tagLoving WivesThe Affair Episode 05

The Affair Episode 05


Thanks to my editor cheer_smartie526 for all the help, and some great details that I shamelessly stole from her stories.

This story should make sense even if it is the first one you are readying. It will make more sense if you read the one before it, and a lot more sense if you start at the beginning of the series. I hope you enjoy the story.

Charlotte looked at the two glasses of water on the table, and then glanced at her watch. Sherry was late. There were a lot of things that could make Sherry late. It could be traffic. It could be an unplanned family issue. It could be work. Or it could be that Sherry was busy fucking Brad, also known as Charlotte's husband. It wouldn't be the first time Brad had made Sherry late and Charlotte had only herself to blame. Charlotte had instigated the affair between Brad and Sherry so that Brad could fulfill all his sexual desires. Originally it had been to relive her guilt over not being able to match her husband's sex drive. So far the arrangement had worked out quite well. Brad had stopped hinting he wanted sex more often, and Charlotte was more that satisfied with his performance as a husband. Much to her surprise, Brad seemed to have plenty of performance for her even if he had been with Sherry earlier in the day. He swore he wasn't getting any help from modern medicine. Brad claimed it was Charlotte's trust and understanding of his needs that provided his sexual stamina. To top it all off the time that they did spend together was more enjoyable without Brad constantly hinting that he wanted to get home and have sex. Charlotte's contemplation of her situation was interrupted by Sherry's arrival.

Sherry sat down across from Charlotte, "Sorry I'm late, I had to tie up a few loose ends and it took longer than I thought it would."

"No problem, I've been entertaining myself thinking about the soap opera my life has become."

"Is our arrangement becoming a problem?" Sherry asked.

"No, no, not at all. I guess soap opera was the wrong way to say it. It's working out quite well. It's a bit unusual."

"And Brad is performing to your satisfaction?" Sherry inquired.

"Absolutely, although sometimes it's a bit weird knowing he was with you only hours before..."

"I know the feeling. There have been times that it has only been thirty minutes from us having a threesome," Sherry said with a laugh.

"I don't know how he does it at his age. I'm glad you are there to deal with all of his, uh, energy. Brad doesn't understand there can be too much of a good thing," Charlotte said.

"I think he just paces himself. If he spends extra time on kissing and licking then I know he has been with you," Sherry said.

"The tip off for me is he smells clean, like he just got out of the shower," Charlotte replied, "although now that you mention it he does seem a bit less frantic."

It occurred to Charlotte that she felt a bit relieved now that Brad was getting all the sex he wanted. Sometimes she felt a bit of guilt when she declined his advances. He always respected her desires, but she wished she had the energy to fulfill his longings. Having Sherry as a second shift was working out quite well for everyone involved.

Sherry nodded. The slight smell of soap used to be a tip off for her as well, but she had asked Brad to stop showering before coming to see her. The eau de Charlotte on him made their arrangement seem more exciting.

"So are you still at two out of three?" Charlotte asked, feeling like she was gossiping.

"Yes, I'm not ready to give Brad the hat trick. I'm still thinking about it." Sherry answered. The third item was letting Brad fuck her in the ass. Sherry wondered if Brad had told Charlotte about the conditions Sherry had placed on that item; but then again, she suspected that Brad didn't tell Charlotte anything about his extramarital affairs.

"I don't blame you," Charlotte commented.

"How about you, any thoughts of working your way through the list?" Sherry asked.

"Well, number one is out. My tits are not going to get any bigger. So he will always want you for that. Brad won't admit it, but I think he has a bit of a big breast fetish," Charlotte replied

"I would say he has a breast fetish, I don't know how much size has to do with it," Sherry said.

"I guess you are right, he's certainly not lost interest in the twins," Charlotte said with a laugh.

"Who calls your breasts the twins?" Sherry asked.

"I do, Brad sticks with anatomical terms, you know, breasts, tits, boobs and so on." Charlotte answered.

Sherry laughed as well, then continued her inquisition, "What about the rest of the list?"

"I have to admit the second one is actually starting to intrigue me. I don't think I could make Brad do for me what he did for you," Charlotte replied, blushing at the thought of spitting Brad's cum back into his mouth.

"I think deep down you want to swallow. I read somewhere that men see it as a sign you have accepted them completely. It may be a story someone made up to get more oral sex, but I guess it makes sense," Sherry said. She knew if Brad stopped giving Charlotte a choice his wife would swallow his cum and be happy about it. Sherry also knew that Brad would let Charlotte snowball him; there were very few things that would cause Brad to say no to his wife. She had told Brad the same thing ten minutes earlier, right before she left him tied up. He was about fifteen floors above her with nothing to do but think about getting Charlotte to swallow his cum.

"I don't know about that," Charlotte replied.

A guilty grin spread across Sherry's face, "Then I have a confession."


"I may have led your husband to believe...well....," Sherry began to giggle.

"Out with it!" Charlotte insisted.

"That you wanted him to do it," Sherry finally managed to explain.

"I'm not sure I'm going to allow that to happen."

"What if you didn't have a choice?" Sherry asked.

Charlotte put her hand her to her chest, "Whatever do you mean, dear friend?"

"What if you were tied up?" Sherry inquired

"Then I suppose I would just have to take it," Charlotte murmured. Brad had tied her up before, but the situation not flowed the way she expected it to. Perhaps it was time to try again. The thought of being powerless to stop Brad from fucking her face and filling her mouth with cum was surprisingly arousing.

Sherry pulled her phone out and tapped on the screen a few times, "Your husband is on his way to join you. I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day."

"He texted you and not me?" Charlotte replied.

"Crap, I probably wasn't supposed to tell you. Try to act surprised when he shows up."

"Did you put him up to this?" Charlotte queried.

"Maybe, consider it my Valentine's gift to you," Sherry answered.

Charlotte's confusion showed on her face, "You are giving me my husband for Valentine's day?"

"No, I'm giving you a hotel room and free kid sitting, the husband is optional. You can use the room for whatever you want," Sherry said, hoping that her friend didn't do something unexpected.

"I'm sure you've put some ideas in Brad's head about all this," Charlotte replied.

"Who, me? I'm shocked that you would think something like that." Sherry gasped sarcastically.

Charlotte looked down at her glass of water. She picked it up and swirled the liquid around. Taking a deep breath she asked, "Do you still date other men?"

"Sometimes," Sherry answered.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" Charlotte half whispered.

"Sure," Sherry replied.

"Do you sleep with them?"

Sherry laughed, and then said "Sometimes, although not as often now that I have Brad to relieve my frustrations with."

"What's it like?" Charlotte asked.

"Are you asking me what sex is like?" Sherry replied.

Charlotte rephrased her question, "What is sex like with someone other than Brad?"

"Usually not as good to be honest. It's unusual to find a partner as skillful, energetic and considerate as Brad. I usually get two out of the three. Are you thinking what's good for the goose is good for the gander?" Sherry said.

Charlotte blushed a deep crimson, "No, no, not at all. I was just wondering. Does Brad know he is sharing you with other men?"

"He's pretty smart, I'm sure he has figured it out. Are you sure you are not a little curious?" Sherry asked, intrigued by Charlottes sudden interest.

"I don't think I could, well, you know," she murmured.

"You don't think you could fuck another guy? What if Brad was there? Would that make it okay?" Sherry asked.

"You mean watching me have sex with someone else?"

"Or joining in, there's this thing called a threesome. Perhaps you've heard of it," Sherry said with a laugh.

"I'm not that adventurous yet, and honestly I'm not that horny. I couldn't keep up with Brad's desires. Two men would just be an overload," Charlotte explained.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Sherry responded.

"Okay, maybe I'm a little curious," Charlotte admitted.

"How about just one, that guy over there is kinda cute," Sherry said, nodding to a young man sitting alone at the bar.

"I couldn't possibly..." Charlotte stuttered, turning bright red.

"Would you like to hear about what you are missing out on?" Sherry asked.

"I won't stop you," Charlotte answered.

The two women leaned over the table and began to talk in hushed tones. Charlotte gasped and giggled as Sherry told her tales. To the casual observer it looked like two friends gossiping. A more thorough look revealed that both women's nipples were noticeably swollen under their shirts. Abruptly Sherry stopped talking and stood up.

"That will have to hold you for now, I need to go. You husband should be here in a few minutes," Sherry said as she tried to rearrange her shirt to hide her erect nipples.

"I hope you didn't wear him out, I'm pretty turned on right now," Charlotte replied.

Sherry just smiled, then turned and walked away.

Charlotte watched Sherry leave, noting that she stopped at the bar and said something to the bartender on her way out. Five minutes later Brad arrived and sat down.

"Here you are," the waitress said, setting a drink in front of Brad.

"I didn't order this," he said.

"The woman that just left did, she said to bring it over when you arrived," the waitress explained.

"What is it?" Brad asked.

"It's a mixture of advocaat, sparkling lemonade and lime juice, it's called a snowball"

Brad smiled and shook his head.

"She's still fucking other guys," Charlotte blurted out.

"What? Who?" Brad asked.

"Sherry. She has sex with other men. Did you know that?" Charlotte asked.

"I guess I did," Brad answered.

Charlotte continued her inquisition, "That doesn't bother you?"

"I don't think I have any right to tell her what to do," Brad replied.

Charlotte continued to press ahead with her questioning, "Doesn't it freak you out that you could be going down on her after she fucked some guy?"

"I think she has a little more class than that, but that would be a little weird. Why are you suddenly so concerned? Are you having second thoughts about the arrangement?"

Charlotte grimaced. She wondered what Brad would say if she admitted to thinking about expanding the arrangement to include other men for herself. She wasn't completely convinced she even wanted to fuck another man, but Sherry had put the idea in her head and it wouldn't go away. She concluded that the topic required more thought before she brought it up with her husband. She rearranged her facial expression and said teasingly, "No, I'm just messing with you."

Brad nodded. From his first encounter with Sherry he had forced himself to think of her with other men. Initially he did it to immunize himself against the shock of running into her on a date, but recently the scenario he imagined was a threesome. Hearing Charlotte talk about it was actually kind of hot. Brad wondered if he could kiss Sherry after watching her suck another guy off. His train of thought was interrupted by Charlotte.

"I didn't realize this issue required such deep thought," she said.

"I guess I should think about it. Some day she might find Mr. Right and our little arrangement could come to an end," he replied, "but enough about her, let's talk about us."

"Oh, so I get Sherry's sloppy seconds, are you sure you have something left for me?" she asked.

"She told you?" Brad replied incredulously. Sherry usually didn't say anything about their encounters.

"No. She just said she was late because she had to tie up a few loose ends. I'm guessing you were the loose end. Did she really tie you up?"

"I'd rather talk about tying you up," Brad said trying to change the subject.

First Charlotte felt aroused by the prospect of Brad tying her up, and then she blushed. She hunched her shoulders, trying to shift her blouse enough to cover her erect nipples. She wasn't certain she wanted to encourage Brad any more than Sherry already had. Charlotte didn't know it, but it was already too late. The die had been cast.

Brad reached across the table and grabbed Charlotte's wrist. His dick had been hard from the moment he saw his wife's mouth and began thinking about her lips wrapped around his cock. He had hoped they would talk about something boring like the weather and his erection would fade away. Instead her discussion of Sherry's sex life had only made him harder. He had to get her back to the room before he exploded, even if it meant walking through the lobby with a noticeable bulge in his pants.

"Let's go," he said insistently.

"But you haven't finished your drink," she replied.

Brad picked up the cocktail and drained it in a single gulp, then stood and practically pulled Charlotte out of her chair. He pressed his erection against her ass, partially to hide it and partially to let her know how excited his was.

"Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" Charlotte asked.

"Both," Brad answered, "guess which is bigger."

"Well," she whispered saucily, "unless you're packing an 88 magnum, I'd say that's your cock."

Brad put a tip on the table and they walked briskly towards the elevator. Charlotte pressed the call button. As they waited for the elevator to arrive she backed into Brad and began to grind her ass against his erection. She smiled when he took a deep breath. The door opened to reveal that they would be the only passengers. The moment the doors closed Brad pushed his wife to her knees.

"You know what I want," he growled.

Charlotte was shocked by his request, but she was more shocked by her response. She unzipped his trousers and pulled his throbbing erection out through the opening. Charlotte stroked him a few times and then wrapped her lips around the engorged head of his dick. If he had fucked Sherry he must have showered, she thought, his dick didn't taste like pussy. Brad put his hand on her head and pulled it onto his dick.

The elevator began to slow down, but they were not on their floor yet. Charlotte stood up and backed up against Brad, hiding his erection in the folds of her skirt. Just as the doors opened she pressed the button for the top floor. Charlotte wanted to have a reason for not getting off before the new passengers did.

Two women entered the elevator. Charlotte wondered if either of them had ever given someone a blowjob in an elevator. Much to her relief they exited the floor before her own. When the doors opened again she saw Brad zip up his pants as he left the elevator. They practically sprinted to the room. After Brad shut and locked the door he walked over to the window. He paused just long enough to lift his shirt and remove his pistol from its holster and place it on the table, and then he sat down.

"When did you start carrying the 227?" Charlotte asked, slightly annoyed that he had something bigger than the G26 she carried in her purse.

"Come here," he said sternly, ignoring her question about his sidearm.

Charlotte stood in front of him.

"Now strip," he growled.

Charlotte began to causally unbutton her shirt.

"I didn't say take off your clothes, I said strip. There's a difference"

Charlotte stared into Brad's eyes. She smoothed her shirt over her breasts, pulling the material taut over her erect nipples. Brad grinned as she resumed unbuttoning her shirt. This time instead of looking down she didn't take her eyes off Brad. After she had unfastened the last button Charlotte slowly spread her shirt open. She rolled her shoulders and let the shirt slip about half way down her arms, and then she tucked her elbows behind her back and slowly bent over, presenting her cleavage to Brad like a present. She could see the bulge caused by his erection. She half expected him to tuck a dollar bill in her bra. As she stood up straight Charlotte lowered her arms and let her shirt fall to the floor. Turning away from Brad she suddenly realized the curtains were drawn back. The city spread out twenty five floors below her. Charlotte reached up and released the clasp on the back of her bra, then let it fall to the floor. She could see her bare tits reflected in the windows. She wondered if Brad could see them too. Next she slowly unzipped her skirt and wriggled her ass until the skirt joined her other clothes on the floor. Only her panties and shoes remained. Charlotte crossed her arms over her breasts and turned to face Brad. She could see the lust in his eyes. She didn't know what Sherry had done with him, but he clearly had plenty of energy and desire left for her.

The comment about stripping had been completely spontaneous. Brad half expected his wife to laugh it off. Instead she put on quite a show. Now she was standing in front of him in some very sexy panties and very high heels. His eyes were drawn to her cleavage. She crossed her arms over her nipples, taunting him by being without clothing but at the same time not naked. She stepped forward until she was standing right in front of him. Charlotte leaned over and extended her arms. Her breasts tumbled free and hung just in front of his face. Her hands rested on the back of the chair, just above his shoulders.

"How was that?" she asked.

"Very good," he replied. Brad took a moment to collect himself. It was tempting to just bend her over the chair and fuck her right there. Then everything he had thought about when Sherry left him tied and naked flooded back into his mind.

Brad smiled and said "Stand up, turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Charlotte felt rope winding around her wrists. No doubt Brad could tell her what kind it was, the tensile strength, the diameter and what it was made of. She only knew that it was smooth and thick enough that it didn't bite into her skin. Inch by inch her arm was swallowed up by the rope. All she could do was stare out at the city through her reflection in the window. The room was cold enough to raise goose bumps on her skin. It would have also made her nipples stiff, but being with Brad had already done that. At the same time she could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin. The rope started at her wrists and went almost halfway to her elbow when she heard Brad speak.


"Before Zod," Charlotte thought to herself. She slowly bent her legs and put her knees on the ground. Brad began to wind the rope around her ankles, slowly working his way up until the rope wound around her calf muscles. Charlotte recalled what Sherry had said and licked her lips.

It was a shame Charlotte couldn't see what he was doing; Brad thought has he completed tying up her legs. The knots were quite intricate and the sight of Charlotte's arms and legs confined was very arousing. Brad stroked her hair and then braided it into a bun, leaving her neck exposed.

He picked up the riding crop and placed the tip on Charlotte's shoulder. As he moved it towards her other shoulder Brad could see the hair on the back of Charlotte's neck stand up. He certainly had her attention. Next he stroked her neck with it, watching her reflection in the window. With the tip of the riding crop resting on her quivering lip he spoke.

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