tagGroup SexThank You, Literotica

Thank You, Literotica


The names in this story have been changed to protect the couple that dictated the story to me.

I'm told that this is a true reflection of what happened, although the exact words spoken may have been a little different.

Perhaps, once they have seen their names in print on the web, they may dictate some more tales of how Tanya and I met up with Bob & Alice… but that's another story. Read on and enjoy.


Seed sewn

Like most married couples, I would have thought, we fantasised about how it would be if we had occasional sex with strangers, threesomes, even gangbangs. But neither Alice nor I ever thought that we would one day be living out one of our fantasies.

One boring evening, eighteen months ago, with nothing on the TV, and the drizzle preventing us from taking our evening walk around the local park, we decided to surf the Internet on our brand new computer, looking for old English literature classics that Alice needed for her evening class. Somehow, we stumbled upon Literotica, and I mischievously teased Alice by digging into the site and reading aloud some of the opening story lines.

"Stop it, close that filth down and find my books," she demanded, trying to take the mouse from my hand. I continued reading about some loser who watched his wife give oral sex to three black guys with monster cocks. "Yeah, that'll be right too," Alice commented snide remarks between sentences and paragraphs. But the more I read aloud, the less she interrupted.

"Do you want me to read you another?" I asked as I finished describing how the husband cleaned his wife's semen filled pussy with his tongue, as the three black guys laughed and made fun of him as his wife climaxing one more time at the touch of her husband's tongue across her clitoris.

"No, find my book," Alice replied, but with less persistence. I clicked the mouse button, opening another story, and began to read. I could feel the tip of my cock moistening. The stories, although with probably little or no truth to them, had begun to take effect on my cock. They were better than the stories I used to read in Mayfair and Clubhouse magazines many moons ago in my misspent youth.

Halfway through the second story, Alice, who was standing behind me, watching the PC monitor over my shoulder, pulled my right knee to one side, and perched herself on my thigh. Her blue denim skirt rose slightly up her thigh, showing several inches of peachy-soft skin. Her v-neck t-shirt dipped low, allowing me to see the deep cleavage formed by Alice's beautiful 36D breasts. My cock began to stir.

"Let's take a look at the group sex stories," I suggested as I finished the second story. This time Alice just sat, waiting for the screen to refresh. No further demands to look for her book. "Ah, here we go," I said as I clicked another title.

"Do you reckon that really happened?" Alice asked as I finished the third story. "Have you ever seen a ten inch cock?" Clearly, Alice was beginning to get turned on by the stories.

"I don't know, perhaps some of them are true; you can never tell these days. And yes, I have seen a ten-inch cock; when I played rugby for the athletics team, JJ packed a massive weapon, and rumours were rife about how he bedded at least two different women every weekend. But you know what rugby stories are like," I told Alice. "But ten-inch cocks are very rare, girl," I finished, hoping that my respectable seven inches were more than enough for Alice.

Two hours later, after linking from one porn site to another, looking at pictures of monster cocks, group sessions, semen filled pussies and luscious tits, we found ourselves back at Literotica.

"Read another story from the group sex or loving wives sections," Alice requested. She began rocking slowly on my (dead) leg. She was clearly turned on.

"My throat is a little dry, you read it to me." Alice read how a young couple had met up with a middle-aged couple whilst on holiday, and after several drinks and some sexy talk, they all ended up in the same bed, fucking each other. The story line wasn't up to much, but the fucking was described vividly and was taking its toll on Alice. As I listened, I placed my hand on her thigh and slowly ran my fingers along her soft skin, reaching her cotton panties. Alice stood, allowing me to remove her panties. The words kept coming from her mouth as I slowly eased two fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy. Her words faltered as I slid my fingers in and out of her wetness. As the older man emptied his balls into the young girl's pussy, Alice's pussy tightened on my fingers. My cock was now hard, aching for some attention, but I pushed the desire out of my head as Alice shuddered through her first orgasm of the evening on my fingers.

She went straight into another story, this time the subject was of some couple meeting up with two lads whilst in a nightclub. The lads had dropped something into the couple's drinks and had taken them to their room. Tying up the husband, the two lads had their wicked way with the female, filling both her pussy and anus at the same time. Although drugged, she was aware of her predicament and just couldn't help herself as she experienced multiple orgasms.

"That was naughty, but it didn't half turn me on," Alice said as she turned to me and snuggled up to my neck. Her lips gently kissed my cheek as her hand slipped over my straining cock. My cock sprang to attention as Alice released it from its prison. Easing back my foreskin, thin strings of pre-cum stretched from the eye down the shaft as the foreskin revealed a purple head. Alice slid onto her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. It only took a few minutes before I emptied my load into her mouth. Alice made no attempt to withdraw my cock as she swallowed every drop of semen, for the first time in our twelve years together.

Standing to her feet, Alice didn't say a word as she wiped the corner of her mouth with a finger and smiled at me.

That night, as my cock buried itself deep into my wife we fantasised about having sex with another couple, perhaps the older couple, or the young lads in the stories. Alice's orgasms were intense, one after another, the strongest I had felt on my cock in a very long time. I knew that things were going to change, and it was all down to us stumbling onto Literotica whilst looking for English classic novels for my wife's English literature class.

A year on

Over the next twelve months or so, Alice and I must have read just about every Literotica story there is. We often spent whole evenings, when Alice wasn't at night class or we weren't out with friends, sat in front of the PC, reading each other stories from the site. And every time, we ended the evening with a really good hard shagging. I don't think we watched TV for more than an hour or so at a time for weeks on end.

Anyway, our fantasies began to get more illustrative, trying to describe the sensations we would have been experiencing as if the fantasy had been real, most of which were based on details gleaned from Literotica tales.

"If we really had the chance, do you think we'd have the bottle to go through with it?" Alice asked me after one particular wild night when we had our first anal sex (and what a fuck that was too).

"I dunno, perhaps," I shrugged. Little did we know that the first hint of a test came to light within three nights of this very discussion.

Alice's night class had finally finished, so, to celebrate the end of her English literature course, we decided to have a night on the town. We frequented the old drinking haunts, not recognising anyone. We found ourselves sitting at tables, or stood against a pillar in dimly lit bars and nightspots.

One of Alice's habits is to people watch - staring at strangers and trying to second-guess what they were talking about or what they were going to do next.

"Look at that couple over there," Alice nodded towards a couple in their mid twenties, both trying to shout the other down, "I bet she'll slap his face and storm out." Moments later, the girl slapped her boyfriend's face, stood, poured his beer over his lap, and stormed out of the bar.

"How do you do that?" I asked, amazed at Alice's prediction.

"Female intuition." I guess she was right. Female intuition got me into a few tight spots in the past; I can vouch for that, often saying one set of words, but thinking another, and Alice knowing exactly what I was thinking.

The boyfriend stood, blushing as he wiped at his groin. He looked around the bar for the restroom. Walking briskly, he passed us, brushing my shoulder as he almost ran for cover. About ten minutes later, the boyfriend emerged from the restroom. In the dim light, it looked like he had successfully managed to dry his denims, probably by standing under the hot air dryer.

"That was some show," Alice said to him as he passed by.

"I guess I deserved it," he replied as he paused to answer.

"Got caught with your trousers down, eh?" I added with a grin. He looked like he was lightening up so I figured he could take a little joke.

"Yeah, her sister told her she saw me with another girl in town last Wednesday," he began to explain. "But what her sister didn't tell her was that the other girl was my sister! And she wouldn't believe me."

"Ouch," I grimaced. "Looks like there'll be no pussy for you tonight," I joked again. "Let me get you a drink," I offered, beginning to feel sorry for the guy.

The bar was busy and it must have taken ten or fifteen minutes to get the three drinks and make my way back to our standing table at the pillar.

"You'll never believe this, but Jeff is Sarah's brother," Alice jubilantly announced as I placed the drinks on the table.

"Hi Jeff," I said, shaking his hand and handing him a beer. "So, who's Sarah?"

"Sarah was the girl I sat next to at night class, remember? I told you about her and Eddie splitting up last month. Sarah's the girl who lost the baby in March. You must remember."

"Oh yeah," I lied. I couldn't remember who Sarah was, not that it mattered that much.

"So when was the last time you saw Sarah?" quizzed Alice as she touch Jeff's arm lightly.

"Oh I see her most days. In don't think she's got over Eddie dumping her yet; she's always on a bit of a downer, you should give her a call and go out for a coffee or something."

"Yes; yes I will. What's her number?"

"Here, I'll write it down for you." Jeff scribbled a number on the back of a napkin. Alice folded it and placed it in her purse.

"Give her my love when you see her," she ordered as she pecked Jeff on the cheek as he left.

Several moments later, "You were a bit close with him," I touted with a hint of jealousy.

"Don't fret lover," Alice whispered in my ear as she tickled my lobe with her tongue, "it's just a thought that came to mind when he told me he was Sarah's brother," she continued, whispering in a low, sultry voice. "Sarah let me into a secret, telling me her brother had the biggest cock she had ever seen. She didn't say how big, just that he could hold it with both hands and still had a couple of inches of purple head sticking out of his hands." Alice rubbed her hand across my thigh and gently grasped my cock and balls. "Mind you, I didn't ask her how she knew."

"And you thought the stories in Literotica weren't true - well, the ones about monster cocks anyway." I felt my cock twitch against Alice's palm. I couldn't believe Alice was talking like this… in the bedroom, yes, it was now almost the norm… but not in a bar. I guess it's having read all the stories on the Literotica website, it must have given Alice a hint of liberation.

"So tell me, what's going through your mind?" I asked. Barely an hour later we were in bed, Alice riding me like a bucking bronco.

"Oooh, fuck me baby," she panted.

"Come on, what's your fantasy tonight, babe?"

"I can feel Jeff's huge cock ripping into me, stretching my vagina to the limit," Alice hissed with pleasure. My cock twitched as I emptied my aching balls deep into her pussy. She ground her clitoris hard against my pubic bone, bringing herself to massive orgasm that ripped through her, causing her wet herself, soaking both me and the bed sheets. "Ooh, that was good," she whispered in my ear as she collapsed onto my chest, her hardened nipples pressing hard through my chest hair.

After a few minute's silence, "I'd love to see if Jeff's cock is as big as Sarah says," Alice confessed.

"And then what would you do?"

"Hmm, let me think," a long pause, then, "I'd probably run a mile!" We both laughed at the way she quickly rushed her words out, just as if she was running away from the monster.

The unwanted phonecall

"You'll never guess who I called today," Alice stated a question.

"I give up," I said, impatiently as I dropped my lunchbox onto the kitchen worktop. It was a hot summer's day, and I was desperate for a cool shower and a beer after a full day's graft at the building site – I'm a brick layer, or as Alice tells her posh friends, a 'construction unit engineer', then going on to describe a unit as a brick. "Your mother, you called your mother?"

"No, I called Sarah," she snapped back. "Remember, we met her brother Jeff last Friday at O'Neil's, remember, the one with the huge cock – we fucked like rabbits when we got home?"

Of course I remembered, but I played along, "Oh yeah, I think I remember."

"Of course you do, silly. Anyway, she's popping over tomorrow for coffee."

"Well that's just dandy! I've got a day off and I was hoping we could go to the beach to catch some rays," I replied, a little pissed off having thought about seeing Alice in her tiny bikini on the beach all day at work.

"Oh that's okay lover, I'll give Sarah a call and cancel."

"No, there's no need, we'll have a beer out back."

"No, I'd like to go to the beach anyway. I can arrange a coffee date anytime."

I jumped into a cool shower, then, dressed in my shorts and sandals, took a cold beer from the fridge and sat on the sun lounge in the garden. Two minutes later, Alice joined me dressed in her favourite (and mine) bikini. The white flimsy material contrasted her tanned body. Her breasts perfectly formed behind tiny triangles and her large nipples were clearly visible. Her clean-shaven pussy pouted against the thin material of her bikini bottom, a crease formed along the line of her pussy. In her hand she held a glass of red wine. All I wanted to do at that moment was ravage her.

"It's a bit early in the day for you babe… and the drink" I teased as she sat next to me, kissing me on the lips.

"Maybe, but I've just got off the phone with Sarah's brother," Alice smiled. "He's at Sarah's right now. When I told Sarah about us going to the beach, she asked if she could come along; it's been ages since she's been to the beach, she told me. And when Jeff overheard Sarah talk about the beach, he piped up that he'd like to come along too." Alice had a huge grin on her face, "Perhaps we'll get a chance to see if his cock is a monster, as long as he wears tight swimming trunks."

"You're intrigued about this cock of his, aren't you?"

"Hell no," she lied. We both laughed.

The night was muggy and we both found it difficult to sleep. After sex we usually simmered down and would drop off to sleep quickly, but not tonight, we tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable.

"We're going to have to get air conditioning if the summers are going to be like this every year," I moaned as I kicked off the thin cotton bed-sheet.

"I can't sleep neither babe," Alice added as she let out a sigh.

We began talking about some of our holidays in hotter climates and how we managed to stay cool. But soon, the conversation turned again to sex.

"So what if we get to the beach tomorrow and Jeff strips down to a skimpy g-string with his giant cock bulging, trying to escape?" I teased.

"Well, perhaps I'll just have to cut the string and let it fall free," Alice laughed.

"I bet you wouldn't… if he did turn up in a g-string. I bet you'd just sneak peeks at him through your sunglasses."

"You just wait until you meet Sarah," Alice fought back, "she's a doll. I bet you'll want to suck her titties and stick your finger in her pussy."

"No chance," I snapped back, "if she's a babe, I'd want to stick my cock in her pussy."

We teased each other, getting worked up about our day out to the beach. Eventually, we dropped off to sleep.

The beach

Alice arranged to meet Sarah outside the college they used to attend. It was en route to the coast for all of us, so it turned out to be a convenient meeting place. Alice was in her denim short shorts that showed off the curvature of her buttocks. Her thin white t-shirt did little to hide her hard braless nipples. She looked stunning. I was in my Bermuda shorts and a Harley-Davidson t-shirt. Jeff wore denim jeans and a white t-shirt, whilst his sister wore a tight miniskirt that was little more than a belt. Her bare stomach sported a pierced belly-button and her petite breasts were covered by a short pink t-shirt that barely fell below the curvature of her breasts. Sarah's long strawberry-blonde hair flowed in the summer breeze as she and her brother approached the car.

"You're right, she is a babe," I thought aloud.

Alice introduced me to Sarah as she hugged her friend; Jeff shook my hand.

Talk in the car was about night class, English literary greats and the weather. Jeff and I listened, making out like we were both intrigued by the subject. In time, the talk progressed to work, television, sport, and by the time we were parking the car in the beach car park, there was some tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendos.

The beach was full of holidaymakers, kids and sun seekers. We struggled to find a decent spot with a little privacy to sunbath topless. Whilst the girls rolled out our towels, Jeff and I strolled to the ice-cream vendor for something cold and wet. We had drinks with us, but they were beginning to warm up already – the summer heat was relentless. Next to the vendor was an information centre, more of a shack really. On the wall was a large-scale wall map of the coastline. My finger ran along the black ink that traced the coast. Two miles up the coast was a naturist beach.

"Fancy moving further on up the coast?" I asked Jeff as I pointed out the naturist area on the wall map. Jeff replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

Twenty minutes later, we had found a quiet sand dune just off the main stretch of beach.

"Let's camp out here," I suggested. We dropped our gear and within seconds, everyone was stripped down to swimwear, both girls topless, not fluttering an eyelid.

"Put some of this on my back," Alice asked as she handed me the sun oil. I did as asked and slowly covered every inch of her back and legs. Jeff was covering his chest and arms with coconut oil and Sarah was covering her tummy.

"Here, let me put some on your back," I offered Sarah when I had finished Alice. She nodded and I poured another palmful of oil. Covering every inch, I made a meal of touching her soft skin. Sarah had a beautiful back, her hair pulled up exposing her long neck. Another palmful of oil and I was applying sunscreen to Sarah's legs. She was standing on her towel and she opened her legs a little to allow me to get the oil onto the inside of her thighs. I couldn't believe what I was getting away with.

I looked over to Alice who was helping apply coconut oil to Jeff's legs. He had tight knicker-style trunks that showed the shape of his cock and balls nicely. As I watched Alice, her oily hand brushed lightly over Jeff's cock, making out like she had accidentally slipped. Jeff didn't flinch. His cock must have been six or seven inches curled up in his trunks.

Sarah and Alice turned to me and both, with hands soaked in oil, paid me all the attention I could bare without my cock springing to life betraying my desires.

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