tagIncest/TabooTerminally Shy Grandson

Terminally Shy Grandson


I am an Amature writer at best with a fondness for furs. These stories reflect that. If this is of no interest to you please read something else. There seems to be more interest than I thought.

This story was written as a kind of annonymous request for a Grandmother who left a nice and kind response.

I have gotten more favorable responses to my stories here than I had expected. Thank you and I will keep writting them.

This story cannot be reproduced or posted elsewhere without my permission.

I hope you enjoy this one.


Benton has a truly tumultuous background. His mother had him at 18 and her mother was raped at 13 giving birth to his mom. The uncle that did it was in prison a long time.

He had only seen his grandmother Ida a few times in his life since his mother was so busy and they lived on opposite coasts. They lived in Connecticut and grandma lived in Oregon where she has done very well for herself in Real Estate.

His mom Glenda, had worked very hard to provide for them since her boyfriend who got her pregnant left before he was born.

They had all escaped the Midwest where their lives had been so brutally and painfully altered.

Glenda worked tirelessly to both better herself, putting herself through college and making a career for herself as a high level corporate executive.

All this without giving up custody of him as many struggling young mothers do. She was determined to make a better life for her son. He was provided with the best private schooling clothing and living conditions. Everything except emotional comfort.

Benton is terminally shy as a result. He is well behaved and never in trouble, unlike many of his over provided wealthy friends from far more conventional families.

The only emotional comfort Benton has been able to enjoy is in his mothers overabundance of furs, which are a compensation for her own lack of emotional security.

Because of this peculiar situation mom has let the situation remain as it is with a tacit agreement that Benton could pleasure himself as much as he pleased in her furs. They had lived their lives in a comfortable stasis this way since Benton's childhood.

Mom had gotten the idea, more like obsession, for furs from her mom. Grandma had learned to love them as she recovered from her rape trauma with a couple of furs of her mom's she had been given. So Benton comes by his own obsession for furs honestly in a peculiar sort of family way.

Men in either grandma's or mom's lives has been nearly nonexistent other than grandma being raped and mom having had a one time "fling". Mom has never let a man come between her and her agenda for life since and grandma has been much the same.

Both mom and grandma had been very good to themselves and between their genetic good fortune of having beautiful five ten bodies. They both look ten or more years younger than their age and they both work out and are in incredible shape. Grandma, at 50, is still a long distance runner with a group in Oregon. Benton has seen pictures of her with her running partners and she looks as young as the 30 somethings.

They both are lean and fairly well figured with modest, but very nice breasts. Mom is a luscious true blond and grandma still has, all say, naturally light brunet hair.

He had just turned 18 and was graduating from High School with honors. In this his mom was a success with his rearing. Grandma was coming for the graduation.

Benton has grown to have a substantial physique. He is six three with a lean and well toned body like his mom's, her hair as well. Actually quite handsome but his shyness seems to turn off all the women around him.


"Hello grandson. You have certainly grown." as she hugs him in the Airport. He had come to pick her up. It was still only 10AM and Mom was still at work as usual.

She is dressed in a huge Crystal Fox and wraps around her grandson like a lover, kissing him repeatedly and almost passionately. Benton is highly aroused by this rush of affection. Unlike anything his mom would do.

Though shy, his secret passion to have a woman in furs is all consuming. Grandma wasn't helping the situation. Mom has never been nearly so affectionate though his fantasies have taken him there more than once.

"Hi grandma Ida. I am so glad to see you. I sure wish we could see you more often."

"I think we might remedy that soon."

They drove to the house and grandma got settled into the guest room. Mom wasn't going to be home for hours so grandma suggested they go for a sightseeing trip around the area. She raided mom's fur closet and came out wearing her Arctic Fox coat. It too is huge and Benton often wears it around the house himself.

"Here let grandma give you another hug. I know that your mom is real stingy with her affections." She hugs Benton for quite awhile. Grandma is hugging him like in his fondest fantasies as she strokes his face with the furs as she kisses his cheeks in a near lovers kiss. Benton shoots his load in his briefs with her fondling he is so stimulated and excited.

"Grandma, I need to go to the bathroom before we leave."

Grandma smiles to herself as he takes off down the hall. It's been a while since she has had the gratification of making a man cum in his pants.

They take the Harbor tour and drive through the countryside for awhile. On one stop at a country store they are sitting in the chilly afternoon at a park bench eating their take out lunch they had picked up.

"You look really chilly son. Come here and let me warm you up." as she grabs him around the shoulders and pulls him to her in another lovers embrace. Her fur is all over Benton, once again bringing him to a very high level of excitement.

"What are you doing for Prom night?" she whispers in his ear.

"I don't have a date." he says sheepishly.

"If I were younger I would certainly go with you."

"Thanks grandma but I've never been very comfortable around girls."

"You have urges don't you. I mean you aren't impotent or anything like that?" fully knowing the truth.

"I sure would like to be with a girl but I just can't seem to get up the nerve."

"Hasn't your mom talked to you about these things?" again knowing the answer.

"Not really. We just never talked about those kinds of things. I think she is as uncomfortable about it as I am."

"I'm sure that is the case and I intend to remedy that while I am here."

Benton just looks at her with a curious look.

They go on with their sightseeing tour and are back home just before dark and still prior to mom getting home.

When mom gets home the greetings are cool and a bit tense. Benton had not been aware of this before in his visits but he was much younger and not as aware of those sorts of things. They decided to go out for dinner which was not that uncommon for mom.

Conversation at dinner was curious. It was like a business executive meeting with a combination of corporate advertising and Real Estate deals being discussed. A kind of dichotomy in that both women were wearing the most opulent furs imaginable.

Benton was suddenly finding this to be extremely erotic and sexually exciting as they talked. Both women fondled their furs all evening as if self comforting. This further inflamed his erotic thoughts of the two women in furs.

That evening in bed Benton masturbated with the furs more furiously than ever with these incestuous visions of him doing his mom and grandma in a mountain of furs. He was both excited beyond belief and mortified over his incestuous thoughts.

Granted he had the occasional vision of his mom nude in furs and masturbating to that vision but not so far as copulating with her in the furs! And his grandma too!!! He must have squeezed off a gallon of cum that evening.

He woke in the middle of the night with a wet dream having already inseminated his grandma in mindless orgasms and with his cock pumping into his mom shooting his biggest load yet. His sexual passions were uncontrollable.

All his pent up passions for girls were boiling over and the conflicts with his overwhelming shyness and these desires were ripping him apart. This all on top of his mortified state of the incestuous thoughts and fantasies of screwing his mom and grandma.

The next morning mom had left for two days on a business trip he had known about. This was routine in their life.

It so happens this was also Prom night which he would not be attending.

Breakfast was awkward given dinner last night and last nights wet dreams. Benton made breakfast for them as he had learned to do on his own a long time ago. He had taught himself to be a very good chef. His mom really appreciated that.

The incongruity with grandma was her wearing mom's Sable coat to the breakfast table.

They ate mostly in silence until grandma broaches the shyness issue again.

"Benton, you really need to come to terms with your shy behavior. I know your mom has not dealt with this. I'm sure she has not been as emotionally supportive as she should have been and probably not at all physically comforting. I know her all too well. It is not that it is so bad a thing in itself but that can really impede your future in ways you cannot now imagine."

"I know! Don't you think I would like it to be otherwise? I just freeze up and can't say a word around a girl if it is even vaguely near sex and mom, well mom is just that way."

"We'll go out this evening and have a grand night on the town to compensate for your non Prom night."

"OK grandma." and she closes in on him sitting at the table, wrapping the Sable and her arms around him in another lovers embrace. His face is buried in the thick, soft sable in her breasts and he is instantly erect.

Her kisses are warmer and more impassioned than before. It isn't long before Benton is shooting in his shorts again as grandma speaks to him.

"You really need to loosen up and not be so shy. Nothing bad will happen."

"Please grandma, I really don't have a clue of what to do?"

"Since your mom has chosen not to show you, I will take you through it all step by step. We will start with this evenings private Prom."

They spend most of the day visiting the museums and art galleries of the area. Grandma has a particular fondness for them and Benton loves going. One of his favorite things to do.

When they come home they dress for an evening on the town. Benton is in a suite and grandma is in a rather revealing dark brown silk dress that belies her years and is quite provocatively draped in his mom's big Sable coat.

They go to a dinner club where grandma cajoles the water into allowing Benton to drink the wine they order. They dance and some folks look and whisper about the woman in the Sable with the boy toy.

They pay no attention and Benton is getting a bit tipsy since it is the first time he has ever really drunk alcohol to any extent. Benton is relaxing in the extreme.

Grandma now has him totally seduced. He is outwardly quite sober. Seems Benton can hold his booze. Grandma drives them home however.

They are no sooner in the door when Benton is on Ida with kisses. These are mouth to mouth and with passionate gusto. Her previous efforts at sexual encouragement were being returned in multiples.

The alcohol did numb his prick to some degree. It at leased slowed down its rapid growth. Ida steered him to the guest room where she had prepared the bed with heaps of furs.

Benton's hands are all over Ida. Her breasts are being fondled with remarkable sensitivity as he has her dress down around her waist and the Sable all over her. When it comes to the furs Benton does have more than a clue.

"You were so sweet Benton when you creamed your shorts to my fur caressing. Let me see what made the mess." pulling down his pants and shorts his rather substantial cock springs out at her and has her gasping with surprise.

"Wow! It seems you are going to make grandma a happy woman tonight." she slides the moist tip between her lips and sucks it lightly. Benton moans loudly as he thrusts his hips forward to her. His precum is oozing out and further wetting her lips.

"Grandma! What are we doing?" in a final effort to confront his mortification while grasping her fur and clutching her face to his cock. His body was already giving up his true desires. This just fired Ida's passions for her grandson. She pushes him back to the bed as she sucks on his cock.

Benton's mind is swimming with a mix of indecision and desires. All his self gratifications in the furs and desires for girls were coming to a head so to speak. He falls back into the furs as Ida strips the rest of his and her clothes from them. Her body over his suddenly triggers a wave of passions from him that unleashes a flood of desires. Ida has years of pent up desires in need of quenching.

They fall into an embrace with true lovers passions as Benton consumes his grandmother. Ida is overcome with his innocence and fumbling but eager efforts. She begins to direct him in his fondling and love making efforts. His size and stiffness has Ida trembling with her anticipation but she doesn't want to rush him and spoil his first time. She wants to make sure her grandson is the finest possible lover who can take any girl he wishes with skill and confidence.

"Thrust deep into me now." she instructs him and with that he drives his length fully into Ida's vagina.

Benton doesn't know but she is nearly as tight as a young girl as she grips his cock in her. He moans with an unearthly satisfaction that has transported him to a fantasy world of furs and girls vagina's stored in his brain. The reality far exceeds his fantasies as he pumps his grandmother's twat as they both squirm and writhe in the soft and luxurious furs.

He begins to ejaculate quickly but Ida holds him in her and encourages his continued pumping of her. Her encouragement is amply rewarded as he continues to spew his hot virgin seed deep into her. He is taking her to orgasm after orgasm which further inflames his desires to please her.

Benton is kissing her and fur groping her which further inflames her desires for his wonderful attentions to her. Never in her life has she experienced such unbridled enthusiasm and energy just to please her.

Her fantasies of having her innocent grandson plumb her depths are rewarded with a guilt riddled energy and lust she is savoring in its exquisite sweetness. Fuel for the orgasms wracking her body. This will not be the last time she will taste his lust for her.

She raises up on his cock and rides him like a horse as she has his cock in her in ways she has dreamed of all her life. All the boys she has "rented" have never satisfied her in the way Benton is reaching her passions as she pumps his cock for her ultimate lustful release.

Looking down on him in his exquisite lust and eager desires energizes her in unexpected ways. She fur fondles him with responses that fuels her own passions. His responses are wondrous as he moans with an eagerness for further pleasures from her. It is like she has total control of his desires for her.

Benton thrusts up into his grandmother with a flame in his groin to ignite her cravings. Her fur fondling of him as she pumps on his cock is driving him to new heights from the soft sensations administered from her and not his hand.

Benton thrusts up and erupts with his biggest load yet in powerful hot bursts Ida can feel shoot into her deepest recesses. The warmth and filling of her overwhelms her desires as she erupts in the most powerful orgasm of her life as she wrings and twists around his huge cock, rubbing and pulsing into every surface of her vagina. A satisfaction she has never experienced.

Ida falls off Benton from exhaustion. Even with her longest run has she so exausted her physical capabilities. Her grandson was her greatest challenge in all ways.

"Now you should have been out there tonight knocking up some pretty young unsuspecting girl, giving her an experience she would never forget and have her searching for a lover to equal your prowess as a lover. I ask you now .. what have you to be shy about. You can satisfy any woman you wish."

They fall asleep after a short while of mutual fur fondling and Benton examining his grandmothers parts more closely. In the heat of the moment knowing her body was in a different realm of knowing.

Benton awakes looking up at his grandmother as she is going for another ride on his early morning stiffness. He is near ejaculation as his senses come together. His body has a "mind" of its own and Ida has taken full advantage of that and him. Seems she now can't get enough of his cock inside her.

Her moans are accompanied by a grunt at every drop on his crotch as his rod thrusts deep to her cervix. Ida is in a state of near hysteria as her frenetic pumping increases to a near fever pitch. Her mind is definitely somewhere else.

Benton returns last nights favor and fur fondles her body as she is jumping up and down on his rod. Her response is magical. Her body pushes into the furs as he strokes her and a sweet smile comes over her stressed face.

Ida reaches a point of a mindless frenzy and erupts in a orgasmic series of seizures and just falls off his cock and flops into the furs motionless.

Benton reaches over and starts to finger her labia. Her whole body quivers and shudders in another spasm of orgasms. He continues as she has spasm after spasm. He fondles her body with furs as he does this. It is like he is pushing her orgasm button. He realizes he can make her orgasm at any time. Her body is his!

They give it up from exhaustion and finally shower and dress. They both wrap their nude bodies in furs to lounge the morning away watching TV and fondling each other. Food was consumed in a casual and unorganized fashion.


Later that afternoon Benton mounts his grandmother again with her willing and eager participation. He is riding her and fur fondling her much as last night but not so fast or frenetic. Just as he is pumping his mother load into grandma's glory hole his mother walks in a day early and unannounced.

"What the hell is going on??" Benton's cock is suddenly the size of a peanut.

Grandmother is quite casual and lucid about it all even with the unscheduled return of her daughter.

"Well dear I'm simply doing what you have neglected to do for your son."

Glenda is stunned with the response. She is ashen and silent, her mouth hanging open. She suddenly rushes into her bedroom and falls on the bed sobbing. She is face down in her thick Lynx spread, stroking it in a comforting way, clutching her Arctic Fox to her tightly.

Benton goes into her room, still nude and wrapped in her big Sable. He lays beside her and wraps his arms around her. She melts. Her cold, frigid exterior and off putting all vanish. Benton is unbuttoning her blouse and kissing her before thinking of his actions.

Grandmother/Mother watches from the doorway as her daughter is seduced by her son. She is fondling and masturbating herself with the excitement and release of sexual tensions too long held.

Benton fur fondles his mom with his Sable, her Sable actually, and has her breasts wrapped in it as he begins to kiss her.

It is a flood gate opened. Glenda consumes her son with passions locked up and suddenly let loose. Tongue tangling slobbering kissing of mad and passionate lovers. Her legs are wrapping around him in anticipation of things only her body knows. Her mind is in another county by now.

Son has her dress off and her now nude body pressed tight to himself. Mom is already in motion. Son is the cool head, such as it is and takes the situation a bit slower than mom would have them doing.

He carefully and meticulously [from his short experience] fondles his mom's breasts and labia with furs and fingers. Mom is already over the top with excitement and orgasms. Her passions flooding forth.

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