The Accident Ch. 01


I felt bad. I had been slacking off on my compliments to her over the years. I hadn't been real appreciative of what I had in my wife. Mistake number one. A hard one for me too. I had always thought she was beautiful. I always also thought she knew I thought that too. Looking back I could see clearly that I should have been more vocal in my appreciation of her looks.

"Well, by the time we got back to the office I had gotten so turned on. As he opened my door to let me out, our faces got real close, and...suddenly...we...kissed. It just happened. I'm not sure whom if either of us started it first. Then, well...we ended up in his office on his desk. Afterwards..."

"Hold it. Back up a bit. In his office. What did you do?"

"Oh...I can't...everything?"

"Everything or nothing Sue."

Her shoulders fell as I said that. I could see she was not wanting to tell those intimate details to me. I felt now that she had to. That was the only way I would ever be able to get closure on this whole...mess.

"We went into his office. I was so hot...I did a little strip tease kind of thing, and he just stripped off his clothes. His boxers he left on, but everything else came off. I removed all my things, and naked stood in front of him and just played with my body. I felt so...slutty, so hot. I could see his desire and approval of what he saw too. He cleared off his desktop and I sat down on it. I...oh God...I'm so sorry John...I acted like a total slut. I pulled my legs up and spread them wide, letting him see me...fully. I was so wet...I actually left a puddle on his desk right then. I spread my pussy lips, with one hand, and began to masturbate for him."

I was shocked. Sue, in all our years had never done that for me. Never had she masturbated as far as I knew. Here she was doing it without being asked, for her boss. On his desk no less, totally naked, and spread wide open to his view.

"Go on."

"This is hard. I...I can't believe that I've done this all now. Looking back..."

"Hindsight is always clear isn't it Sue? Get on with it. All the details."

"As I was masturbating, he moved up between my legs, and sat down in his chair. I sat there, legs spread as wide as I could get them. I was feeling so wicked and slutty at that moment too. I could see his desire of me in his eyes, let alone down know..."

"His cock? Hard was it? I imagine it looked quite long too."

Softly, almost so softly I couldn't hear her, Sue let it slip out...

"Yes. It was real long. The longest I had ever seen."


"I said it was real long."

Her voice gained some volume at my insistent tone.

"How long?"

"I don't know. I never measured it. Bill claimed it is ten inches long hard and about four inches around. All I knew was it was the biggest co...penis I had ever seen."

"Penis? You mean cock don't you? That's what you were going to say isn't it? When did you start calling a man's penis a cock Sue? You have never referred to mine as anything but a penis or thing."

"Bill got me to talk to him especially after that first time. He made me call it his cock...and he made me say lots of other dirty things too. God help me...I loved the thrill it gave me too."

"Lets go...the rest of the story."

"Okay...Bill was sitting there between my legs as I masturbated for him. He began to touch me, at first my legs, then my inner thighs, and pretty soon, he was masturbating me. He was a bit rough, but that only added to the excitement. When he licked pussy, I just about came right then. I did come the first time a few minutes after he began to lick and suck on me though."

"He ate your cunt out first then?"

" make it sound so filthy."

"Oh really? You, a married woman, on your bosses desk, who also happens to be a married man, and he is licking you as you keep your legs spread wide open for him. What would you call that? Saintly? Devout? Being a 'good' girl? A faithful spouse? Or were you a dirty slut? A cheating slut?" "All right...I deserve some of that. What we did was wrong and we both know it. Now...we are both paying for it too."

"Not just you two, Sue. How about his wife? How about your husband? You two hurt more than just yourselves in this, yet all you can think of is how it effects you and him."

Sue couldn't speak as her crying took over. She just sat there tears running, sobbing into her Kleenex. I got up and walked around the kitchen, trying to calm myself. This was harder on me than I had thought it would be.

I could feel my anger right there, just under my control, but barely. I knew that I had to make her tell me everything though. I had to know it all. Mostly I think, out of some perverse need to see if she had done things with him that she had refused or not offered to do for me.

"I came...twice as he licked...ate me. I...I knew it was wrong, and should have stopped it right after that, but he stood up and dropped his shorts. When I saw his penis...I couldn't believe that it was so large. I touched it...and the next thing I knew, he had moved around to the other side of the desk and my head was laid back as he rubbed it all over my face. Even his balls...he had me lick his balls. For some reason, I wanted to please him so bad...I let him control me. I let him stick his...c...cock in my mouth. After a while, I was pulling his butt cheeks into my face, taking him as deep as I could. I...don't know why I acted that way...I just...lost it I guess. He came when he was pretty deep inside my mouth, and I had to swallow to breathe. He tasted...different. Kind of sweet with a tangy spice to it. I wondered if I could do the same thing for you...and realized I had never even tried. My own husband hadn't gotten such good treatment. I'm...sorry."

"Go on. Get it all out."

"Then, after he came in my mouth...he had me suck and lick him until he was rock hard again, and then we had sex."

"You mean he fucked you with that large, long, rock hard cock don't you? Fucked your slutty cunt with his long cock?"

"Please. This is hard enough for me to tell you all the details, don't make it sound"

"Just go on Sue."

"He fu...fucked me twice that night. Once as I lay on my back on his desk, and once with me bent over the arm of his couch. That time he fingered my...bottom hole then too. We didn't do it again for a week or so...I was feeling so guilty, and I think he did too. Then one night we worked late on that Stevens contract and afterwards...he began to kiss me. I argued that we shouldn't, but by the time his second round of kisses engulfed me, I found a need to have him again. That time we got a motel room. I sucked him, he sucked me, then we fu...fucked. That night...he did me doggie style on the bed, and as he did, he fingered my ass more. He started with one finger, but soon he had two or three back there. When he pulled out and began to work it inside my ass...I didn't realize it at first, as his fingers had opened me up and relaxed me quite a bit. He was in quite a bit before I knew it was his cock not his fingers. He had a strong grip on my hips and slowly pressed his full length into me. After a bit, he began to move back and forth. When he came...he pulled out...I was cumming too...and my mouth must have been open in the midst of my orgasm...anyway, suddenly it was there and I was swallowing his cum for the second time that night. After that night, we would meet about once or twice a week at that motel. When we were coming home the other night...the night of the accident...I was sucking him and that other guy crossed the line and hit us. I was thrown to the floor; my dress was up around my hips and my top undone so Bill could play with my breasts as I went down on him. I must have panicked or something and bit down. The rest you know."

"You're math is a bit rusty on this...once or twice a week over four months you say? Just once a week would have added up to sixteen times, Sue. about our past? After we started dating. I remember some times when you were...not yourself. Acting just like you have lately, and I didn't notice it. Now that I know you were cheating on me with that asshole, I have to wonder about those times way back when."

"There's never been anyone else John. You have to believe me. Only Bill."

"Oh? You're sure now? If I called around and checked up on some dates and times there wouldn't be any surprises then?"

"There have been no others John. None."

"How about clients? Ever give a little extra to keep or get some business?"

"WHAT? How dare you insinuate that I would whore myself out..."

"Like you have been for Bill?"

Sue was white as a ghost and for an instant I thought I saw some sort of guilt or a sign of a lie covering up something. I pressed even harder at that point.

"Tell you what. I'm going to call Bill and ask him a few questions. Do you think he will have something to add that you haven't covered here so far?"

"No. Don't bother. I...that is to night I was pretty hot, worked up and ready to go. A client had scheduled a meeting with us in the late afternoon. He stopped by just as we were getting into our fun time. I didn't see Bill do it, but he motioned the client in and the next thing I knew, another man's cock, a strangers cock, was being pressed into me from behind as I went down on Bill. Bill held my head tightly to him too. After a few minutes...well...I found out what it was like to be with two men. We never repeated that, but I know that Bill was planning something like that soon."

"I hope you got the contract after that night."

"How can you sit there and sound so perfectly sincere? Yes, as a matter of fact we did get that contract. No, we never repeated that either. I know that Bill had plans, but I was reluctant to go there again for fear you would...that you would find out"

"Now I have. He has a bigger cock, you flirted with him saying that I hadn't made you feel beautiful in a while, and then you finally end up having sex with a client and Bill at the same time. Now you're sorry and want to save our marriage. If I wasn't so pissed off right now, I'd probably laugh over your audacity and just how sorry you are saying you are. You got caught cheating on me, and if you hadn't, you'd still be doing it, and probably with more than just one other man. Is that it? Do you have anymore things you need to tell me before I walk?"

"Walk? I thought we would talk and try to fix things."

"What's to fix? You cheated on me with your boss. The only reason you are sorry is due to the fact that I caught last...and you can't hide it anymore. So now you want to 'fix' our marriage. I wasn't even aware that it needed fixing before the other night. You haven't attempted to be honest with me without my pressing you hard. You haven't convinced me that you are sorry that you cheated on me. You haven't even tried to tell me that you love me and you were wrong. The closest you have come to saying anything remotely close to 'love' is that you 'need' me. That is not comforting at all Sue."

"I have too told you I love you. Just the other day...I told you I love you..."

I saw a frown cross her face as she tried to remember.

"See? You can't even remember the last time you told me you loved me. I can remember when I told you the last time. I can remember the last time you told me that you loved me too. You haven't said anything that I can even remotely pretend that you are trying here Sue. You made it sound like it just 'happened'; yet there had to be an attraction there to begin with. You did things for him that you never have done for me too. Besides being hurt, and torn to bits here, I'm also finding that I'm empty. All the love I had in me for you just evaporated tonight. I had thought there would be a chance to salvage our marriage, but obviously you do not love me anymore. I'm glad now that we don't have any kids. No property to speak of either. Renting a town-home was the best idea you ever had when we move in here Sue. Had you planned this way back then?"

"NO. John...I do love you. I love you like no other. What I've done to us, to is unforgivable. All I can say in my defense is that I was weak and things happened that normally wouldn't have...and now I realize just a bit of how much I have hurt you. Please...give me one more chance? I want what we had together. I want our marriage back where it was."

"That will never happen now Sue. Where it was, was me blissfully unaware of you cheating on me. Where it was, was my trusting you fully and completely without any doubt. That has all changed so radically now I'm not sure we or our marriage will make it. Matter of fact, I'm leaning towards ending it right now. You have not convinced me that you love me, and now with the doubts brought out in my mind, that you ever loved me, like I loved you at any rate."

"PLEASE...please John. I'm begging you. I love you, I do. I DO. I never meant to hurt cheat on you. It just happened. It's my fault I don't blame you. Just because I felt old and ugly was no reason to go off like a silly schoolgirl over some flirting. I'm so sorry. I want us to be together. I want us to be a couple. Please John, give me one chance. Just one."

I was angry again; knowing some of the things that asshole had gotten her to do for him. Anal sex, blowjobs to completion, and taking his cock all the way into her throat. I was angry now that I knew details.

She sat there crying, looking at me. I felt like stone. Inside my heart was getting colder and my blood was freezing. I was looking at a woman broken by her cheating, bruised from the car wreck that brought out that cheating. For a moment, I wished that I had put some of those bruises on her too.

"You know what Sue?"


"You should have been an actress. You'd make an academy award with this one right here."

Stunned, she could only look at me. I could see her eyes, full of a pain and fear too. She knew she had really messed up, yet she had no clue as to how to go about fixing it, or if I would ever let her even try to fix it. I had taken care of her, grudgingly letting her get a job to help support us.

Now, thanks to that job, she had betrayed me fully. The only remorse I was seeing was that she got caught. She had not found a way to convince me of her love for me either. I knew, at that moment, that one clear and focused moment, a pain that went straight through my heart and into my soul.

"I'll be going now. I can see that your love for me was superficial and perhaps even shallow. How I missed that all this time is beyond me. You had better find a lawyer, and then see if you still have a job. If you don't, the rent on this place is paid up for the next month, but I'll not be paying anymore until the divorce is final."


"Look Sue, you have only convinced me that I was a convenient place to hang out and be safe while you had fun on the side. I can't accept that and you can't seem to find the words to convince me otherwise. Everything you've told me so far has only shown how much you cared for someone else. You haven't been able to tell me that you loved me for quite some time now, and you even cut me off here and there sexually so you could have fun with your boyfriend. You've used me, lived off me, letting me think that you cared for me when you really never have. Anyway, that's how I'm seeing it at the moment."

"NO...THAT'S NOT TRUE. I've loved you forever. I have. I know I have really hurt you and not been a good wife...but I have always loved you John. ALWAYS. I know I can't undo the things I've done. I know I deserve nothing from you but please...I want...I NEED you. Please...oh please."

"Look, I'm not promising anything at the moment. I'm going to find another place to stay. Maybe...and that's a huge MAYBE, I'll try to stay with you. I'm not going to tell you that I will, nor that it will be easy, cause it won't, but I just might find a reason to try to stayed married to you. I know you sure as hell haven't earned any points with me."

"You won't stay here with me?"

"No. I can't. Not now, knowing what I know about you and your asshole boss. It will take time before I can even think about 'us' let alone living with you again. In the meantime, I'm going to see if there is someone out there who might want me for me...and not for a roof over their head and someplace 'safe' to come home to."

Sue stared at me, at first trying to get that 'I'm mad as hell that you'd even mention sleeping with someone else' look, but then I saw the realization cross her eyes. She had started this whole thing by cheating on me. I had every right to do the same now. I wasn't sure I wanted to, nor that fighting fire with fire was a good idea at all, but I was angry and frustrated.

"Okay...I know I have not earned anything here. What will it take to keep you?"

"I guess you'll just have to fight it out and figure it out for yourself Sue. I'm not going to help you this time. You are going to have to earn every second you spend with me from here on out. How that time is earned...well you figure it all out. I can say that earning my trust back will be a thousand times as hard as it was for you to earn it the first time."

"So it all boils down to sex then? Is that it?"

"If that's what you think Sue, you might as well give up now and put yourself out of your misery. Sex is the least of the problem. You'll have to prove to me that you are worth having as a partner and friend again. You'll have to prove yourself worthy of having sex with me, and you'll have to prove that you are worthy enough for me to keep around as a wife. The sex is important, but it's not the most important. Trust, respect and love...those are the important one's you'll be fighting for. Sex is just the icing on the cake."

"You won't stay here?"

"No. That ground has been covered. You have your work cut out for yourself. Just know that I'm not going to be a push over either. I did love you, still do in many ways...yet you really fucked up with this whole mess and I'm not real sure I want to be with you at all anymore. It will all be you and what you do Sue. All you. Good night."

I was done talking and moved my stuff out to my car. She tried to hug me once, but I fended her off and kept packing. She collapsed to the floor, crying as I carried out my last box. I spent the rest of the night at a motel and later the next day I found an apartment in a nicer building. A one bedroom apartment.

After one month of living on my own I recognized that I was lonely, angry, and yes, even lost. Sue had been my life and I couldn't stop thinking of her. She called me every day asking how I was then after getting my small and very skimpy responses, she'd say goodbye and hang up.

I heard that she had quit her job, moving to another agency. She still lived in our old apartment and would just go to work then go home. I wasn't doing much better myself. I would go to work then home, sleep was a thing from my past. Now I would just lay in bed and toss and turn.

I still loved her, hell, I still even wanted her. I just couldn't accept her cheating on me. After a month I figured that I'd have come to a decision about us, but all I had done is mope around more and more. It was affecting my job performance as well. I knew I had to do something, but now I wasn't sure what that was.

One night I decided to go out. I went to a lively dance club and soon discovered that I was among the oldest there. I hadn't been out much for a while and it seemed my favorite places had become overrun with a younger crowd.

I sat at the bar and nursed my drink. I was thinking that I had made a mistake and should just head on home. Suddenly a hand touched my arm.

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