, experiment, lowering their faces to each other and discover the joys of kissing each other's soft, pleasurable, sensitive lips. For one brief second Zhang considered smiling at the boy shyly; perhaps Karma had chosen him to be a potential husband encounter chosen by the Gods. he was young, no younger than 19, with a decent appearance, and azure blue eyes. Culturally Zhang wanted to kick him in the groin and declare her superiority to "long nose dog-ass barbarian" and drag him as a take-home husband to bully and "love" in her own way, but for one brief second, she smiled at him unknowingly.

Sadly, war and duty made both jump to alertness. The Hinezumi drew in a breath and before he could gag her mouth, she uttered the loudest shriek ever.


The loud thunderclap afterwards made the dazed boy sit up in his armor, a red, hand shaped mark of a strong slap on his cheek as the Hinezumi fell back, and the attackers were ambushed. Sword met claw, and after a few minutes, the attackers slid back across the walls as their flying compatriots covered them. A few were even knocked out and captured, with angry guards starting to tie them up tightly lest they escape.

The boy had himself thrust upon a wriggling Dark Elf girl to hold steady, a young girl who was captured and tied up. What he didn't expect is that the dark elf moaned lewdly and moved her hips, putting pressure on a part that was stimulated moments ago. Gasping and squirming in her binds, the ebon skinned slut tried to lean and lick the boy's face to his horror.

"I'm sorry human, ropes turn me on soooo much; can you please, PLEASE fuck me?" The dark slut was still grinding her shapely bottom on the boy's groin, generous asscheeks trying to engulf the shocked human lad's bulge even above battledress, and mamono leather armor.

His mind was a jumble of "what if"s and thoughts far too deep in his mental wonderland to notice the moaning slut licking her lips.

"GODSDAMNIT SOMEBODY FUCK ME! WHY ARE YOU RETARDED HUMMMPPPHYPHPH!?!?!?!" was all the Dark Elf could scream before she was gagged, her head pulled back as a angry nun stuffed her panties in her mouth and tied it, and thrown into a makeshift jail full of writhing, moaning monstergirls in heat. The battle nun angrily washed off her hands, mumbling about "stench of the demon whore."

In the meantime, slingshots and shouts signaled the rout, as failed raiders glided or rappeled down to flee back towards their camp. The Hinezumi girl was furious: her fire was drenched, her spirit was hurt, and that boy groped her budding breasts. She was full of rage even as she ran back to her tent crying.

Bawling in a thin voice, she ran to her mother who waited with a stern face, who expected her failure with a typical eastern "tiger mother" face.

"MOTHER! I AM DISHONORED! NO ONE WILL MARRY ME NOW!" The Hinezumi's dress was drenched, her combat make-up was smudged and her spirits crushed. The bawling monstergirl threw herself on her mother's arms, only to get shrugged at.

"So? You remember his face?!" Her mother, wearing the epitome of stereotypical eastern "tiger-mother" faces, crossed her arms and rebuked her crying daughter, spurning her hug.

The hinezumi sniffled and nodded. "I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DOG-ASS LONGNOSE BARBARIAN!" Her cursing was intermixed with epithets from her original language, raining one-syllable words of curses.

"Confucius say the greatest punishment to a man is worse than death!" Her fiery mother, her mouse ears burning with magical fury, declared, puffing out her chest.

"And what's that mummy?" The young Hinezumi was intrigued. Her mother suddenly looked very scary. Her cute, motherly features somehow looked like a specter under the campfire light.

"The punishment greater than death... is marriage...WITH A LIVE-IN MOTHER IN LAW!"

The night resonated with the cruel, mouse-like laughter of two Hinezumi women as monstergirls slept or rutted with camp-boys.


Weeks later.

Duchess Ilsa's fortress-city of Temirburg was about to fall. The mamono, always thought to be mere monstergirl rapists had somehow surrounded the city as a horde. Worse, a siege weapon's round burned the granary to the ground and what little fish was caught in the river could not sustain the population. And the gate was damaged.

The blonde, blue-eyed warrior duchess sobbed miserably as she would hear the complaints of lack of food and rising despair. She was a warrior, her flail and armor now uselessly dangling on her statuesque form. She was no magician, no engineer, no spy. She had nothing left. Her people glared and grumbled at mamono showing off their male captives and making harsh love to them in full view of the castle walls.

Two Manticores; each held a naked man in their arms, who were held bound as the victorious monstergirls' tails were closed around their genitals, their screams of pleasure shaking the silent evening air of dreadful anticipation. The manticores kept on pumping their strange, bulbous tails, and other mamono cheered and laughed as they also raped their captives, their screams of pleasure echoing likewise to terrify peasants. Ilsa stopped counting after the tenth orgasm, the men's heads lolling in unconsciousness.

The manticores laughed and carried them back to their tents to make out as the besieging army cheered, ad brought another pair of naked boys and a girl to lick, kiss and violate in front of the crowd.

To that, bawdy songs about raping men and consuming semen, CONSTANTLY blared with bagpipes and brass horns along with sexual slogans shouted by mamono and daily "snatchings" of men by Manticore raiders had broken her will.

She bit her lips and spoke in a trembling voice. "Miriam, call the besieging general to parley." Her aide, a ginger warrior girl with blood red braids, shivered, sighed, but obliged, armored boots clacking on the stone floor.

"Invite them here???" Miriam was aghast. Ilsa nodded gravely.


Carrying a white flag, the human girl walked towards the monstergirl camp in shame, leaving castle gates that opened with a rattle, the beautiful human girl walking towards the colorful camp of erotic pink pavillions, weapons and laughter.

Passing surprised mamono sitting around the camp was easy. The blue pavilion housing the leaders was easier to see. The problem was getting through the two dark elf guards guarding a smaller tent marking the entrance to the giant pavilion.

"How do we know you aren't here to assassinate the general?" The guards, Dark Elves each clad in armor and wielding spears. Miriam lifted her hands and angrily flared. She was a mere messenger.

"Oh for Allfather's sake! What can I do against one of you? I'm telling you, I am unarmed!" Miriam retorted, pointing to her white flag.

"But not unarmored." The Dark Elves stood passively with a smile.

"FINE!" She screamed in frustration at the impassive, listening mamono, and cut away her armor straps, letting it fall to the floor. "I have no armor, no way to pose a threat. Can I pass now?"

The Dark Elf in front of her shook her head and grinned alongside her compatriot. Each started circling the exhausted girl.

"Let's see if you hide weapons... Strip."

Miriam looked at them incredulously, though she expected such treatment. "I assure you, I-" She showed small areas of her shirt and trousers in desperation. Both Dark Elves shook their heads and frowned.

The red-headed woman growled, pleaded, appealed to all saints, and finally sighed, starting to take off her shirt. Both guards' black, pointy ears twitched with hidden joy as the sullen messenger girl started to take off her shirt, leaving a simple, large, military bra. Much slower, the girl started to lower her trousers, blushing and frowning as milky white leg skin came to sight much to the delight of the dark elf women looking at her hungrily.

Afterwards the poor girl looked sullenly at the guards as they checked the clothes for weapons with digilence, searching every pocket with a serious face.

"Clear." A dark elf nodded, and her friend started grinning at the girl in underwear, who was on the verge of crying. "P-please. Can I come in now? I swear, I have nothing!" Her voice was breaking apart as her heart, but the guards were enjoying the sight, each licking their lips feasting on the sight.

The guard said the words slowly, savoring each bite like milk chocolate, humanity's best delicacy.

"Underwear too."


"Do it." The Dark elf, her hard, purple eyes were locked on the shivering, human girl, and started

Trembling, Miriam pulled her chest wrapping off, freeing large, soft orbs size of small melons. Both guards' grins widened, noticing the glorious globes of pure ivory skin topped with cherry-like, soft nipples. One of the guards licked her lips, while the other smiled and fondled the clump of bandages, grabbing it from the ground: "Clear of any weapons. Now, your panties."

Near hysterical, Miriam swallowed her pride and hooked both thumbs around her panties, and pulled down, revealing a fiery red, cute small bush which quickly was covered by hand when she removed her underwear and showed, almost on the edge of screaming. "SEE? I have no weapons, now, PLEASE LET ME IN!" Her lips trembled like a child about to cry. The guards giggled and sighed wistfully, watching her naked body.

Both guards approached her with a grin, incresing her mental pressure. Her mind was repeating a mantra:

"Don't touch me!...Don't touch me!...Don't touch me!...Don't-"

She found herself staring into the purple eyes of the dark elf. Both were smiling arrogantly.

"What's the matter? We're not going to hurt you~" Both dark elves kept their grins wide as they circled the naked, shivering girl. "Just feel that soft white skin a little... hmm?" Her dark hand extended, a finger softly rubbing the ivory skin of the poor girl, softly sinking an inch into her taut belly and rubbing a circle:

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