tagMatureThe ABC Game Ch. 02

The ABC Game Ch. 02


The next Morning after everyone had left I called Jen to remind her that we were going into the office, and hint that she should wear something more business like than shorts. After I was dressed I heard a soft knock on the kitchen door. Once I opened it there stood Jen. dressed for work. She had on a very sexy, but very business like suit of a tight, but not too tight skirt, a blouse under a tight jacket that accented her tits, but didn't display them.

On the drive in we maintained a business like attitude to anyone who saw us riding together. There were a couple times when Jen's skirt slid up and I could see the elastic to her thigh highs, but nobody else would know that. As we pulled in to the parking garage we headed for the elevator with several other people. The ride up to our floor was the usual elevator ride, everyone looking ahead nobody talking. Once the office door closed the pretenses ended. I pulled Jennifer into my arms and started to kiss her. We spent an easy ten minutes kissing and making out like two teenagers. Our hands roaming over each and every body part we could touch. After a while we broke our kiss and she walked over to the sofa on the other side of the office, before sitting down. I swear that was the sexiest walk I had ever seen, and if there was any doubt whether I was hard before, there was no doubt now. I had a huge tent in my pants from her actions.

Looking at her sitting there with her legs crossed, and her skirt almost all the way to the top of her stockings I finally found my voice again. "Jennifer, I have a proposal for you. In my hand is a contract between me and you. We can go down this road if you would like, or we can just continue on the path we are on now."

Jennifer looked up at me a little confused and said "I thought we were going to have some fun, and I was going to make some extra money?"

I replied "Oh we are going to have fun together Jen., and you will definitely make a lot of extra money, but this is another way of adding to the fun." I then handed her the document.

Jen set there reading over it, and every so often she would glance my way. I could see her face getting redder as she went though the one page contract. After reading the entire thing I could see her swallow a couple times before she said. "There won't be any pain or humiliation? Nothing against my will?"

"No, nothing like that." I replied.

"Where is the pen then? Lets get this going. It sounds like you and me are going to have some serious fun together." Jen replied as she reached over and grabbed my crotch. She then slid her hand up to undo my belt. Her fingers making quick work of the belt and unzipping my pants before her finger tips grazed against the head of my cock.

I pulled her to me and started kissing her as her hand pushed deeper into my pants, wrapping around my rock hard cock. My hands were as busy as hers as I had opened her jacket, and had worked my hands into her blouse finding her tits. My hands sliding over her youthful tits. Brushing across her very hard nipples. Feeling how excited she was I started to make my way down her body with my mouth. My lips moving down the nape of her neck. Pulling back I helped her remove her jacket and then her very sheer blouse that was hiding under it. Looking up at her as I completely exposed her tits to me for the first time she smiled as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me to a nipple. I made a couple teasing flicks at one nipple before closing my lips around in and pulling it into my mouth. I moved from one tit to the other, my mouth savoring the taste and feel of my daughter's best friend's tits. Just the thought of this caused my cock to harden even more.

As I moved further down her body I reached for the zipper on her skirt only to find that Jen had already opened and unzipped it. As I looked up I saw a look of true desire in her eyes. She raised her ass off the sofa as I started to pull her skirt down, and once I removed it I parted her legs and was greeted with a completely shaved pussy. My hands slid up her nylon covered legs as I took in her scent. So fresh, and so sexy. There was that musky scent of sex as I pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa. My entire body just taking it all in.

Looking down at me Jen ran her fingers over my face. "Please Mr Roberts. I have been dreaming about this since yesterday." She said as she pulled my face to her pussy. My nose brushed against her pussy lips, followed by my own lips. I pulled back just a little as I started sliding my tongue along the outside edges of her lips. My touch was light as my goal was to tease her right now. My tongue sliding all around her clit, but never making contact. Trailing kisses and little bites all around, followed by my fingers probing her entrance. Finally, sensing it was time I slid my tongue across her clit as I slid one finger into her pussy. This got the reaction i was hoping for as I felt her grab my head and open her legs even wider. I kept up the teasing just lightly flicking her clit with my tongue while my finger was working in and out of her pussy. This elicited soft moans and gasps from Jen as my tongue slid over her clit, and moved down to join my finger at her opening. I removed my finger and replaced it with my tongue as I began to slowly tongue fuck her. Then I reached up and started to rub her clit with the very wet finger I had just removed. The result was a not so soft moan from Jen as she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth into her. My finger rubbing small circles across her clit as I tongue fucked her with everything I had.

The next thing I heard and felt was Jen starting to breath very heavy and her legs clamping down around my head. Which was followed by "OH FUCK!! OH MY GOD!! YES, RIGHT THERE!! OH PLEASE DON'T STOP MR. ROBERTS!!" From Jennifer as she experienced the first of many orgasms I was hoping to be a part of.

As Jen recovered I stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt as I looked down at her splayed out before me. her legs spread wide open. Rubbing her pussy with one hand while she was sucking on a finger from the other hand. As she opened her eyes I was taking off my underwear, and an almost shy look came over her as she looked up at me. She bit her bottom lip as she looked at my completely naked body for the first time. I felt the same excitement as I looked down at the very sexy naked body of my daughter's best friend.

I set beside her on the sofa and pulled her into my body and gave her several soft kisses. Then as we set there I asked her if she was alright.

"Alright?" She asked. "I'm better than alright. That was incredible. I have never had an orgasm like that before. I thought I was going to pass out or smother you before you finished. Holy fuck that was amazing." Jen whispered as she slid onto my lap.

Jen turned around so that she was straddling me as I set on the sofa. She bent down and started kissing me again. The soft playful kisses were replaced with hard aggressive kisses. These kisses weren't the teasing kind. Her tongue was pushing into my mouth in a demanding way. This was a woman who wanted someone to fuck her, not make love to her. As she kissed me she reached down and held my cock to the entrance to her pussy and after sliding the head across her pussy lips a couple times she slowly impaled herself on it. I could feel her warmth as I slid into her. Her wet pussy walls swallowing me. When she had taken me completely inside her she leaned back so she could look down and see where we were connected. I followed her gaze, and then looked back up into her green eyes as she started moving her hips. Rocking back and forth on my lap as she rode my cock. I reached up and grabbed a handful of tit in each hand as Jennifer's grinding sped up. I could feel myself getting close so I pulled a tit to my mouth and pulled as much as possible inside my mouth as my hands dropped to her ass and helped her ride me for all she was worth. He tight pussy wrapped around my cock as she rocked back and forth. I could feel her wetness pouring out all over me as she rode me.

With my climax fast approaching I pulled her close to me. Her nipple still caught between my lips. Then I slid my hand down her backside to where we were connected and using her wetness brought my finger tip back up to her backdoor opening. I was trying to be gentle as I probed her anal opening. My finger was circling her opening. Trying to get it ready for my finger to slide it when all of the sudden Jen shocked me. She held my hand as she slid back onto my finger. Talking it completely in as she was fucking me.

"Fuck yeah Mr. Roberts. Stick that finger in my asshole while I fuck you. Jennifer said. "Oh yeah, that feels crazy. Oh fuck yeah!!"

That move alone drove me over the edge and I let out a loud groan as I started to explode inside her. "Oh God Jennifer. Don't stop. I'm going to cum" I whispered in her ear as my body shook. It felt like her pussy walls were milking me dry as they spasmed around my cock.

She collapsed on top of me as we came down from our orgasm, still impaled on my softening cock, and my finger buried in her ass. As I slowly slid my finger out of her ass she moaned a little bit more. "WOW!!" I gasped. "This is going to be wilder than I could have imagined."

Giggling she lifted her head and looked at me and said "Lets just get some lube before we begin working on that contract. I'm not sure if I can take this cock of yours up my ass without some help." Then I swear I could feel her tightening her muscles around my semi soft cock.

"Don't worry Jen, remember I said no pain." I told her. "Besides, I think it is time we go shopping for some new furniture for the office, and some new things for you. I think you earned a reward for this morning.

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