tagMind ControlThe Adventures of Starry Ch. 1

The Adventures of Starry Ch. 1


Starry arrived in town, tired from her long flight, uncertain of her surroundings and apprehensive about what was expected of her, but despite all of that she was excited about the trip. This was her chance to show everyone what she was capable of, this was her chance to show the company that she was top management material. Starry didn't now what to expect of the people here but she was sure that by the end of the trip they'd be eating out of her hand. She had worked long and hard over the last few years and she wasn't about to let the local talent show her up in anyway. Starry was certain that she was heading for the top, and once there she'd be running things her way.

She collected her bags and waited patiently by the terminal door for her ride, after ten minutes she began to look around, nervous that her pick-up may be waiting for her elsewhere. After about 20 minutes when most of the other passengers had departed, Starry began to get annoyed and started to look around impatiently. She noticed a man staring at her, she was sure that it wasn't him, or at least she didn't think it was. The man she was told to look for was supposed to be tall and thin. This man wasn't really short but he wasn't tall either and he was of a stockier build than she had anticipated. The stranger walked up to her staring at her as he came. When he was within a couple of feet she gave him an inquiring look and ask "Michael?" He stared at her intently, as though sizing her up, his dark eyes taking her in slowly from her flowing red hair down to stiletto-ed feet, Starry felt uneasy under his gaze.

"It's Starry" she said trying hard to sound annoyed, but coming out almost pleadingly.

A smile broke across his face and he said "Hello Starry, I've been expecting you", and with that put out his hand and shook hers.

Starry returned his smile, more out of relief then anything else. He collected her bags and they walked off together out of the terminal to a waiting car. Just as they left through the sliding doors another man came running in, he was taller and thinner build than the guy Starry had left with, and he rushed about frantically like he'd lost his wallet. He pulled a picture out of his pocket and began asking if anyone had seen the woman in the picture. A couple who had been standing near by nodded their heads and pointed to the doors, explaining that she just left with another man not more than a couple of minutes ago. Michael stood there, a confused look on his face and then slowly made his way back to his car. Meanwhile in another car Starry was relaxing in her seat, happy that she hadn't been abandoned at the terminal and looking forward to proving herself at the office she'd heard so much of, but never visited. The guy was smiling too and glanced down at her thigh as he drove. Starry sat there thinking that he was a little more forward than would be acceptable back home but made no effort to mention it, unaccustomed to their ways here as she was.

"Do you mind if I just drop by the workshop on the way, I just have to pick something up" he said.

"What workshop." Said Starry, more than a little confused "I thought you worked in the office".

"Oh we do" he said "I just share this workshop with a couple of colleagues where we share a hobby". Starry looked at him carefully and wondered what other things he'd been doing on company time. The car pulled up in a quiet industrial area, it looked as though most of the building had been abandoned or closed down.

"Come inside the workshop and I'll show you what we do. I’m sure it’ll interest you." he said with a warm smile.

With that he got out of the car and headed towards one of the warehouses. Starry looked at her watch impatiently but hopped out of the car anyway and let him lead her inside. The moment Starry set foot inside the workshop she realised something was terribly wrong. The workshop was basically empty, except for a couple of large cages and an assortment of devices that left her in no doubt of what their uses were for. She looked back at the door but before she could make a move for it her hand was gripped tightly and thrust behind her back. Starry could do little to resist as she was dragged towards one of the cages, she tried hard though, kicking and screaming, desperately trying to break free of his grip, but it had little effect and eventually she was forced inside a large cage. There she was pushed forcibly to the floor of the cage, which was locked behind her. The guy then stepped back and once again looked at his prize, slowly taking her in.

"Who are you?!" she screamed "let me out of here you fucking bastard!". But it had no effect on the guy, he just continued to stare, a thin grin fixed on his face, and having satisfied himself with her looks he walked out the workshop, locking it behind him. Starry screamed and beat on the cage for what seemed like hours, eventually her throat hurt so much she could barely croak so she sat in the cage and sobbed until darkness came, and finally exhausted she lay down on the hard floor and slept, a restless, fitful sleep.

The next morning Starry awoke with a start as she heard the workshop door open with a loud creak and then close again. Her back ached from sleeping on the hard, cold floor and her mind raced as she tried to take stock of her situation. It was still dim inside and she stared out into the shadows trying to make out the figure that moved around. A light flickered on and, after the initial glare passed, she could see the man from the airport, standing, staring at her. Starry stood nervously, desperately trying not to show the fear that coursed through her body.

"Who the fuck are you and what the hell do you think you are doing?" she demanded defiantly.

"You can call me master" said the man calmly "And what I want will be what you will desire".

"No!" Screamed Starry "This can't be happening!"

Starry's eyes gave away her fear as the tears began to roll down her cheeks, she needed to escape but she didn't know how. The Master watched her intently for a few minutes and then dragged out a mattress from behind a bench.

"You will be more comfortable on this" he told her.

Starry just stared at it and wanted to scream and spit at him and his mattress but decided that she would play along and not get him angry. He walked over to the cage and told her to put her hands through the bars so he could keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't try to escape while he dragged in the mattress. Starry looked at him uncertainly but decided to obey just so she could see where he kept the keys. The moment her hands went through the bars they were clamped in place by a pair of handcuffs.

Starry groaned in disgust at being so easily duped. She fought and struggled desperately against the cuffs but to no avail, she was now stuck helplessly against the cage and left to wonder how she could have been so stupid. The Master just smiled to himself and walked around to the door and unlocked it. He dragged the mattress in and left it in the corner. Starry closed her eyes and prayed for him to just leave, but the moment she felt his hand around her leg she knew that wasn't going to happen. Starry fought as hard as she could desperately kicking out with her feet but the Master was too strong for her and soon had her feet tied to the cage as well. Starry was now at the mercy of the Master and there was nothing she could do to about it.

The Master pulled out a knife from his pocket and began to cut away her clothes. Starry's new dress that she had worn especially for the first meeting soon became a shredded rag on the floor and her prettiest lace underwear was unceremoniously cut from her body and soon joined the pile. Starry stood cuffed and naked against a cage wondering what terrible things this madman had planned for her. The Master gathered up her ruined clothes and carried them out to a bin then returned carrying a small brown bottle.

He slowly poured the contents of the bottle over Starry's body and began to rub the thick liquid into her. Starry struggled as best she could, but all she could manage was to wriggle her body. Soon her struggling began to subside, the oil that was being rubbed into her body made her feel warm all over. It had a scent unlike anything she had ever smelled before, it was intoxicating and sweet and it was making her feel dizzy. Starry soon found she was unable to struggle even if she wanted to, for some reason her body was responding to his touch. Her nipples were hard and tingled as his massaged the oil into her breasts, her pussy became wetter with every touch as his fingers worked down her abdomen and along her thighs. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as the oil was rubbed slowly into her ass and up her back. Starry didn't understand what was happening to her but she didn't want to fight it either.

The Master left the cage and closed the door, he unchained Starry's hands and feet and watched as she staggered over to the mattress and collapsed there. Starry was lost in a world of her own and she lay on the mattress stroking her self and squeezing her breasts until she came. The Master smiled to himself and walk off out of the workshop as Starry, unable to resist the urge, continued to play with herself, oblivious to anything outside of her own desires.

Time passed unnoticed as Starry, unable to control herself, explored her body. Her fingers slid over her taut skin and found continual excitement in her perpetually wet pussy as her mind gave way to the pleasure that engulfed her. Starry had no idea what was happening to her, nor did she care, ever since that

"master" guy had rubbed her body all she could think of was her need to be pleased. Eventually exhaustion told hold of Starry and she dozed off on her mattress, not waking until she once again heard the sound of the door creaking open. The Master had returned. Starry wasn't certain what time it was, except that is was day as sunlight flooded the room through the skylights. She looked around at her surroundings and slowly remembered what had occurred earlier. Starry sat naked on the mattress and blushed as she recalled her behaviour.

"Why did I do that?" She thought to herself. "How could I do that?"

She looked around desperately for something to cover her nakedness with but realised that there was nothing there and so curled up and closed her eyes, desperately trying to shut out the shame that engulfed her. The Master watched her, without a trace of emotion. He opened the door to the cage and closed it behind him and approached Starry. Starry curled herself up tighter as she heard him approach, too scared to try anything, too scared to even look at him. The Master pulled out a wash cloth and soaked it with the same oil he had used before and began to rub it over Starry's turned back as though he were washing a hospital patient. Starry clenched her body tight as she felt his touch, her mind racing with terror and confusion as she felt him rubbing her back. Just as he began to rub her shoulders and neck with the oil soaked cloth Starry began to cry out.

"No, no, leave me alone!" she yelled, still curled up tightly. "Who are you, what do you want?" she screamed. Starry wanted to lash out and fight but her body wouldn't respond, in fact her body began to uncurl. Something was wrong but Starry couldn't quite pinpoint what it was, the anger was subsiding fast. She knew she should be angry about something but couldn't remember what, all she could think of was that her body needed to be touched, and touched quickly. Starry rolled over and straightened out, her legs parted slightly as she invited the Master to touch her body. The Master poured more oil over the front of Starry's body and slowly rubbed it in, over her beautiful supple breasts and hard erect nipples, across her smooth abdomen and along her lovely firm thighs. Starry purred quietly as her fingers rubbed her clit and she looked at the master with large begging eyes, wanting desperately for him to fuck her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a collar, which he fixed around her neck and a lead, which he attached to the collar. Starry began to cum at just the thought of what would happen next. She wanted to please the Master, she wanted him to use her anyway he pleased. The Master took hold of the lead and led Starry out of the cage. Starry looked around the room and saw the door to the outside, something in her head kept telling her to make a run for it but then she saw the appliances that were spaced out around the floor and wanted the Master to use them on her.

Starry's body was burning with lust and when he placed her neck and wrists in the stocks her legs were already wet from her juices. Starry stood, bent over in the stocks, and begged the Master to fuck her, fuck her until she split. The Master just smiled and went across to large chest that sat against the wall. He reached inside the chest and pulled out two vibrators, they were both large, one measuring at least 10" long and they were both thick and shaped like huge penises. Starry drooled as she caught sight of them and spread her legs even further apart, waiting to feel them inside her. Starry didn't have long to wait, the vibrators were covered in the same scented oil that had been massaged into her body, and switched on, they hummed as the Master held them in his hands and approached her from behind.

Starry could barely contain herself, her body screamed to be taken, never had she felt such an overwhelming need to be used. The Master smiled to him self as he slid the larger of the two vibrators slowly into Starry's dripping pussy. A moan escaped from Starry's lips, whatever vague thoughts she once had about escape vanished from her mind as she immediately began to cum. The Master slid the vibrator all the way into her and watched closely as Starry, unused to ever having taken anything so large, squirmed with uncontrolled pleasure. The master looked at the second vibrator and placed it aside for a moment. Unzipping his pants and dropping them to his ankles he stood behind her gyrating body, his cock hard and angry with lust for his slave.

Taking Starry by the hips he forced his cock into her ass, sliding himself deep into her virgin hole. Starry gasped, but rather then struggle she pushed back, forcing him all the way into her ass. The master began to fuck Starry's ass slow and deep, his hard cock stretching her tight ass as it slid back and forth. Starry, locked helplessly in the stocks, could do little but stand there and push back, taking in the Master's cock with relish as the vibrator up her pussy continued to hum. Starry was lost in a world on pleasure and pain. Never had her pussy endured anything so huge and the more it stretched her the more she desired it. Starry's ass, until a few moments before, had never been touched sexually and now it was being stretched and fucked and all she could think of was wanting more. Gone was the horror, the confusion and the anger of the previous day, replaced with an overwhelming sexual hunger. Every pore of Starry's body ached to be touched and as the Master's hands slid up along her torso and squeezed her breasts, she came again.

The Master continued to fuck Starry's ass, his thrusts gaining momentum, driving his cock into her harder and harder as she stood, bent over, locked in the unmoving stocks, moaning and begging for more. Starry's body was beyond exhaustion, she pushed back automatically to meet the Master's thrusts, desperately trying to push him deeper into her insatiable body. Her pussy throbbed with desire as the vibrator stretched and stimulated her, causing her juices to flow like they never had before. Starry groaned as the Master came, she felt his seed shooting up her ass, the warm semen flooding her and filling her.

She begged for more as she tried to push against him and hold him there, but to no avail. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt his cock being removed from her ass, it was as though she was being punished, but then she felt the other vibrator being pushed into her vacant hole. Starry smiled again, he legs were wet with her own juices and the Master's, her master's, cum. Her eyes wept tears of joy as she thanked him over and over and told him of her love for him. The Master looked at Starry and nodded, his work was nearly done here. He went over to a large chest and pulled out a leather harness and came back to where Starry stood, naked, dripping and still moaning with desire.

He placed the harness around her, a leather strap running down her ass, and up around her pussy, forcing both the vibrators in place, making sure that they couldn't be removed. He buckled it up tight at her waist forcing the strap to wedge into her and rub against her clit. The Master applied one more coat of the sweet oil to Starry and then went away to clean up, by the time he came back, she was screaming loudly, begging him to fuck her again.

The Master went over to the stocks and unlocked them, he lead Starry back to her cage and lay her on the mattress, with the harness still belted tightly in place. He handcuffed her to the base of the cage and left her there as he walked out of the building and drove off. Starry lay on her mattress, gyrating, moaning, cumming again and again. She no longer thought of herself and her predicament, now she only thought of her master and having him use her.

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