tagMind ControlThe Adventures of Starry Ch. 3

The Adventures of Starry Ch. 3


Starry stood straight and unmoving, her breathing shallow, only the slight trembling of her hands gave her away as being alive. She had been summoned to her master room but she knew that this time it wasn't to entertain him, she that this time she had crossed the boundary and would have to pay the price.

"How did he know?" she asked herself "who told him? Surely he realises it was just harmless flirting? He doesn't actually believe I'd pleasure a delivery boy? Please, please don't let him give me away."

A teardrop ran from her eye, caressing her cheek as it slid down her face. She dare not wipe it away for fear that he may come in and see her move. She waited and thought about her actions. The delivery boy came every morning to deliver fresh bread and milk, he was cute but basically stupid and if it hadn't been for the fact that she was still on a high from the previous night she never would have given him a second glance. But glance she did, as she sat on the table, her legs crossed provocatively causing her nightie to ride up high onto her thighs revealing just the slightest glance of her shaven pussy.

As the delivery boy went about his usual business, putting the milk in the fridge and the bread on the bench, he kept glancing across as Starry licked her middle finger and then slowly slid it along her pussy. It was obvious that he was excited and she teased him constantly with her erotic display, closing her eyes as she played with herself and moaning softly. By the time the boy had left, 15 minutes later then usual, he had cum in his pants and scrambled away red faced and embarrassed. Starry just laughed and went back to her room to finish what she'd started. Now she wasn't laughing, now Starry was worried about what her master would do to her. After 20 minutes had passed she heard the door open behind her. The door then closed and she heard the key turn as it locked. A shiver ran through her body. She stood perfectly still as her master approached her from behind, her breath gave away her desires as he slid her nightie from the shoulders and let it fall to her ankles.

"Maybe he didn't know after all, maybe he just wants me, maybe he......" she dared not think any further. Starry felt his gaze upon her, as he looked at her body closely, she smiled inwardly knowing how much pleasure her body had given him and felt the moisture beginning to flow inside her sex. She waited his touch eagerly, hunger again for the feel of his manhood, but instead he walked away and touched a button on his desk, the bookcase slid to on side leaving a hole in the wall with a staircase leading down.

Her eyes widened with fright as her legs intuitively took her to the stairs and down into the chamber below. He did know after all, he always knows. The chamber was dimly lit, dank and humid. As Starry made her way down the stairs she caught sight of a number of fittings on the walls, some she knew about, others she could only imagine what their use was. Starry's mind raced with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Fear at what her master's cold anger would inflict on her and anticipation of what cruel pleasures it would bring.

Starry walked to the centre of the room, her skin sticky with the humid air, but her nipples stood erect and hard as if they had been rubbed with ice cubes. She awaited her master's orders and felt the moisture between her legs grow. It was this moment she realised her subjugation was almost complete. Starry's mind cried out as she felt her master's cold hand on her shoulder. He guided her across to a bench where he bent her over and chained her. Starry didn't resist and compliantly stretched her arms across the table where they were manacled and spread her legs wide to accommodate the chains on the floor. Starry stood there still, breathing calmly despite her heart racing, her face and body pressed against the wooden bench while her legs stretched outwardly to the floor. Silently she awaited her punishment. She remained silent even as she heard the whistle of the whip, whirling through the air as he tested it.

Her master pulled up a chair and looked directly at her. Starry was confused.

"So you wanted to excite the delivery boy did you" he asked in a cold tone.

"No master, I only serve you" Starry's voice betraying her crime.

"You mustn't lie Starry, you know it will just catch up to you" said the master, staring deep into her eyes.

"No master, I'm sorry master, let me make it up to you, please master" the words drifted from her lips like a programmed response.

"Well my sex toy, you'll have to apologise to the delivery boy first" He said with a smile, just as the many pronged whip flicked against her ass for the first time.

Starry's breath caught in her throat as she winced with pain and desperately tried to work out what was happening. The whip lashed her ass again, harder this time and her whole body tensed and tears welled in her eyes. She suddenly realised then what her punishment was to be. The delivery boy grinned stupidly as he stood there, hold the small suede whip and adjusting the erection that strained in his pants. He brought down the whip across her legs and her ass again, but only enough to cause her skin to glow with welts from the soft leather straps.

Starry could do nothing but stand there, her body tense, her backside and legs burning with pain and embarrassment, her mind wondering what would come next. She didn't have long to wait, the familiar buzz of a vibrator caught her ear and she smile inwardly at the thought of it's pleasure, obviously the boy new nothing about punishment. Starry felt the tip of the vibrator go into her pussy, it was a big one, bigger then she had been used to and she winced slightly as it stretched her wide on it's way deep into her sex. She sighed as it hummed inside her, firmly placed in her body she had no choice but to go with it.

The master looked at her and then at the delivery boy, and Starry knew that he wouldn't be pleased if she enjoyed this too much. Starry then clenched her burning ass tight as she felt another vibrator make contact with her butt. She looked pleading at her master but he remained quiet and indifferent as the boy forced the vibrator up Starry's ass. This wasn't what she was expecting and winced as the large machine was slid all the way in. Starry lay there helpless as her pussy and her ass were being mechanically seduced and raped. She didn't know whether to scream in pain or moan with pleasure, and when the whip came down again and again all she could do was lay there and submit to whatever was dealt. The boy continued to whipped her ass until it glowed red, and all Starry could do was moan, she wanted to cum then and there, her mind slowly twisting to not only accept, but relish the pleasure that came with the pain. Starry wanted more.

The master looked across at the boy and noticed he'd cum in his pants as he watched Starry squirm. He dismissed him from the room and waited till the door had shut behind him, before turning his attention back to his sex slave. Starry was lost in her own erotic world, when she felt her master cock push between her lips, she opened her mouth instinctively and began to suck. She felt the soft touch of leather brushing her back and moaned again, followed by the sharp sting of the whip. Instead of wincing Starry came, growling deeply as she sucked her master's cock and the vibrators continued to hum inside her pussy and ass. Her master continued to whip her and all Starry could do was surrender to the pleasure, and suck his cock.

The master came inside of Starry's mouth and although she gagged, Starry was determined to take every drop the master delivered. He withdrew his cock but made no effort to release the exhausted body of his slave, or to remove the vibrators that continued to stimulate and pulse. Starry felt her manacles being loosened and thought she was to be released. Her body was tired but satisfied, she would happily be punished everyday. The master however wasn't finished yet, he tied each hand to a rope and pulled her upright. Starry was no longer slumped across a bench, her legs were still spread, her pussy and ass still stretched wide with the vibrators and now her arms were stretched out to her sides.

Starry tried to focus, wondering what was next, but the humming vibrators were keeping her wet and on the edge. Her mind was brought back to reality when she felt stinging pain on the underside of her arm. Starry glanced to the side and saw a clothes peg hanging from her skin, this was followed by another and another. Soon both of her outstretched arms had 6 pegs hanging off each. The pain was sharp but strangely arousing, he then began to peg her breasts, pinching her pliant flesh, causing her to moan and twist. Starry was seeing spots before her eyes, the pain of being stretched, of having two huge vibrators put inside her and now the pegs was becoming unbearable, but at the same time she didn't want any of it to stop.

The absolute waves of pleasure that cascaded across her was unlike anything she had ever felt. She raised her head groggily, long enough to watch as her master placed pegs, first on one nipple, then the other. That was it for Starry, the orgasm that racked her body went on forever, unable to stem the over powering rush she eventually slipped away into unconsciousness. When she awoke Starry was slumped on her bed, her body as marked with red welts from the pegs and her ass from the leather straps of the whip. Her pussy and her ass were sore from being so stretched for so long and her muscles ached.

She lay there very still, not wanting to move a muscle. There was a tap at the door, and it eased open slowly. A serving girl put her head around the door and said that the master wanted her presence. Starry immediately jumped up and walked to the door, the dampness between her legs was already causing her pussy to glisten. Starry would never be disobedient again, Starry was a good girl now.

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