tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTerry and Dina Ch. 02

Terry and Dina Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. The characters described herein are completely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental. If erotic fiction offends you, or you are not of legal age to read such matter, do not read any further.

Dina Daly dressed carefully for dinner that evening. The last words her husband, James, had spoken before leaving her to dress ran through her mind like an unending chorus. Wear something seductive, he had said. Dina was partly thrilled at the chance to show off her womanly assets and partly horrified that her husband wanted her to have sex with his best friend, Terry Duncan. The stunning revelation that James was a voyeur was almost too much for Dina's brain to process. Their marriage hadn't been rocky or irreconcilable; it was mainly James's demanding schedule that kept Dina unfulfilled. She was a vibrant woman, fit, attractive and with a healthy libido. As Dina opened the door to her walk-in closet, she couldn't help but notice the warmth that seemed to radiate from between her thighs. I can't believe this strange situation has me turned on, she thought, and with a mental shake of her head walked past the prim business suits she wore to the office everyday to the back of her closet where she kept the dresses that she donned for the social affairs she hosted for James. Skimming her hands across the hangers, she discarded the blue strapless gown, the red spaghetti strap dress, and settling upon her two black dresses, pulled both of them off the hanger and carried them back into the master bedroom.

The first dress was a Vera Wang original, soft fabric, light as a feather and basically a sarong that gathered between her breasts. It was slightly seductive but still proper enough to go most anywhere in. The second dress she had bought years ago, for one of the videos that she and James used to make for their pleasure. It was floor length gown, with the sides slit to nearly her pussy, and when she walked, the fabric parted and showed most of her tanned legs. The top was barely a top, it was two thinly gathered bunches of silk that skimmed her areolas, and left plenty of cleavage and shoulders showing. The two bunches of silk tied behind her neck, leaving her back completely unfettered by clothing. Dina decided on the second dress, it made her feel sexy, and the effect it had on James had been phenomenal. He could barely contain himself when she had walked down the curving staircase to meet him.

Walking to her lingerie armoire, Dina pulled out a black lace thong and matching lace topped stockings to wear with her dress. Grabbing her lotion from her make-up vanity, Dina began smoothing the cool mixture over her skin, paying close attention to her neck, shoulders, tummy and legs. As she was smoothing the lotion on her body, Dina noticed that her nipples became erect and straining upwards. Apparently the thought of another man placing his hands, lips, and tongue on these parts of my body turns me on, she thought. Dina could feel the mix of emotions begin to confuse her, but she firmly pushed aside all the feelings except for excitement. It had been too long since she had the attention and pleasure of a man; she was looking forward to the evening.

Checking her reflection in the mirror and pleased with what she saw, Dina slipped the black Ferragamo pumps on her slim feet and headed down the staircase. Pausing at the head of the stairs, Dina could discern the rumbling voice of James, but she couldn't place the deep bass voice answering him. Pressing a hand to her nervous stomach to calm the butterflies, Dina began to descend the stairs. As soon as she came into the view, the two men who sharply contrasted and yet complimented each other, ceased talking to stare at the lovely woman seeming to float down the staircase.

"Dina my dear, you look amazing. I knew you would be able to use that dress again," James said as he held his hand out to escort her over to and make her first introduction to Terry as a possible lover.

"Thank you dear. I'm glad you like this dress. You told me to dress as you saw fit for this fete this evening, I'm just happy that this choice meets your approval," Dina said with a mix of demureness and sarcasm.

"Dina, I would like to present Mr. Terry Duncan, attorney at law, former football star, and hopefully the fix for our sexual problems." Terry held one huge hand out to Dina, and clasping her small, delicate hand, lowered his lips to kiss her hand.

"It is a great pleasure to meet you again Dina. You are every bit of a woman that James has said you were. You are positively the most stunning, sensual, and gracious woman I have ever had the pleasure to encounter," Terry said as he looked down at Dina with warm brown eyes.

Dina felt her cheeks flush at Terry's compliment. "Terry, that was incredibly sweet. If you two gentleman will follow me, I'll see that dinner is served," Dina said as she led the way out of the parlor and back to the dining room. Terry watched her walk, taking notice of her slim calves and ankles and roaming further up her body to the faint sashay of her hard, firm ass. James noticed the way Terry was looking and watching Dina, it reminded him of a lion stalking his prey on the National Geographic specials.

Dinner seemed to fly by. The conversation between Dina, Terry and James was as easy and open as it had been before the master plan had developed to have Terry service James's wife Dina. Wine flowed, dinner courses were cleared quickly and efficiently, and before Dina realized it, the men were leaning back in their chairs, relaxing with brandies and cigars.

James put his snifter of brandy down, and looking at Dina and then Terry, decided to address Dina first. "Well my dear, we've made it through dinner without one mention of the real purpose of us being here, and since you seem to be avoiding the subject like the plague, I will break the silence. Terry, you know what the situation between me and Dina is. She is a young, vivacious woman and I'm a doddering fool who doesn't take care of her physical needs. And you are my oldest friend. Hell we even chased some of the same girls in college. I know that you would never do anything to harm Dina, make her uncomfortable or insinuate yourself into breaking up our marriage. Dina, as I've explained to you, this agreement, if you will, will take care of several things for us. I trust Terry with my very life, which means I more than trust him with you, and he will be better able to take care of the things I've been neglecting lately. Also, you are a young woman still, and I'd hate for you to look back and regret not experimenting a wide variety of sexual experiences. I also revealed to you that I am a voyeur at heart, I really want to see Terry and you experience all the joys of sex together. Knowing that I am watching may help you reconcile the guilt you may be feeling, all the worries and such. I want you two to enjoy each other fully, there is no limit to what I deem appropriate. Terry, I had you in to see a doctor, and we know that everything is in the clear and that you can enjoy sex fully with Dina instead of being hampered by birth control. That being said, if there are no questions, I do believe we should retire upstairs."

Dina felt her face flush again when she realized that she hadn't paid a lick of attention to anything James just said. Her thoughts and gaze had been concentrated on Terry. He was seated across the table from her, and her eyes had frequently roamed all over his body. He was 6'2", about 200 pounds and very muscular. His chocolate brown skin was smooth and unblemished, his eyes warm and inviting. His mouth was sensual, wide lips that looked absolutely soft and delicious. Her girlfriends in college had joked that black men were usually well hung and Dina couldn't wait to find out if it were true. James walked around the table to Dina's chair and pulling it back, she arose slowly, her knees feeling a bit weak as most of her pounding blood began to situate in her groin. Flanked by the two men, Dina began walking back through the dining room to the grand, marble staircase which led to their room.

Stopping at the door, Dina looked questioningly at James, and seeing that he had lust in his eyes, she turned to Terry and slowly rose on her toes to softly kiss him. Terry felt her nipples burn into his chest and wrapped his arms around Dina. Stroking his hands down her bare back and resting them at the swell of her ass cheeks, he plundered her mouth. His tongue danced with hers, their breath becoming one. Breaking the kiss, Terry scooped her up in his arms and carrying her to the bed, he slowly slid her down his body to lie on the bed. James became unnoticed and found an armchair to settle into and watch the show.

Dina felt her hands shake as Terry knelt in front of her and slowly slid his hands up her calves to her knees. His hands roamed all over her legs, slowly moving down to her feet to remove her shoes. Once her shoes were off, he picked each leg up and in turn kissed the insides of her ankles. Dina felt her body rise in temperature, Terry then ran his hands up to her upper thighs and grasping her stockings, began to peel them down her legs. Once her legs were naked, Terry moved up onto the bed and began to squeeze and knead her firm breasts. Dina moaned as his hand found her nipples and began to rub his palms over them, agonizingly slow, make her nipples hard and begging for attention. Pulling the fabric away from her breasts, Terry lowered his mouth to her waiting and nipple, sucking it slowly into his mouth, moving his tongue over the turgid peak, wetting it completely, grazing his teeth over the sensitive nub before allowing her nipple to pop free and moving his head began the same torture to her other nipple while covering the newly freed nipple with his palm.

Dina felt that tell-tale heat begin building between her legs. Her breasts had ached for attention like this and she wanted to touch him in return. Moving her hands to his shirt, Dina began to slip each button free, and when all of the buttons were undone, she pushed the fabric from his shoulders. Her groan of approval darkly thrilled Terry. As he moved back to kiss her neck and shoulders, Dina responded in kind, her pink tongue darting out to taste his flesh. First his neck, and then the base of his throat, her lips and tongue traveling the distance with lust and skill. Pushing his shoulders, Dina moved on top of Terry. Straddling his thighs, Dina started kissing his chest, feeling the sparse curling hairs, and moving further down. Stopping at his stomach, her small white hands began deftly undoing his belt and pants. Tugging the garment down his legs, Dina gasped when she saw the bulge in his boxers. Hooking her fingers on the sides of the shorts, Dina pulled them down to free his hard cock. Once it bounced free from its confines, Dina was startled to see that the myth was true. Waving before her was eight inches of thick, pulsating, hard cock. With a moan of pure lust, Dina wet her pink lips and slid the head of Terry's cock in her mouth.

Seeing his wife go down on another man, James felt his cock straining against his pants. Never taking his eyes off of the oblivious couple on the bed, James eased his pants down and took his six inch cock out and began to stroke it slowly, with pre-cum steadily draining from the tip to lubricate his cock. As he watched, James was amazed to see Dina first suck just the head of Terry's cock. Taking a deep breath through her nose, James watched as inch after inch of Terry's cock disappeared into Dina's mouth, and then down her throat. Her nose was buried in Terry's short and curliest and it looked as if neither of them wanted that to change. "Oh yeah, that's it baby, suck all of my cock down your throat," Terry growled as he looked down at Dina.

Terry buried his hands in Dina's hair and she began to bob up and down on his cock. She would suck on just the head, making Terry squirm and then taking a breath, she would slide that black monster down her throat and allow her throat muscles to work on him. Terry's hips began to buck up and down, matching Dina's movements on his cock. "Keep that up baby, I'm going to cum down your throat," Terry gasped. Finally, Terry's movements became erratic and fisting his hands in her head, he plunged his cock down her throat and by the tension in his body; James could tell he was cumming down his wife's throat. Dina swallowed every drop, her muscles in her throat working him, coaxing all of the cum out of his balls.

Terry pulled her mouth off of his cock when the head became too sensitive and laying her on her back, Terry positioned himself between her thighs. Her pussy was inches from his face and breathing in, he could almost taste her sweet juices. Sticking his tongue out, he licked just her outer pussy lips, making Dina squirm on the bed. The flat of his tongue seemed to fit perfectly between her lips, the roughness stimulating her clit as he began licking up and down her soaked slit. Finding her cunt hole wide open and begging for his tongue, Terry slipped his tongue up her cunt and fucking her with his tongue. Dina was moaning and groaning, tugging at her nipples as Terry's tongue slipped from her hole to clit, making her shake. Using the tip of his tongue, Terry began to draw lazy circles around her clit. Feeling her hips bucking under his mouth, trying to vainly to match her clit to his tongue, Terry wrapped his lips around her clit and sucking it into his mouth, heard Dina scream, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm cumming. Holy shit, I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnnggggg."

Pulling her knees up and spreading her pussy open, Terry grabbed his eight inch cock in his hand and slowly pushed the head inside Dina's soaking wet pussy. Dina grunted as she felt his cock part her folds and the head disappeared into her pussy. Pumping in and out, Terry began to ease even more of his cock into her tight and very wet pussy. Sucking sounds could be heard as her pussy tried to grasp his cock and each time Terry plunged back in, her tits would move, making the whole sight almost too much for James. Keeping a steady rhythm, Terry began earnestly fucking Dina.

"Tell me you love this black cock, tell me how badly you need to cum," Terry rasped as he continued drilling her tight pussy.

"Yes Terry! Fuck me! Make me cum all over your cock," Dina screamed as she felt the first beginnings of an orgasm overtake her.

Terry felt her pussy squeeze his cock and begin milking it. Reaching between them, Terry began rubbing her clit, making Dina cum even harder. Terry rolled Dina over onto her hands and knees, repositioned himself at her pussy entrance and impaled her in one thrust. Dina grunted as she felt his cock fill her completely.

"Fuck me good Terry! Fuck me hard, I want your cum inside me. Fill me up baby," Dina said as she rubbed her clit.

Grabbing her hips, Terry fucked her hard. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room; the smell of sex was the overpowering perfume. Terry grabbed her hair and using her hair like a pair of reins, began to pound her pussy mercilessly.

"I'm gonna cum Dina. I'm gonna fill that tight little pussy of yours. I want you to cum with me baby. Let me feel your tight pussy milking my big black cock," Terry roared as he felt his load begin rushing from his balls. Dina screamed, and with a gush came all over Terry's cock. Feeling her pussy milking his cock was too much for Terry, he groaned and felt his cum spray the inside of her pussy.

"I can feel you spraying your cum all over the inside of my pussy," Dina yelped. The feeling of that scalding hot cum spraying all over her pussy made Dina cum again.

James felt his own orgasm begin and stroked his cock harder as he watched Dina cum again. With a groan, James came all over his hand. Pulling his cock from her freshly fucked hole, Terry collapsed on the bed spent.

"That was some kind of experience, Dina," Terry saw in an awestruck voice. "James said you were amazing, but I wasn't prepared for that."

Dina felt giddy laughter and lying back on the bed, she let the laughter come boiling up and out of her. "I haven't felt like that in a long time! Thank you so much Terry. I can't wait to repeat this again."

James decided to break his silence by adding, "Well you two sure know how to get a man off. I can't say that I've cum that hard in a long time." Walking over to the spent couple on the bed, he leaned down and kissed Dina softly on the forehead. "Thank you baby, that was amazing and I think everyone got what they wanted and needed." Dina closed her eyes and felt herself start drifting off.

To be continued....

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