tagLoving WivesTemptation & Punishment Ch. 01

Temptation & Punishment Ch. 01


This is a two-part story. I like to play around in this category with story lines and scenarios, the outspoken responses from readers always interest me. Thank you to the reader who provided me with this scenario.

This story contains: spanking, a man encouraging another man to sleep with his wife, a lot of doubts and hot sex.

This story does not contain: creampies, humiliation or (in my opinion) a wimp husband.

I hope you enjoy.


"The only way to resist temptation is to give in."

-Oscar Wilde


Janet woke to the now familiar feeling of guilt.

She'd had another dream about Mac.

This wasn't the first time that she'd had the dream. It wasn't the first time that she'd awoken panting, her nipples hard and pressing against the cotton of her nightgown and a soaked crotch on her panties. Uncomfortably aroused, she turned on her side to face her husband, Paul. Part of her wanted to wake him up and see if he was as horny as she was, but another part of her felt strange about that. After all, the reason she was horny was a dream about another man.

It had all started three months ago when their neighbor Mac had no longer been able to afford renting the house next to him. Although he'd served in the army, they'd pretty much screwed him over, and then his now ex-wife had completed the screwing, demanding the same amount of money agreed to upon their divorce despite the fact that he wasn't getting the amount of money that he'd been supposed to be. Hating the idea of him being on the street, Paul and Janet had offered to put him up in their guest room until he could find a job. With the economy the way it was, they had known that it could take a while, and they hadn't minded having him live with them. In fact, they all lived together fairly well despite the fact that Mac was a generation older than them, in his early forties while Paul and Janet were both in their late twenties. Since Janet worked from home, she was around Mac quite a bit and they'd established a good friendship. In the evenings Paul and Mac would often spend time together, doing the things that guys liked to do and freeing Janet to spend time with her girl friends.

All in all it was a pretty good living situation, all things considered.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, after dinner and a couple of bottles of wine, somehow the subject of Mac's sex life had come up. The ensuing discussion had been intensely revealing. Janet had listened, shocked, as Mac drunkenly confessed a penchant for spanking women, for discipline, for rough sex and a bit of domination. She didn't have any trouble at all picturing him as a dominant lover. Mac was in incredible shape and he was a very attractive guy although he wasn't exactly good-looking. Rough and craggy, he had the kind of aura that made women feel safe around him, a masculinity that was extremely attractive even though he would never be described as handsome. Combine that with his very nicely muscled body and he could very easily become a woman's fantasy.

Unfortunately he'd become Janet's.

It wasn't that Paul wasn't attractive. At 6'2" he was taller than Mac, he had longer hair than Mac - who kept his dark brown hair in a military cut - light brown with a slight wave to it and dark blue eyes, he was one of the most handsome men that Janet had ever seen. When they'd first met, she'd thought that Paul was way out of her league. And although he didn't have the same kind of aura as Mac, he had his own confidence that made him stand out and made women pay attention.

But Mac's honest description of his sex life had started a slew of fantasies for Janet. She and Paul only had sex in two positions - missionary and her on top. They rarely deviated from their prescribed script. And while she usually orgasmed and had been quite satisfied by their sex life, now she couldn't help but imagine something well... more. She'd broached the subject with Paul, but his attitude had been along the lines of "if it's not broke, don't fix it." And when she'd suggested that he try spanking her, he'd just laughed and said that he'd feel silly not sexy and said that she hadn't done anything worthy of being spanked anyway because she was the perfect wife. And then he'd swept her up in his arms and they'd had perfectly satisfactory sex.

A couple days after that Mac had announced that he'd found a job across the country and Janet had had the dream for the first time.

Maybe it was spurred by the knowledge that Mac would be leaving soon, maybe it was the lack of Paul's enthusiasm for trying anything new, maybe it was just that she wasn't the perfect wife that Paul thought her to be. But she'd had the dream every night since then.

It always started off in the hallway, the house was dark and silent, and Mac had her pinned against the wall, his hard body pressing against hers, Janet staring up into his dark eyes. The eyes of a predator. Mac's hips and erection would be pressing against her stomach, her hands were tied behind her back, leaving her body open to him. His hands would glide up her sides and only then would she realize that she was naked, as he cupped her breasts, his eyes never leaving hers. Then he would lower his lips to hers and take her mouth in a rough kiss, his tongue invading her mouth as his rough palms tightened their grip on her swollen breasts, her hard nipples pinched between his fingers. Janet would writhe against him, helpless and horny, trapped between him and the wall.

Then one of his hands would slide down her stomach and slip between their bodies, his fingers dipping into her sopping folds and coming away soaked. Then he would pull his lips away, leaving her gasping as he brought his fingers, covered with her juices, to his mouth and sucked them clean.

"Naughty Janet," he would growl in that deep, gravelly voice of his. "You shouldn't be wet for me."

"I'm sorry, Mac," she'd say, feeling horribly embarrassed.

A cruel smile curved his lips as he shook his head. "That's not enough."

The scene of the dream would dip then and realign with them in the living room. Draped over his lap with her bare bottom in the air, Janet's hands were no longer tied, instead they dangled down in front of her, helping her to balance herself as she pushed against the floor, trying to get up. His forearm lay across her back like an iron bar as his hand slammed down on her buttocks, spanking her hard and fast as she shrieked and twisted.

Then the dream would shift again, back to the hallway, her sore butt bouncing off of the wall as Mac pounded into her. They were fucking upright, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist, as his hard cock slammed into her over and over again. A shift, a slide, and then she'd be on all fours, kneeling on a soft rug, her breasts swinging as he rode her from behind. Her back arched, one of his hands twisted into her hair to pull her back against him as he fucked her mercilessly, his free hand coming down hard on her ass in between thrusts.

She always woke before she came. To say that she was getting frustrated was an understatement, especially because the more dreams she had about Mac, the more guilty she felt about trying to find completion with Paul. Especially because even after an orgasm, she didn't feel quite satisfied. It was like having a craving for Mexican food and trying to make your own recipe at home. It would taste good, it would be oh so very close to what you wanted... but it wouldn't quite satisfy the craving. And until you had the real deal, the underlying craving would never quite go away.

Part of her hoped that when Mac left, in three days, that her dreams would go away. Another part of her despaired at that idea, as if Mac's withdrawal from her life would also mean all hope of having her fantasies being fulfilled would also be gone. Without Mac's presence, would she have the nerve to broach the subject with Paul again? She wasn't sure.


When Janet began to flirt with him, Mac wasn't quite sure what to do. There had been something in her eyes every time she'd looked at him for the past few weeks, ever since that night when they'd ended up talking about sex, but he'd ignored it, thinking it just idle curiosity on her part. Now he wasn't so sure. That little gleam in her eyes only seemed to have grown with time, especially as his move-out date approached.

Unfortunately Paul was out with some of his friends this evening and Mac had chosen to stay in. It wasn't an unusual situation, nothing that hadn't happened before, except that halfway through the bottle of wine Janet had started to flirt with him. He'd already known she was a bit of a lightweight, they'd drinks together often enough for him to know that, but nothing like this had ever happened before. Not even when she'd been much more inebriated.

To say that he wasn't tempted would have been a lie. Janet was gorgeous. 28 years old, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights that went halfway down her back, the kind of curves that a man just wanted to bury himself in, and big brown eyes that were currently filled with curiosity. In fact, he wasn't even sure that she knew that she was flirting. It was there in her touch, in her voice, in her eyes. She wasn't seducing him exactly, but if he wanted to seduce her... it was obvious that he would succeed.

But he wouldn't do that to her and Paul. To say nothing of how dishonorable that would be, the next morning Janet would definitely regret everything. They had an extremely successful marriage and Janet was absolutely dedicated to Paul. She'd never done anything before that would have indicated that she would even consider behaving the way she was tonight. Not even under the influence of alcohol.

Which made him wonder what the hell was going on.

Right now she was seated next to him on the couch. Ostensibly they were watching a movie, in reality they'd been talking through the first half of it and he couldn't remember what it was called, much less what the plot was supposed to be. The conversation was general, although she seemed to be probing for details about his past relationships. Every time he tried to turn the conversation to something else she would follow him for a minute or two and then turn it back. Finally as the movie, and the bottle of wine, neared its end he decided it was probably best to stage a full frontal attack rather than staying on the defensive. It was obvious that she wasn't going to let him slip away without some kind of engagement.

"So ah... how is everything with you and Paul? Are you happy with married life?"

She blinked her big brown eyes at him, rolling the glass of wine back and forth over her lower lip in an innocently seductive way that made the front of his pants far too tight, before pulling it away. Fortunately his question wasn't coming entirely from nowhere since they HAD been talking about his relationships. And since she was obviously drunk she wasn't picking up on the abruptness of the question. No... she was thinking about the answer. A little too seriously. He felt himself tensing, and not for any erotic reason, but because he was sure that he was about to hear some kind of admission that their perfect looking marriage wasn't what it seemed. All he could do was pray that the admission wasn't followed by a proposition.

"He won't spank me," Janet announced in aggrieved tones.

Mac choked on his sip of wine. Of all the things that could have come out of Janet's mouth, that had to be the least expected. "Um... what?"

Studying the inside of her glass morosely, Janet tipped the dark red liquid back and forth, her pouting lower lip doing nothing to help erase the images that were now assaulting Mac's mind. She gave a deep, heavy sigh that made her breasts heave. Mac's head began to ache. Along with another portion of his anatomy that had absolutely no business doing any aching at all.

"I told him I wanted him to spank me. But he wouldn't." Another sigh. Mac struggled to keep his eyes on her face and not let them drift down to the creamy swells of her breasts revealed by the v-neck of the blue shirt she was wearing. "He said that he would feel silly not sexy." Giving up her minute examination of her wine, Janet looked up at Mac with a mournful expression, a kind of innocent pleading in her eyes that would undo a lesser man. Fortunately for both of them - and for Paul - Mac was made of sterner stuff. "I wanted to try though. Just try. He said he had nothing to punish me for because I'm a perfect wife." Her voice dropped to a mutter and she looked back at her wine. "Like that made me feel even better."

Janet took a long swallow of wine before Mac could stop her. Unfortunately at this point taking the glass away was now moot, there was barely a sip left in the glass.

"Um," he said, trying valiantly to think of some kind of helpful response. The man in him wanted to solve her problem. Unfortunately he had absolutely no idea how to do that. His dick, on the other hand, was busy throwing up images to his mind's eye of ways in which he could solve part of her problem. That being the part that wanted to know what it was like to be spanked and never mind that the man she wanted to be doing the spanking was her husband.

"We only ever have sex in two positions. And we never do anything adventurous. Always in bed. Always at night. Okay, well, sometimes in the morning. But not usually." A heartfelt sigh. With no small amount of horror, Mac realized that he'd opened up her drunken thoughts, she'd obviously lost her verbal filter - probably a glass of wine ago - and unless he could figure out a way to derail this conversation then he had no choice but to sit and listen. And then try to talk to Paul about it. After all, he didn't want to be the cause of some kind of rift in the marriage, no matter how inadvertent. "I want to do more. I want to try more." She threw up her friend hand in exasperation. "And he doesn't even want to consider it. I keep having dreams about you."

Mac looked up to realize that Janet was looking straight at him, her eyes wide and vulnerable. Hazy. Slightly unfocused. Drunk enough to be honest but not so drunk that she wouldn't remember this tomorrow was his guess. Which meant that whatever he said next would be very important.


"I don't want to have dreams about you," she confessed her voice dropping to a whisper. "But they just won't stop. I dream about you spanking me. Fucking me. Paul and I never fuck, we have sex, we make love but we never fuck." Her voice grew wistful, but thankfully she didn't make any move towards him because he truly didn't know how he would react. His cock was screaming one thing at him and his brain was screaming another. Fortunately they seemed to cancel each other out. "I wish Paul would fuck me. Spank me. Tie me up... do something rough. But he won't. Would you?"

There was more curiosity in her voice than invitation. It was a question, just a question. She wasn't reaching out to touch him or anything. But there was a vulnerability in her voice that said she was worried about her own appeal. Which was just ludicrous considering that she was an incredibly desirable woman. On the other hand, it was obvious that she wasn't getting all of her needs met, so maybe she just needed some verbal affirmation to shore up the insecurities that had developed over this issue.

And then, please dear God, maybe the conversation would be over.

"If you were single, I'd fuck the living daylights out of you Janet," he said gently, restraining himself so that none of his lust came through in his voice, adroitly side-stepping doing anything more descriptive to her. There was only so much a man who hadn't had sex in over six months could take. "But I think that right now you've had a little bit too much to drink and you should go to bed. Paul will be home soon."

"Right." She sighed and then gave him a little smile. "I'm glad you would fuck me. At least someone wants to." And then she stood and ambled off, heading straight through the doorway to the right and into the hall where the stairs were.

Mac blew out all the air in his lungs and leaned his head back against the back of the couch. Thank god he was going to be gone soon. Tomorrow was his last full day living with Janet and Paul and then he'd be on the other coast, trying to restart his own life. Hopefully his living here hadn't fucked theirs up too much, although considering Janet's last words he wasn't sure if that was too much to hope for.

Some instinct, left over from the army, made him open his eyes and look to the left, to the other doorway into the television room. A dark shadow lingered there.

"How long have you been standing there?" he asked mildly, wondering if he was about to have to defend himself. Paul was usually a pretty reasonable guy, but if he'd only heard some parts and not others... well there'd be a lot of explaining to do. While there was no way that Paul would win in a fight, he had no desire to hurt Paul so it would take some pretty serious defensive moves to keep either of them from getting injured if Paul was of a mind to try and kick his ass.

"Long enough," said Paul as the shadow detached itself from the doorway, moving into the room until the light from the television screen hit his features. The credits were still running. He didn't just sound tired, he looked it. "Thank you for... well..."


Paul practically collapsed into the armchair nearest Mac, rubbing his hands over his face and then sliding them down as if he could peel his worries right out of his head. If only that worked. Mac stayed where he was, watching the tension in Paul's body as the younger man leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands coming together between them.

"I don't know what to do," Paul finally said. The frustration in his voice was as great as Janet's had been.

"You know what she wants, why don't you give it a try?" asked Mac, keeping his voice encouraging, hoping to rally the troops. "You might like it."

"Trying to imagine it makes me feel like an idiot," Paul muttered. He clenched his hands together and looked up at Mac, almost pleadingly. "How do you do it without feeling like you're in a bad porno?"

Smothering a chuckle, Mac rubbed his fingers over his lips to hide his smile. Poor Paul. If Mac read him correctly, he thought that Paul had some pretty dominant instincts but he seemed to be almost afraid of them for some reason. Worried about looking foolish more than anything else. "I don't know. It just doesn't feel stupid when I'm doing it. When I've got a woman over my lap and her ass is turning a pretty shade of pink... it's not like a porno at all. Especially if it's a woman you care about."

The way Paul shifted in his chair said that he wasn't entirely unaffected by the idea of having Janet over his lip, but then he shook his head.

"I just don't understand," he said a little plaintively. "Things are good as they are. Why does she want to go changing that?"

Mac shrugged. "You'd probably have to ask her that."

"Would... would you really do it for her if she was single?"

The question dropped into the room like a heavily loaded grenade with no indication of where it came from or where it was going to go. All of Mac's muscles tensed at once, his instincts screaming at him that there was more than one wrong answer.

"If she was single..." he said very carefully, looking directly at Paul. "Janet's a very attractive woman. IF she was single, I would be happy to help her explore some of her fantasies and see whether or not they're something she'd truly be interested in having played out in real life. Sometimes once someone tries a fantasy they end up realizing that the fantasy is better than the reality." His voice took on a slightly chiding tone. "But since she's married, I would say that her husband should be the one to help her explore those desires."

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