tagNon-EroticThe Academy Ch. 01

The Academy Ch. 01


"JASON! IS THAT YOU?!" yelled a familiar voice while I was in the mall.

I turned around to see an old friend of mine from high school. It was Kay, a girl in my class. She hadn't changed much except for becoming even hotter. I was still the taller of course. Standing at 6'3, about 200 lbs. (I wrestled in high school) and skin almost as dark as Kay's hair. Still I managed to keep a nice figure with the weight on. I guess I was a lucky one.

Kay was shorter... a lot shorter. She was about 5'3, 5'4, tan about 90 lbs. but she was not anorexic in the least, she was just a small girl, but she had an ass to make up for it (I always like my girls to have a lil' something.) She had a nice set of b cups, but it was all about the ass on her, that's what I liked about her.

Looking at her now, that still hadn't changed. Apparently, I had been staring longer than I planned to because her father walked up to me and but his hand on his shoulder, snapping me out of my daze.

"Hey son, know how to speak to a young lady when you see her?" he asked with a smirk.

"Oh... err... hi Kay, how have you been?" I asked, "You in college yet?"

"No... I almost am though! How about you?" she said

"I figure I'd do 2 years in community college and then go to UF," I said confidently, "I've been told with my grades, however, I could just go to UF so I don't know," I said.

"That's cool... hey! Are you doing anything tonight?" she asked me.

"Not that I know of, why? Someone inform you different?" I asked jokingly

"Well... sources say I want to have dinner with you tonight at Chili's, 8:00 don't be late," she winked.

This is the part of Jason's day where he waits for the hot girl and her protective father to leave before initiating his victory dance or screams 'hell yeah!' Soon after I nodded in agreement she and her dad walked off to some store.

"Shazam!" I said with a jump but regained my cool before anyone noticed the black guy just pulled a Dane Cook.

I thought to myself, well Jason did come in here for condoms... I guess it's a sign. I pick up the condoms and walk out to the Camero. Damn, nice car and a shot at a REAL nice night, I thought to myself.

At 7:45 p.m. I pulled up and looked around. Shit! What the hell was her father doing with her? Damn, I thought to myself, I guess these condoms were a mistake. I slipped them into my wallet, after all, I'd probably pull together a reason to use them after this dinner date.

"Hey Jason! You're early!" Kay exclaimed and ran over and hugged me. Her father seemed to have an approval glare upon me. I guess he was happy I was early.

"Jason look that's the table we used to sit at back in 10th grade!" she said as she dragged me over, her father following closely behind.

A couple hours passed and all of a sudden, Kay's look became serious, almost more than her dad's, which was disturbing.

"John... there's another reason I'm glad I ran into you at the mall." She confessed.

"Yes?" I leaned into listen better.

"Well... the truth of the matter is I'm trying to enter a prestigious academy and I need your help."

"Wha...?" was the only thing I could think of saying, this was news to me.

"My daughter was accepted into a mostly black college," her father finally spoke up, "A friend of hers said they turned her down simply because it looked like she was ethnically insensitive."

"They turned her down because she was white?" I asked.

"Sadly yes, I don't want that to happen to my daughter," he said, "That's why we need you to—

"Okay... you had right before the point you said you needed me for something." I said, "What can I do?"

"Well remember when my father said mostly black school?" she answered, "Well the not white kids are either Spanish, mixed, or down with hip hop culture—

"Wiggers," I corrected, "Well, no offense, but you don't look down with hip hop culture, and I doubt you are about to ask me to be your teacher."

"You'd be right," she chuckled, "I'm a rocker, plain and simple."

"So... where do I come in then?" I asked.

"Well this is going to sound pretty twisted..." she started, "But I was thinking—

"Pose as her boyfriend so she can get in the school," her father interrupted, "All you have to do is walk in the board room with her, put out a few 'I love you's', a couple of pet names, maybe a kiss, and then she's good."

"Whoa... wait wait what?!" I yelled, "You want me to ACT like her man?"

"Jason... I was never going to ask you to do this, I respect you way too much," she started, "This was all my father's—

"So yet again, you throw a thorn in my life?!" I said as I glared to the father.

"You owe it to her after breaking up with her so abruptly," her father snapped back, "She was devasted!"

"I only broke up with her because of you!" I said, "She knows this! Every action we took, you were always there with that same fucking look!"

"My daughter was becoming a beautiful woman! I needed her to be with a MAN," he smirked, "Not a little boy."

I snapped. I reached across the table and latched onto his neck with my left hand and lifted him off the ground. Everyone in the restaurant turned around and murmurs started floating. After all, I may be the taller of us 2 but he was 6'0 200 lbs. The only difference was 3 inches in height.

"Jason no!" Kay yelled as she tried to force me to let him go. I dropped him from my grasp.

"Look, old man, I never liked you, I still don't, you feel the same way about me," I whispered to him, "The only thing saving you is your daughter, I still have more than respect for her. Kay, maybe we'll talk later. I gave her my number on a napkin and walked out.

I looked back and saw her father still on the ground, not hurt but shocked at what just happened. Could he have realized that I was a man back then and still am now? He looked back at me as to study me. No matter how much he tried, for now, I was not something he was going to figure out easily.

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