tagLetters & TranscriptsTexts to My Love: By the Fire

Texts to My Love: By the Fire


I lay beside you upon our bed, a quiet fire dimly lights our room. I gaze upon you and drink you in, hot and sweaty from our lovemaking. A fire burns inside us.

I drape my arm around your waist, pulling us closer so I may kiss your lovely lips. They're so soft I melt into you, slipping my tongue between your lips to play with yours as I run my hand down your waist I gently squeeze you and stroke you while we play.

My fingers dance around your hip as I slide them to your belly, my hand spreads to hold it where our baby sleeps. Gently I caress it as I kiss you and press our bodies together, we stir our fire and make it grow. I hear you whimper as our desire runs high, so I slide my hand between your legs. Gently I caress your sex, running a finger up and down ever so slowly I press deeper and deeper. The lips of your sex gently part and I feel the wetness of our lust, stroking up and down I kiss your harder as I grow harder. I tease your button and feel you buck into me, ever so slowly I push it.

I break our kiss and hear you gasp, breathing so heavy from my touch your eyes are afire with lust, love, and passion. Slowly I move down to kiss your neck. I nibble and suck upon it, moving slowly up to our ear. I pull it and lick it and tease you as my hand continues to play with your sex, just outside of you.

I move down lower to kiss your neck, then your chest, and settle upon your breast. I take your breast in my mouth and lick it and suckle it, my tongue flicks across your nipple and I listen to you moan. Slowly and slowly my hand continues to slide up and down your sex, touching your button and pushing it. I hear you ask me to go in between your gasps and moans, I respond by moving to your other breast and licking its fresh nipple.

Gently my hand slides along your sex and a finger rest upon your entrance. Gently I press against you and your wetness aids its mission, to enter and pleasure. Your sex gives way and my finger slips inside, you moan so loudly as it slides inside, and I begin to stroke you as I play with your breasts. Your hand reaches down and grabs my sex and I groan with pleasure and you stroke and play with me as I stroke and play with you.

As my finger plays with you, another comes to rest at your entrance, as I stroke you in and out my finger pulls out just a bit more as the second joins it. As they slip in your body moves and writhes with please, your sounds get louder and join mine as we play.

I break away from your breast and kiss you fiercely, unable to resist those lips of yours. My fingers slides and thrust harder and stronger as you stroke me harder and stronger. Finally unable to resist I pull my fingers out of you and grip my sex, I break away and look at you with hunger. I move myself between your legs, raise them up to position you. Our eyes are locked as our fire rages, I slide down and kiss you as my sex slides into yours.

I wrap my arms around you and thrust into you, you moan and cry out as I moan and cry out. Our hot bodies slide together as we make hot love. We kiss when we are close and break away as I thrust into you, I hungrily kiss your neck and stroke your breasts. My hand grabs one and teases your nipple.

Deep within you you feel your fire burning brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter. You feel as though you may burst, your sex the hottest of all. I feel your sex grip mine tighter and tighter, I thrust harder and harder. I kiss you harder and harder and pull you in tighter and tighter.

Finally the fire is so hot, so bright that you cannot contain it. The fire bursts forth from you and you scream out as an orgasm grabs your body. Your sex grips mine like a vice and I cannot contain myself. My fire is burning so hot and so bright with yours. Your explosion triggers mine and I cry out with you as my fire bursts forth from within me. Our raging fire consumes us as we become an inferno of love, lust and passion.

My orgasm grips me like yours grips you and we latch on to each other and ride it as one, bucking and kicking we kiss passionately as our lovemaking comes to a crescendo.

My fire pours out of me into you and your fire pours out of you into me. As our hot sweaty bodies finally come to a rest I gaze into your eyes and whisper I love you and kiss you again. Slowly I slip out of you as we roll to our sides to face one another. I wrap my arms around you and you nuzzle into me.

We lay upon our bed and gaze into each others eyes once more, a quiet fire burning by our bed. Our bodies warm and content, our hearts joyful and full of love, our fire glowing and flickering within. As we lay there exhaustion creeps, we whisper sweet nothings into our ears as we fall asleep, our bodies wrapped together, sleeping and resting as one.

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