tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of UltraPussy

The Adventures of UltraPussy


When Laci was barely 15 years old, she was very popular and already standing out among her peers as well as the adults in her life. She was very active in sports, clubs, volunteering her time for the needy and quickly becoming a charismatic leader. As her high school years began to pass, Laci was a cheerleader, a gymnast, top of her class, president of the academic team and considered very attractive, teasing all the boys, and outwardly flirting with her teachers. Everyone that came in contact with her would comment on how she was so outgoing, confident and always with that brilliant smile along with her blonde hair, won everybody over. But woe betide if you got on the wrong side of her. Laci had a temper and the skill to back it up.

At 16, Laci auditioned for a superhero role on television and in spite of dozens of girls also applying, she landed the job. For one season, she played Supergirl and was able to wear the costume and fight crime on television. Even though the series only lasted 12 episodes and canceled after one season, she was grateful to have had the opportunity. She went from signing autographs to relative obscurity in a short amount of time.

Her make believe superhero past soon took a realistic turn. It all started one day on her 18th birthday as an older, thin, lanky gentleman with dark hair peppered with gray approached Laci while she worked out in the gym. The man handed her a box that was giftwrapped with a gorgeous bow.

"This is for you from an admirer," said the man with an Australian accent as he walked away.

Laci held the box and wondered what it was. When she got back home, she opened the package to find a slender, realistic feeling, seven inch dildo with a note that read, "Try this, you won't regret it."

Laci put the dildo back in the box, took it home, buried it deep in her closet but every day that passed, she was consumed by the thought of using it and what the tall man had said. She had only been with a couple of brief boyfriends so her sexual experience was limited. However, she had discovered masturbation early on and now not only did she want to use that phallus, she craved it.

One Saturday night, while her parents were away, Laci took a shower, and then the dildo from her closet, sprawled out on her mattress, and prepared herself for action. Using the lube she kept in the small table beside her bed, Laci greased up the cock evenly around the shaft,, getting it ready for the evening's fun. She worked and rubbed her clitorious, allowing her lust to rise.

As Laci continued to play, the dildo, which already felt so realistic, began to inexplicably warm up once she increased her thrusting pace. The sensation that rippled throughout her inner walls was amazing. The stranger who had given it to her was absolutely correct. While on her back, head propped up on a pillow, knees bent, and her red toes pressing against the sheets, Laci let out a pleasure screech that could have been heard by the neighbors. Her toned body quivered in extreme pleasure and before she was able to start up again, a strange liquid shot out of end and coated her vaginal walls.

She thought, "What in the world? How could a dildo shoot liquid?"

Laci pulled out the rubber cock for inspection, and there was a hole on the end which hadn't been there when she started. The thick, blue, warm liquid was already starting run out of her. This surprised Laci as she jumped up so not to stain her silk bed covering. Cupping her hand over her slit, she ran to the bathroom. When Laci sat down on the toilet, she already noticed her insides were warming up like menthol in a medicated rub. She became nervous and wiped out the oozing nectar from her opening for what seemed like several minutes. Not only did her vagina tingle with warmth, her entire body seemed to do the same. Laci's nervousness, soon led to pleasure as her entire body transformed into an euphoric state. It was almost as if she was high on some amazing drug without altering her mental faculties. In a couple of hours, the energy boost subsided and when Laci finally went to bed that evening, she felt more like her old self.

Laci had an amazing night of sleep and when she awoke, it was business as usual until she removed her pajamas to shower. While standing in front of the full length mirror, her eyes just about popped out of her head as she wondered, "What can this be? Am I losing my mind?" She had a nice tight athletic body but somehow it had transformed into something amazing. As she stared into the mirror, she observed that she was more muscular than before. Not in a freakish bodybuilder way but definitely bigger and more defined. The veins on her arms and thighs were protruding as she felt strong enough to crush a car. If that wasn't enough, her breasts had grown a full size to a D cup and her hair was thicker and blonder than even before.

It just didn't make sense to her. She wondered if the liquid in the dildo the night before had any connection to her transformation. As she stared, turned and flexed, the more Laci liked what she saw. She looked absolutely stunning and decided to go with it. After she showered and began to dress, her first dilemma was that none of her bras came close to fitting her. After raiding her mother's drawer, Laci put on a lycra black bra and finished dressing. She wore a pair of leggings, calf high leather boots, a tight shirt and she thought, "Oh my God my boobs are huge in this shirt. People are going to think I had a boob job."

As Laci bounced down the stairs, her perky huge breasts bounced in unison with each step. Out the door she went to meet her friend Suzy for lunch. Living in town, it was only a few blocks away so Laci decided to walk. When Laci sat down at the table across from her friend, Suzy's eyes just popped out of her head.

"What the heck? Did you get boob job or are you stuffing?" Suzy astonishingly asked.

Laci leaned in and semi-whispered, "You're not going to believe this. I woke up like this. I have added eight pounds of muscle and one entire cup size. It's insane."

As Suzy asked more questions, Laci explained the entire story of the gift, using it and waking up this ultra-fit bombshell.

"That's crazy! But, how?" Suzy wanted to know.

"I don't know but look at me. You can see with your own eyes that I'm not lying," Laci gasped.

They talked more and decided to walk over to the mall. As they walked, they cut through a small alley to get through a series of buildings blocking their path that they had walked several times before. Out stepped several guys who were clearly in a gang as they wore the same color.

"Where ya bitches goin?" asked the larger man as he walked closer to them while the others closed in from behind.

Laci put her hands up and warned, "Just leave us alone or you are going to be sorry."

Suzy mumbled through the side of her mouth, "Laci, shut the hell up. Don't antagonize them."

Laci couldn't believe those words even came out of her mouth and the surprising revelation to her was she wasn't even frightened. She didn't know why, but she was calm and meant what she said to the thugs. When the skinny guy with the tears tattoo on his eyes, touched Laci from behind, she instinctively grabbed his wrist, with a yank and a twist, he forward flipped and landed on his back.

Suzy screamed as Laci squatted, swept her leg in a semi-circle and down went guy number two. She popped up, lunged forward and kicked the large man in the throat as he went down to one knee before using the same foot to kick him in the side of the head, causing him to fall to the ground. The two remaining punks went after Laci as her upward kick slammed into the muscular guy's nuts while a quick fist punch to the throat, dropped the other one.

Suzy's eyes were as wide as saucers with her hand over her mouth and when one of the delinquents tried to stand up. Laci quickly impeded his progress with a kick to the head or a knee to the face. Finally, as each guy lay on the ground, writhing in pain, Laci grabbed Suzy by the wrist and quickly led her away.

"Let's get outta here," Laci demanded as she tugged her friend.

"Oh my God! Those guys are messed up! Where did you learn to do that? Oh my God!" Suzy huffed while they walked.

As both stepped inside a department store, Laci looked just as surprised as Suzy, "I...I don't know! It just happened. I felt like I was just so confident and before I knew it, I was doing things I didn't know I could do. It is the strangest thing."

"Britt, this is insane. Do you realize you look different? Your body looks like some...some ultra-fit goddess with bigger boobs and now you just kicked the shit out of a group of thugs. I need a minute here. I'm going to the bathroom. I will be back in a minute," said Suzy who was visibly rattled.

Once Suzy had left, Laci continued to browse just to take her mind off the strange events of the morning. She needed some new clothes that would fit her better, especially tops and bras. When she exited Victoria Secret, a man approached her. At first she didn't recognize him but soon realized it was the same older gentleman that gave her the gift. Now he was carrying a large brown bag.

He smiled and began to speak in his, now familiar, Australian accent, "Hi Laci. I bet you're wondering what is going on. If you come with me, I promise to explain everything. Please, we can stay in public. Let me buy you a snack."

Laci was dying to know what in the world had happened to her so she followed the gentleman to the Cinnabun but not before she texted Suzy to let her know where she would be. They were in a public place so she felt comfortable sitting in a booth, enjoying the snack, ready for an explanation.

The gentleman looked to be about 60 years old but held his age well before smiling, "First, I want to introduce himself . I'm Dek and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Supergirl show. You were bonza! I was so taken by your costume, your figure, how beautiful you were performing all those feats while saving the world again and again."

Laci nervously thanked him while hoping he wasn't a stalker before he continued, "I am a fertility doctor specialist and a cellular research scientist in Australia. I think I have done it! The blue liquid that you experienced while using my 'gift' is something I have been working on for 38 years! When I saw you on tv, I knew you were the one who would be my subject. Laci you are now Supergirl...for real!"

"But...but...how?" Laci responded so confused.

Dek excitedly continued his explanation, "The liquid alters cellular structure and transforms a girl's genetic makeup through their reproductive system. I inserted it in the dildo and your body heat, dissolved the tip, allowing it to ejaculate onto your uterus, mixing with your estrogen and now it runs through your body and bloodstream."

"Oh my God! Will that hurt me?" Laci asked as she began to panic.

"Just the contrary. You are now the strongest girl who has ever lived. Let me tell you in a different way. It's like you are pregnant with strength and as you feed you will only get stronger and stronger while developing even more powers. I don't even know how far this can go but I do know that if you don't feed, you will start to lose your powers," Dek warned.

"Feed? You mean as I eat?" asked Laci as she took a bite off her cinnamon roll.

Dek explained further, "No. When I say feed, I mean your vagina must feed off of sperm. The sperm fertilizes your eggs which instead of producing a baby, gives you superhuman powers. The only problem is you need large quantities of sperm to keep up with the cell transformation. You are not adding cells, you are changing the ones you have, and if my calculations are correct, you will need to 'refuel' at least once every 3 to 5 days."

"Wait a minute. Are you saying I have to be a total slut and have sex with tons of guys? What about if I get pregnant or worse, catch a disease?" Laci asked genuinely concerned.

"That is the beauty of my formula. It strengthens all your reproductive organs, immediately killing any viruses, diseased sperm and stops pregnancy. But like I said, you must continue to copulate. Millions of sperm will not help you keep your powers but trillions upon trillions of them will fertilize all your cells, not just your eggs and make you the most powerful being that has ever lived," Dek continued to explain.

Dek added, "You see why your body has transformed? It is nature. You will need semen and your body has adapted just like in evolution, causing your boobs to enlarge, and catapulting you into a gorgeous person that every guy desires which by the way, I already thought you were."

"I just don't know about all this. This it too much. Is this why I was able to beat up five guys at one time with no trouble?" Laci asked while lifting her eyebrows as if the lightbulb was coming on.

"Yes, but that is just the beginning. If my calculations are correct, you will be moving mountains, and flying, and whatever you want to do. I mean it. The only thing that is very unusual is all your powers originate in your vagina. You were asking about having sex with tons of guys? Well, the answer is yes you will have to do that but I will tell you virgin sperm is about ten times the potency and your vaginal secretions produce an accelerant that will automatically be absorbed through penis during sex, over stimulating his testicles, causing his sperm amount to multiply exponentially in one orgasm," explained Dek, but when he saw Laci looking bewildered he changed his approach.

"Ok, virgin cum is more powerful and when you and a guy are having sex, your juices produce an enzyme that will automatically make him cum a lot more than usual. Now does it make sense?" chuckled Dek before adding, "This is all fair dinkum, babe,"

Dek was grinning at Laci as he could see she was really starting to get the picture and his cock stirred at the possibilities at what she could accomplish. His many years of research and work had paid off.

Laci had more questions and was still slightly perplexed, "What are you grinning at and does this make me...well...what is the word...where I can stay young and live forever?"

Dek replied, " You mean immortal? It certainly makes you invulnerable while you are super, babe, but about eternal youth and immortality I can't say. When I designed the formula and tested it on rats, it certainly looked that way. I'm excited to what the future may hold and at what you could accomplish with this potion."

Thinking back to many of her scripts while playing Supergirl, Laci was really starting to get the picture. It was making sense but how could it be possible? Laci was unsure why, but her pussy began to tingle not only at what could lay ahead but what was physically beyond her control. She could feel her pussy start to swell and moisten inside her skinny jeans.

Just then, Dek lifted his brown paper bag and placed it on the table before Laci asked, "What is that for?"

Dek responded, "You are now my Supergirl and a superhero should have a uniform. I have picked one out that I think would look great on you."

He opened the bag and Laci peeked inside. She could see the boots and a uniform folded neatly on top of them.

"Before I show it to you, I need to take a measurement of your body, namely your thighs and breast size," Dek bluntly stated.

Under normal circumstances, Laci would have run for the door on such an open request but she couldn't. She was in this too deep. She had already undergone a huge physical transformation along with experiencing powers beyond her explanation. Dek was making sense, as crazy as that sounded. She had to follow through with this. They both started walking toward the family bathroom when Suzy appeared.

"Suzy, this is the guy I was talking about. He is the one who gave me the gift that has changed me," Laci said while pointing at Dek.

As Dek reached out his hand to greet Suzy, he said in his charming Australian accent, "Good to meet ya kiddo."

Suzy snapped her hand back, "What have you done to my friend? Have you hurt her?"

Laci interrupted Suzy's rude behavior and started explaining everything, much to Suzy's dismay. Suzy wasn't sure what to believe but she did believe her own eyes and Laci did in fact look different and took out five guys with ease. Laci wanted Suzy with her so all three of them went into the bathroom together. Before opening the bag, Dek was prepared. He pulled out a soft measuring tape used by tailors and seamstresses. He told Laci that she needed to remove her pants for a more accurate measurement.

Laci looked at Suzy and shrugged her shoulders as she removed her shoes, then handed her jeans to Suzy, standing, wearing only her socks, shirt and panties.

Dek tried to be smooth but a throaty gasp was heard when he knelt down and slowly ran his fingers over her muscular thighs. He looked like a jeweler, inspecting a very valuable gem. He used his thumbs and middle finger to feel the circumference.

Dek looked up at Laci and gulped sensually, "Oh wow! I knew they were muscular but I had no idea they were as hard as this," before continuing his task of measuring them.

He added, "We need to get the exact measurements for your skirt to fit just right. It needs to be snug but you also need freedom to move around."

While Dek was measuring, feeling and eventually rubbing her inner thighs, his imagination was running wild. Little did Laci know, that her pussy was really starting to tingle and her lust shot up exponentially. At that time, neither one of them knew that her body could sense Dek, himself, was a virgin. When Dek had explained to her that virgin sperm was much more powerful, he had no idea how her vagina would sense that physiologically but it could, like a male animal can sense a female in heat. Laci's pussy began to get sticky and gooey. She was flowing like a river in a rainstorm.

Laci was now powerless to her pussy's desires as she directed Suzy, "Would you step out? I need to find out what is going on here."

Suzy had no idea what Laci was referring to but before asking, "Are you sure?" she dismissed herself from the bathroom after the affirmative nod from Laci.

Dek was a total stranger but Laci was now completely comfortable with him. Dek still rubbing the lean muscles on her thighs, slowly moved his mouth in and began to softly kiss the inner portion. Laci didn't mind and knew something was happening beyond her control. Dek resisted, pulled off, stood up and opened the bag.

He pulled out a pair of boots, two different skirts, and three shirts for her from which to choose before informing her, "Laci, remember you are now Supergirl in real life. You will need to dress the part. Don't fight it, kiddo. You are now more powerful than any human alive. Embrace this. Go out and save the world. Do you like this outfit? You will need a skirt so you can have quick access to your vagina."

Laci was still a little unsure but decided that she was different and maybe Dek was correct. She needed to embrace this. How could being the most powerful being alive have a downside? The outfit was black and silver and not just any silver, it glistened like the sharpest glitter in the world. It was very stylish but little did she know that during an interview with E entertainment while shooting Supergirl, Dek had remembered her stating those were her favorite colors. After her measurements had been determined, Dek pulled out his cell phone to put them in his notes.

"Perfect, your boobs are 34, your smooth, firm thighs 28, waist 32, and that cute butt along with your hips are 36. I am thinking my outfit will be a smash hit and fit you very nicely," Dek exclaimed excitedly.

Laci first slipped on the thigh high boots. After zipping them up the side, she loved how well they fit. They were sized 7 1/2s and even though the black leather was very tight around her creamy white thighs, she knew it would stretch a little over time. The leather smelled great and the accented silver diamonds up the side and across the top were the perfect bling to fit her style. The two inch spiked heels were very sexy, yet practical. She then switched shirts and hit a homerun with the first one she tried on. It was a black, lycra, form fitting very snug with a low cut neckline trimmed in silver diamonds around her cleavage. It came down to the top of her navel, leaving her pierced belly button ring exposed as a bare midriff. The black mini skirt trimmed in silver around the bottom, was flimsy, sexy, and allowed her to move freely, similar to what a tennis player would wear.

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